Who Says Great Gifts Must Cost a Fortune? 10 Amazing Electronic and Lifestyle Gifts for Him Under 5000 Rupees

Who Says Great Gifts Must Cost a Fortune? 10 Amazing Electronic and Lifestyle Gifts for Him Under 5000 Rupees

So your man has a soft spot for gadgets and electronics, but how are you to buy him a fantastic gift on a budget? What if we told you we have found some useful, fun and interesting electronic gifts under 5000 rupees for him? Also find here a bunch of great ideas, experiences and cool gifts under Rs. 5000 for your boyfriend or husband.

Tips for Landing a Unique Gift for Him

Consider Gifting Him an Adventure

If you want to give a unique gift then gift your husband an experience! You can gift him an adventure that he can remember for years to come. Maybe sign up for a hiking adventure for the two of you and surprise him with this gift. You can also go for bungee jumping together or for water sports. Make the bookings in advance as there might be a lot of rush due to the holiday season. Check with his schedule also so that he is free during that time. An adventure together can be very memorable and it will also be special for him. To checkout awesome adventure activities hiking near you, you can use apps such as bookmyshow.com, eventshigh.com, etc.

Gift by Observing Him

The best way to know what someone will like is to observe carefully. You should notice his nature to understand what he might and might not like. Observe the kind of things he wears, his taste in materialistic goods and the like. This will give you a fair enough idea as to what to look for. His dressing sense will help you pick the ideal gift for him. Moreover, the kind of products he uses and the brands that he likes will also help you gauge his personal style. So, while keeping these things in mind, you can pick a gift for your spouse. The best part about giving these kinds of gifts is that it shows your spouse that you care deeply about them.

Derive Inspiration from the Past

You can also look back to his childhood to derive inspiration from it, if that is possible. What kind of things was he into while in college? Is he a geek who is passionate about something or has he always been a nerd who is into technical things? You can find this out and it will immensely help in selecting the right gift for him. You can give techie gifts to him if he is fond of technology and gadgets. The best way to go about it is to understand the kind of things he is into so that you can pick the right gift for him. The best way to know about these kind of gifts is asking his childhood or college friends, they will be able to tell the exact thing to give, and we are sure that he will be spellbound when getting the gift.

10 Great Gifts Under Rs 5000 for Him

The Man Company Charcoal Kit

Source www.fnp.com

You can gift this specially curated charcoal kit to your husband on the occasion of Christmas. It is made exclusively for men and offers a lot of useful products that contain charcoal. Charcoal is used in the shampoo, face wash, cleansing gel, and the soap bar. It has a magical property of wiping every bit of dirt from your skin, and all the products in the kit are infused with the goodness of charcoal. The kit has lemongrass and cinnamon charcoal body wash, lemon grass and eucalyptus charcoal face scrub, black pepper and bergamot cleansing gel, and peppermint and clove charcoal shampoo. You can shop for this awesome kit from fnp.com for Rs.2,799.

Personalised Lamp Projecting Face

Source engrave.in

Your personal space has a special significance and you can make it even more special by gifting this personalised lamp projecting your husband's face to him. All you have to do is to upload the picture that you would like to be projected in through the lamp. Make the feeling of home special with this personalised lamp. You can also turn it on and leave it for your husband to stumble upon it. He will definitely be surprised to see this beautiful gift. It is a very unique gift that you can give to your husband. You can buy it from engrave.in for Rs.2,500.

3 in 1 Charging Cable with PR36 Power Bank 4000mah

Source www.igp.com

This is a perfect gift for frequent travelers. It is a perfect combination of a 3 in 1 charging cable, a power bank of 400mah in white color. The charger is very compatible with tablets, Android phones, PC peripherals and more. There is a multipurpose charger helps in connecting various objects from one single point by making it extremely useful. Gift it to your husband on his birthday or your anniversary. It will indeed be a very useful gift that he will really appreciate. You can shop this from igp.com for Rs.3,198.

Rasasi Knowledge Perfume with Brown Belt and Wallet

Source www.igp.com

Give this luxurious gift hamper to your husband on any special occasion. It comprises Rasasi Knowledge perfume and a brown belt with a wallet for any formal event. It is a very classy gift to give to your husband. The gift hamper is perfect for him to gear up for any corporate event or even a party. It has all the products that have premium quality. The hamper has a leather wallet made up of faux leather. You can very well gift it to him by shopping it from igp.com for Rs.2,750.

Teak Wood Liquor Decanter

With this teak wood liquor decanter, you can add some fun to your next party. It is a very unique liquor decanter. It is styled on real wine barrels and has a corked top. You can tap and pour your favorite drink from this stylish decanter. It has metallic men holding the barrel and you can keep it in your living room or bedroom. Gift this awesome gift to your husband. It instantly adds a charm to any party or gets together. You can shop it from excitinglives.com for Rs.1,499.

Doodle Art Frame

Give this ultra-creative gift to your husband on his birthday or your anniversary. It is a piece of art. You can get your husband’s name doodled and framed in the most creative way. The gift is completely customised and has elements that define the nature of the recipient. You simply have to share all the things that the person likes. The artist then uses these details to customise the design. It has a creative illustration of all the things that the receiver is fond of. You can share 7 things that your special person loves. The gift is framed with glass. The maximum number of characters used is 10. You can shop this amazing gift from Oye Happy for Rs.2,940.

Coleman Sundome 2 Person Dome Tent

This Coleman Sundome 2 person dome tent is perfect for all those family adventures and impromptu plans. Two people can fit in this tent and it is made with weather tent system. The package has a rain fly, tent, pegs, and poles. Go for family picnics and weekend getaways with this dome tent. It is easy to fold and is very lightweight. You can keep it in your car and head to your adventure together. It is green and black in color and is made of the highly durable material. Shop this from giveter.com for Rs.4,749.

Fastrack Commando Army Analog Watch for Men

This commando army Analog watch from Fastrack is very stylish and trendy. It is water resistant and has an analog display. It has a black leather strap with a rusty look. The watch goes with casuals and formals alike and can be flaunted at any occasion. It comes with a warranty of 1 year and a battery warranty of 6 months. Give this classy watch to your husband. It is packed in a metal box and has a 24-hour format. You can shop for this gift from giveter.com for Rs.4,054.

You and I Gift Hamper

Surprise your husband with this gift hamper filled with love. It has all the adorable things right from funny glitter bombs, cuddle contracts, messages in bottles to “open this when” letters. It is specially made to make your special someone giggle throughout the day. All of the gifts are neatly packed in a steel case. The gift has a conversation starter that has 2 rewritable fridge magnets along with a chalk to have fun conversations with your hubby. It also has a glitter bomb that you can use to prank your hubby. There is a tiny bottle as well with a cute message. A cuddle contract is a hilarious contract that binds him into an inescapable cuddle session. It also has 6 open when letters that take cuteness to another level. Gift this adorable gift to your hubby and see him swoon with happiness. You can shop this from oyehappy.com for Rs.2,500.

Philips QT4018 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

Source www.amazon.in

This pro skin advanced trimmer is black and grey in color. It has rounded tips that are skin friendly for a smooth trimming experience. It can be used for 120 minutes cordless after charging it for 1 hour. It has settings that are very easy to select and its head is detachable for easy cleaning. The trimmer has a superior cutting performance with titanium coated blades and is very durable. It has a warranty of 2 years. This could be a very useful gift for your husband. You can shop it from Amazon for Rs.2,599.

How to Make Your Guy Feel Loved

Remember the Little Details of His Life

With the fast-paced life, you certainly do not get time to have heartfelt conversations with each other. It is very easy to forget what sort of conversation you had a week before. This is why when you remember the tiny details of your husband’s life, it makes him feel very special. It automatically shows that you care for him. Be a good listener and pay heed to what he says and shares with you. When you show your husband that you patiently listen to all that he has to say and actually remember it then it certainly shows him that you care. He is going to be really moved with this rather simple gesture of yours.

Show Him that His a Priority

Your husband deserves to be loved and to feel like a priority. Show him that he means the world to you through your gestures. Treat him like royalty and make him realise that he is always on your mind. Respect him and value his opinions. Support your husband when the times are bad and he will rely on you for being there for him. This will also show him that you really care. Win his heart all over again by appreciating his efforts. Try not to complain and show him that he can truly confide in you. He will definitely fall in love with you again if you show him that he is the only priority in your love. This will make him feel out of the world and amazing.

Be Affectionate with Him

It is the little things that count and make a big room in our hearts. This is applicable to romantic relationships. You can show your affection to your husband by doing little acts of kindness. Organise his closet or run his errands while he is busy. Try to be as verbal about your love as you can. Tell him that you love him frequently and affirm it to him. If you both are having hectic schedules then learn to make time for him no matter what. He will certainly appreciate all the efforts that you have put. Don’t forget the power of romantic touch and give him small pecks every now and again as you go about your day. Be present for your husband and he will surely feel the love.

From our editorial team

Find out what most makes him feel loved

Everyone responds to things differently so you need to figure out what are the ways of showing affection that most appeal to your husband or boyfriend. Does he love to be pampered with gifts, is he most appreciative when you help him out with his chores, or a nice long cuddle is all it takes to make him feel on top of the world? Most people do like a little bit of all, but there are some things which make them really feel loved. Find his sweet spot and you will never again wonder how to make his day.