Spend More Time with Your Family by Making Your Cooking a Breeze with the 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon in 2020

Spend More Time with Your Family by Making Your Cooking a Breeze with the 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets on Amazon in 2020

Cooking can be such a daunting task for many. Spending so much time and then the outcome is not as per your expectation simply because some measure went wrong or the ingredients were not prepared properly or something from a hundred things went wrong. To make your life simpler we have curated this list of the 10 best kitchen gadgets available on Amazon which will not only increase your productivity but will also enhance the quality of your preparation.

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Why Do You Need Kitchen Gadgets?

Home is where the heart is. And the kitchen is the core artery of the heart. Family and friends gather around and pass most of their time here. A kitchen makes the family fall in love with the house but what about the chef? Why would the chef want to spend all of his or her valuable time in the kitchen unless they’re cooking? Cooking is a demanding task if you’re doing it the traditional way. In the modern era, there are a lot of gadgets in the market that can make cooking less tiring.

The golden era of kitchen gadgets began about a century ago. These inventions have changed from curiosities to innovations and finally to necessities. Most people, nowadays, have more technology products in their kitchen than in any other part of the house. They have become a must in each and every kitchen.

We have enumerated a special list of the top notch gadgets available in the market that make cooking everyone’s cup of tea. You no longer have to cry while cutting onions or burn your fingers while using the ordinary mitts anymore. The budget that these gadgets entail would make you even happier. Aren’t these gadgets a must now?

10 Best Kitchen Gadgets

Onion Goggles

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An onion goggle is a kitchen gadget that prevents the flow of tears while you’re chopping onions. When you’re chopping onions, they release a chemical irritant known as syn-Pyropanethial S-oxide. It stimulates a gland in your eyes that releases tears.

Why use onion goggles? You don’t have to cry a great deal while cutting onions anymore. These onion goggles are the key to tear-free slicing, shredding and cutting by keeping the irritating onion enzymes out of the way of your eyes so that you can solely concentrate on your knife skills.

Features of these goggles? The comfortable foam blocks the smoke and ash particulates, whereas the lightly tinted, fog-free lenses enable optimal clarity. On top of that, these goggles are unisex that fit most face shapes. The high-quality engineering that went into manufacturing these goggles includes a plastic structure from top-notch vendors that ensures that the goggles are not only non-toxic but also BPA free. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 719.00.

Banana Slicer

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A banana slicer is a kitchen gadget that delivers a quick solution to slice bananas evenly each time. Why use a banana slicer? From custard toppings to fruit salads to mere snacks, you can make every delicacy delicious just by giving it a touch of bananas. However, cutting a gigantic amount of bananas just to make one snack can be a tedious task. This is where the banana slicer kicks in! All chefs, from kids to adults, can safely cut bananas with this top notch product. It makes the chore of cutting bananas not only prompt but also utterly safe. Not only this, but the banana slicer also provides you with the visually pleasing sight of evenly sliced bananas.

Features of this banana slicer? It is a household item made from plastic. The blade material is made of robust stainless steel. The brand Ikitz speaks for the high quality of the slicer. Furthermore, the colour in which you’ll get the product is yellow which compliments the bananas! The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 149.00.

Herb Scissors

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Herb scissors are scissors that promptly cut herbs into thin strips without any trouble! Why use herb scissors? Herb scissors are here to save the day. These herb scissors can cut herbs ten times more promptly than the traditional knife. This is all due to the advanced multi-blade technology that the knife incorporates. The possibilities of using herb scissors do not end here. Whether you want to shred your documents or make art, the herb scissor is here to save the day. Coupled with the fact that the scissors are highly durable due to the steel blades and its sturdy plastic handle, it should become one of your favourite products in no time.

Features of this herb scissors? The stainless steel blades of these scissors provide a clean-cut; the high-quality manufactured scissors allow you to do so without tearing or wearing out the leaves. These high technology scissors has a spring mechanism that allows effortless cutting in no time! The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 349.00.

Citrus Squeezer Juicer

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The citrus squeezer is a small kitchen utensil manufactured to extract juice from citrus fruits ranging from lemons to limes. Why use a citrus squeezer? The simple purpose of the citrus squeezer is to achieve a simple, reasonably priced and reliable way for citrus fruits to be squeezed for domestic purposes without exerting much power and with greater ease. It is designed in a way that allows optimal separation of the pulp of the fruit very conveniently.

Features of the product? This citrus squeezer is made up of premium quality to ensure the safety of the user. It complies with world-class standards to deliver the user a wide range of exotic designs, sheds and sizes to choose from. The strainer collects the pulp and seeds, leaving you with just the juice of the fruit you want to relish. All of these qualities coupled with the fact that the citrus squeezer is extremely reasonable to make it one of the best kitchen gadgets in the market. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 349.00.

Kitchen Scale

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The kitchen scale is a convenient device to keep you abreast of the weight of the ingredients. Why use a kitchen scale? You probably follow a lot of recipes only to find out that the dish was not properly crafted merely due to one ingredient; just a little variation in the quantity of a single ingredient can ruin your proposed delicacy. The kitchen scale, therefore, is not merely for avid bakers or healthy meal tracking chefs; it is for any and every chef. Scales simply make cooking cleaner and quicker. This coupled with the fact that the food ingredients are more precisely added with a delicious touch makes the kitchen scale one of our favourite kitchen gadgets. If you go for the scales, you won’t regret the purchase.

Features of the product? The kitchen scale comes with a wide LCD screen display that makes it very easy for you to read the measurements. It locks the reading once the data is consistent. The maximum capacity of the kitchen scale is 10 kilograms. The scale will automatically power off when not in use to save up on energy! The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 285.00.

Touch-Less Sensing Faucet

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A touch-less sensing faucet is a faucet that utilises contemporary technology to add functionality while using it by making use of touch sensors to switch it on and off automatically. Why use a touch-less faucet? Gone are the days when you agonize in the misery of having to turn the faucet with dirty hands and then cleaning it after you’re done cleaning your hands. Touch sensing faucets are the optimal kitchen gadgets designed to bring you comfort when you’re working in the kitchen with dirty hands or working with heavy utensils. You no longer have to compromise on your safety for the touch sensing faucets with their premium technology that can bring about the change that you need in your life.

Features of the product? The chrome sink tap coupled with premium solid brass brings not only high levels of comfort but also quality, dependability and beauty to your residential setting. The sensor enables the tap to deliver water as soon as your hands are inside the sensing range and stops as soon as you move them away. It provides you with a smooth and dirt-free experience. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 799.00

Cutting Chopping Board

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Cutting/chopping boards are simple kitchen gadgets that provide a surface for cutting/chopping foods with a knife. Why use a cutting board? These boards are a safe haven for all chefs who are afraid of getting their hands cut during cooking. Whether you want to merely use the cutting board for cutting or want to coat it with chalkboard paint and utilize it as a message board, cutting boards are always the way to go. You can get as creative as you want with these kitchen gadgets. You can also decorate your kitchen by using cutting boards as side tables by drilling holes in them and hanging them. If you want to be simple yet creative with these cutting boards, you can also use them as trays.

Features of this product? The cutting board is constructed from top quality silicon-based rubber and robust PP plastic that is BPA free, this means that there’s no risk of toxicity. The classy container is both aesthetic and antimicrobial which means it’s safe from germs. It is highly durable; you won’t have to worry about it cracking or splitting. The non-porous body of the board indicates that your knives won’t lose their sharp edge during use. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 499.00.

Engraved Rolling Pin

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Are you searching for a way to give your favourite cookies an exquisite touch of frosting without having to go through the cumbersome tricks that are available online? Fret not. Just get yourself an embossed rolling pin. These rolling pins are engraved with fancy patterns that give your cooking the flawless look that you’ve been wanting since forever. Why use rolling pins? Instead of going through the trouble of crafting these designs on your own for the final look of your deserts and risking losing it all by a small mistake, you should go for the embossed rolling pins.

Features of the product? These embossed rolling pins are made from highly durable, water-resistant hardwood with engraved deer patterns that are visually pleasing! It is not prone to dirt, bacteria or other pathogens. The bearings that it has ensured smooth movement. The handle is robust yet easy to hold; this allows you to have optimal control of the pin to develop even dough patterns. Furthermore, it is very easy to clean. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 350.00

Cake Server

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A cake server is a companion utensil to a cake knife; it is used to place pieces of a cut cake on plates to be served. Why use a cake server? To begin with, a cake server makes your desert presentation exotic. Serving cake, especially with the multitude of layers, is a hectic task. The cake either ends up on its side or with the layers ripped apart. The cake server allows you to serve your favourite cake in an upright and intact manner. Secondly, it provides you with a flawless and even cut. Thirdly, it reduces the time and effort required to cut a cake. All you have to do is press the cake server through your cake, press it gently to lift the cake on the plate.

Features of the cake server? It is easy to use, stylish and sharp. It is designed so that it can be cleaned promptly and with ease. The shape of the cake server allows it to be placed in any setting. Furthermore, it cuts the cake in a leaf shape! The side that cuts the cake is very sharp, therefore, store it in a place that is out of reach of children. Furthermore, it is made up of 100% food-grade material. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 200.00.

Bag Sealing Clips

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Bag sealing clips seal bags tightly and keep the contents inside the bags fresh and usable for a long time. Why use bag sealing clips? Once you open any food item packet, air enters it. This decreases the lifespan of the food inside the pack because oxygen in the air oxidizes the food. It no longer remains fresh. However, bag sealing clips can be used to seal the packet airtight to prevent the food from becoming stale. Furthermore, it also allows you to use that pack of food time and again. Sealing the food packs is also important to prevent any pathogens from attacking the food. Bag sealing clips are simply the key to your safety!

Features of this product? Each package contains 18 multi-colour sealing clips. The material from which the clips are made is plastic. These clips are easy to use, reusable and recyclable. This means that they are highly environment friendly. They can be used to clip milk powder bags, food bags, paper bags, etc. The product is available on Amazon for just ₹ 61.

Tips to Handle These Kitchen Gadgets

Some important tips to make the best use of the kitchen gadgets are mentioned below:

  • While using the onion goggles, ensure not to use them on top of your regular glasses. Chances are that they simply won’t fit. Furthermore, these goggles come with a protective case that increases the durability of the goggles by keeping them protected from any scratches. So, make sure that once you’ve used these goggles, you put them back in their case. This also ensures that the goggles can easily be carried from one place to another.

  • Even though the buzz of banana slicers have placed it above a lot of products on various sites, this has also given rise to a couple of misconceptions. For example, you’ll find reviews of how the banana slicer is excellent for cutting cereals. Don’t be fooled. The product was made with the intent of slicing bananas, not cereals. Cutting cereals with the banana slicer will give you badly smashed and not neatly sliced cereals!

  • One tip to bear in mind while using the herb scissors is to wash it immediately after it comes in contact with anything sour, salt or vinegar. Furthermore, keep the handle of the scissor away from direct heat. To make the best use of it, keep sanitary wipes to clean the knife after use. After all, safety comes before everything else!

  • After using the citrus squeezer, ensure that it has been cleaned properly. The low pH of citrus fruits makes the utensils with which they come in contact with, highly susceptible to corrosion. Therefore, ensure that you have adequately cleaned this gadget to maintain its durability.

  • Bear in mind that while you’re using the kitchen scales you do not exceed the maximum weight limit of the scales. After all, the scales are not meant to measure your weight but to simply weigh the ingredients needed for cooking. Furthermore, you can always choose a waterproof model to make your work even easier.

  • If you are an advocate of environment-friendly products, you should definitely opt for the touch faucets for they stop the water supply as soon as you move your hands away. Imagine how many gallons of water you can save each day from an efficient tap such as this.

  • Cutting boards are amazing kitchen gadgets. However, you should immediately wash these boards after use. You can do so by making a solution of warm water and dish soap and scrubbing the board for about 60 seconds. Also, give the board adequate time to air-dry. Another tip to prevent contamination would be to utilise different boards for different types of foods.

  • The embossed rolling pins are wooden. So don’t forget that you should never leave them wet for this could create undesirable moulds and ruin your pins. Leaving these wooden rolling pins wet also increases the risk of contamination. Do not take this risk and air-dry them well.

  • One tip that comes to mind while using the cake server is not to apply too much pressure. Since the sleek design already allows enough simplicity, all you have to do is simply press the cake server through your cake, squeeze it gently and lift the piece on the plate!

  • These air sealing bag clips can be reused. Do not throw them away after single-use, for this saves both your effort and money!
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Choose Your Kitchen Gadgets Carefully

You should choose your kitchen gadgets carefully. They should be made of high quality, food-grade material should have the desired utility and finally, should fit in your budget as well. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in deciding which kitchen gadget to buy next from Amazon. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.