8 of the Coolest Gadgets That You Must Own in 2019 and a Bonus Bundle of Three Small Gadgets That Will Change Your Life!

8 of the Coolest Gadgets That You Must Own in 2019 and a Bonus Bundle of Three Small Gadgets That Will Change Your Life!

In this article, we bring to you 8 amazing and cool gadgets that you must own. We have provided you with recommendations, specifics and where you can buy them from. There are also some bonus recommendations that you can consider. Read on to find out more!

Things to Consider While Purchasing Electronic Gadgets

Check reviews: Keep yourself from being tempted from the grand advertisements for gadgets and check consumer product reviews both online and offline before you buy a product.

Compare through shopping apps: Online shopping has been a common aspect while buying electronics goods. However, some of the innovative apps help to make shopping for you cheaper and easier. Make sure to refer genuine apps which provide factual data.

Check availability and select reputed brands: Always opt for well-known brands while looking the gadgets you are planning to buy — reviews, for the brand that seems to have the best expertise for the particular device.

8 Cool Electronic Gadgets You Can Consider Buying

1. Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Source www.amazon.in

If you are thinking out of the box, and want something different and unique, then buying a Bluetooth portable speaker like Ice Orb is the right choice for you. Numerous audio electronic companies offer different kinds of Bluetooth speakers. However, there has always been a lack of diversity, and they are very similar to one another. The Ice Orb Company has changed the way of listening to music and outlook towards portable speakers by their innovative product design.

They have created a floating speaker, which is a mark of innovation in the audio industry. It has a unique floating design, and it can also give an impressive 360 degrees sound. It also has a long battery life and smart up-to-date connectivity feature, with an additional charging dock for other devices. It has an astounding sound quality with audible, clear and detailed sound in all directions. It gives no distortion even when you use the best sound option.

It is built with a rechargeable battery option which functions for up to 10 hours. You can connect your smartphone or other devices when it is plugged directly to the power source. To connect your other device, all you need is to tap it to the portable Bluetooth speaker. It has a 25 mm thick circular magnetic base that allows the ORB to float on it at the height of 10 mm. you can use the speaker via Bluetooth, NFC, or an Aux input. The item height is 6.9 cm, width is 9.7 cm, and weight is 925 g. the product dimension is 15.2 x 9.7 x 6.9 cm. It works with 12 volts and 166 wattages. The price for this ORB is around Rs.7,000 on Amazon.

2. Bluetooth Speaker and Lantern

Bluetooth speaker with a lantern is a trendy and fun gadget for outdoor as well as indoor use. It is a well-designed and multi-functional wireless speaker with a spherical body which looks minimalistic, but elegant enough to show off in your poolside parties, patio, camping, trips and picnics. The wooden handle makes it look chicer with the spherical shape and makes it easy to hang or carry anywhere. The glossy metallic finishing complements well with the modern style.

It is portable and fits best for a BBQ party, picnic and other outdoor activities. It doubles as an LED lantern that glows in various colours like white, red, green, blue and more colours. It features three colour-changing modes, three dimness settings, and two music sync modes with dynamic light effects. It is also water-resistant and can withstand water spray. This high-quality 5W amplifier easily syncs to Bluetooth, and it can also stream wirelessly from 10 m / 33 feet distance. This modern retro shaped speaker is unique, useful and trendy. This speaker is lightweight around 2 lbs. with a measurement of 7.7” x 8.2”. The price for this eye-shaped speaker lantern is around Rs.7,810 at uncommongoods.com.

3. Water Moisture Sensor

Moisture sensor measures the volumetric water content in soil and other sources. This wireless device has a long-range water-presence or soil moisture or the water level sensor tag with scratch and waterproof coating. It has a 10-bit resolution ambient temperature sensor, and it supports out-of-range notification, without any beep function. It has the soil moisture or water level logging and notification with the capacitive sensor. It gives flooding notification with a resistive water pressure sensor.

The logging interval is programmable, and it ranges from 30 seconds to 4 hours, and it has multi-point transmit option. It has a waterproof coating which prevents splashes. It can provide out of range and back-in-range notification. Through a web browser, it can support PC/Mac, Android, Alexa and Google Home. In Indian currency, it might cost around Rs.1,800 on store.wirelesstag.net and can be found in various versions.

4. ROG Phone

Source www.asus.com

We spend multiple hours with our phones as smartphones do a lot more than making calls or being a primary screen we look at. We pick and choose a phone according to our budget and priority. Different models are good at specific things. Some of us need a selfie phone, and some need to have a bigger battery life with a big screen. Gamers, on the other hand, are desperately looking for phones that come with the best processors under budget.

With the flagship phones, you don't need to compromise with screens or processor but have to pay a handsome amount. Asus is one of the small but steady companies which is trying to bring a budget friendly phone just for gaming with no compromises. The Asus Rog Phone has dedicated hardware specially designed for gaming including 90 HZ display and lots of innovative designing tricks. It is inspired by the Asus’s Rog line laptops and designed to impress the gamers. It is a standout phone for its asymmetric design with multiple elements. It has a dual-camera setup, and single LED flash, fingerprint scanner, a metal element with a look of vents on the phone. The curvature makes it comfortable to hold the smartphone, and it has Corning Gorilla Glass 5 at the back to keep it safe from scratches.

The key specifications of the ROG Phone are as follows – it has a 6-inch display (1080 x 2160), QUALCOMM snapdragon 845 processor, 8 MP front camera and 12 MP back camera, 128 GB storage, the battery capacity is 4000 MAH, 8GB RAM, and it runs on Android 8.1 OS. There is an Aura lighting in the back, which can be configured using the Game Center app, where you can select brightness, colour and glow pattern for the ROG logo. You can also use the AeroActive Cooler for the device, and the app will help you to set the control of fan speed or set it on auto mode. The ROG Phone has useful air triggers, perfect battery life a useful second Type-C port and it gives a great performance. The price for this device is Rs.69,999 in India on asus.com.

5. Bike Smarter

We rarely think of our loving bicycle when it comes to the concepts of connected homes or accessories with smart connections. There is hardly a trend to smarten up the bike rides. We have seen bike mounts for the smartphones which help to navigate, communicate and track the fitness regime, bike lights that illuminate the path, chains and cables to secure your bike from theft. All of these can take the little or no remaining space of your bicycle and can cost more too.

The new innovative SmartHalo offers all of these features in a single device which can be kept right in the centre of the handlebars of your bike. It has a minimalist and award-winning circular navigation interface. It also has a loud and powerful alarm system which can protect your bike from thieves. It acts as your assistant so that you do not miss incoming calls and SMS while riding your bike. The smart nightlife is a lifesaver as it can turn on and off automatically. It also has a powerful fitness tracker which logs the data automatically on your smartphone, and you don't have to press start or stop for every ride. The weight of the device is 195 g, the screen size is 2.5, it has a lithium polymer battery, and it comes with a SmartHalo. Halo Base and Halo Key in the package. The price of this smart biking device is Rs.10,079 on bikeinn.com.

6. Dyson Pure Cool Link

Source www.dyson.in

While we focus on the air quality outside, we often forget to check the indoor pollutant. The pollutants of the harsh chemicals from the cleaning products can make the air quality at home rather unhealthy. That is why air purifier can be necessary. Dyson brings a Pure Cool Tower which has a multiplier technology both designed as the regular fan and air purifier. The Dyson air purifier has a bladeless design with an impressive Air Multiplier technology. It directs airflow up and through the thin blade around the outside rim or edge of the fan that creates a smooth release of air.

It is designed to be super-quiet and comes with impressive airflow for its thinner blade than that of a traditional fan. It has a solid construction with a great modern look which is worthy of display. The remote is simple and lets you control all the functions easily. There is a small display at the base, which turns green when the air quality is good and is white at a normal time. Dyson has made an eye-catching design for this product with attention to minute details, and it also has great installation services. It is priced as a premium product, but the replacement filters are relatively cheap. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower projects and circulates purified air, and its price is Rs.29,900 inclusive of all taxes, on dyson.in.

7. IPhone and Android Photo Printer

We often think of printing the perfect photo we can capture through our cell phone, which is impossible if we are on the go. So we often wish if we can have something convenient to print a photo right after taking them. We also want it to be compact and easy to use and can transform the digital picture of a group photo or selfie into a hard copy picture. Most of the portable printers use 2 x 3 inch Zink paper, while some of them offer 4 x 5 inches large prints and few give some actual photo prints.

Lifeprint is a compact Bluetooth photo video printer for both iPhone and Android that allows the user to print and share their photos, all over the world with friends and families. It is one of the best ink printers, and it uses Augmented Reality to make the photos magically come to life - they call it ‘Hyperphoto’. You can print your saved snaps on Instagram, Facebook, GIFs, Memes, Live photos and many more. You have the opportunity to share your photos globally through the global printer network through their LifePrint app. It is so compact that it fits in your pocket and you can use this device during travel, concerts, parties or festivals. You can also have fun by customizing it with stickers, filters, memes and many other options.

The remarkable part of it that it requires no ink and just paper to print the picture. With that, you get the ‘sticky baked’ photos so that you can stick it anywhere to make it lively. It is waterproof, it has the USB connection, it requires a battery power source, and it can be connected with Bluetooth 2.1 and Bluetooth 4.0. The standby time is twenty-four hours approximately, and the charging time is one hour. The dimension of the device is length – 6.3 inch/ 16 cm, width – 4.5 inch/11.6 cm, depth 1 inch/ 2.54 cm, weight – 12 oz. / 341 g. the price for this device is approximately Rs.17,369 on thinkgizmo.in. It also comes with a 10 days replacement warranty.

8. Bluetooth Party Speaker

Source www.croma.com

No party with friends and family is complete without a trendy party speaker. Sony Bluetooth party speaker brings ultra-modern features which can lift your party fever to the highest point. It has 360-degree party live sound and light technology which will give you the ultimate festival experience. Everyone in the party can experience the same quality of music and atmosphere.

It has an angled speaker which directs sound over a full area and a gesture control DJ effect. It also has a drum along with Taiko mode. It combines the highest quality audio via NFC and Bluetooth technology. You can connect the extra speaker with wireless party chain via Wi-Fi. The price of this powerful party music system is Rs.49,990 on Croma.

Check Out These Trendy Portable Gadgets Too

Bluetooth Smart Watch

Source paytmmall.com

Smart watches have become a daily need, and have replaced the regular watches for many fitness freak people. Garmin GPS running watch covers you no matter what fitness level or activity is your preference. It saves, shares and plans your progress with others and beats all yesterday’s fitness gadgets.

Item Finder

We send a lot of time and effort in a day by searching for the essential things that we cannot find at a glance. There comes a unique Bluetooth item finder ‘Chipolo’ which looks cute but works wonderfully. It is designed to locate your belongings in no time. It supports Android and iOS. Just shake Chipolo and find your smartphone. It comes in nine vibrant colours and also a temperature sensor.

Mini Power Bank

Mini power banks are getting more attention nowadays, as the regular ones are heavy and take much effort to carry. Everyone wants a portable charger that takes less space, is lighter and has a fast charger on the go. The Power Core 5000 power bank is a mini gadget which is ultra-compact, with fast charging technology, and it supports iPhone, iPad, Android and more. It comes in a variety of colours.

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