Find the Best Music System for Your Home and Learn How to Choose Speakers: 12 of the Best Music System for Large Rooms and Small Rooms (2020)

Find the Best Music System for Your Home and Learn How to Choose Speakers: 12 of the Best Music System for Large Rooms and Small Rooms (2020)

With an increase in the disposable income of the country, music systems have come to become as basic as a laptop or a TV set at home. Audiophiles swear by Sony’s sound, then there are Bose fanatics, and Boat is literally making the world take notice. There’s an overload of options, but how do you know the one which is best for your needs? In this article, we will discuss some of the best music systems based on performances and extensive sound tests taken by Audio and Music experts.

4 Tips While Buying the Music System for Your House

Quality of Bass

While buying a music system, you need to pay importance to the quality of its Bass. Though overlooked by many, the bass is what provides the soul to your music. Try listening to music without bass and you will find it to be unimpressive and hollow. Bass is what provides rhythm and harmony to the music and hence, it should be your top priority while buying a music system.

Check Compatibility with Your TV


The music system you buy should be compatible with your TV otherwise they have just limited usage. TVs do have in-built speakers installed but their quality is not worth the money you spend. Since the volume of TVs are mostly disappointing, connecting your TV to the music system seems like a better alternative for enhancing the sound of your TV speakers.

Check Connectivity Options


The next main factor to focus on is the connectivity option your music system supports. A few of the connectivity options you should look for are Bluetooth, AUX, HDMI, Wi-FI, NFC and optical cables. Most of the music systems available in the market today come with these connectivity options so you are good to go. However, you also need to check the specific appliance to which you want to connect your music system and ensure the connectivity compatibility is there before committing to finally buy it.

Know Your Budget

This one is a no brainer. You don't want to buy what you can't afford, this is not only true for music systems but any appliances that you plan on purchasing. Before going shopping, decide upon a budget and try to stick to it. There are several high-quality music systems you can buy at an affordable price range if you do proper research and market analysis.

Top 6 Music Systems to Buy for Home Use

#1. Bose Sound Touch 20 Series III Wireless Music System


You think of music, you think of Bose. The company is known all over the world for making some of the best, very high-quality music systems in the world and this beautiful Touch 20 series III music system is no exception. The music system is compactly shaped with a minimalist design and comes with Bluetooth, Air-Play, and Wi-Fi compatibility. You can download the Sound Touch Android or the iOS app to control the device seamlessly. The Sound Touch app work basically like a remote which you can use to group together multiple of the products supporting this technology to create a high-quality multi-room system. There are six buttons present on the music system along with the volume buttons which provide one-touch access to your favorite albums, artists, radio channels or playlists. The quality of the music it produces is impressive with deep bass with a loudness range that you can easily hear in even the noisiest of the rooms.

Buy the Bose Sound Touch 20 Series III for Rs.33,638 on Amazon.

#2 Sony BDV-N9200W 3D Blu-ray BT Home Theater System


From one remarkable brand to another, the next on our list is the amazing BDV-N9200W Home Theater System by Sony that will blow your mind. If you are a fan of cinematic, surreal sound experiences, this music system is the right choice for you. The Home Theatre System is compatible with DVDs, CDs, Blu-ray, NFC, Bluetooth, and USB connection. Download the SonyPal music app on your Android/ iOs device and control your music system and the music as and when you want. With a 5.1 configuration system and 1200W RMS, the device comes with large woofers which will provide you with the highly-optimal sound experience you will absolutely fall in love with. It comes with a 1-year warranty period and is easily one of the most good looking and durable music systems produced by Sony

#3 Boat Aavante Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer


There are few gadgets that impress you and there are others that leave you in awe. boAT AAVANTE Wireless soundbar speaker definitely comes in the latter category. With a sleek design and angled front, the music system easily stands out in the looks department. Multiple connectivity options are present such as Optical cables, Wi-Fi, Aux, USB port, Bluetooth and HDMI. The device comes with a 120 W RMS and great quality subwoofers which helps to produce remarkable sound clarity and bass. boAT is known for offering to consumers high-quality products at the affordable price range and this soundbar speaker is a right fit in this category, so if you are in a budget constraint and looking for a premium quality music system, we would definitely advise you to go for the boAT AAVANTE music system.

#4 JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


At an affordable price, you get a sophisticated looking high-quality soundbar with a powerful
wireless subwoofer. If that's your wish, we are glad to say that JBL is here to make your dreams come true. The quality of bass provided in JBL Bar 2.1 is high and the 300-watt output adds richness to the sound. Multiple connectivity options are supported by the soundbar including Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, and optical cable. Remote control is provided with numerous control options however basic controls are also provided on the device for your convenience. The music system comes with a surround mode enabling which can enhance the quality of the sound significantly giving it a more boosting and wide-spread effect. The only disadvantage of this music system is that it doesn't support Wi-Fi connectivity but the other connectivity options offered are hassle-free to set-up and wouldn't take much of your time.

#5 Yamaha Yht-2910 – 5.1 Hd Channel Powerful & Stylish Home Theatre System


If you think the Japanese company, Yamaha, only manufactures bikes, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Yamaha music systems are not only a favourite amongst music lovers but the music experts favours them as well. And the next on our list is Yana Yht-2910, one of the best sound systems for home theatre. With features like a vibrant surround system and 5.1 HD channel technology, it is easy to guess that the quality of the product is given the priority here. The company claims that this home that system consumes 20% less power than other similar products in the market. The device comes with powerful features like True HD, Digital Plus, Dolby HD and DTS HD to provide you with the best quality sound possible. With 4 HDMI support, you can connect multiple devices at once and enjoy yourself without having to switch between them. The YAPO sound optimization system is basically a microphone and acts as an automatic speaker, a feature best to be used for karaoke nights. Another feature that we love in this music system is the virtual Cinema Front which you can enable to activate the surround sound system which is an excellent experience with amazing sound clarity, thanks to the 5 speakers present at the front.

#6 Sony SA-D40 C E12 Multimedia Speaker System


Sony is a brand that has gained immense popularity over the years, thanks to its premium quality, uniquely designed gadgets that rarely disappoint the users. And Sony SA-D40 C E12 Multimedia Speaker system is here to prove this conjecture right. This robust looking music system has been generating raving reviews lately and the last product on our list of 6 best music systems in India. Multiple connection options are present which include Bluetooth, USB, optical fibre and AUX support systems. With interesting features like 4.1 channel multimedia speakers, footpad integrated speakers and 80W of output, you can expect some very high-quality performance from this product.

Select the Best Audio System According to the Size of Your Home

2 Best Options for Small Rooms

#1 boAT AAVANTE Bar 1500 Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar Speaker with Subwoofer


If you have a small room, you need a music system with small speakers. Large music systems will not only take up too much space in your room but also make the sound too muzzled. You need a small system that not only looks good, but also has a compact design, and can fill the room with high-quality sound. And what better gadget to do that than the soundbars. These work better than normal music systems in small spaces as they are easy to install, have low drivers and go easy on your pocket. boAT AAVANTE 1500 has all the features you are looking for in a music system for your small room and much more. It produces a high-quality sound that doesn't get too overpowering and the powerful subwoofer ensures that the sound clarity is of optimum condition.

#2JBL Bar 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer


Since we have already explained that the soundbars are a great choice for rooms with smaller space, our next pick on the list is another soundbar by JBL. The JBL soundbar is the compact, and smaller version of the 5.1 soundbars and comes with 2 speakers and a subwoofer. This device will enhance the sound of your TV significantly, thanks to the 300 W output. Easy to set up, sleek in design and quality of sound which will impress you greatly, the JBL 2.1 Sound Bar is an excellent choice and one of the best wireless home sound systems in the market currently.

2 Best Options for Larger Rooms

#1 Bose Sound Touch 20 Series III Wireless Music System


Looking for a music system for a larger room? Please consider the following features: powerful, surround sound feature and whose sound can fill the large spaces with ease without getting too muddy. And that's why our pick is the Bose Sound Touch 20 Series III Wireless Music System. The music it produces has a rich bass to it and got boosting volume. Thanks to its SoundTouch App, multiple products can be grouped together creating a perfect multi-room facility. Have a big party at your house or a large get together of friends and family? Do not worry as the sound which this Wireless music system produces has great clarity and can be heard even in the busiest of places with ease.

#2 Sony BDV-N9200W 3D Blu-ray BT Home Theater System


The next pick on our list is this powerful home theatre system by Sony. This has a 5.1 configuration system which means it comes with 5 powerful speakers and a total RMS of 1200W. The dimensions of the device are 48 X 21 X 8cm and have a weight of 29.2kg. The music system could look too big for small spaces but is perfect for large rooms. The woofers are quite big and of high-quality, which produces the most impressive sound you can find in the music systems of this price range. The Speakers are also of the magnetic fluid version which produces better sound clarity than most of the speakers available in the market currently.

2 Best Options for Big Living Spaces

#1 Sony GTKXB90 High Power Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Sony GTKXB90 is a powerful music system and an ideal choice for large halls. The system provides deep bass for that extra punch which makes it a perfect fit for parties as well. The battery lasts for about 16 hours and by activating the stamina mode, you can get five extra hours of playtime. The music system is controlled by Sony Music center app which you can download on your Android/ iOS devices easily.

#2. LG CM4550

A very powerful Music System that produces amazing music at 700W output. With a crisp sound quality and enriched bass, it acquires the next spot on our list. The music system comes with a subwoofer and two speakers and can be connected via Bluetooth, USB, and HDMI connection. It also comes with an in-built FM tuner and CD player for your convenience.

Have You Newly Renovated Your House? This Tip is for You

If you are planning to buy a new music system for your newly renovated house, consider the following factors:

  • Buy a music system whose looks complement the decor of your house. Buying a sleek music system with a minimalist design is the best choice as its style goes with most types of decor.
  • If there is a lot of space available, then go for 5.1 configuration music systems, otherwise, keep your place looking uncluttered and chaos-free by buying a soundbar that not only looks extremely suave but produces high-quality sound as well.
  • If you want to connect your music system to a specific device, please check whether that connectivity option is supported by the system or not. This small consideration can later save a lot of your time, effort and money.
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If you or your significant other spent a good time (and money) making the room look nice, then you should consider looking at speakers that will complement the space, not clash with it. Believe us when we say that hearing about how ugly your speakers make the room look on a regular basis will make you rue the day you made that purchase. The good news is, there are some flat-out gorgeous speakers with furniture-grade finishes out there that are bound to integrate nicely with your room’s décor.