Thank Her for Fasting for You By Ordering a Karwa Chauth Gift for Your Wife from Flipkart! 10 Affordable Yet Loving Gifts to Make Her Smile! (2019)

Thank Her for Fasting for You By Ordering a Karwa Chauth Gift for Your Wife from Flipkart! 10 Affordable Yet Loving Gifts to Make Her Smile! (2019)


Looking for last minute karwa chauth gifts for your wife? Ever thought about ordering online through Flipkart? If not you should probably go over there now. We have put together the best karwa chauth gifts for wife Flipkart has. Keep reading for inspiration; Who knows you might even unearth the perfect gift from our list.

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What Makes Shopping Special on Flipkart?

Today a number of e-commerce websites are available in India. Every website offers something unique and special to their users. However, if you are looking for the typical Indian e-commerce store to shop for the traditional Indian festivals, then Flipkart is the best option. If you are planning to shop for your wife for Karwa Chauth, then you ought to try Flipkart. There you will get numerous trendy and traditional Karwa Chauth gifts for your wife at affordable rates. If you are still not convinced about shopping from Flipkart, then these three reasons will encourage you to shop from Flipkart.

Cash on Delivery

Most of the Indian shoppers are still traditional and don't like to use a credit card or debit card to shop. They prefer the old method of hard cash to shop online. That’s why Flipkart gives the option of cash on delivery where payment will be collected from the buyer on the delivery of the product. So, if you are planning to buy Karwa Chauth gift for your beloved wife, order your gift from Flipkart and pay for your purchase once it’s delivered to you. This way the buyer always has upper hand and can even cancel the order anytime and Flipkart won’t charge anything from them.

Flipkart Plus Advantage

If you frequently shop online, then Flipkart Plus is going to be a great plan for you. You can save your money in form of Plus coins and shop using these coins. Flipkart also offers numerous cashback and discounts advantage to the users of Flipkart Plus. If you shop more on Flipkart, then you will get more benefits and rewards on your next purchase. Now, festivals are always on the way and you are bound to buy gifts often. So by using Flipkart plus you can save lots of money on shopping and that’s without paying any annual fees. So, Flipkart keeps both you and your wife happy.

Reliable Brands

Whenever we shop online, the reliability of the product is always under speculation. However, if you shop from Flipkart, then you have to worry less as Flipkart itself is a trusted brand, moreover, all the products sold on the website are from reliable brands. To make things even safer, choose products that are Flipkart assured. So, you can peacefully shop from Flipkart for Karwa Chauth gifts.

Gift Categories to Explore for the Best Karwa Chauth Gifts


Now that you have finalized where you are going to buy amazing Karwa Chauth gifts for your wife from, the question is what to buy for a wife for Karwa Chauth? Feeling clueless and have no idea what to shop for your wife? The basic rule to make your wife happy with a gift on Karwa Chauth is to observe the likes and dislikes of your lady. To make things easier for you here are few chosen suggestions from various gifting categories on Flipkart.


Ladies also enjoy their electronic gadgets just like the men. However, the choice might be a bit different when it comes to electronic products. So, when you are searching for electronic karwa chauth gifts for your wife, there are plenty of unique and useful gift options available on Flipkart. Electronic gifts for wife can be like latest cloth iron, hair straighteners, hair curlers, food processors, mixers, microwave, etc. So, if your wife needs a new gadget for her kitchen or for her makeup vanity, then buy karwa chauth gift for her from Flipkart electronics category.


You would never go wrong with the buying cosmetics as Karwa Chauth gifts. That’s because a lady can never have enough cosmetics. She always wants more and more when it comes to cosmetics. Especially, when a big brand like Flipkart offers lucrative deals on top cosmetic brands. There are plenty of different cosmetic gift hampers available on the Flipkart to try. But, if you have never bought cosmetics before, buy simple cosmetic gift items for your wives like lipsticks or nail paints. The reason is, to buy other cosmetics like toner or cream, you need to have specific knowledge of your wife’s skin type.

Home Decor

If your wife likes to decorate your home with different pieces and is always looking for something new to add to your home, then it's better that you order something from the home décor section for her. In the home décor section, there are various Karwa Chauth gift items present which will make your wife happy such as showpieces, painting wall hangings etc. Other home décor gift options available are crockery, bed sheets, curtains, etc.,

The Best Karwa Chauth Gifts on Flipkart

As we have already shared which site is best to order Karwa Chauth gift and which gifting categories are the best to explore, so now it’s time to look for some gifting options. Well! There are various Karwa Chauth special gifts available on the Flipkart store to make your wife feel special and happy. If you want an idea about the best Karwa Chauth gifts on Flipkart, then you can explore the following options:

BOXO Perfect Karwa Chauth Gift for Wife

If your wife likes to apply makeup, then she would be delighted to receive this karwa chauth BOXO Gift Hamper. In this hamper, you get a heart shape pearl compact mirror which is beautifully crafted in vintage style. This is a palm-size compact mirror with two different mirrors to apply makeup on the go. Your wife can keep this compact mirror in her bag to fix her appearance any time and the hamper also includes a cute hair comb which will help your wife to tame her wild hairs. This perfect Karwa Chauth gift hamper is offered by Flipkart for only Rs. 368.

Best Wife Trophy

All wives deserve some pampering and appreciation from time to time. So, why not organize a personal and intimate award function ceremony for your wife on Karwa Chauth and present her the Best Wife Trophy. This corny and sweet action will melt your wife’s heart for sure. You can order this best Wife trophy from Flipkart for only Rs. 499 and organize the honour ceremony for your wife on Karwa Chauth. You can also order some fresh flowers and a cake to cut as well. This type of Karwa Chauth celebration will make your wife love you even more.

1st Karwa Chauth Mug

If this is your wife’s first Karwa Chauth, then it needs to be celebrated in a grand way and you should try everything to make it memorable. Start with something small and get the Sky Trends Coffee 1st Karwa Chauth Mug for your wife to mark the occasion. Your wife can always keep this mug as the memento of her 1st Karwa Chauth memory. She will always remember her first fast after marriage through this small mug. This mug is available on Flipkart for only Rs. 58.

Blue Heaven Makeup Gift Set

Impress your wife and steal a kiss from your wife on receiving this Blue Heaven Makeup Gift Set. This gift set will make your wife’s day happy as it includes one panstick, one artist compact, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, kajal, sparkle liner, mascara, and one fashion liner. This kit includes all the vital cosmetic items that your wife requires to doll up. Your wife can use this stuff to get ready for the Karwa Chauth celebration also. And, you can order this beauty combo from Flipkart for Rs. 714.

Ramble Nail Polish Combo Set

If you are a fan of your wife’s beautiful long nails and soft hands, then gift her the Ramble Nail Polish Combo on Karwa Chauth. Your wife can keep her fingertips bright with the ten nail polish shades available in this combo. This pack has different fun and stylish hues which can match your wife’s dresses. Your wife can apply new nail paint daily to match her attire and swoon you a little bit. These long-lasting nail enamels are quick to dry and are also gentle on your nails. This combo is available on Flipkart and the very affordable price of Rs. 287.

Portable Makeup Brush Set

Do you know how many different makeup tools your wife needs to look all beautiful? No! Then get the India Shop’s Portable Makeup Brush Set which contains a NewveZ manicure 18 in 1 plus with an Eyebrow Trimmer. This kit contains all the different tools which your wife requires to pamper her hands with a good manicure. Your wife can use this kit to keep her hands clean and infection free as she has to do lots of house chores with her soft hands. From Flipkart, you can get this kit for your wife on Karwa Chauth for Rs. 349.

Artesia Live Laugh Love Wooden Wall Shelf

You can gift this Artesia Live Laugh and Love Wooden Wall Shelf to your wife on karwa chauth. Your wife can hang these three wooden black shelves in your living room to showcase different décor items. These shelves are designed from the fine and easy to maintain material. Your wife will be very pleased to receive this gift on karwa chauth as the shelves are very elegant and give room to display other home décor items. These shelves can be ordered from Flipkart for the very cheap price of Rs. 782.

Modern Art Painting

If your wife loves Modern Art Paintings, then this painting will definitely become her favourite. She can hang this Modern Art Large glass wall painting In your bedroom to enhance the decor. The dimensions of this beautiful painting are 14 x 20ft. This wooden frame painting would be perfect Karwa Chauth gift for your art-loving wife. Moreover, this is a very inexpensive painting which you can just get it from Flipkart for Rs. 420.

Hair Straightener

If your wife loves to spend time and money at the salon to style and straighten her hair, get her this Philips Hair Straightener. Your wife can style her hair in different styles at 210 degree Celsius temperature. The infused ceramic plates will save your wife from a trip of salon and also save your money. So, gift this Philips hair straightener to your wife and let her try different hairstyles. This hair straightener is available on Flipkart for Rs. 1,110.

Electronic Cooker And Fryer

Do you love your wife’s cooking? If yes, then get her this stunning Kent Deep Fryer. Your wife can cook anything to satisfy your whole family’s taste buds with this Kent Curry Cooker and Fryer. It features a ceramic non-stick coating and an impressive cook-and-serve design to improve the culinary experience. Your wife can definitely cook a lot more delicious dishes now. On Karwa Chauth get your wife this impressive cooking gadget for ₹2699 from Flipkart and enjoy some delicious food all year.

Shop Affordable Karwa Chauth Gifts from Flipkart

Karwa Chauth is a very emotional and sentimental occasion. It is the festival of showing love and appreciation to your wife who has been fasting for your long life all day. So, if your economic resources are low, then this doesn’t mean that you can't buy a good Karwa Chauth gift for your wife. Flipkart knows the value of your sentiments that’s why they offer the beautiful and meaningful Karwa Chauth gifts at a very low price. So, it doesn’t matter that you have less money, you can still order a stunning gift for your wife from Flipkart. To make your wife happy on Karwa Chauth, you just need your love and the blessings of affordable Karwa Chauth gifts.

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The Best Gift Ever! Your Time!

With karwa chauth being widely celebrated by married women, online stores are being flooded with gifts for the same. But no gift can be better than your time. Rather than leaving your wife to fast and spend the day alone, be with her and spend the day together. Better yet, you could also fast with her. Who knows, that probably would be the best gift you could ever give her! Your time!