Karwa Chauth Celebrates the Love Between Husband and Wife. Wondering How to Make it Special for Her? Check Out These 10 Karwa Chauth Gift Hampers for Her!

Karwa Chauth Celebrates the Love Between Husband and Wife. Wondering How to Make it Special for Her? Check Out These 10 Karwa Chauth Gift Hampers for Her!

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On this day, a woman fasts for an entire day without even having a sip of water. They do not break the fast until they see the moon. These days, it is not just women who fast for their husbands, but the husband fasts as well. Now whether you are also breaking the norm and fasting or not, you can definitely do something to make the love of your life special on a day when she is staving for your prosperity and long life. Ahead of this most auspicious day, we share with you six gift ideas for your wife. This Karva Chauth gift your wife these romantic gifts.

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How a Karwa Chauth Hamper is a Multipurpose Gifting Idea

Give it to the Ladies After the Pooja

Karwa Chauth gift hamper can turn out to be really handy when you are looking for something to give over to the women coming for the Pooja. If you are inviting women to your home for the Pooja then it will be very rude to send them empty-handed. So, why not to make most of your Karwa Chauth hampers and spread happiness on this occasion.

And obviously, apart from the Pooja thali set, you can pick dry fruits or sweets as the hamper package to hand over to them.

Great Gift for Wife

You really need to do a lot of things for your wife when it comes to Karwa Chauth because she is going to remain hungry for the entire day just for your long life. And amongst all those things, you can include a Karwa Chauth gift hamper too.

Now, here is a quick tip for you. Instead of buying the pre-packed hampers, you can create a customised hamper on your own to woo your wife on this special day.

Make an Impression By Giving It to Your Mother in Law

Your mother in law is definitely as invested in this tradition as you are so why not to make it special for her as well? If you are planning a Karwa Chauth gift for mother in law then these hampers might come handy for you.

In fact, it will be quite a time saving for you to pick a hamper with cute little gifts inside rather than picking all these items separately. And of course, your mother in law is going to be quite impressed with you.

Top 10 Karwa Chauth Gift Hampers

Wooden Gift Cosmetic Box

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Our first pick here amongst the Karwa Chauth hampers is one of the most clichéd ones. It is basically a cosmetics item put together in a nice wooden box. So, the hamper includes items like Red Lakme Lipstick, Sindoor, Red Bindi, Bracelet and a Red Maybelline Nail Paint.

All these items are red in colour and clearly represents the auspiciousness of Karwa Chauth and the importance of red colour in a married woman’s life. All these items are beautifully put together in an orange-coloured box which is quite compact and nice. It is clearly the most suitable gift hamper for Karwa Chauth and it would be a great idea to give it to the women coming over to your home for the Pooja ritual. You can buy this beautiful cosmetic hamper from fnp.com for Rs. 1,899.

The Love Hamper

If you are looking for a cute little Karwa Chauth hamper for your wife then this one is going to be your final choice. It is a mini love hamper which is comprised of little things that your wife would love to receive for the occasion of Karwa Chauth.

It contains items like one greeting card, one gift box, a small chocolate box, two nail paints and one tag. The nail paints are available in red and brown color while the tag is quite cute too. Make sure to add something on your own in that greeting card to wish the Karwa Chauth to your wife. These items can be put together in a gift box which is available with the package itself. You can buy this love hamper from Archies Online for Rs. 799.

Karwa Chauth Sargi Hamper

Planning on making an impression on your mother in law? Well, you should ditch all the other karwa chauth gift hamper and lay your eyes on this special sargi hamper for her. It is consisted of all the important things required for the sargi which is a very important part of the Karwa Chauth ritual.

So, this hamper includes items like Karwa Chauth vrat katha book, soan papdi and desi ghee mathi. While the book will be helpful in reading out the katha at the time of Pooja, the rest of the items are consumed very early in the morning as per the sargi ritual. Usually, mother in law’s are the ones who give it to their daughter in law but you can also return the favor by buying one such hamper for her as well. Buy this nice sargi hamper from Gift a Love for Rs. 949.

The Wholesome Karwa Chauth Hamper

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There are various types of Karwa Chauth hampers available online but you are going to like this one if you want something big and more elaborated. This hamper is more suitable for the time after the Pooja because of the things it is comprised of.

The products you will find in this hamper are Soan Papdi, dry fruit pack, red bindi packet, sindoor, aloo bhujia and mehndi packet. Most of these things belong to the symbol of being a married woman in India and hence they connect well with the occasion of Karwa Chauth too. Talking about the rest of the items, then they can be used for the sargi purpose if you want. You can buy this wholesome Karwa Chauth hamper from winni.in for Rs.1,999.

Karwa Chauth Shringar Thali Hamper

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Our next pick is not exactly a hamper but it is more sort of a beautiful compilation of the amazing Karwa Chauth items online available. This is called Karwa Chauth Shringar Thali and it has some really good stuff put together. The importance of these items links straight to the symbol of being married in Hindu culture and hence these items are considered auspicious according to the occasion.

The stuff you will find in this shringar thali is Bindi packet, Mehndi, clutch, sindoor, red pouch, necklace and a pretty bangle. These items are packed nicely in a wooden gift basket and hence perfect for giving out as a gift. You can give out this shringar thali to the women in your locality to celebrate Karwa Chauth together. Buy this pretty hamper from igp.com for Rs. 750.

Karwa Chauth Beauty Hamper

Someone who is just crazy about beauty products, this beauty hamper would be a great gift for them on Karwa Chauth. It is comprised of some of the most loved makeup and beauty items that any woman would love to receive on the occasion of Karwa Chauth.

The items this hamper includes are Lakme Eyeconic kajal, Lakme sun expert fairness cream, Lakme enrich lip colour and Lakme Blush and glow face wash. So, basically, it’s a Lakme hamper comprising of their best products. The lip colour is classic red while their kajal is definitely one of the most loved product by women. It is going to be one amazing compilation for your wife for sure. And definitely, it lives up to the expectation of the occasion too. You can buy this beauty hamper for Karwa Chauth on Flower Aura for Rs. 1,799.

Karwa Chauth Spa Gift Hamper

The next one into our Karwa Chauth gift hampers compilation is a much-loved spa hamper. Never miss a chance to woo your wife or to care for her and this spa hamper on Karwa Chauth is a perfect way to show your concern and care towards her.

This spa hamper is the ultimate reason for the ladies to sit back and relax on this special day. And of course, they won't be having much to do so why not to give them a day to chill out? So, this one is a Khadi spa hamper comprising of all the Khadi products. These items are facing cleanser, massage oil, hair conditioner and various types of soaps like orange, neem, rose, lemon etc. There cannot be a better way to take a day off so grab this spa hamper for your lovely wife from Oye Gifts for Rs. 2,149.

The Basket Hamper

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You will not find a superb basket hamper like this for your wife on the occasion of Karwa Chauth elsewhere. The stunning basket is an amazing compilation of items like makeup products and chocolates packed together in a nice tray.

The items are listed as two nail paints in pink and red colour, one colossal kajal, Ferrero Rocher chocolate box (16 pieces), a pretty clutch bag and a tray on which everything is kept together. There is nothing to not like about this hamper and we personally believe that it would be perfectly suitable for your wife. It effortlessly captures the essence of Karwa Chauth by compiling makeup products and chocolates together. You can purchase this nice gift hamper on Karwa Chauth for Rs. 2,199.

Karwa Chauth Pooja Hamper

If you want to make an impression on the women in your locality or you want to woo your mother in law then you have to buy this very gorgeous thali set for Karwa Chauth. It is a special Pooja thali hamper which can either be gifted to your mom in law or to the women before the Pooja rituals.

This hamper includes a stunning pink thali, Karwa, Channi, and a Potli. What makes all of these things really special is the way they are decorated. Artificial flowers and beads are studded on these items and they all are covered in matching pink coloured fabric with gota work on it. Buy this beautiful Karwa Chauth Pooja hamper from Gift a Love for Rs. 1,299.

The Golden Surprise Hamper

Even a big surprise won’t be enough for your wife on this occasion but somehow these Karwa Chauth gift ideas make it up a little bit. Our last pick is a really special recommendation which is called the golden surprise hamper and it is highly suggested for your wife on her first Karwa Chauth.

This golden surprise hamper consists of only two things which are a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (24 pieces) and a very intricate and beautiful golden rose packed in a nice box. This is definitely one amazing and very beautiful hamper that your wife totally deserves for fasting an entire day just for your long life. All of these things are worth doing just to make her smile after a tiring day so make sure that you grab this hamper from Oye Gifts for Rs. 1,799.

Bonus Tips to Plan Karwa Chauth for Wife

Of course, Karwa Chauth gift hamper is a great idea but apparently, it is not going to be enough when it comes to your wife. Most importantly, if it’s the first Karwa Chauth of your wife then you really need to put a little more efforts to make things special for her. So, here are some bonus tips to help you out in this scenario.

Take Her Out for Dinner

This is the least you can do for her to make things a little different on Karwa Chauth. When she is done with all the rituals and completing her fast, you need to make sure that you book a table in a nice restaurant for her. To make things extra special, you can go for kindle light dinner along with living music and obviously everything of her choice.

Make Equal Contribution by Fasting for Her

Nothing is going to more romantic than fasting for her and supporting her in this. No gifts or dinner dates can surpass the fact that you are with her in whatever she is doing for you. And of course, if she is going to remain an empty stomach for the entire day then she deserves the same from you too. So, if you want her to know how much you love her then fast along with her on this Karwa Chauth.

Take the Day Off

Taking a day off from office won’t be a big deal when it comes to taking care of your hungry wife and that too on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. This is going to be a big competition with your colleagues to make sure that you apply for the leave days in advance.

Plan the entire day around her, make her happy and care for her as she does for you. Your time is the most precious gift you can give to her for Karwa Chauth.

Distract Her from Hunger All Day Long

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One tends to feel hungrier when they are doing nothing. So, it is your duty to distract her from her hunger for all day long. Take her out for the movie, do something exciting together and in this way, she will be busy for the entire day and hence it will be easier for her to manage her hunger on Karwa Chauth.

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Dear Men, Dress Up Well And Smell Good

If your wife remains without food until evening for your sake, then you too can do the same for her. Dress up well. Pick your best ethnic wear or colour-coordinate your attire with her’s. Wear a good perfume. You don’t need to buy a solitaire for her to make her happy. A bunch of flowers will do the needful. A passionate kiss on the forehead will speak volumes about your love for her. A tight teddy hug too will make her feel secure in your arms. Make a handmade gift for her or a greeting card. Make the most of your creative skills. In routine life, you may not find the time to express your feelings for her. Pen down your thoughts and read them out to her.