Are You Hunting for the Perfect Gift for Your Boyfriend for the First Year Anniversary? 10 Gift Ideas He is Sure to Love (2018)

Are You Hunting for the Perfect Gift for Your Boyfriend for the First Year Anniversary? 10 Gift Ideas He is Sure to Love (2018)

If you came across this article to look for the perfect first year anniversary gift for your boyfriend, well you're on the right page! We will give you a list of gift ideas whether your guy is the quirky one, romantic, or a music lover! You will also learn the importance of celebrating this special occasion and making it memorable.

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It's Time to Celebrate Because...

You Have Completed One Year in Love

It's time to celebrate your day of love because today you completed a full year of being with each other. You should celebrate this day by doing something special! and what is more special than gifting your boyfriend something nice and substantial on this day, Isn't it? It's your anniversary of love and no relation in this world is stronger than love. Enjoy it, cherish it and shower your beloved with gifts on this special day.

You Feel Grateful for Having Your Boyfriend in Your Life

It's time to celebrate because it has been a year of pure bliss with your boyfriend and you still find him the most important person in your life. You feel grateful for having him in your life and these emotions needs to be celebrated with wine, dine and lots of gifts!

A Celebration Makes Your Love Foundation Stronger

Celebration makes any relationship stronger because it helps to build golden memories. Celebrations are synonymous with happiness, joy and sharing. Share your joy and love with your boyfriend whenever such occasions crop up. It is these occasion which make your life worth living. Celebration makes your life worth living and that wouldn't be completed without sending each other a special gift.

Important Things to Do on Your First Year Anniversary

Go on a Romantic Weekend Getaway

It's your first anniversary and if you are thinking of a nice way to celebrate your special day then a romantic weekend getaway would be a perfect plan. All you need to do is to book your hotel in advance, select an exotic destination near Mumbai and surprise your boyfriend with your plan. You can choose places like Matheran, Mahableshwar, Lonavala, Khandala and Panchgini. Some resorts also offer an all-inclusive package which works out quite economical and convenient. A romantic weekend getaway will give you plenty of time to spend with each other. This will be an ideal gift for your boyfriend on your first year anniversary.

Meet Each Other's Parents

One year of long relationship and still going strong doesn't necessarily mean that wedding bells are round the corner but it does call for a visit to each other's parents. If you have been happy with each other and intend to stay forever then your parents need to meet the special person in their child's life.

A visit to each other's parents on your first year anniversary can be a special way to celebrate your first year anniversary. Perhaps, you could plan a festive dinner with both your parents to introduce them to each other formally. It will be an occasion to remember when you meet each other's parents for the first time and also celebrate your first year anniversary in a gala way.

Talk About the Bygone Year, Your Future Dreams, Plans and Goals in Life

An important thing to do on your first year anniversary is to think about how your relationship has bloomed over the months. Today, you should take out time to talk about the first time you met, how your love for each other grew, your grievances, each other's irritating habits, how you feel on completing a year in love, your future goals and whether marriage is on the cards. While obviously, you will also give your boyfriend something special on this day, a throwback to the past year is also necessary.

Celebrate with Romantic 1 Year Anniversary Gifts Which are Also Useful

And when it comes to gifting, there are a lot of items which you can give to your boyfriend on your first year anniversary. Starting with the romantic gifts category, we have some amazing romantic gifts on the list which you can give to your love.

Romantic Engraved Wood Watch

This elegant Engraved Wood Watches for Men is a cherishable keepsake. The original wooden watch is rare to find. Sculpted and crafted from original wood. There are no chemicals or preservatives used. The watch features a genuine leather strap and a phrase is engraved on the back. Lightweight and comfortable on the wrist, this watch is engineered in Japan from one of the most skilled craftsmen in the world. You get an option 'Click customize now' to select the engraved style you like and then just leave the message you want to be engraved in the watch. Priced at Rs.2,336 on Amazon, this one is a fair deal. The engraved words will always remind your love of your thoughtful gift. It is a perfect amalgamation of a romantic and useful gift.

Romantic Picture Frames

Elegant Signs Lucky to be in Love Romantic Gift Picture Frame is the most romantic gift that you can give to your boyfriend on your first anniversary especially if you both had been best friends before taking your relationship to the next level. Love partners should be best friends first and this gift when displayed on your side tables will always remind you both how lucky you are. The picture frame can hold a 4" x 6" photo. The picture slides in easily from the side and it has a clear acrylic frame to protect the photo. This frame can be hung on the walls or even displayed on the side tables. This one will cost you Rs.1,752 only on Amazon.

Romantic Red Heart Balloons

Satyam Kraft 3 Piece Love Heart Shape Foil Balloons add the perfect look to your festive ambiance. Get these foil heart-shaped balloons to wish a happy anniversary to your boyfriend. Priced at Rs.249 only on Amazon, these heart-shaped balloons are the best in quality. These metallic finish latex balloons are truly stunning and spread an ambiance of love and celebration everywhere. These balloons are a perfect gift for your beloved and you can add on to your celebration with a home-cooked meal.

Romantic Paper Weight

This "Loved You Yesterday Love You Still Always Have Always Will" Glistening Keepsake and Paperweight is an ideal gift for your boyfriend on your first anniversary because it shows your love journey beautifully and gives your dreams and hopes of a loving future ahead. It is also a useful gift which can be used as a paperweight for his office work. Priced at Rs.2,113 on Amazon, this paperweight is designed from top quality glistening clear Lucite with smoothened edges. The wordings are not printed by engraved on the paper weight to make them more long lasting.

Celebrate with Quirky Gifts Which Involve Both of You

Quirky gifts add some excitement and fun to your intimacy quotient. Bring a smile on your boyfriend's face or watch him blush as he opens any of these fantastic gifts on your anniversary. These gifts involve both of you! After all, it is your first year anniversary too and you should be involved in all the fun. If this category fancies you, then give him any of the gift ideas mentioned below so that both of you can have some fun and excitement on your first year anniversary.

Sex Coupons

Get a little naughty and amuse your guy by giving him these Dirty Sex Coupons for Him: Sex Coupons Book and Vouchers. These sex vouchers will spice up your bedroom life and add an excitement. The sex coupons are both provocative and rousing and will send both of you to new heights of passion. The pack contains 50 funny and pre-filled sex coupons which are perfect for an anniversary gift. These will just cost you Rs.509 on Amazon, but the flame and passion that it will ignite is just priceless!

Take Him Bungee Jumping

Dare to do something adventurous on your first year anniversary with your boyfriend? Book yourself an ideal bungee jumping package from any of the five bungee jumping locations in India. The adrenaline booster for adventure junkies, this will the best gift your boyfriend can have on your anniversary. There are cool bungee jumping packages in Lonavala near Mumbai with every jump costing around Rs.1,500. The bungee jumping platform here is 45 meters high and the lap lasts around for 4 to 5 minutes.

Naughty Love Coupons

Oyehappy has some naughty love coupons called ''Our Dirty Secret''. These coupons will give you some exciting ideas to pump up your sex life. If you are done with missionary style, these will guide you to try something much for fun and different. It is more like a truth or dare game and each coupon comes sealed in an envelope so that both of you do not know about the dare inside. From role playing and quickies to some lap dancing fun, these coupons will take you into an exciting world. The coupons pack will cost you Rs.509 only. An appropriate gift for your boyfriend who loves some fun and dare.

Yacht Party

If budget is not a constraint and you are in a mood to do something exotic, lavish and big then a yacht party would be the perfect gift for your beloved. Oyehappy arranges yacht parties in Mumbai with the regular package priced at Rs.13,500 for 2 hours aboard the yacht for up to 5 people; this cost goes up to Rs.16,500 on Valentine's Day. They also offer some customisable packages. So invite all his friends, family and relatives for the big day. You can get your food and beverages arranged at some extra cost. Think of some fun games and a dress code. Blind fold your boyfriend and take him to this wild wild party of which he has no clue. This yacht party would be the best gift he could ever receive from you on your first year anniversary. The speeding yacht sailing away under the starry night with you and your boyfriend partying away will give you golden memories which can be cherished forever.

Celebrate with Musical Gifts for Your Boyfriend

Musical gifts have their own fragrance and love oozing from them. We have some great options for sending musical gifts to your boyfriend on your first year anniversary. These are precious keepsakes which your boyfriend will never get bored listening to ever!

Have a Professional Guitarist Serenade Him

Oyehappy does have some really cool gift ideas for your beloved on your first year anniversary. If you really want to add some fun and drama to your celebration, book a professional guitarist from Oyehappy to knock at your door and break into a song as soon as your boyfriend appears. When sometimes, words are not enough to express your love, music is the best answer to convey your feelings.

The professional guitarist plays a maximum of three Hindi songs and charges extra depending upon the location you want the surprise. At just Rs.3,590, this professional guitarist will add a lot of oomph, drama and fun on your first year anniversary.

Record Your Song

If you're a music enthusiast and you want to surprise your boyfriend with a song of your own voice, Oyehappy lets you record your own song in a professional studio. You can rent the studio for 90 minutes and you can get your own 1 minute song recorded and edited by experts. They will email you the final version of the song within 24 hours after editing and checking the voice modulation.

A 1 minute song will cost you Rs.4,350 and it may cost you a little extra for recording a song longer than 1 minute. Imagine your boyfriend's expression when he hears your professional-like song on his phone to wish him a very happy anniversary. This will be an ideal gift and one of our most favorite from the lot. Order this service on Oyehappy.

Going a Little Crazy is a Sure Shot Way of Making this Day Memorable

While gifting is one of the most essential parts of a first year anniversary celebration, this year you can shift from the chocolates and cake tradition to doing something crazy for your love. Pleasant surprises always make your celebration double the fun. An exotic party, a wild adventure, a crazy themed anniversary party or a lavish yacht party.. there are lot of options!

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The first year is the sweetest!

Celebrating your first year anniversary with your boyfriend is very fulfilling. It feels like you can survived whatever happens in the future because you have conquered a lot of things for the past 12 months. We cannot avoid some problems at times, but those challenges in your relationship will make both of you stronger. Celebrating your 1st year together must be special so, make sure you'll give him something that we won't forget.