Planning to Dine Out in Mumbai? Here are 12 of the Very Best Restaurants in the City That Will Make Any Special Occasion More So (2020)

Planning to Dine Out in Mumbai? Here are 12 of the Very Best Restaurants in the City That Will Make Any Special Occasion More So (2020)

Mumbai is a city of light and people love to eat. That's the reason there are so many 24 hours open restaurants in Mumbai but it's obvious that you can't try them all at once. But what you can do, you can start by one by one. But from where to start? Obviously you don't want your first experience to be bad. So BP-Guide is suggesting some of the basic points before choosing any restaurant and for your convenience, we have a list of restaurants too of every category so that you can easily choose any of these which suits you better.

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Things To Consider While Choosing A Restaurant

Dineout is not a daily thing we do especially with family or friends. So why not go for the best and keep all the important points while choosing a good restaurant in mind. BP-Guide has some important points to consider while choosing the best place to spend with your loved ones.

1: Ambience

You don't go to restaurants just for the quality of food, you go there for the whole experience. The quality of the food is important but so is the overall ambience. You should be able to feel relaxed, be treated special and enjoy yourself. Consider whether the restaurant you choose has amicable staff, soft music playing, warm lighting and welcoming decor that uplifts your mood.

Another important factor is that the restaurant should have adequate space, you should be allowed to converse freely with your friends and family without feeling too cramped.

2: Hygiene

One of the major factors to consider while choosing a restaurant is its hygiene quality. The importance of hygiene in a restaurant can't be emphasized enough. You go out to eat to have delicious food and a nice time, not to get ill cause the restaurant wasn't clean enough. While you can really judge the sanitation standards of the restaurant's kitchen, there are other signs you should look out for.

Are the tables clean or there are food scraps and dried ketchup stuck on them? Are the plates and glasses you served on shining or have dried water spots on them? Are the servers dressed properly in clean uniforms? These above-mentioned concerns need to be satisfied before choosing a restaurant for your own health safety.

3: Budget

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes and in different price ranges. But what you need to remember is that expensive isn't always the best. You don't have to splurge on a meal in a highly expensive restaurant to have good food and a great time. Many affordable restaurants exist which have amazing food that's going to leave you in awe. You just have to research a bit to find the restaurant that not only serves delicious food but also goes easy on your pocket.

4: Quality Of Food

The quality of food is one of the most important factors while choosing a restaurant. Food is the essential reason we visit a restaurant and it should be worth every penny you spend on it. If you are going to a multi-cuisine restaurant, it should offer a wide variety of food. If you are going to a specific cuisine restaurant, the chef should know what he is doing and really specialize in that cuisine.

There is no point in spending money on bad or average tasting meals. To be sure, read online reviews of the restaurant left by other customers to get a clear idea of how's the food there and whether the restaurant is worth a visit.

5: Parking

The restaurant should have ample parking space for its customers or you could get stuck for hours just to find a parking spot. Low or no parking space near the restaurant you visiting just spoils the mood and rest of your time there, irrespective of how great the food is or how courteous the staff is.

Top 6 Dineout Restaurants In Mumbai You Shouldn't Miss

Mumbai is the city of lights and the city of light has lots of famous restaurants but out of those our aim is to show you the best considering all the factors. Here we are showing 6 best restaurants considering all the measures quality, ambience, price, hygiene and other factors. All these 6 restaurants worth one visit.

1: Golden Dragon, The Taj Mahal Palace

If you are in the mood of eating Chinese or Cantonese and wish to have the best mouth-watering delicacies made by some of the most talented chefs of the country having years of experience in the cuisine, our advice would be to go to the Golden Dragon restaurant in Taj Mahal Palace in Colaba. Opened in 1974, this restaurant has been rightly regarded by many as one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country for over two decades.

Here you can find authentic Chinese and Hong Kong food served in a rather smart and artistic way. The ambience of the restaurant is grand, the staff is polite and courteous, and the options available on the menu are plenty and diverse. It could cost Rs.3,000 for two people to have a meal here but if you have a Dineout gourmet passport for Mumbai restaurants, you can avail beneficial discount deals.

2: Hitchki

Hitchki or hiccup when translated in English is a famous Mumbai restaurant located near Kala Ghoda. It is a combination of a modern restaurant and bar and the price of the food here goes easy on one's pocket. This restaurant cum bar has a sophisticated decor and has a menu that got plenty of options to satisfy the cravings of every type of food lover. The service is friendly and casual, and the restaurant is quite a laidback place without much pompous.

The drinks are moderately priced and if you visit during happy hours, you would be able to get further discounts. The restaurant opens every day at 8 a.m to serve some very amazing breakfast, so if you are a morning person, don't give this place a miss. For two people, it could cost around Rs. 1,800 to have a meal here which is a great deal considering the incredible food and ambience this restaurant has to offer

3: Botticino, Hotel Trident

Our next pick is the Botticino restaurant located on the first floor of the Hotel Trident in Bandra Kurla Complex. For people craving authentic Italian food, this restaurant is a must-visit place. The restaurant has been named after the beautiful Italian marble, Pietra di Botticino, which has also been used all over the Trident hotel. With warm, gentle lighting and contemporary minimalistic decor, this restaurant will win your hearts from the first look itself.

The menu contains some of the best Italian dishes and while all of them are incredible, our favourite pick would be the risotto with porcini mushrooms. Don't miss the dessert here as the tiramisu cake is to die for. The service is prompt and the staff is very cordial. A meal for two in Botticino would easily cost you around Rs. 3,300.

4: TBC- The Boat Club

TBC- The Boat Club is located in the Thakur Mall in Dahisar East. It doesn't matter whether you are in the mood for Chinese, Indian or Continental, this casual dining place has a lot of food options available in its menu. It is a spacious restaurant cum bar that's well lit with comfortable seats and eye-catching decor.

The staff is polite, swift and you don't have to wait a long time for the orders to come through. The highlight of this restaurant is the karaoke night which happens every Monday so if you are a singing fan, you know where to be. TBC is a great family restaurant with affordably priced meals, here a meal for two costs only around Rs. 1,500.

5: AB's Absolute Barbecues

Ab's absolute barbecue is one of the best barbecue places in Mumbai. If you love a good buffet, then Ab's is also the right place for you. This is India's first wish grill restaurant and is an upbeat restaurant with dim lighting, spacious seats and courteous staff. The food options available here are plenty and you would have difficulty in choosing from all the different choices available.

The restaurant is quite affordable as well, a meal of two people would hear cost you around Rs. 1,200. Different types of meats are available here, including quail, emu, shark, rabbit and octopus. For vegan people, this place is a great choice too. Opt for bamboo shoots or bok choys and be prepared to fall in love.

6: Social, Colaba

Social is not a restaurant, it is essentially an idea. This modern restaurant is fun, quirky, innovative and a great place to hang out with your friends and family. Social claims itself to be "an urban hangout designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected". And sure it is. This super cool cafe in Colaba has great decor and a selection of mouthwatering scrumptious food that would make you very happy.

The food here is very affordably priced as well, a meal for two would cost you around Rs. 1,200. While Social was designed with a concept that people can work here comfortably without being disturbed, the Colaba Social branch is a tad bit small and overcrowded for that endeavour.

Best 3 Dineout Mumbai Buffet Restaurants

There are restaurants of different categories in Mumbai but Buffet restaurants always have a separate place when it comes to choosing a restaurant. Going with family or a group of friends these Buffet Restaurants will be the best choice for you. BP-Guide took care of choosing the best restaurant for you in Mumbai. Select and of these and go there and we assure that you will go there again and again.

1: Hornby's Pavilion

Looking for a restaurant with great dineout buffet deals? Head to Hornby's pavilion at ITC grand central. This restaurant has been named after the governor of Bombay, William Hornby and if a favourite amongst the South Mumbai locals. The ambience of this restaurant is impressive and the food is delectable. This restaurant in the evening gives you the option to feast on wood fire pizzas and mulled wine, what else can one ask for. This multi-cuisine restaurant is open 24 hours so visit any time you want and you will be welcomed warmly.

2: JW Cafe

JW cafe in western Mumbai is another gem of a buffet restaurant that you should not miss. The place has a happy vibe to it and the seats are spacious and cosy. You can savour all type of food here, be it Italian, Indian or Continental. For the health-conscious, they have an exclusive GM healthy diet menu which is an absolute hit. The service is quick, impressive and impeccable. The Sunday brunch organized here is people's favourite and the best time to visit this restaurant.

3: The Earth Plate

The Earth Plate restaurant located in the Hotel Sahara Star in Vile Parle East is a multi-cuisine buffet restaurant. The decor is minimalistic and comfortable, the staff here is very polite, the seats are extremely spacious and the food is amazingly delicious. The food is priced little on the high side but the quality is worth every penny you spend on it. The Earth Plate is one of the largest all-day dining restaurants in the city and in our opinion, one of the best too. Dine here once and you would come back again certainly.

Best 3 Dineout Mumbai Luxurious Restaurants

If you are looking for the overall best experience in every manner while dining in Mumbai, these are some of the restaurants made for you. These are the Best 3 Dineout Mumbai Luxurious Restaurants you can opt for while going out for eating.

1: Maya, Trident Hotel

Maya is considered as one of the luxurious and fine dining restaurants located in Mumbai city. The beautiful luxurious restaurant is located in the Bandra Kurla complex. Known for its North Indian cuisine, this place serves the real Indian food with spicy indulgence and the rich aroma in all the dishes. This restaurant has extremely sophisticated ambience which makes it perfect for business meetings, social gatherings, family get together and kitty parties.

People who love experiencing the taste of every region from Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Rajasthan to Bay Of Bengal can choose the place for their next dining. The restaurant has an extremely elegant and lavish interior which will make you awe. Apart from the services like valet parking, free wifi, air conditioning and lift, there is another facility called "differently-abled friendly" which makes it a pleasant place for everyone. This restaurant is located in the Trident Hotel, Bandra, Mumbai.

2: Peshwari, ITC Maratha Hotel

Peshawari is a luxurious fine dining restaurant located in the ITC Maratha hotel and serves some of the very best North Indian food you'd ever taste. For great offers visit Mumbai and you will receive amazing discounts and deals for this restaurant. Want to have delicious tandoor cooked vegetables, kebabs and vegetables that taste out of the world? Don't miss the Peshawari then. The food here ill tantalize your taste buds and you will successfully go through what many people believe and call as foodgasm.

3: Romano's

Romano in JW Marriott Hotel is another high-end restaurant in Mumbai. We absolutely love Romano with it's exquisite decor and delicious pasta and pizza collection are amazing and impressive. When you visit a luxurious restaurant like Romano, you go there for the overall experience and not just-food. And Romano doesn't disappoint. As much we love the food and cocktails this place offers, we also adore its polite staff and their prompt service. If you are looking for a great dineout restaurant in Mumbai to take your loved one for a cosy date, one of our favourite picks would definitely be Romano.

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Always Keep Quality and Hygiene at Top

Always Keep Quality and Hygiene at Top. Food is essential for human survival so it is the top most priority. Either eating at home or at some restaurant, the taste is something which we think is top most priority but apart from the taste, hygiene and food quality is something which can not be ignored. So before going to any restaurant always have some idea about their kitchen culture. The restaurants we mentioned. we took care of these points but if others know some better options, they should go for it but after knowing their kitchen. It's obvious that you are going there for spending quality time not to get ill.