Love Listening to Music and Tapping Your Foot to the Rythm? Why Not Learn to Play it? 8 Musical Instruments that Tugs at Your Heart and Easy to Learn!

Love Listening to Music and Tapping Your Foot to the Rythm? Why Not Learn to Play it? 8 Musical Instruments that Tugs at Your Heart and Easy to Learn!

Everyone has that craving to learn at least one musical instrument. While some jump in, others get lost in the sea of different instruments without learning any. We bring to you a comprehensive article that guides you on your musical journey. And 8 musical instruments that are easy to learn and excel.

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Thinking of Getting a Musical Instrument?

When it comes to buying a musical instrument, there are many factors that you should consider, including how to learn this instrument. There are many platforms from which you can learn, including schools and professionals specialized in teaching how to play the music instruments, however, in this case, we try to consider some of the easiest to learn. In the same line, we have different classifications, under which different musical instruments fall in. You can find different musical instruments from online stores and also physical stores at varying prices based on various considerations. The following are some of the classifications;

Classifications of Musical Instruments


This is one of the most common classifications of musical instruments for anything can fall under it. This is because the nature of the sound produced by musical instruments under this classification is mainly defined by the instrument itself. This is in terms of the shape and material used to make the instrument. And these instruments produce sounds once they are stumped, shaken, rubbed, struck, or plucked.

This is by far the largest classification of musical instruments, for as indicated earlier, most almost anything that produces sound when hit or stumped falls under it. For example, some of the musical instruments under this classification include; ghatam – an ancient musical instrument in the shape of a pot, khartal – another ancient instrument that produces sound when clapped.


Musical instruments under this classification are characterized by the presence of strings stretched and fixated on two opposite points. Therefore, the type of sound they produce is defined by these strings. Once these strings vibrate, then they produce different sounds depending on the type of the musical instrument. A good example of musical instruments under this classification includes all types of guitar – classical guitar, electric guitar, harp guitar among other types. Some of the determinants of the type of sound produced by these instruments include the thickness of the strings, how tight the strings are held, the number of strings on the instrument, and also how close or further they are away from each other. This classification is one of the most attractive due to the various designs that these musical instruments come in.


Musical instruments under this classification are also some of the most commonly known; A good example is drums. They are mainly characterized by a stretched membrane which when vibrates, produces sound. Despite the fact that the instruments under this classification come in different shapes and sizes, the membrane is the one main thing that distinguishes them from idiophones. This is because when referring to idiophones, they vibrate their whole bodies, while in this classification they have the specific membrane that vibrates when stumped. It is also important to note that these musical instruments are also made using different materials therefore they produce different sounds however they are under the same classification. Examples of Indian membranophones include; tabla – a unique drum from India and damaru – a two-sided believed to be a spiritual drum.


This classification is different from all the other discussed classes for it produces sound in a unique way. This is to say that these musical instruments do not produce sounds via the vibration of strings, their bodies, or even their membranes, but rather they produce sounds via the vibration of the air. Therefore, these instruments do not produce sounds themselves but the air that passes through them. A very good example that falls under this classification is the flute. This musical instrument produces music when you blow air to throw it. Other examples include the recorder, the harmonica, and also the trumpet. In India, there are also other examples including a bansuri – an ancient instrument that is associated with religion.


Over time there has been continuous advancement in technology, and as a result, it led to the introduction of this type of classification. This means that those instruments that fall under this classification use the aid of electricity to produce sound. It is important to note that there have to be an electric means for the instrument to produce any sound.

Another simple understanding of this classification is that it comprises of musical instruments that require amplification through the use of electric speakers and the like for one to hear their sound. When it comes to giving examples, almost all musical instruments have their electric versions. For example, electric guitar, electric violin, and bass guitar.

Examples of Musical Instruments Easy to Learn

By now you have an idea of what a musical instrument means and what classes different musical instruments fall under. As we are trying to identify examples of musical instruments easy to learn, there are various things that one needs to consider before they decide what sounds easiest to learn based on specific facts. One of the considerations should be availability since it cannot be easy to learn if the instrument is not available in the market.

Therefore, all music instruments easy to learn are available and commonly known by people. This is because then there will be tutorials in the form of notes or even videos from where you can easily learn how to play these instruments. Another consideration would be affordability. Some people look for instruments to learn just as a hobby or for entertainment purposes, therefore, the chosen instrument has to be affordable since it is not economical to buy something so expensive just for leisure purposes.


This is one of the most played musical instruments globally, either as a hobby or even in class. Especially the young children in school, they get to learn it which is an indication that it is easy to learn. There are several online tutorials from which you can learn on your own via the internet. Some of these websites may be free while in others you have to pay a certain amount of money per month. However, the best place to learn this musical instrument is YouTube since you also get the visuals.

For beginners, there are various places from where you can buy a piano including; the Alesis Rectical Pro which costs for about Rs.40,477. It is available online at Saptaswara Musicals.


The recorder is also another fun and easy-to-learn musical instrument. This is because the mechanism used to learn is not as complex. Recorders come in different sizes and made by different materials; Therefore, irrespective of your age or taste, you have a variety to choose from. Falling under the aerophones classification, the recorder is available for purchase everywhere. Therefore for anyone seeking to learn this musical instrument, it is easily available online. You can buy it while in Flipkart India, an online store, at the cheap price of about ₹245 to a nominal ₹3,000. The one we have chosen for you is the Yamaha Plastic Recorder priced at ₹999.

From there then you can find online tutorials from YouTube, or even apps and learn to play this instrument. Good examples of platforms include Youtube where you can find many free tutorials divided into different lessons. Another good example is How to Play the Recorder app available on Google Play.



The keyboard is also another commonly known musical instrument that is also interesting to play. It is easy to learn; once you know the different keynotes present on the keyboard, what is left is trying to find the rhythm. Due to the popularity, keyboards are available globally, with people making more videos and notes on the internet about learning how to play them. In the age of the internet, learning how to play the keyboard has never been easier. In addition, there are also apps that teach people how to play the keyboard and are free to download and use.

You can purchase these keyboards from online stores such as Amazon India. For a beginner a keyboard such as Casio CT-S200RD 61-Keys Portable Keyboard costing ₹7,596 is perfect.



Drums are fun musical instruments that fall under the membranophone classification. These musical instruments come in different sizes which means even the very young have small drums that they get to enjoy. For beginners, begin with one drum then advance to a set once you have learnt and understood the rhythm.

You can buy this music instrument from various platforms including Amazon India. Start with the Swastik Super Band Bongo Round Shape which costs ₹550.

Classical Guitar


This musical instrument is the main tool that is used to produce most of the classical sounds in music. It is made up of strings attached at two different ends which enable the production of sound. It is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn because the major thing that you need to understand are the different sounds pronounced by the many strings.

Because of its popularity, there is numerous online content regarding how to learn to play it. For example, on YouTube, most of the classical guitar players have gained knowledge via the tutorial videos available on the platform. If you are interested in learning guitar, then the available videos and presentations will be adequate for you to learn how to play it in the comfort of your house.

You can buy a guitar from various stores including Amazon India where the Yamaha Classical guitar goes for ₹7,190. However, there are more affordable classical guitars available in the same store.


Associated with very many benefits, especially to children, the violin is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. Known for a series of mental benefits including better mental functioning, improved sensory responses, and also improved memory, playing the violin can generally improve your mental functionality even as an adult. It is, however, an easy to learn musical instrument since even children as young as 5 years can learn.

Some of the benefits that playing the violin has on an adult include, relaxation, reduced stress, and also improve your backbone health. Despite the fact that this instrument might be a little expensive, the process of learning to play it is all worth it. You can learn how to play the violin via the internet. More so, you can buy this musical instrument from; Flipkart online store. Beginners can go for the Blueberry V-10-MB 4/4 Classical Violin rated at ₹3,800.


Mostly used in jazz music, the trumpet is one of the easiest-to-learn musical instruments. More so, it is also one of the most enjoyable to watch others play. It produces music through the vibration of air blowing into its pipes. Anyone who is interested to learn this musical instrument should be well prepared to blow air in the structure of a trumpet and use their fingers to control the rhythm. Besides, it can be played by both adults and children without any problem.

You can buy this music instrument from both physical music stores and online stores including Amazon India and Flipkart, at different prices depending on the type you choose to buy. Perfect for a beginner, the Rose Musical Rose16 Trumpet is available in Flipkart at ₹3,400.


Known to be played in so many romantic events such as weddings, the harp is an example of instruments that you can learn with ease. However, it is easy to learn if you are interested in the instrument. There are three basic ways of doing this, the first one is choosing the harp, the second one is you learn how to use it, then lastly you learn some of the basic concepts necessary.

Places, where you can get this musical instrument, include; Amazon India where you can find the Roosebeck Baby Celtic Harp 12-String at $135 or ₹9,637.

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Everyone has an affinity towards music but not everyone takes the step to learn it. If you are ready to take the leap, make sure it is what you want. Research all you want about the instruments that strike a chord with you. Choose one that you can see yourself enjoying over a long period of time either as a career or as a hobby. This gets you one step closer to the music you love. Not only is it a great past time, but it is also something that helps you destress similar to meditation. If you are still unsure about the instrument of choice, go for something that is easy to learn. Once you understand the concepts and the rhythm, you can even go for other instruments.