Here Is An Exquisitely Curated List Of 10 Online Corporate Gifts from Amazon to Leave Your Sub-Ordinates And Business Partners Stunned (2019)

Here Is An Exquisitely Curated List Of 10 Online Corporate Gifts from Amazon to Leave Your Sub-Ordinates And Business Partners Stunned (2019)

Pondering on giving corporate gifts? Not to worry as Amazon has got you covered. They have got a very broad catalogue of corporate gifts, from, electronics, office accessories such as pens or pen drives as well as giftable personal items, such as laptop bags. This guide will help you come to a decision on what to give as well as help you present it remarkably.

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The Importance of Business Gifts

It Is Aids in Self-Promotion

Giving business gifts has long been a great way of establishing a meaningful connection with your clients. It is also a great way of promoting your own business. When you gift something to your clients that have your logo then it automatically reminds them of you each time they glance upon it. Giving useful gifts to your clients and business partners works brilliantly in keeping you on their heads throughout the year. All that you need to do is to find the right gift and put your logo on it so you can present it to your valuable clients. It reflects good business ethics and people will actually remember you and your brand.

Clients Feel Rewarded

When you are running a business, it is very important to maintain a good relationship with your clients and business partners. The bond you have affects the quality of work and having a good rapport with them is indeed crucial. When you give presentable gifts to your clients then they certainly feel rewarded. This feeling goes a long way and a mere act of gifting makes them value you. They see this association as a long term one and you can notice how much they love the gifts you give them. However, you should know the art of selecting the right gifts for your business partners and clients. A good gift is something that adds value to their lives and is useful. You could also go for souvenirs wherein you can embed your logo.

Conveys How Much You Appreciate the Association

According to business ethics, gift giving is a very important part of showing your clients that you value them. More often than not you are so caught up in delivering excellent services that you can fail to express how important your business partners are. You might have worked with each other for years or might have just started out, it is important that you show them that you really are grateful for them. In the competitive business dynamic, it is very important to keep your business clients and partners together. A small gesture of sending across a well-thought gift also goes a long way!

Top 10 Corporate Gifts are Listed Below in no Particular Order

Black Laptop Bag


A laptop bag is indeed a very useful gift that you can present to your clients as well as business partners. This amazing black laptop bag is made of faux leather and is very durable. It is made from quality material and one can easily keep all their essentials in this bag as it has plenty of space. There are several pockets wherein one can store all work-related supplies and necessary items all in one place. It can be carried easily using the handles and the long belt. Your clients as well as business partners would definitely appreciate such an amazing gift. Shop for this from Amazon for Rs.995.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Colourful Touch & LED Light Lamp


A great gift is something that the giftee can actually benefit from. This amazing Bluetooth speaker right here is indeed an amazing gift that you need to give to your clients. The Bluetooth speaker can be used on any occasion and those who enjoy music will completely love this gift. One can charge this wireless Bluetooth speaker with a USB cable that comes along with it. The best part about this gift is that it can also be used as an LED lamp. This multi-purpose Bluetooth speaker makes for an amazing business gift. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.756.

Personalized Black And Golden Ballpoint Pen


A stylish pen is indeed a useful gift that you can present to your clients as well as business partners. Needless to say, pens are used in day to day activities and they turn out to be helpful especially in work environment. If you are looking for a good business gift then this black and golden ballpoint pen is your go-to gift. The best part about it is that you can get your logo printed on it as well. Give this classy ball pen to your customers and partners and you will be on their minds each time they use this pen. Shop for this from Amazon for Rs.450.

Corporate Motivational Desk Calendar


Keep your business gift very professional with this desk calendar. Each corporate setting needs a desk calendar which one can easily reference anytime. Gifts like these are used each day which means that you have a bright opportunity to self-promote your brand on a daily basis. All that you have to do is to customize this amazing desk calendar and put your logo on it. The time will pass by and with each day your clients/business partners will glance at the calendar that holds your Logo. It has a classy and very professional look. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.229.

Spill-Free Suction Tumbler


Those blissful coffee sessions at work are indeed worth enjoying. However, one cannot quite do so due to all the moving around and having to hop from desk to desk during discussions and meetings. This spill-free suction tumbler is a great gift you can give to anyone. It comes in handy during those jam-packed days when staying still is just not the option. This tumbler is 100% free from spilling. It can be easily kept on any flat surface too. The BPA free tumbler is made with plastic and makes for an amazing corporate gift. The recipients would indeed thank you for this amazing gift. You can shop for this from for Rs.599.

Personalised Double Sided Print Pen Drive 16 GB.


When the utility is coupled with presentation, the combination is indeed amazing! while choosing a gift for your valuable customers or business partners, you must look for something that will help them. This amazing double-sided print pen drive will definitely help you promote your brand. It has a capacity of 16 GB and you can very well gift it to your employees, dealers, clients and the like. The amazing pen drive can be customized with your brand name on it. This gift is indeed amazing for you to make your brand popular. You can even gift it to your brand ambassadors so that they can use it. It is a great utility gift that the recipient can benefit from. Shop this from Amazon for Rs.999.

Deals Outlet Ganesh Ji Crystal Showpiece Figurine, Classic Table Clock & Stylish Pen Stand, Brass & Stainless Steel In Gold & Silver Plating


A traditional and classy gift for your client which he can use as a showpiece in his office room. In Hindu mythology, Ganesh symbolizes wealth and prosperity and with this gift, you tend to pass on your good wishes to your clients, who are valuable assets of your business. The pen stand and the clock will surely suffice the basic office necessities. So, shop this apt corporate gift from Amazon for Rs.899.

Kindle E-reader - Black, 6" Glare-Free Touchscreen Display, Wi-Fi


The kindle E-reader is a perfect gift for avid readers. Its design is lighter and thinner and also available in black and white. The kindle E-reader is perfect on eyes and reads almost like real paper. The best part about this E-reader is that it doesn’t have any glare. It could last for hours even with a single charge. One can conveniently choose from several languages. It does not come with an inbuilt light. Gift this to your business partners and clients. It makes for an amazing corporate gift and leaves an amazing impression on the giftee. You can shop for this from Amazon for Rs.5,999.

Decision Maker Paper Weight


This decision maker paperweight is an amazing paperweight made with iron. It has several choices listed down on the base and the tiny red ball is used to make the decision. It is a fun gadget that one can keep at the work desk. It gives a feeling of gambling away in leisure time. The iron paperweight makes for an amazing office accessory that will decorate any space. You can shop this from Amazon for Rs.2,805.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote


The Amazon fire tv stick is an amazing gift which you can give to your clients/partners. One can stream movies from Netflix, Hotstar, Gaana, and other services. It is very easy to use and setup. Those with an Amazon Prime account can have unlimited access to the best tv shows, series, and movies. One can use the voice search feature which enables the user to find the right video by simply saying its name. it can be connected to Wifi and one can enjoy several tv shows in a jiffy. With Alexa, you can do a lot of operations such as checking a sports score, booking a cab, and streaming songs. Shop for this from Amazon for Rs.2,999.

Tips to Buy the Best Corporate Gift from Amazon

While we have already provided you with some of the best gift options for your client, let us go an extra mile and help you to know how to make that decision and chose the apt gift.

It is important to make sure that your gifts give the following vibes:

  • 1. Approachable and Positive
  • 2. Brand recall
  • 3. Business information
  • 4. Respect the client as an individual

You should be Approachable And Have a Positive Attitude

In business, relationship matters a lot and no one likes to conduct business with someone who is not approachable or has a negative attitude towards life. Do not try to impress the client with gifts, because that is incorrect. Gifts are a source of communicating with your clients and it helps to know each other for better business prospects. So, make sure that your gifts are not boring or commanding, but are in sync with your attitude. The gifts should be as vibrant as life and add value to him. Clients and business associates should feel the urge to use it and make it a part of their office. When your client is happy, they will not only bring new business but they will also bring new clients too.

Create a Brand Recall

The market is very competitive and you cannot afford to fade-off from your client’s mind! So, each time you give something to your client you create an image in his mind. So, if you can personalize the gifts it will help you to promote your business. Add your company’s logo and brand statement or gift something which goes best with your product. Every time your client uses it, he will remember you and your business. So, your brand is at the top of his mind always!

Pass on Your Business Information

Actions speak louder than words! You might distribute pamphlets and brochures to inform your client, have you ever tried to do so along with a gift? Try it next time and see the difference. Your client may not read the entire document and focus on the gift only, but he will surely browse through the first few lines. So, pack the first few lines with information and make it catchy. Let your client know that you not only value your business but you also value your clients who are an indispensable part of your success.

Respect the Client As an Individual

While you shouldn't give personal items or exorbitantly priced gifts, you should always try to keep your client's taste and preferences in mind while purchasing something. There are many gifts and we have given you some of the best options. But, not all will fit in with your client's requirement and tastes. Try to know their likes and dislikes and keep them in mind while purchasing something. When you respect your client's individuality, they, in turn, will respect your business association.

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Online Corporate Gifts And Tips To Keep In Mind

There are a number of sources of getting corporate gifts. This feature has listed for you the most recommended gifts, all available on Amazon. They are standard corporate gifts that can either be given to clients or to business associates. What makes them even better is that most of them have some utility, for instance, the laptop bag. In addition, tips have been given to help you deliver the gift in a formal manner.