Looking for a Place to Blow Off Some Steam with Your Buddies? Drop in at These Top Pubs in Bangalore with Friends! (2020)

Looking for a Place to Blow Off Some Steam with Your Buddies? Drop in at These Top Pubs in Bangalore with Friends! (2020)

Bangalore is not just famous for its daylife. If you're new to Bangalore, you've never probably heard of the active nightlife Bangaloreans have! If you're looking for a place to blow some steam off from your work pressure, we bring you the top pubs in Bangalore you can give a visit over the weekends. Read on to find out more.

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Experience the Nightlife of Bangalore!

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Bangalore is a city known for its beauty as well as for the massive IT sector that operates here; however, there’s probably one thing we’re sure you must not have heard about Banglore for which it is famous for – its nightlife! A cosmopolitan city, people in Bangalore, work hard during the weekdays and party harder on the weekends. Bangalore provides them with one of the most fabulous places for food and beverages. It has around 3,000 pubs that serve quality alcohol. The best part about Bangalore is that it has suitable sites for people of all ages, be it students, professionals or tourists.

People in Bangalore love to eat out, and the city offers a great variety of cuisines and a vibrant night culture. If you like to dance and party, then you should head out to Bangalore and entertain yourself till the wee hours. Here is a list of some of the best pubs in Bangalore that allows you to enjoy live karaoke to microbreweries to high-end nightclubs. Bangalore gives you all!

Top Pubs in Bangalore You Shouldn't Miss Out On


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One of the best pubs in Bangalore is Hangover; the great Hollywood films highly influence it. It is famous for serving cocktail buckets in Volkswagen; visiting Hangover will remind you of the mobile bars in Bangkok, which are found on almost every street corner. It is located in Indiranagar and serves great liquor at affordable prices.

The Volkswagen minivan on the first floor of the pub is visible from outside and excites you as you enter the place. It is also very famous for its beautiful decor of purple halogen lighting, which makes it a perfect place for youngsters to hang out all through the night and party hard.

The beautiful minivan is converted into a bar and serves a variety of cuisines and alcohol. You get to eat great steak with elegant wine or an ice-cold beer with kebabs. It also serves incredible Asian, Continental and North Indian food. If you are a hard non-vegetarian, then you would love the pork bao, sugarcane chicken, mutton pepper fry, and spicy shrimps here.

People who like to enjoy some privacy can sit in private nooks and corners at the pub where you can relax with your loved one or can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful outdoors as well.

Loft 38

If you are in Bangalore and want to party all night, then you should head out to Loft 38. It is an excellent place that is spread across three levels. Loft 38 is known for its music and live performances by artists from around the world. It is one of the most happening places for party goers in Bangalore, for it provides a vibrant ambience and great booze. If you want to enjoy your weekend at Loft 38, you need to be there well within time as it gets packed early. It is also known for a high-end DJ and one of the best dance floors in Bangalore.

The food at Loft 38 is to die for; you can try the 'Pulled Chicken Sliders', the 'Goan Chorizo Pizza', and the 'Kerala Beef Chilli Fry and gulp down some of the most popular drinks served here like the Mystery Moon, and the Bubbly Bangalore. If you feel like trying something new, you can always go for some of the Continental, American, Italian, North Indian, and Asian dishes as well.

If you have a sweet tooth, then don't forget to eat great desserts here; you can try Date & toffee pudding, prune & almond tart, honey baked yoghurt, vanilla panna cotta and the famous cheesecake. The large dance floor in the middle keeps you on your feet all night. You are sure to have a blast at the Loft 38.

The place opens from 12:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m., but you can stay over and party till 1 a.m. on the weekends, not to mention the great happy hours from 4 to 8 p.m. every day.

Harry's Bar + Cafe

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So, you are a party person and love to visit iconic bars then head out to Harry's Bar + Cafe. Bangalore is one place where you will find a bar that will remind you of Singapore and will keep you excited throughout the night. Harry's Bar + Cafe is a great place for whiskey lovers; you can get a 30 ml glass of whiskey for just Rs. 99 as well as get different flavours of Mojito and the Caprioska cocktails for people who like to taste new flavours. If you are fond of Indian wines, you can have them at an affordable price of Rs. 249. When you visit Harry's Bar & Cafe, you are sure to enjoy a great night at affordable prices with your gang.

You can also plan an official get together or an evening with your friends and family here as overall, this place has something for everyone. The staff of Harry's Bar + Cafe is polite and well trained to serve you and make you feel welcomed.

Pecos Classic

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Another great place to enjoy your evening in Bangalore is Pecos Classic. It is one of the most famous Retro Rock pubs in Bangalore and is loved by the young at heart, and you will enjoy it if you have a dancing spirit in you.

The Pecos Classic is decorated with posters and illustrations on the walls with comfy seating for you to sit and relax. You will love this place as it allows you to sit back and forget your daily hurdles. You can either sit inside and enjoy the light decor, the dark red walls give it a cosy feel, or you can sit outside and enjoy the music from the 60s to 80s as well as great country-rock, blues, jazz, and addictive reggae and the bright light.

Pecos Classic will let you forget your worries and enjoy the night like you never did before.

The Underpass Pub & Grub

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The Underpass Pub & Grub is a great place to hang out with your friends on the weekends. It is a place that gives you all you need to party at an affordable price. The quality of the food and booze is excellent, and the place is famous for its magnificent and unique outdoor setting, which is constructed around a tree. If you are a person that loves nature and some green around you, then you will enjoy The Underpass Pub & Grub.

There are designated areas for smokers, so you don't have to worry if smoke bothers you, you can sit and relax at the pub and have the time of your life while you gulp down some of the best cocktails the place has to offer. Some of the famous cocktails here are the Long Island Iced Tea and Whiskey Sours, but you will love the exclusive Underpass Specials, which has a unique flavour to it.

If you are a foodie, then you should try the great Chinese, Indian and Continental food served here. Some of the most demanded dishes are the Crispy Broccoli with Coconut and Lime Sauce.

The Underpass Pub & Grub also serves excellent starters to keep you munching with your glasses till you are hungry enough for the main dish.


If you love beer, then Toit is the place to run to; it is brew-up, which is the most talked-about place in Bangalore for people who love to enjoy their weekends getting drunk on great booze. Toit is a 3-floor outlet and is packed with people of all ages; therefore, it is advisable to book your table in advance if you want to enjoy and hassle-free night. You will love the enormous beer tanks displayed; Toit is famous for its beer, which is brewed right in the place. You can also take a tour of the brewery and learn the art of beer making.

The Toit is also known for its decor; it is classically decorated with an English themed ambience. Don't forget to taste the most popular basmati blonde or the seasonal flavours like the pumpkin beer and spicy ginger and cinnamon-infused brew served here. It also serves excellent Italian, American cuisines as well as great pizzas to satiate your hunger while you’re having a chilled beer with your gang.

Skyye Lounge

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Skyye Lounge, the name says it all; it is one of the most popular bars in Bangalore, which is a rooftop lounge offering spectacular views of the city's skyline. The place is beautifully decorated with neon lights, and the dance floor is one of its kinds with vibrant colours emanating from it to set you in a party mood. It is known for its choices of liquor; you can taste some of the best cocktails engineered by the team of Skyye Lounge itself. You will be able to get great Signature cocktails from all around the globe. If you like to eat, then you will love Skyye Lounge as it serves some of the best cuisines from Europe, South America, and the Middle East. You should try the famous Mushroom Chestnut Dim sums, Steamed Pork, or Malaya Curry served with rice in Bamboo Shoots.

If you are in Bangalore and want to have the time of your life, then Skyye Lounge is a great place to be with your friends as it is the most happening bar in the city. You not only get great food and drinks but can visit the book readings, stand up performances, or lively karaoke nights at Skyye Lounge. This is one place you would want to visit each time you are in Bangalore.

It is open from 5:30 p.m. to 11 at night, so don't forget to visit the place once for sure.

Mockaholic Restro Beer Café

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You will be surprised to see the green ambiance of Mockaholic Restro Beer Cafe right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Bangalore. People in Bangalore love to hang out here as it is the best place to hang out with friends, and it is affordable as well. You will find college students and tourists having a great time in the cafe.

The place offers delicious Chinese food as well as North Indian dishes; you don't have to worry for smokers if you are not one as it has separate areas for both. It also has great seating arrangements outside for you to sit and relax and take in the greenery of the site. You will fall in love with the place as soon as you get here!


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Another great place for the people who like to have some fun is Watson's. It is a retro-themed place decorated with movie posters on the red brick walls. The place is excellent for fun-loving people. If you are one of those people who love old Hindi movies, especially the old detective types, then you will like to spend some time here.

Watson's has a great seating space on the balcony from where you can take in the view of the beautiful Lake Ulsoor and drink great affordable drinks. You should visit the place if you want to have fun and not spend too much money on it. It serves excellent finger food and salads, as well as a variety of drinks.

Watson's is open from 11 am till 1 at night; therefore, is a great place to visit if you want a late-night snack and fun with friends.


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If you’re tired of visiting all the great sightseeing places in Bangalore, head out to Hoppipola. It is a great place to sit and relax after a hectic day. Although the place is not very big but is beautifully decorated with peaceful white colour and wooden furnishing which will make you feel welcomed, you will feel as if you are in a different world as you enter Hoppipola. Sit with your friends and gulp down chilled beer and watch your stress wash off in an instant.

The place is perfect for couples, and the beautiful decor will tempt you to take great pictures and create memories once you are here. You can choose to sit either inside you outside, depending on your mood. It offers tasty Mexican and Continental dishes along with European dishes that will give you a reason to lick your fingers at the end of a great meal.

If you like to sit in a bar and chill, this place is a perfect place to be at!. It is open from noon to almost 1 in the night.

Some Important Hacks for Pubs!

Pubs/Bars are the places loved by people of all ages. Most of the pubs are open till late night and offer great booze, which at times leads to unwanted situations. It is essential to learn a few things before you head out to a pub to keep yourself safe. Here are a few things you should know if you are planning to visit a pub with friends or even alone.

  • Don't leave your drink unattended: Once you are in a pub, make sure you have your drink in your hand almost all the time. It is common for people with wrong intentions to lurk inside pubs and find people who are careless with their drinks; they can easily drug your drink and take advantage of you. Date rape is not a thing of movies, it happens in real life as well!. Be careful with your drinks at all times. Don't let others offer your drinks or order for you.

  • Don't stay in dark places for too long: It is always safer in well lit areas where you can be seen by a number of places.

  • Avoid going to pubs alone: It is advisable to visit pubs with friends of family. Trust your intuitions and try to stay in a pack. You are less likely to be targeted if you are with people rather than being alone.

  • Keep your keys in your hand: If you are alone and walking to the parking lot, have your key in your hand, it is safer as you won't too much time in a dark parking lot fishing for your keys in your purse and giving chance to people to attack you while you are distracted. Get in the car as fast as you can and lock the doors immediately.

  • Buy pepper spray: It may sound unnecessary, but a having a pepper spray with you is a good idea. It is a great tool to defend yourself in case someone tries to attack you.

  • Keep the exists in mind: As soon as you enter a pub make note of the exits, it will not only save you from running away from criminals but you will be able to get out of the place in case of emergencies. There have been incidents where a fire broke out and people couldn't get out as they were not aware of the exists.

  • Be observant: Don't let your guard down ever even if you are with friends. It is always safer to be observant and aware of the people around you.

  • Be confident: People who look unconfident, shy or timid are most likely to be attacked therefore act as if you own the place, make eye contact with people when you talk and keep a safe distance from people who act suspicious. Avoid going near unknown cars.
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