Tired of Tangled Wires? Upgrade your Music Listening Experience with the Best Bluetooth Earphones in India 2019

Tired of Tangled Wires? Upgrade your Music Listening Experience with the Best Bluetooth Earphones in India 2019

Music lovers are in for a treat. If you want long hours of quality sound with a number of innovative features, check out this list of Best Bluetooth Earphones in India. Time to say good-bye to tangled wires!

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Why Are Bluetooth Earphones Becoming the Latest Trend?

Gone are the days when you had to carry cumbersome and tangled wires, to listen to some good music. People are preferring Bluetooth earphones these days. What makes them stand out? Let us find out!

No More Tangled Wires

There are a number of brands offering some of the best Bluetooth earphones in India. The reason that almost every single user is inclining towards Bluetooth earphones is that they do not have to worry about the wires of earphones getting tangled anymore.

You just need to hang them on your neck or there are earbuds which literally have no wire attached to them. You just need to connect them with your phone’s Bluetooth and you are good to go. You cannot find a better reason than this for choosing Bluetooth earphones over regular ones.

Budget Friendly

Of course, Bluetooth earphones use better technology than the regular ones but that doesn’t affect their pricing much. You can easily afford a Bluetooth earphone with good sound and mic quality that too, from a reputed brand. In fact, when you will compare the pricing, you will notice only a small rise in Bluetooth earphone prices, which is great for your pocket and budget.

Reliability and Ease of Use

Having an advanced technology does not imply that Bluetooth earphones are complex to use. They can be operated just like any other Bluetooth device. You just need to connect the earphones with the Bluetooth of your smartphone and you can easily play your desired songs in the earphone. It is easy to operate. Some of the earphones also offer play, pause and stop buttons on the earbuds itself. They also work smoothly, so you have no issues of call drops etc.

10 Best Bluetooth Earphones in India

Sound Magic ES20BT

If you want one of the best Bluetooth earphones under Rs. 1,000, then SoundMagic ES20BT is the one for you. This is a product which is a great combination of features and budget. You will totally love the looks and features of this earphone which are totally outstanding.

You can simply hang them around the neck and you are good to go. The unique earbuds can fit into the ears perfectly which makes them suitable for sports activities too.

These super lightweight earphones can operate in the range of 30 feet from their Bluetooth source and their 6 hours of battery life is simply outstanding. You get the mic attached with control features like volume and pause/play. This superb and trendy Bluetooth earphone is available for purchase on www.headphonezone.in for Rs. 999

Crossbeats Wave Waterproof Earphones

Source crossbeats.in

Looking for the best Bluetooth earphones in India which are waterproof too? Have a look at the Cross Beats wave waterproof Bluetooth earphones. Powered with Bluetooth 4.1 technology, these ones support high fidelity stereo music in the range of up to 10 meters from the source.

What makes them special is their unique ear-hook design which won’t let the earbuds fall off even in the middle of intense sports activities. They also have the noise-cancelling feature which improves their overall sound effect. Their battery life last for 8 hours and you can charge them again with the silicon charger. For the control, you have all the buttons like play/pause, volume, song select on the right earphone. Buy this earphone on www.crossbeats.in for Rs. 2,499

Sony WI-C400 Bluetooth Earphones with Neckband

Those who have a personal love for neckband design of Bluetooth earphones, we have picked the Sony WI-C400 in-ear Bluetooth earphones for them. Available in various colours, these ones are popular for their high-quality sound and the comfortable earbuds provided with them.

You just need to tap on the logo in order to switch on their Bluetooth connectivity. You won’t even believe it but their battery life is whopping 20 hours which is just perfect for all-day long music sessions.

Once the earphone gets connected with your smartphone, then you can get all the notifications and can also answer calls through the earphone only. You are going to fall head over heels for the design and it is available for purchase on www.sony.co.in for Rs. 3,990

Boat Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth Earphones

Another one in this list of the best Bluetooth earphones in India 2019 is boAt Rockerz 255 Sports Bluetooth earphones. This one here is a budget buy and perfect for someone who wants great sound quality while working out.

You can find the exterior tip on the earbuds which fits into the ears perfectly and protects the earphones from falling out. The hang-around neck design is lightweight and will keep you comfortable for the functioning of the earphones.

The battery backup isn’t that great but a quick charge of 10 minutes will give you an hour of music playing. You also get to use the hands-free function here along with the attached mic for communicating over calls. This boAt earphone is available for purchase on www.amazon.in for Rs. 1,499

JBL Endurance Jump

Source in.jbl.com

JBL is one of the most loved as well as popular brands in India when it comes to music accessories. You are totally going to fall in love with their Endurance Jump earphones. They are special sports earphones whose design goes around the neck and then the earbuds fits perfectly into your ears to give you the best ever sound experience.

Available in quirky colors like black, green, red, blue etc, these earphones come with special speed charge battery which provides 8 hours of battery life.

You will love their automatic functioning where the earphone automatically turns on/off Bluetooth when you put them on and off. You cannot find a better partner for your workout and you can buy them on in.jbl.com for Rs. 4,199

Jabra Elite Active 65t True Bluetooth Earbuds

If you want truly wireless earphones or earbuds then there is no product like Jabra Elite Active 65t true wireless earbuds. With no hint of wire anywhere, these babies fit into your ears perfectly to give you the best ever sound experience.

You just need to simply tap on the logo to turn them on and the rest is history. They provide the charging case along with these earbuds which gives you 15 hours of battery life.

They also provide one-touch access to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant which literally makes your life much easier. You just need to install the Jabra App for smooth functioning and settings access. These Jabra earbuds can be bought from www.amazon.in for Rs. 16,999

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Earphones

You must have used their smartphones, but it is the time to try out one of the best Bluetooth earphones in India offered by OnePlus. Their Bullets BT32B wireless earphone comes in hang around neck type of design which is sleek and lightweight.

You will love the magnetic control feature in the earbuds which join automatically when not in use and hence do not fall off from the neck.

You get 5 hours of battery life in just 10 minutes of quick charging with them along with full support for Google Assistant. Their bullet design is perfect for sports and workout and looks uber-cool too. You can buy these OnePlus earphones on www.croma.com for Rs. 3,990

Sennheiser CX 7.00BT In-Ear Wireless Earphones

Sennheiser has always been one of the most trusted brands for buying music accessories. When you will take a look at their CX 7.00BT in-ear wireless earphones, you will surely get over with other brands and models immediately.

Sennheiser is popular for their neckband type Bluetooth earphones and this one here has the same. The edgy design looks uber-cool and come with all sorts of functions and buttons on the earphone itself.
You can control the volume, power on/off, Bluetooth connectivity and play/pause feature all from the earphone itself. From the calling support to multi-connection facility, you got it all on Sennheiser earphone here. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this amazing product on www.sennheiser.com for Rs. 11,990

Noise Shots X5 Charge Bluetooth Earbuds

For that complete fuss-free experience you need to stay away from the wires. This is why we picked these Noise Shots X5 Truly Wireless Earbuds for you. Powered through Bluetooth, these ones have really stylish design and ergonomic looks.

They are available in black, white and red colours and come with the charging case too. The best part of this whole product is that the charging case of the earphones can be used for charging your smartphone too. Amazing, isn’t it?

The great design provides comfort for all day long and they can operate even at a distance of 10 meters from the source. And you can use them while working out too as they are total sweat proof. These amazing earbuds are available for purchase on www.gonoise.com for Rs. 4,999

Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Earphones with Mic

Skullcandy also offers neckband type of earphones with the model name ink’d. These are wireless earphones with a mic attached in the collar itself. The earbuds type is in-ear which are great for immersive sound effect.

These are really cool earphones which are available in various colours like black, red, blue, white etc. You are going to be really surprised by the fact that these earphones are functional even at a distance of 33 feet from the source.

They need 2 hours for the charging and are operational for 8 hours. Designed for people who travel a lot, these earphones provide extra bass too. You can buy them on www.flipkart.com for Rs. 2,780

Top-End Bluetooth Earphone Options for Rich Folks

RHA True Connect Bluetooth Earbuds

Amongst the most high-end brands, the first one is RHA. This brand offers truly wireless and Bluetooth connected earbuds which are called TrueConnect. These earbuds are perfect for all sorts of activities. Whether it is sports or commute or even workplace, you can use these earbuds everywhere.

Their water resistance feature makes them extra special from others and of course, you can also pick up calls directly through the options provided on the earbuds.

These awesome earbuds provide 25 hours of battery life and can be charged through the charging case provided along with the earbuds. You also get 3 years of warranty on this product and it is available for purchase on www.headphonezone.in for Rs. 14,999

Sony WI-1000X Noise Cancelling Earphones with Neckband

You can never doubt the quality offered by Sony products. So, when it came down to choosing one of the best wireless earphones India, we decided to pick Sony WI-1000X which is a noise cancelling Bluetooth earphone which comes in the design of a neckband.

It looks ultra stylish when you just wear that neckband and it also simplifies the process of using and removing the earbuds from the ears.

These smart earphones automatically adjust the quality of sound according to your activities. It comes with built-in voice assistant which makes your life a lot easier. You can buy these Sony earphones which are available on www.sony.co.in for Rs. 21,990.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H5 Bluetooth Earphones

One of the best Bluetooth earphones in India, Bang & Olufsen has one of the most powerful and very advanced earphones to offer. These are the H5 earphones which are Bluetooth powered and have a simple design.

You need to download the Beoplay app for them in order to adjust the sound and other settings for these earphones to work according to your surroundings.

The design of the earbuds is super comfortable and the tip makes them perfect for sports activities too. These are chargeable earphones which provide 5 hours of battery life between the charges. You just need to hang them around your neck and you are good to go. These B&O earphones can be bought from www.amazon.in for Rs. 19,791

Tips for Choosing the Best Bluetooth Earphones

Define the Budget and Brand

In order to buy the best Bluetooth earphones in India, you need to take care of the budget and brand of the earphones. Some of the tops brands are Sony, JBL, Senheiser etc. You just need to define your budget and pick one of these reputed brands to buy the best earphones ever.

Check the Reviews

If you are buying the earphones online then it is really important to check for the reviews of the product. Most of the times, reviews are available on the site itself. However, if some of the sites do not provide reviews then you can simply Google about the product for complete information.

Check the Specifications

If you are someone who wants the earphones more for attending calls rather than listening to music then you surely need an option with attached mic. Make sure that you always look for the earphones with mic so that you can talk easily.

Look for a Great Design

There are a lot of designs available when it comes to the Bluetooth earphones. Some of the most common ones are collar type, wired with neckband, truly wireless earbuds, sports type and many more. You should pick one according to your needs.

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Enhance Your Music Experience in 2019 with These Super Intelligent Bluetooth Earphones

Bluetooth earphones are becoming the favourite choice of music lovers. If you are in doubt of which earphones to purchase, go through this list and choose according to your wish. These Bluetooth earphones have been hand-picked to provide a quality listening experience.