Tiny Treasures That Mesmerize Everyone: 10 Unique and Adorable Personalized Miniature Gift Ideas for a Couple in 2020

Tiny Treasures That Mesmerize Everyone: 10 Unique and Adorable Personalized Miniature Gift Ideas for a Couple in 2020

Present your love to the very person in your life the one who holds your heart, with this unique miniature gift. A complete choice of gift on the occasion/event that calls for remembrance of love so that you and your romantic partner realise what a beautiful pair the two of you make. We have listed 10 excellent choices of innovative yet personalized gifts that will everlasting.

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Tips on Miniature Gifts

Small Packages - Gift Ideas

Gifting is always a special gesture, no matter what the occasion and miniature gifts have taken up a huge space in the world of gifting, which makes the phrase ‘good things come in small packages’, so true! Small-sized presents serve a dual purpose of being of use as well as stuff that can be used for décor. Further, miniature gifts are a welcome change from the usual gifts we all are so used to! When looking for miniature gifts, some pointers could help you buy the perfect one for your loved one. For instance, choose a miniature with intricate specifications, as the more detailed it, the more adorable and thoughtful it’ll be. In that respect, gifts like a 3D replica doll for your loved one with personal details that exactly match their facial features, hair or dress style will not only depict perfect craftsmanship and excellence but also warm their hearts.

Identifying the Perfect Gift for Your Loved Ones

When thinking of a perfect gift for someone you love, it is important that you before you go ahead and empty your pockets, buying a really expensive gift for them, you pause and reflect on whether that gift is as valuable for them as its price tag? The value of a gift comes from the thought you attach to it, so unless they can use the latest and largest Smart TV in the market when they already have one from before, your gift wouldn’t be as special. Some things that would help you pick the perfect gift for them would be to think of all that’s smart, practical, and desirable for them. For instance, if they’ve had their heart set on a FitBit watch to help them through their physical fitness process, but you end up enrolling them for a gym membership then, not only are you taking away the thought they originally had for themselves of exercising willingly, in the surroundings of their choice and the way they’d like it, but your gift wouldn’t be as special for them either. No matter what you choose, as long as your gift can strike a chord size doesn’t matter!

Essentials of a Miniature Gift

Miniatures are ideal for all kinds of occasions, however, you must be mindful of the event/situation you’re buying a gift in lieu. A miniature gift for a formal occasion or a professional association may not be appropriate as it may be for a fun event and a personally close relationship. Birthdays, housewarmings or farewell duos are the ideal opportunity to go for a miniature gift. When the person you’re buying for is someone close to you, then your miniature gift will convey the same feeling and personalizing it becomes easier. During a housewarming party, the occasion warrants something that can be used for décor and in that respect something like a miniature figurine, an artwork or a miniature clock will brighten up their space. When wishing someone all the best for their future endeavours, a farewell gift that’s a miniature will not only be personalized but also well-meaning.

Miniature Gift Ideas

Portable Seltzer Maker

Source kiron.co.in

The iSoda Mini is a portable seltzer maker and one of the world’s most advanced compact soda maker that combines a unique design with registered new technologies and comes with a product that produces fresh and sparkling water each time. Priced at Rs. 7,855, the iSoda Mini- Portable Seltzer Maker can have connected bottles attach quick and easy and it's unique Turbo Bubbled Tip increases the CO2 solubility for smaller and long-lasting fizz that tastes better as well. The self-cleaning filter system traps dust and dirt effectively producing thousands of fresh and clean drinks. The iSoda Mini- Portable Seltzer Maker’s 8g chargers can be recycled with aluminum cans and occupy less space. The iSoda Mini- Portable Seltzer Maker is available in five colour variants of Swan White, Blue Jay, Met Red, Silver with an Orange Trim and Pearl with Chrome Trim.

Mini File Cabinet

Source www.amazon.in

Now keep your business cards organized with a Mini File Cabinet Card Organizer that can store visiting cards measuring 3.5” by 2” easily. The organizer cabinet includes an A-2-Z card index to help you alphabetize your cards for easy access and also serves as a Rolodex for organizing receipts and more. Ideal for your office or home. Priced at Rs. 4,819, the Mini File Cabinet cum Card Organizer is perfectly sized and measures just 4.5” x 5” x 8.5” and suitable for gifting as well.

Miniature Library

With a miniature library brimming with diminutive books and tiny tales, this cute Miniature Library was made by a crafty young reader and comes with a lovely collection of 30 miniature books that you can read! From the illustrated fairy tales of the Frog Prince to the nursery rhymes of The Owl & the Pussycat to books about birds, butterflies and flowers, this doll-sized library also contain a cute little bookcase that can be assembled easily. Priced at Rs. 1,486, the Miniature Library includes 20 mini books, ‘My Miniature Adventure’ and 2 Blank Books that can be completed with their individual stories or illustrations and the book-like box also transforms into a reading nook plaything. The Miniature Library was made in China and comes with a detailed guidebook for easy assembly.

Tabletop Glass Fireplace

Source www.etsy.com

If you’re on the lookout for something unique to brighten up your living space or outdoor area, you’d love this mini fireplace which will have the flames burning for hours! Thanks to Gel Fuel, the lantern lights up instantly and can be controlled for safety rather easily. The Tabletop Glass Fireplace comes with a kit made of few components like the base is made of natural birch, while the top is made of 4 pieces of heavy sloping glass. The base is composed of 11 pieces that can be put together without any glue or hardware in a matter of minutes. Also, the fireplace includes some lava rock for décor and sand, fuel. You can choose to buy a full kit or a basic kit without the stones or sand. Priced at Rs. 2,841, the Tabletop Glass Fireplace measures 6 ½ square and is about 9” in height, and is available on etsy.com.

MOH Women Pocket Perfumes

With over 400 sprays of 18ml pocket perfume, here’s a sensual pack of the MOH Women Pocket Perfumes in different fragrances. Their long-lasting fragrance is all floral and an ideal gift option for women always on the move. The packaging makes it easier to carry pocket-sized colognes wherever they go! The MOH Pocket Perfume for Women comes in a pack of 3 and is called Fantasia, Eternia and Secret. Priced at Rs. 355, the MOH Pocket Perfume for Women is available on Flipkart.com.

Mini Quadcopter

World’s smallest remote operated drone, the Quad-Copter is a perfect gift for adventure enthusiasts and allows them to learn how to fly drones without investing in an expensive variety of drones and also avoid expensive damages! A drone that’s so tiny that it can take off from your fingertip, this pocket-sized drone was crafted keeping portability in consideration and stores securely inside a handheld controller.

Designed specially with a kit that includes a charging cable and 4 rotor blades which are replaceable, the drone’s headless mode allows it to be adjusted in any position before flying. Its 4 channels allow it to fly both forward and backwards, turn in any direction, ascend and descend or rotate 360-degrees. With inbuilt lights, you can fly the mini Quad-copter all night long. The Smallest Remote Controlled Quad-Copter is priced at Rs. 4,985.

Desktop Drum Set

Source www.amazon.in

Now, encourage the musician within to come out and enjoy playing finger drum with the tap of a finger! Each time you hit a drumhead, the drum set comes alive and plays a beat with lights. Enjoy mixing and matching your masterpiece by pressing the foot pedal of the bass or hit the cymbal to activate its sounds. A miniature drum set that is fully functional and aptly sized to fit atop a desk, the Mini Finger Drum Set comes in a combination of blue and black colours and includes 5 touch-sensitive drums, 3 modes of freestyle, demo and record functions and measures about 7” x 6” x 4” in width, height and depth. It requires 3 AAA batteries which aren’t included in the pack. The Liberty Imports Electronic Mini Finger Desktop Drum Set is priced at Rs. 5,010.

Mini Zen Garden

Barack Obama’s favourite pastime, a mini Zen garden is a beautiful gift option for a loved one that will help them tune into their inner self in the quiet of their space or chaos of their surroundings and attain the conscious mindfulness right from their desktop. With a DIY kit, this mini zen garden kit helps relieve stress and embrace inner peace. Packaged beautifully, the kit includes premium quality material with attractive décor items of a boat bridge, Japanese censers, a rake, pushing a sand base tray measuring 9.4”. Priced at Rs. 3,606, the ICNBUYS Zen Garden measures 12.1 x 3.4 x 11.2 inches in dimensions and weighs about 2.3 pounds. A perfect gift for desktop/home décor.

Miniature Musical Instruments Set

Source www.amazon.in

Handcrafted by Kraftland, the miniature musical instruments set is a quaint décor gift item that showcases India’s rich musical heritage that’s been handed over generation to generation of artisans and their passionate craftsmanship that’s gone behind their making! Made of mango wood, this set has been manufacture with a combination of steel, brass and copper with due consideration to the authenticity of all kinds of musical instruments. Each miniature’s been crafted into a musical instrument and comes in a limited edition. Priced at Rs. 1,890, the Miniature Musical Instruments Set includes 8 different musical instruments on a black base which can be hung easily on the wall and placed on a desktop.

Miniature House Plants

With miniature plants becoming popular by the day in Indian households, they’ve also become a popular choice for a gift item. Usually, a dwarf variety of an ornamental plant, most of these miniature plants is indoor plants that serve as the smaller version of their main species. The Bundle of Joy miniature garden from nurserylive.com is a DIY gift item which allows you to craft your miniature house plant with a beautiful Syngonium plant, a ceramic pot, some stand stones, garden toys, soil and preserve moss. Its attractive lush green colour adds to any décor and also cleanses the air you breathe. It doesn’t require much maintenance and can grow in low light conditions as well. The kit comes with a DIY instruction to help you create and maintain your house plant with minimal care. Bundle of joy with - Miniature Garden is priced at Rs. 959.

Bonus Tips: Unique Miniatures

Here’s a range of unique miniature gifts that can be termed as cool, trendy, thoughtful and adorable!

  • Miniature Fire Extinguisher - A pocket-sized fire extinguisher is a cool gag gift and made of solid metal, refillable with an adjustable flame dial that makes for a stocking stuffer gift option for your smoking pals.

  • Miniature Travel Iron - Lightweight and weighing just 0.81 pounds, the mini travel iron comes with a flat design that makes it easier to fold to the size of a palm and when you spread out the sides, you can use it to press a variety of clothes like a normal iron. It comes with an adjustable temperature control dial and doesn’t require any water.

  • Miniature Bowling Game - A cute miniature indoor game, this mini bowling set will not only keep your loved one busy with a realist bowling game for hours but makes for an adorable showpiece as well.

  • Mini Crochet Animals - You’d have a mini zoo with an assortment of mini crochet animals, where the cute little critters can include every pet to exotic animal species!

  • Personalized Pet Miniature - If your loved one has a pet, you’d gift them a miniature version of their pet which they can carry with them wherever they go, even places where pets aren’t allowed! A typical pet miniature’s handcrafted which makes it extra special and adorable.

  • Mini Bottle String Lights - Brighten up a mini bar by gifting your loved one a set of mini bottle string lights which are both environmentally friendly and also serve as cute décor items with bendable wires that allow the strings to form any shape the user would like them to be in.
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Many online stores are offering personalized miniature gift items, but there is one thing common between all the online stores is they sell the same stuff, nothing unique, which is the saddest part once it comes to personalized gifts. Our article listed some unique collection of personalized miniature gift products that thoughtfully curated by our experts. Pick some miniature gifts for a loved one.