12 Appliances Perfect as Diwali Kitchen Gifts in 2020, and Know How To Score the Best Deals on Electronics This Year!

12 Appliances Perfect as Diwali Kitchen Gifts in 2020, and Know How To Score the Best Deals on Electronics This Year!

Diwali kitchen gifts are always a hit with family members. Plus you get great discounts! Let BP-Guide India guide you to the best kitchen items online that are a must have in every kitchen, and ways to get the best deals online. We have curated the best instant pots, air fryers, pressure cookers, juicers and hob top gas stoves and other awesome kitchen gadgets and appliances that are ideal for Diwali gifts as they are useful!

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3 Reasons Why Diwali is the Ideal Time to Buy Kitchen Appliances as Gifts

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  • Huge Discounts on Electronic Appliances
    Diwali is the time for celebration and partying. It’s also the time when most families make their big purchases for the year. Buying new furniture, appliances and furnishing is therefore a part of Diwali preparations. It's why most stores, including the online ones, provide a lot of offers on household products during Diwali and Dhanteras. Many will also attractive discounts for new electronics in exchange for old ones.

  • Help Your Homemaker with Useful Kitchen Items
    This Diwali take an initiative to thank that one person who makes your house a home. Your wife is someone who works tirelessly, night and day to keep the family going. The endless meals she prepares everyday and the work she puts in towards the health and well-being of the family generally goes unnoticed but requires a lot of effort and planning. Make things in the kitchen a little easier by upgrading and buying new appliances. Something like the Morphy Richards 48702 Accents Sear and Stew Slow Cooker is great kitchen appliance which can make cooking big meals a lot easier.

  • It's Considered Auspicious to Buy Home and Kitchen Items for Diwali
    A few days before Diwali is the time most households go through a customary thorough cleaning of their home. This is done for ushering goodwill and positivity into the home. Giving the home a makeover is therefore a yearly ritual associated with the festival of Diwali. Buying things for the home and kitchen is considered auspicious on Diwali. These kinds of gifts bring balance to the home and that is what the purpose of celebrating Diwali is after all, a happy and prosperous household.

12 Must Buy Appliances for Home or as Diwali Kitchen Gifts in 2019

If you are buying kitchen appliances to give as Diwali gifts then there are plenty of great products available. We have a put together a list of twelve great products that would make great Diwali gifts for you to choose from.

Coffee Machine

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A great cup of coffee is essential for a good start to the day. So a coffee machine is a great gift for Diwali. Morphy Richards New Europa 800-Watt Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Maker can make four cups of coffee at a time. It can also make latte, cappuccino and espresso in a jiffy. The machine comes with an attractive heat resistant carafe which collects the brewed coffee.

You can buy it from amazon.in for Rs.3,499.

Electric Rice Cooker

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Rice is a staple food in most Indian households. Therefore a rice cooker is a very useful appliance in your kitchen. Prestige Delight Electric 700 watts Rice Cooker has a capacity of 1.8 liters and comes with 2 aluminum cooking pans. It has a stainless steel close fitting lid and a keep warm mode to keep the cooked rice hot for long periods of time. It’s available in a pretty cherry red color.

You can buy for Rs.2,650 from amazon.in.

Hand Blender

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A hand blender is a useful little tool that blends, chops and mixes in a jiffy. With this handy appliance you can make chutneys, smoothies, purees and lassis without having to set up the blender or the food processor. Maharaja Whiteline Turbomix King 350-Watt Hand Blender has an ergonomic design with a 360 Watt power delivery. It comes with a chopper attachment and a beaker which can be used for preparing beverages without using another utensil. You can use the chopper for making purees, spice mixes and chopping onions, garlic etc. This blender would make a great gift for any household this Diwali.

Buy it from Amazon for Rs.1,311.

Gas Grill

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Who doesn’t like a nice barbecue? This Diwali turn up the heat and serve up some great grilled fare to your guests with the help of the Weber Q 2000 Gas Grill. It has a stainless steel burner and produces 12,000 BTU-per-hour to heat 280 square-inch of total cooking area. The porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid and body ensures that your food is cooked to perfection. It has a push-button ignition and infinite control burner valve settings. However, with a price tag of nearly twenty-six thousand rupees, buy it for your home if you intend to grill frequently. Otherwise it will make for a stately gift for someone important you wish to impress.

Buy it for Rs.25,995 from amazon.in.

Air Fryer

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The amount of fried snacks that we eat during Diwali seriously adds to our waistline and is dangerous for people with cholesterol problems. Why not opt for a healthier option instead? An air fryer is the perfect alternative to traditional cooking methods. Buy the Philips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer with Rapid Air Technology.

It can prepare tasty snacks like samosas, aloo tikkis and French fries in a jiffy while using 80 per cent less oil. This fryer can fry, roast, grill and even bake. It is easy to clean and spreads less smells than normal fryers. Get one for your home if you don't already have it, and gift to to someone you care about.

Buy it for Rs.9,999 from amazon.in.


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A stack of crispy buttered toast is an essential component of a delicious breakfast spread. Gift a toaster to someone whose day is incomplete without some great toast. The Black + Decker BXTO0202IN 870-Watt 2 Slice Pop-up Toaster will give you crispy, perfectly brown toast in minutes. It has 7 browning control levels and a bun warming function. It also has defrost and reheat function to defrost and toast frozen bread and also reheat previously prepared toast. The detachable crumb tray can be removed and washed.

Buy it for Rs.2,049 from amazon.in.

Fancy Pressure Cooker

Does your wife often complain about the old noisy pressure cooker in the kitchen? Well surprise her this Diwali with the brand new Prestige Clip on Aluminum Pressure Cooker with Glass Lid. This multi-utility pressure cooker with a clip on lid comes with four safety devices; the metallic safety plug, pressure indicator, weight valve assembly and GRS. It can sauté, steam, fry boil and pressure cook.

It can transform from a pressure cooker to normal cookware and with the glass lid you can see your food being cooked. The base of this smart pressure cooker is both induction and gas stove compatible. The lid acts as a ladle holder as well, and we need hardly draw your attention to its stellar good looks, a mighty upgrade from the dowdy old cooker.

Buy it for Rs.3,460 from prestigesmartkitchen.com.

You can also consider the latest introduction - the Instant Pot. This highly useful gadget is an electronic pressure cooker that combines several types of requirements including pressure cooker, steamer, rice cooker, saute pan and even a warmer. Cooking with this appliance is healthier and far more convenient than regular cooker. Check out this product from Preethi on Amazon where it can purchased for Rs. 5,850

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Buying a good juicer is that next step towards a healthier lifestyle. Get one this Diwali from amazon.in. The Philips Viva Collection HR1832/00 Juicer can produce 1.5 litre of juice at a time. You may already own a juicer but here's why an upgrade to this one can be a wise choice:

It extracts the maximum amount of juice possible, and all in a minute. That coupled with the compact design means it will take up less of your counter space, and it's fitted with a tap which allows you to collect the juice directly in your glass, making it very convenient to use.

All the pulp collects in one, see-through compartment that that doesn't have a lid which needs to be wiped down. It is also very easy to clean, use a regular sponge to simple wipe away the pulp. A drip stopper prevents juice from dripping onto and messing up your counter.

It's priced at Rs.5,469 on Amazon.

Roti Maker

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Making chappatis is one of the biggest tasks for the person who prepares the food for the household. Make their life a little easier this Diwali with the Bajaj Vacco 900w 'go-ezzee' non-stick chappati maker. This smart chappati maker has a teflon coated no-stick ‘tawa’, which ensures that your chappati or roti doesn’t stick. The shock proof body and heat resistant handles guarantee maximum safety for the user. The automatic shut-off feature regulates the heat and LED indicator light shows you exactly when you can place your dough in the tawa. This one is a bestseller item on Amazon.

Buy it for Rs.1,912 from amazon.in.

Mini Refrigerator

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A mini fridge is a perfect gift for someone who likes to have chilled drinks and snacks available at all times without having to venture to the big refrigerator. Gift the Haier 52 liter 3 star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator to your beer or frozen snacks loving family member this Diwali. This small fridge packs in a freezer section and a place to keep bottles and cans of beverages. It is useful for large families or those with small children too, as food items can be kept in the bedroom for easy access. It doesn’t require an added stabilizer and has a removable anti-fungal gasket.

Buy it from amazon.in for Rs.7,350.

Electric Chimney

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An electric chimney keeps the house clean by sucking in fumes and trapping oil deposits, useful features to have for Indian cooking which tend to have a lot of oil and smoke. Get the Hindware 60 cm 1000 m3/h Chimney this Diwali. This chimney has a high airflow which efficiently helps remove smoke and odors from the kitchen. It comes with 2 easy to clean and highly efficient stainless steel baffle filters. It has 3 speed levels and an energy efficient in built LED lamps with long lifespan. It’s extremely easy to operate with push control buttons and come with a one year comprehensive warranty and 5 years on the motor.

Buy it for Rs.8,195 on Amazon.

Hob Top Gas Stove

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A brand new hob can add a new dimension to the kitchen space. The Prestige Hob Glass Top 3 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove looks smart and will help prepare meals faster because of their uniform heating function. It also consumes less LPG. The self ignition feature does away with backup matches and the annoying stove lighter that starts acting up when you need to get the gas going in a hurry. Give your kitchen a clean, new, polished look.

Buy it from amazon.in for Rs.11,839.

If the Gift is Meant for Home, Check with Family First

Before you make any purchases for your kitchen this Diwali, take the opinion of the person who handles the kitchen. Enquire exactly what is required in the kitchen and which appliances would help them the most. The person who prepares everyday meals is playing one of the most important parts in running the household. Whether it’s the wife, mother, husband or anyone else who performs the all important task of preparing daily meals, his or her opinion is extremely valuable in the deciding of the next big purchase for your kitchen.

Get Your Money's Worth: Tips on Buying Diwali Kitchen Gifts

  • Explore Multiple Online Stores to Find the Best Deals
    Before you make any big purchases it is always advisable to check out as many stores as possible and compare offers. It’s always satisfying to save money, especially during a time like Diwali when there are a lot of essential expenditures. Explore deals online; websites like Flipkart and Amazon have big blowout sales during festivals and holidays. Take advantage of the various offers and stock up on all your kitchen requirements.

  • Opt for Branded Products That Come With Warranties
    While choosing appliances for your kitchen make sure that you go for trusted and well known brands. Pay special attention to the product warranty and the website's return policy; make sure all the major product components are covered under the warranty. Sometimes we may get attracted by cheap pricing or flashy packaging, but they are often a strategy to draw customers. It’s best to stick to tried and tested brands.

  • Keep Your Specific Needs and Budget in Mind
    While buying appliances make sure you choose them according to your needs and as per your budget limitations. Don’t just buy something because it’s on discount. Make a list of your requirements and search accordingly. It’s natural to get carried away and make impulsive purchases when there are attractive offers on display. But try to be wise and focus on things that your kitchen actually requires.
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Stick to What You Need

The Diwali sales are quite something, no wonder the entire country waits to do their major electronics and kitchen shopping this time of the year. But remember there are plenty of other things that need to be bought as well, so make a list of things you need and stick to it. Find the best quality items that fit your budget, but if you spot something more expensive than what you intended to spend, buy it only if it warrants the expense and you can adjust the difference elsewhere. Once the festivities are over, it will be more than your wallet that feels deflated over hasty shopping decisions.