10 Car Gadgets and Accessories we Love in 2019! Browse for Your Next Cool Car Gadgets

10 Car Gadgets and Accessories we Love in 2019! Browse for Your Next Cool Car Gadgets

From commuting to work, to carting the kids to and from school, to tackling road trips across the country, we all seem to rely on cars a lot. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that a whole host of companies have leapt at the chance to make the driving experience better for us all- with gadgets. We've scoured the web for the coolest and most useful gadgets around right now and put together a list of top 10.

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Why are Car Gadgets Useful?

Car accessories are among the most important addition to one’s car. There are numerous car gadgets that can be used for enhancing entertainment, safety, and comfort. With the right kind of accessories, one can make driving in the car smoother and enjoyable. There are several tools for keeping the car clean and tidy. There are also tools used for charging devices on the go and to connect the smartphone to the vehicle. More importantly, there are several gadgets that are very essential for keeping one safe. Finally, there are gadgets for more entertainment while on the go. These creative car gadgets and accessories are a great way to make your car more secure and more comfortable.

How to Choose the Best Car Gadgets?

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A car is considered as one of our most prized possessions. It doubles as a second home for many who spend long hours in it. This is what makes it wise to invest time and money for choosing the best accessory for their car. Adding new parts to a car makes it stylish and even increases its value. The market is flooded with numerous car accessories so you need to carefully choose ones that are right for your car. One should have a sense of clarity before zeroing on the best accessory for your car. Here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing the best accessory for your car.

  • Select a car accessory based on your need – choosing the right accessory depends on one’s preference, driving habits, and lifestyle choices.
  • Choose based on one’s safety – choosing the right accessory can prioritize one’s safety such as first aid kit, alarm system, airbags, and a flashlight.
  • Choose an accessory based on price – always remember to stay within your budget before buying a car accessory. It is important to choose and invest in an accessory that stresses on safety rather than being a stylish addition to the car.

Choose Based on Quality

As discussed earlier, the market is flooded with numerous accessories for your car. However, one must always exercise caution when choosing a car accessory. Always stress the quality of the accessory before purchasing it. Firstly, an accessory might be offered for a cheap price but the accessory might have been made with low-quality material. Secondly, installing low-quality car accessory can render the product useless in the long car making you invest more money to rectify it. Thirdly, one’s safety can be compromised if they invest in low-quality accessories. Always take time to inspect the quality of the product before zeroing in on the right accessory. The quality of the product can be verified and authenticated by quality markers such as ISI and ISO.

Choose Based on Brand

The car accessory market is flooded with numerous vendors, many cheap. Today car manufacturers offer car accessories for car owners and these are guaranteed in terms of the authenticity of the car. Rather than buying accessories that are offered by local vendors, it is always advisable to buy accessories from trusted brands. Moreover, car accessories from untrusted brands may damage your car fittings while installing or in the long run. If the original car accessories or parts are destroyed, the manufacturer might not offer insurance for repairs. Thus, choosing the right car accessory from trusted brands ensures your car’s warranty.

Check for Customer Reviews

As a customer, it is necessary to choose the right accessories for one’s car. There are numerous online sites that offer car accessories at attractive and discounted prices. If you are planning to buy your car accessory online, you can check out reviews left by previous customers. Going through customer reviews enables one to analyze the quality and worthiness of the product. If a product scores high on customer’s side, it is advisable to choose the same product as the product’s authenticity is verified. Additionally, it is advisable to choose sites that offer trusted reviews rather than ones who publish fake ones.

Tips to Buy Gadgets Online

Buying authentic and trusted car accessories is very crucial for one’s car and one’s safety as well. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying car gadgets online.

  • Be knowledgeable about your car to choose the right accessory.
  • Make sure that your car accessory does not damage any wires or factory settings of the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the car accessory is suitable and compatible with your car and does not comprise the safety of the vehicle.
  • Always buy original accessories from trusted brands for your vehicle.
  • Always compare the product between online buyers to purchase it at the best price.
  • Always check the authenticity of the seller before making payments online.
  • Check whether the vendor offers warranty or extended support for the purchased accessories.

Best Car Gadgets to Buy Online

1. Vacuum Cleaner Cum Tyre Inflator

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This 4-in-1 car vacuum cleaner cum tire inflator will make it easy to keep your car clean and tidy and keep you ready for emergencies. The multi-purpose device has a powerful motor capable of sucking both fine dust particles and solid particles such as food crumbs. The gadget also doubles up as a tire inflator that allows you to monitor the amount of pressure in your car tire. You can also fix your punctured tire with the help of this device. This multi-purpose device is equipped with a LED lamp that comes handy during emergencies. The gadget consists of a detachable filter that is removed to clear out the dust contents. The vacuum cleaner is comprised of a flat crevice, nozzle, brush, flexible hose, inflator hose, valve nozzle, and a user manual. This versatile multi-purpose gadget from Krevia can be purchased for Rs.1,400 from Amazon.

2. Wireless Bluetooth Receiver Adapter

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The uniquely designed wireless Bluetooth adapter lets you connect to the stereo receiver of the car. The wireless 3.5 mm car Bluetooth consists of a music receiver and a microphone output. The Bluetooth adapter can be easily connected without a cable to one’s mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The versatile device is highly portable and weighs only 59 grams. The device can be charged while listening to music via the USB port. Moreover, the car kit requires a 3.5 mm input jack to be connected to the car stereo. Beat traffic jams and make long drives pleasurable by opting for this wireless Bluetooth adapter as a part of your daily commute. You can purchase this Generic BT-Receiver car wireless Bluetooth receiver adapter for Rs.194 from Amazon.

3. Wireless Tyre Tire Pressure Monitor System

The solar-powered tyre pressure monitor system consists of a micro USB charging port for no-sunlight situations. The monitor system comprises a wireless external sensor technology that is easy to install and use. The system comprises of water-proof sensors that do not damage it when exposed to rain or wet conditions. The pressure monitoring system comprises an LCD screen that displays live pressure and temperature of all the four tyres simultaneously. Moreover, the system comprises a tyre leaking warning with a beep alert if it detects abnormal tyre pressure and rises in temperature. The wireless tyre pressure monitor system has universal compatibility and is perfect for all cars, vehicles, and SUVs. The car solar wireless tyre pressure monitor system with LCD and four external car sensors can be purchased for Rs.2,814.63 from Bang Good.

4. Magnetic Car Phone Holder Sticker Mount

The magnetic car mount holder for cars comprises a quick-snap technology that enables it to be fastened to your car. The exceptional quality smartphone holder can be adjusted to various angles smoothly without difficulty. The magnetic holder produces an intensive force of attraction for holding the smartphone. The quick-snap technology provides a hassle-free driving experience. The holder can be rotated as per one’s convenience made possible through its flexibility. The holder consists of a solid non-slippery to ensure perfect placement and easy usage. The holder is so compact such that it can be placed anywhere on the dashboard. It adds an elegant touch to your car while occupying less space. The magnetic holder can be purchased for an attractive price of Rs.899 from Robobull.

5. HD Car DVR Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

The 2.8 Inch 1080P HD Car DVR rearview mirror dash cam consists of a camera and a video recorder night vision. It also consists of a motion detection function that enables it to capture every activity. The camera comprises of a 100° wide-angle lens that is capable of recording more angles. The motion detection option enables the camera to record automatically if anyone enters into the picture. It is also capable of doubling up to monitor parking as well. The systems have an auto loop recording feature that enables the memory card to overwrite the oldest video to add new videos. The gadget can be easily fitted over an existing vehicle’s mirror and does not need any extra fittings. This versatile rear view mirror dash cam can be purchased for Rs.1,252.42 from Bang Good.

6. Car Engine Fault Code Reader

The Launch X431 PRO3 is a scanner for deducing faults in your vehicle. The gadget supports remote scanning so you know what's wrong even though the car might be located at another place. The gadget also supports connectivity through which the car technicians can connect with others to help repairs and scanning procedures. Moreover, the gadget can support both OBD I and OBD II protocol. The gadget is capable of scanning 12V car that can also be upgraded to a 24V commercial vehicle. It can also support multi-graph display at a single time and also enable the user to search error code online. It supports an array of functions covering batteries, injectors, service light, anti-lock system, steering function, airbag, sensors, radio system and much more. The device can be purchased for Rs.1,90,000 from Launch India.

7. Wireless Fast Charger

You can recharge all your electronic devices in a single touch by using this convenient wireless charger pad. The user can simply place the device on the charging pad to start charging immediately. The device is Qi® certified device enables charging by transferring the energy from the charger to the receiver present at the back of the phone via electromagnetic induction. The charger uses the electromagnetic induction to produce an electromagnetic field that enables the receiver coil in the phone to convert it back into electricity that is ultimately fed to the battery. Enjoy a hassle-free charging experience without the need for any cables. The wireless fast charging device can be purchased for Rs.1,799 from Flipkart.

8. Mini Vehicle GPS Tracker

The Letstrack personal tracking device is a discreet GPS tracker that is ideal for use in cars. The GPS tracker can be placed in a car discreetly and keeps track easily. The tracking device provides instantaneous updates that enable one to keep your car and your loved ones safe. The device consists of an SOS feature that sends real-time alerts in case of any emergency. The device enables you to set speed limits and provides updates when the speed reaches a maximum. The data can recover offline and provides historic dates to the server when it is connected online. The Letstrack personal tracking device can be purchased for Rs.6,999 from Letstrack.

9. Garmin Dash Cam

The Garmin dash cam provides a 180-degree field of view that captures the environment, including cross traffic. The camera offers a frame rate of up to 30 Frames per Second. The device has a battery life of up to 20 minutes. It also consists of a high-quality 2.1-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture that works even in low-light conditions. The system comprises a forward-collision mechanism and lane departure warnings to alert the driver. Additionally, it provides alerts for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras. Moreover, it is GPS-enabled with automatic Incident Detection that saves video footage on impact to record the sequence of events. The Garmin Dash Cam can be purchased for Rs.17,570 from Ubuy.

10. Jabra Freeway

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The Jabra freeway comprises of a state-of-the-art advanced circuitry that protects the device from power surges, overcharging or from short circuits. The intelligent circuit provides tailored output for your device to provide efficient charging. The gadget enables the devices to be charged via your vehicle and is compatible with all outlets. The gadget’s combo charger provides a one-stop charging solution for all your devices using the Gomadic Tip Exchange Technology. The versatile Jabra Freeway can be purchased for Rs.5,341 from Amazon.

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