This Karwa Chauth Give Something Meaningful to Your Saas as Well. 11 Wonderful Karwa Chauth Gifts for Mother-In-Law (2020)

This Karwa Chauth Give Something Meaningful to Your Saas as Well. 11 Wonderful Karwa Chauth Gifts for Mother-In-Law (2020)

Karwa Chauth, a significant festival for Hindu women who are married or are of marriageable age, is celebrated in northern parts of India. Your mother-in-law may be a big part of the day for you as she prepares your sargi. Even if she is not marking this day with you or lives elsewhere, remember her through a meaningful gift. This article focuses on the best gift to give to your mother-in-law to commemorate the day. Read on.

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Karwa Chauth - One of The Most Beautiful Indian Tradition

What Is It?

One of the most beautiful Indian traditions, Karwa Chauth, is a day of fasting observed by women in India, 4 days after Purnima or full moon in the month of Kartik. This tradition is followed by Punjabi women with great pomp and show, although, women of Haryana, Rajasthan and UP also celebrate this occasion in a slightly different way. On this day, married women fast from sunrise till moonrise. They eat only after performing some rituals on seeing the moon. This fast is done for the safety and long life of their husbands. Punjabis have a beautiful ritual associated with this tradition and that is the Sargi. It is a gift that mothers-in-law give to their daughters-in-law to pamper them. The daughter-in-law too gifts something special to her mother-in-law on this day. Husbands also shower their wives with expensive gifts on this day. Wives, participate in this ritual with lots of vigour and enthusiasm. They get all dolled up and gather somewhere to dance, enjoy and recite their prayers.


‘Karwa’ means an earthen pot and ‘chauth’ signifies the ‘fourth day’. The women fast on this day from sunrise till moonrise without eating or drinking. They believe that by doing so, the gods and goddesses will be happy with their sacrifice and shower blessings, long life and health to their husbands. There are many legends and tales describing the origin of this tradition. A famous Mahabharata story states that when Savitri fought with the God of Death, Yama, for her husband’s soul, she won and got her husband back to life. Similarly, another famous story from the same epic describes when Draupadi had fasted for Arjun’s safety while he was serving penance somewhere in the mountains. Her fasting and prayers had been answered and he returned safely to his wife and family.

Historically, Karwa Chauth was celebrated as an offering or prayer for the long life of soldiers who went for war. This tradition has continued and today, married women observe this fast for the long and healthy life of their husbands.

Thanks to digital media, the festival has been portrayed beautifully in various Indian films and teleserials, giving it an endearing and romantic demeanour. To make this event more special, many husbands have also started observing this fast today, to stand in solidarity with their wives.

Traditions in Different States of India

Karwa Chauth is celebrated in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. In Andhra Pradesh, Karwa Chauth is celebrated as Atla Tadde.

Atla Tadde is the Telugu equivalent of Karwa Chauth in Andhra Pradesh. Telugu women fast on the 3rd day after Purnima for the healthy and long life of their husbands.

Rajasthai women believe that on following this ritual, they will not only be blessed with a healthy and long life for their husband but will also be blessed with the same husband for their next seven births.

The rituals differ in every state with Punjabi women celebrating it with the maximum merriment, enthusiasm and vigour. It is one of their biggest festivals and their men too take part in the festivities by showering and pampering their wives with gifts on this day. The women start their day with sargi, which is a meal prepared for them by their mothers-in-law. This meal consists of some dry fruits, sweets and other similar items. The ladies have their sargi before beginning their fast at sunrise. Punjabi women gather in the evening to collectively do a pooja. They recite their prayers and pass on a Thali with a lit diya, some sweets and cosmetics. They look at their husbands through a sieve once the moon appears after which, their husbands give them some water and sweets to break their fast. They all have a full meal once the ritual is over.

Why Should You Gift Something Meaningful To Your Mother-in-Law on Karwa Chauth?

Most Indian women live with their mothers-in-law in India. Although the relationship between a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law is quite infamous and known for being bittersweet, traditions like these, make these women, forget all their differences and celebrate this day of bonding and love, together with great merriment. A mother-in-law takes the place of a woman’s mother after marriage.

The bond between these two should be of love and respect. In Indian traditions, a mother-in-law is respected and loved because it is she who has nurtured and cared for her sons until their daughters-in-law come into their lives. On this special day, as the mother-in-law pampers her daughter-in-law with a sargi before she begins her fast, the daughter-in-law also gifts her something meaningful to portray how thankful she is for being a part of their lives. Gifts given on such special occasions are very powerful when it comes to conveying your emotions. A meaningful gift given to a mother-in-law on Karwa Chauth strengthens the bond at home and brings about a harmonious aura.

11 Lovely Ideas for Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Saas

We have selected some beautiful gifts you can choose for your mother-in-law for Karwa Chauth. If she has been pampering you with a fulfilling Sargi meal before sunrise, you need to thank her for all her efforts and care with something special too. The first 5 gifts are different assortments of Sargis you can buy online. The other 5 gift options are something grander, if you want to gift your dearest mom-in-law something more than a Sargi hamper. You can even merge two gifts and surprise your mom-in-law with your generosity.

#Idea 1 - Sargi Gift of Yellow Roses

Keep it simple and sweet with this sunny yellow bouquet of roses for your endearing mother-in-law. Priced at Rs. 749 from, this opulent floral arrangement contains 20 yellow roses arranged neatly in a basket. A traditional way of spreading friendship and goodwill, this bouquet will light up your mother-in-law's mood. Known for their on-time delivery, this website might deliver your bouquet early in the morning on request. The roses are fragrant and blooming and you can display it in your mom-in-law’s room or dining table to bring a pop of colour to your interiors. This bouquet is a lovely way to wish her many more happy Karwa Chauths.

#Idea 2 - Sargi Gift of Delicious Dry Fruits

Want to free your mom-in-law from the task of preparing Sargi early in the morning? Call for this tempting combination of karwa, sweets, dry fruits, namkeens and Matthis, making it the perfect gift for Karwa Chauth. The sweets are fresh and drool-worthy. The dry fruits are crunchy and of high quality. This hamper contains a brass vessel also known as the ‘Karwa’ for your pooja purpose. The almonds and cashews are packed in 100 gm packs. Badaam Lachha and sweet Matthis are packed in 200 and 250gm packs respectively. The delicious Kaju Barfi is packed in a 250gm pack.

#Idea 3 - Sargi Gift of Pooja Thali and A Box of Rasagulla


Another wonderful Sargi gift for your dearest mom-in-law could be this pretty pooja thali and a box of delicious rasagullas. You can add more sparkle and excitement to your festival by ordering this sargi hamper online which is a perfect combo of elegance and sweetness rolled into one. The pretty Karwa Chauth Thali is decorated in an alluring pink colour with stones and pearl work. This thali will surely turn heads when you rotate it around with your friends while reciting your prayers. You also get a similarly decorated puja sieve for your rituals. The box of haldiram’s Rasagulla will satisfy your sugar cravings perfectly. Get this hamper from for Rs. 1699.

#Idea 4 - Sargi Gift of Saree, Necklace and Mithai


Want to appreciate the efforts of your mom-in-law who always pampers and spoils you? Get a lovely sargi hamper for your mom-in-law to convey your gratitude in the most delightful way. This lovely hamper contains an elegant green leheriya saree with a beautiful matching necklace set. The necklace and earrings are decorated with kundan stones. Also, a festival without Indian sweets is incomplete. This hamper also has a delicious box of doda barfi. Priced at Rs. 1980 from, this gift will surely make your mom-in-law’s day special.

#Idea 5 - Sargi Gift of Karwa Chauth Thali and Chocolates

Is your mom-in-law not fond of Indian sweets? Gift her some delicious Cadbury chocolates this Karwa Chauth in your special gift hamper from Priced at Rs. 3070, this hamper contains 4 units of Cadbury silk chocolates along with a pretty and decorated puja thali and sieve. The thali is 10 inches in diameter and is decked up with a Ganesha idol, zari work, bandhani cloth and embellishments. The sieve is decorated in a similar style to match the thali. You also get a terracotta karwa with a lid.

#Idea 6 - Movie Date

While the morning and evening can be really special on Karwa Chauth day, it is the long day time which is very difficult to pass. Why not take your mother-in-law on a movie date? Book tickets on beforehand for a movie you know she might enjoy watching with you. Have fun on this day and easily kill three hours. Surprise your mom-in-law with your movie date plan and this could also be the beginning of a very special bond between both of you!

#Idea 7 - Pampering Massage and Facial

Women generally indulge in grooming on Karwa Chauth day, not only to look beautiful for their husbands at night during the festivities, but also to kill time. A woman can spend hours getting her waxing, pedicure, manicure, facial and hair treatment done. This Karwa Chauth, book a twin facial and waxing session for both of you at home from Have professional women come home and give you a makeover at your convenience. This is a great idea to have some up close and personal moments with your mother-in-law and also to kill time while hungry and thirsty.

#Idea 8 - Traditional Necklace Set

If you really have a good budget, then nothing would be better than a traditional necklace set for your mom-in-law on this day. brings you some stunning gold and diamond jewellery with 100% authentication certificate. You can now buy jewellery online easily from here. We have selected this gold and pearl necklace for your mom-in-law, priced at Rs. 15,067. The gold purity is 22kt and it comes with a BIS hallmark 916 certificate. This heavy necklace will look stunning with heavy ethnic sarees and kurtis. The site gives a 100% refund guarantee if the product is returned within 14 days of purchase.

#Idea 9 - Ethnic Saree

Sarees are always an ideal gift especially when you are buying for someone older. This Karwa Chauth, gift your mother-in-law, this stunning ethnic saree from Priced at Rs. 3271, this pink banarasi saree comes with an unstitched blouse. It is a banarasi cotton silk fabric in a luscious pink shade with pretty gold motifs all over. These zari motifs are heavier on the pallu and border of the saree. You can also get the blouse stitched in standard measurements on the website. If you want to customize your blouse according to your measurements, you will have to pay a little extra.

#Idea 10 - Designer Bag


Bring an excited smile on your mom-in-law’s face by gifting her this stunning designer bag from Priced at Rs. 16941, this original Coach bag features a signature print in elegant pink. It comes with a zip closure and a fabric lining inside. A stunning addition to her wardrobe, she will drool over this lovely bag for sure.

Choose from any of the above-mentioned gifts for Karwa Chauth this year and ensure that you make your mom-in-law’s festival as special as she makes yours every year. The festival is all about spreading happiness and good wishes all around and there is no better way to do it than by exchanging gifts!

Idea #11: An Elegant Analogue Watch or a Smartwatch

If your mother in law loves wearing watches then consider gifting her an elegant watch piece. This Mother of Pearl Dial Watch for Rs. 12, 995 from Titan is a classic option that is sure delight her. The higlight of the watch are the two shimmering Swarovski Baguette cut crystals set inside along with several tiny Swarovski crystals.

If she is someone who is active, then consider instead a smartwatch or an activity tracker. This is another unconventional yet practical gift option you can consider.

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Best Karwa Chauth gift ideas indeed!

There you have it, tested and trusted ideas to seal the festival of Karwa Chauth for your mother-in-law. The movie date and the pampering massage and facials are very thoughtful ideas indeed. Choose any of the two and seal it up with any of the gift ideas presented, and you'll completely make your mother-in-law's Karwa Chauth Celebration the bomb.