Still Dealing with the Tangled Mess of Wired Earphones? Ditch Them for One of These 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (2019)

Still Dealing with the Tangled Mess of Wired Earphones? Ditch Them for One of These 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones with Mic (2019)

We all have that experience when we pull out our wired earphones from the pocket and before listening to the music we have to solve the wire puzzle. That was almost frustrating and many times it happens that because of this wire pulling one of the earbuds stops working. So, what's the alternative? Stop listing the music? Of course not. It's time to walk with the modern world and go wireless. But do you know that there are various numbers of products out there in the market then how to choose the best one for you? Here we are to help you with this problem. We have come up with the best Bluetooth earphones available in the market for everyone. Just have a look and purchase the right one for you.

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Unlike infra-red and radio frequency headphones, Bluetooth headphones do not need a transmitter. As a result, they are typically more effective and are a crowd favourite.

Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone are the Future

Music, the healer, a friend of good and bad times, a destination for the wandering souls, a medicine for the depressed, and at times a hearty laugh for the crying kid.

Since the evolution of mankind, from caves to computers, music has been an integral part of human’s life. With the evolution of technology, we have experienced recorded music in the last 100 years, right from the old gramophone to radio to cassette players, Floppy Discs, CDs to the modern Digital Music and Blu Ray discs.

Walking with music plugged into your ears was made popular by ‘Walkman’ from Sony in the 90's, and since then headphones have been evolving in various shapes and forms. Be it over the ear or inside the ear, but the tangling wires are as irritating as they were twenty years before.

The Miracle of Bluetooth Headphones

But no more those annoying, messed up wires because the new era Bluetooth Wireless Earphones are not only classy in looks but also convenient to wear and carry along. Few of these wireless earphones come with small charging boxes in which these tiny gadgets fit perfectly and can be charged 4 to 5 times in one full charge by the carry box (which is also a power source for the earphones).

People are slowly going cordless as these wireless earphones are catching up with their wired counterparts. These earphones also have a good battery life ranging from 4 to 12 hours for different models. These are quite liked by bikers as well, as they don’t have to stop the vehicle or flout traffic rules to pick up a call.

Let’s check the best models of these little friends and pick one of these trendy and best Bluetooth earphones with Microphone, which also lets you talk hands-free and seamless for hours.

Best Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone for Gym Enthusiasts

Fitness buffs, whether they are involved in cardio or gym sessions or general physical exercises, like to carry their music with them and the wired earphones are often a hurdle in free movement. Hence, wireless earphones are a good option for fitness enthusiasts. They are easy to carry, easy to use, minus the tangling wires and few wireless earphones are sweat and dustproof, making them durable and sturdy.

The latest Bluetooth Earphones with a microphone also makes for a style statement. Let’s check a few of the best options for the fitness guys.

Bose Soundsport Free Truly Wireless Sport Headphones


Bose Soundsport Free by Bose is a great buy for fitness freaks as well as general users alike. These premium earphones comes with the signature ‘Bose Stayhear’ sports tips in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large), which are specially designed to fit to the shape of your ear resulting in a firm and secure fit and the non sealing ear tips design doesn't put pressure on the internal part of the ear.

These earphones come with an IPX4 water resistance rating which qualifies them as sweat and weather resistant gadgets. With an impressive Bluetooth range of 30 ft., you have the freedom of movement. You can receive calls, play or pause your music, change volume and also access voice assistant command right from the earbuds. In case you misplace these tiny buds, there is a ‘Find My Buds’ feature which lets you track your earphones.

With a battery backup of 5 hours and an additional 10 hours of backup with the magnetized case, these Sporty Earbuds are available on Amazon for Rs.13,289.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Charging Case


The Jabra Elite Active 65t is certified IP56 for dust and water resistance and the company also provides a two-year warranty against damage from water and dust. These earphones let you take calls, power your music and tracks your fitness and performance monitoring with the help of inbuilt accelerometer synced with the Jabra Sound App and hence making these wireless earphones a good option for fitness buffs.

The earphones also boast of four microphones for outside noise reduction and wind noise reduction. The inbuilt equalizer can be customized according to your preference and 3 sets of silicone ear gels make this product more attractive. These earbuds give five hours of battery backup and an additional 10 hours with the pocket-friendly charging case. These beautiful and powerful Bluetooth earphones with microphones can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 11,999.

Plantronics - BackBeat FIT 2100

An IP57 rating to these earphones for sweat and waterproof durability make these Plantronics earphones one of the best bets for the sports persons who are involved in a lot of outdoor activities, either in rain or sunshine.

These earphones are designed in a way that the ambient sound can be heard simultaneously with your favourite music and the reflective finish lets you stay visible in the dark and hence making them safer for training even in a dark environment.

The Plantronics Backbeat Fit 2100 has a good 7-hour battery life and the inbuilt power-saving system called the Deepsleep Technology automatically activates the power saving mode when your phone is away from the earphones for more than 1.5 hours. The on-ear controls let you control the volume, tracks and phone calls with an easy touch. These earphones can be purchased from for Rs. 6,699.

Best Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone

If you are an avid traveler and often face the problem of outside noise disturbing your music listening experience or problem in clearly listening to the other person while on a call, then noise-cancelling Bluetooth earphones with microphones are meant for you.

Noise-cancelling earphones use active noise cancellation (ANC) technology to effectively eliminate external noise. The ANC technique takes the sound from the environment in through the microphones fitted in them and counters the original signal by playing back the same sound and hence effectively cancelling the incoming sound.

These earphones limit distractions and let you submerge in your favourite music amid traffic or in a room full of people. Whether you are travelling in the metro, in a flight, your car or any other public transport, these earphones with give you complete isolation in chaos, but you can still hear if someone is shouting or constantly honking and this acts as a safety feature.

Bose Quiet Control 30 Wireless Headphone


Years of research of Bose and their path-breaking technology is summed up in this neckband design earphones. The Volume optimized EQ lets you take charge of the balanced audio performance at any volume. These earphones can be connected to Bose Connect App and you can easily connect them to your phone and even switch between devices swiftly.

The impressive battery life of 10 hours and equipped with a sensitive microphone, so that your conversation remains private at any place, this power-packed Bluetooth wireless earphones come in a beautiful carrying case with accessories and is a premium product priced at Rs. 24,299 at Amazon.

Sony SP600N Bluetooth Headset with Mic

A powerful ANC feature, strong bass, capable to switch to an ambient mode makes it a good choice for chaotic places and the IPX4 certification of water resistance makes it all the more desirable.

The digital noise cancelling technology blocks the nearby noises and you can seamlessly enjoy your playlist without any hindrance. The sweatproof design makes them workout ready and sturdy, and the earbuds provided in four different sizes lets you have the right fit for you. The ‘two taps’ feature allows you to connect the app with just two taps on the headphone button and you can easily change the sound settings. The extra bass button gives you more hard-hitting and powerful beats in a single click. Optimized for Google assistant and the 6 hours long battery life makes it a worthy buy for Rs. 7,699 on Flipkart.

COWIN HE8D Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds


These silver-coloured Noise Cancelling Earbuds work really well in the department of noise cancellation. Either you are increasing or decreasing the volume of music or are near a place where noise is fluctuating, these earphones will not disappoint you.

They are quite lightweight at just 13.6 gm. and gives an amazing playback time of 10-12 hours. These earbuds also come with three different optional ear tips in small, medium and large sizes to fit into different sizes of ear canals and the cushioning of soft synthetic leather inside the earplugs gives it a classy look and lets you listen to your favourite track for hours without giving any discomfort to your ears.

The OTG magnetic charging feature can charge the earplugs with any device using Micro USB Plug like Android Phone, so you can literally charge these earbuds just by your phone. These Bluetooth Earbuds can be purchased with an 18-month warranty on Amazon for Rs. 11,139.

Best Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone for Everyday Use

If you are a gamer or one of those music lovers who want to sit calmly in their room and get submersed in the lake of divine melodies, then you deserve the one meant for serious music lovers. The below two earphones would fit into that category and are classy in their own respective segments.

Apple Airpods with Siri Assistance

Apple Airpods are the ones which made the ‘wireless earpods’ popular and the Apple Airpods are known for their superior sound quality and unique looks.

With a simple tap, you can turn them on and get connected with your apple device, and they have sensors which can pause the music once you take them out of your ears. The apple H1 chip provides power to the voice-enabled Siri and you can ask for assistance without even reaching out to your phone.

Charging the Airpods is easy with simply placing it on a Qi-certified charging mat and a full charge will give you 5 hours of listening time or 3 hours of talk time and if you are on the go, then simply put the Airpods in the case for 15 minutes to get up to 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talk time. These amazing pair of Airpods can be bought from for Rs. 11,997.

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Headset


As sturdy as its name, the OnePlus Bullet Wireless Headset has a talk time of 10.5 hours and standby time of a massive 255 hours with Audio playback time of 8 hours. Also, a single 10-minute charge can give you 5 hours of nonstop music.

Its water-resistant coating makes it suitable for use in any weather and comes with a warranty period of 12 months. The Magnetic control feature allows you to play and pause music by simply clipping the magnetic bullets together and to again start playing, just separate the two. With the super light weight of only 20 gms, these wireless headsets don't burn a hole in your pocket and can be purchased for Rs. 3,990 at

Best Bluetooth Earphones with Microphone under 1500

Now few earphones for those budget savvy people who want to own a Bluetooth Earphone with Microphone, but don’t want to muddle up their bank balance for them. Our pick from the under Rs.1500 earphones in this category will surely catch your attention.

Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound and Hands Free Mic


These stylish and trendy boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Wireless Earphone with Immersive Stereo Sound and Hands-Free Mic earphones can give a 45 minutes playtime in just 10 minutes of charge. The inline controls allow you to take calls, change volume, skip tracks and also activate digital assistants like Siri and Google Now.

It provides HD sound and deep boosting bass with its Qualcomm Chipset powered with a 110 mAh battery giving an average battery life of 6 hours. With 1 year warranty, these earphones can be purchased from Amazon for Rs.1499 only.

Note: Online prices always fluctuate with the market so it's always advisable to click and check the price yourself, who knows it's your lucky day.

Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


These sleek and stylish earphones with balanced left and right stereo channels provide you with stereo sound quality. With a powerful battery backup of 6 hours for music and talk time (at 70% volume) and IPX4 rating for the sweat-proof build, it’s a good option for workout sessions. These Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earphones by Leaf are available on Amazon for Rs. 949.

Note: Online prices always fluctuate with the market so it's always advisable to click and check the price yourself, who knows it's your lucky day.

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Quality Always Matters over Price

The Bluetooth earphones come without wire but it also has charging issues. For a long time journey without power can ruin your journey if your earphones run out of battery. So. it is always advisable to buy an earphone with good battery life and always carry something to charge them back if there is gonna be a power issue in your journey. Always buy earphones with long warranty period because it will hap you in bad times. Buy water and dust resistance earphones because the swet and dust can damage the earphone and it will cost you extra money to get a new one. Rest, go with the modern world and start your journey with the wireless music world. Happy Shopping.