Do Something Out of the Box This Karwa Chauth + 10 Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Wife That You Can Give to the Queen of Your Heart (2019)

Do Something Out of the Box This Karwa Chauth + 10 Karwa Chauth Gifts for Your Wife That You Can Give to the Queen of Your Heart (2019)


Karwa Chauth is a special day for married men and women. Women (and, some men as well) keep a fast for their partners, they pray for the long life of their partner and for eternal companionship with them. In return, the partners shower them with gifts to show their gratitude and love. Usually, the Karwa Chauth gifts consist of conventional things like clothes, jewelry, and gadgets. We say, do something different this year. Surprise your wife with one of these awesome Karwa Chauth gift ideas.

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The Significance of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a popular and significant festival celebrated primarily by the married women in North India. This festival is also called Karak Chauth or Karak Chaturthi. The festival celebrates marital love with enthusiasm and, perhaps, will power, as it entails married women keeping a day-long fast for the well-being of their husbands.

What is Sargi?


All the mothers-in-law prepare a sargi with love to bless their daughters-in-law for a happy marriage. A sargi is a traditional meal consumed pre-dawn. The tradition originated in the North Indian states of Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Haryana, but has spread all across the world where people celebrate Karwa Chauth. Women intending to observe the Karwa Chauth fast wake up before sunrise and eat a meal comprising savouries and sweets in order to fuel some energy before they embark upon a day-long fast.

What Goes into the Sargi?

The meal is supposed to comprise of nutritious and calorie-dense foods so as to energize the body as observing the fast implies non-consumption of any foods or even water. The sargi also includes gifts from the mother-in-law, such as traditional clothes and jewelry and/or cash gifts. So, a typical sargi will include dry fruits, fresh fruits, sweets and savouries, and some apparel such as a heavy dupatta or a saree, and ornaments.

Well, as you know, fruits are rich and fibre and have high water content and it helps in maintaining the no water and food fast. Dry fruits are loaded with numerous nutrients and provide abundant energy to stay active. In Indian customs, sweets are considered as auspicious and it keeps one happy and high on positive spirit. Talk about an Indian festive celebration without sweets!

Karwa Chauth Gift Suggestions for Your Dear Wife

Karwa Chauth is celebrated to share the special bond of marriage and to seek divine blessings for a continued and glorious married filled ahead, a journey filled with an abundance of love and happiness. Treat your doting wife with a return gift to make her feel special; we have compiled some of the top romantic gift suggestions that you may consider as a Karwa Chauth special treat for your wife.

A Romantic Couple Spa

After a long day of fasting and preparing for the celebrations of Karwa Chauth, your wife definitely needs some love and pampering. To make her feel special, book her a spa session for the following day to keep her feeling rejuvenated. A little bit of indulgence is always appreciated!

A Sumptuous Meal

Whether or not your wife enjoys cooking food for you and the family, she will definitely love a sumptuous meal that allows her to spend quality time with you. On Karwa Chauth, make her feel loved and cared for by, for a change, cooking her favourite dishes. You don't need to be a pro at cooking; get some help from your family or friends (or better even, YouTube tutorials) and attempt to make a quick meal that the two of you can enjoy together post the fast. Kill her hunger pangs with a sumptuous meal followed by a yummy and delicious dessert. Remember to set up the ambience to up the romantic beat! This is going to be an overwhelming surprise that she will cherish for years.

A Quick Getaway

Plan for a quick getaway if Karwa Chauth falls around the weekend. Make prior reservations at a destination you both would like to go, and rekindle your love as you create amazing memories with each other. If you stay with your family, ask them to join, or make this a mini honeymoon trip if you would rather enjoy some quiet time alone!

12 Best Karwa Chauth Gifts to Wife

After reading the essence of Karwa Chauth and romantic gift suggestions, we share with you some of the best and most unique gift ideas for Karwa Chauth. This is a list of gifts that your wife will love to receive and will be very impressed by your thoughts and considerations! If you're short on time, we have some helpful suggestions for you, too!

Basket Of Chocolates

Our life is like a box of assorted chocolates; we all go through some bitter moments like dark chocolate and a bunch of happy moments like the sweetly flavoured chocolates. Chocolate indeed is one of the best foods that can help you stay happy and kick you out of the sad zone!

Almost all women love chocolates, and if your beloved wife has kept a day-long fast for your well-being, do your best to not disappoint her in any way. Order this basket of purple chocolates from Archies. This basket has 5 pieces of handmade chocolates, weighing 45 grams. Pick this basket instead of a mithai box for a change. This stylish designer basket is priced at Rs.199.

Nyassa Assorted Bath Kit


Every woman strives hard to maintain the right balance between family, work, and other things. She deserves the best care and attention from you to keep her a strong and healthy. She might not even think of pampering herself over fulfilling the needs of the family.

Here is the best chance to be a caring husband by gifting her bath and body products so that she looks fresh and beautiful throughout, check out the Nyasaa Assorted Bath Kit available on Nykaa. This kit contains a 30 ml hibiscus shampoo, a 30 ml hibiscus conditioner, a 30 ml Moroccan rose shower gel, a 25 gm under-the-ocean handmade soap, a 25 gm Moroccan rose handmade soap, and a 25 gm temple mogra handmade soap. This kit will surely keep her body refreshing throughout the day. Purchase this kit for Rs.750.

Multi-Coloured, Rosegold Plated Bracelet

A woman will have numerous accessories, clothes but will always run out of them before an occasion. Make this Karwa Chauth special and memorable by gifting her a piece of jewellery. Check out the rose gold-plated multi-coloured bracelet at Swarovski. This contemporary bracelet design has dual chain silhouette anchors and a mix of full-cut crystals in a variety of shapes and colours. The highlight to this bracelet is the light pink-hearted shape in the centre that makes the bracelet looks mesmerising. This bracelet can be paired on Indian as well as on western clothing that will give your wife a modern look. This 11 x 24 cm bracelet is priced at Rs.7,690.

Karwa Chauth Puja Thali Set

The most essential item required to complete the Karwa Chauth puja is a well-decorated thali set. Instead of going to the market and having the troubles of decorating the plate, check out the attractive thali set on Flower Aura. The thali set is embellished in red colour and has intricate designs in blue and green along with gorgeous danglers. For a special moment purchase an attractive thali set that includes a channi (steel sieve) and lotta (steel tumbler) each and is priced at Rs.999.

Cuddly Love Cushion

Keep your romantic spirits on the highest note on Karwa Chauth to express your undefinable love to her, thank her for everything and for the fast she has kept only for your well-being and long life. Romanticise the mood with a personalised red cushion as Karwa Chauth gift to wife. Check out such a cushion at Flower Aura. This cushion is square one with a photo in the centre. Send your best couple photo for an amazing cushion. This cushion will get a broad smile on her face as well as brighten up your room's look. The velvet texture gives the pillow an elegant look. This 15 x 15 cushion is priced at Rs.449.

Embroidered Taffeta Silk Gown in Teal Green

It is obvious that om Karwa Chauth every woman fasting wears new clothes mostly in red. You can give her a dress or saree as a pre-Karwa Chauth gift so that she can don your gift in style. Check out the teal green silk gown at Utsav Fashion. This gown has a round neck and batwing sleeves. It is of length 54 inches and has gorgeous zari and stonework on the gown. Long gowns have been in trend for quite some time now and as a gift, it will be unique from a dress or a saree. This embroidered gown is priced at Rs.4.976.

Personalised Snow Globe

Snow globes always have a magical touch to them when they are either gifted by someone or placed in the showcase. The dream showpiece can make one's day special. Check out the snow globe available at This is a customisable snow globe made of plastic and water. You can customise it with your picture and the snow will dance all around your picture inside the globe. This makes it a two-in-one gift: a snow globe as well as a unique photo frame. The size of the globe is 3 inches diameter and it is priced at Rs. 699. The images inside the lobe can be changed.

Photo Wallet for Women

Women love wallets and it is a utility gift as well. These days almost everything is customisable and here is another one- a photo wallet. As a Karwa Chauth gift to wife, consider a photo wallet. It is available on Giveter and it is priced at Rs.699. The wallet is made of Faux and has a button to close. Upload the best picture of your dearest wife and surprise her with the gift. She will surely love this unique gift and boast about it. The design around the picture remains same.

Vega Pure Bliss Hair Dryer

If you are still bewildered thinking about the Karwa Chauth gift to wife, electronic items, jewellery, makeup... etc. How about a hair dryer? It is an amazing gift idea if she does not have one or the one she has, is an old one. The Vega hairdryer available on Giveter is the one that every woman wants for a diva like look even on bad hair days. If she is always is messy with wet hair and is running late for work, this hair dryer will do wonders for her. It has two heat settings because not everyone has the same density and hair length. There are two moods- high and low. In case the hair dryer has been excessively used, it has an automatic cut-off feature that shuts the appliance off. It also comes with a coil cord and a powerful airflow that allow free movement and safety. This hair dryer is priced at Rs.1,099.

Growing Old Together

A photo frame is a very common gift idea but you can always make it unique by adding a personal touch to it. Check out the growing old together gift at Oye Happy. This frame's special feature is that it will show your dearest wife a peek into the future with the help of a graph. The graph shows how you both will be in the next 50 years. It is easy, you just have to answer a bunch of questions about your loved one, and then once it is analysed you can check it and on your confirmation, the gift will be in progress. The size of the frame is 16 x 5 inches and it is teal green in colour. This future predictive photo frame is priced at Rs.1,240.

Check And Mate

Isn't it mandatory to keep experimenting naughty and romantic things to keep the relationship going smooth? Here is a fun game as a Karwa Chauth gift to wife. The check and mate gift available at Oye Happy is one like snakes and ladders but with a twist. The rule is, whoever wins the game is the master for the day/night and your partner will have to do anything and everything the master says. There is a booklet called the '50 Shades of Gray’, the winner gets to tick, and 5 tasks from the book and your partner will enjoy these sensual and romantic tasks. Few of the tasks include a belly dance, put a collar around the loser’s neck, and be the slave for some time, and a few more naughty games. Whenever alone play this game to keep the spirits high. This naughty game is priced at Rs.1,370.

Calvin Klein Eternity Now Women, 100 ml


Still, don't know what to give your wife? You can never go wrong with a perfume, one of the simplest gifts but choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Investing in an unliked fragrance makes no sense as well as is disappointing. The Calvin Klein Eternity Now For Women is a tantalising perfume. This perfume is infused with modernity, youthfulness, raw emotion, and authenticity. It will create an irresistible attraction around her and will keep her smelling fresh throughout the day. The sleek lines and the sweeping curves on the transparent glass bottle give the dynamic silhouettes a luxurious look. This Calvin Klein perfume on Amazon is priced at Rs.4,013.

Celebrate with Her

Break the stereotypical notion of only the women fasting for their well-being. If you believe in gender equality and equal power, this Karwa Chauth surprises your wife by joining her in the fast. Many husbands do this, so you have nothing to be afraid of. To keep up the surprise element and see the facial expression of love on your wife's place, tell her about your fast only after she breaks her fast. This will require some smart moves from your end, requiring you to plan your schedule in advance so that you can skip or avoid your regular meal times. This is going to be her best overwhelming and unpredictable gift for her. Go on, and celebrate your love with your better half!

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Show the Woman in Your Life That You Appreciate All That She Does for You

On this special occasion, wives expect more from their partners. Though genuine expression of love is beyond material gifts, tell her how much she means by doing little things for her. Surprise her with your own romantic style! To make it extra special grab flowers of her choice and customize an enchanting bouquet to please her on this special occasion. Trust me you are going to win her heart. You can also amaze your lady by going out with her on shopping as ladies find nothing to wear when it comes to celebrating an occasion. So, take her to the nearest shopping market a day before or help her buy some exquisite products via an online hub (if you are too lazy to go out).