Make Him Go Gaga, Buy a Karwa Chauth Gift for Your Husband: Surprise and Amaze Him with Our 10 Amazing Gift Ideas (2019)

Make Him Go Gaga, Buy a Karwa Chauth Gift for Your Husband: Surprise and Amaze Him with Our 10 Amazing Gift Ideas (2019)

Bored with the traditional ways of celebrating Karwa Chauth? Here are some fresh takes on how to add some spice to the proceedings by making it an unforgettable experience. To make this day, even more special, we bring you a few gifting ideas you can choose from.

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Tips to Make Karwa Chauth Special for Both of You!

Spending D-day together

If you’re both at home on Karwa Chauth and plan to fast together, spend quality time with each other doing things you both like. From watching movies, to tuning in to your favorite music, reading your favorite books to playing an instrument, chatting away on different topics of interest or simply enjoying singing together, ensure your time together is no less special than the day you’re celebrating for each other. You can also go out for a long drive, take a stroll or see a play.

Get your old pictures out of hiding and revisit your old memories, the flashback will keep you both busy and lost in daydreaming till the moon arrives! Play games like on a console or a board game or pamper yourselves silly with a nice head massage taking turns, or giving each other a facial or even a DIY manicure to help you relax and feel fresh.

Customize the Festivities to Your Liking

Karwa Chauth isn’t just about fasting or performing rituals, it is also about expressing your love for each other by taking time out for one another, aside from office or household chores. From pampering yourself with some spa and beauty sessions, to getting ready in all your finery and breaking your fast, you can also make the festival special for your husband by including him in your activities and customizing them, so he feels comfortable and motivated to participate.

After starving for the entire day, you would be famished post all the rituals. Make it worth your while and to make your husband also feel special by planning a dinner date in advance. Whether you get food ordered in or go out, the idea is to break your fast with your hubby and enjoy some romantic time with each other, far from the chaos of family life. You can also do a flip over of cooking the mundane way by inviting your husband to take off from work and cook together with him a delectable spread of your favorite dishes for the night. This will make for some naughty & nice moments of love and romance for the two of you, not to forget the bliss of sharing responsibilities and festivities alike. Long after the festivities are over, make use of the quiet time at night and indulge in some romantic movie time.

Gifting a Unique Experience to Each Other

Tangible gifts are easy and common. Surprise your husband with the gift of an experience and promise each other to make it a ritual of sorts that you can invest in every couple of months for and with each other. Learn to dance, explore cooking different cuisines and baking, register for food tours, pick up the art of nurturing and evolving with the green skills of gardening, sign up for some indoor sports or adventure activities like skydiving, learning to fly, water surfing and more. A mix of classes, excursions or lessons in music, sporting activities, books, writing, etc., will do both of you a world of good, not to mention give you more time together and explore your potential and willingness to try new things.

10 Cute, Funny and Creative Gift Ideas to Impress Him on Karwa Chauth

Twin Hearts Basket Arrangement


Roses express love in an unspoken manner, hence it's only apt to present a beautiful arrangement of red roses shaped like 2 hearts to your husband for Karwa Chauth. This beautiful arrangement comes in a cane basket with 37 red roses organized like twin hearts, measuring 9” in diameter with some green fillers. Keep the arrangement lasting long with a daily mist of water and keeping it away from direct sunlight. When your husband has received the flowers, you can then just trim the stems to about 1-2” at a 45 degree angle & add water. This lovely Twin Hearts Basket is priced at Rs.1,649.

Home Office LapDesk


Karwa Chauth is celebrated to honor your husband’s life and wish for a healthy & strong one at that! With that thought in mind, gift him something that takes away some of his physical stress when he’s working at home. The Home Office Lapdesk, for laptops measuring 13”-17” in screen size is made of 600D polyester with reinforced stitching. Its unique and creative dual-bolster cushion can conform to his lap keeping him cool and comfortable when working. With a wide surface that includes device ledge, an integrated mouse pad and a phone slot measuring 5” x 0.75” the home office lapdesk allows for a flat and smooth surface keeping the ventilation passage for the laptop free. The home office lapdesk is priced at Rs.1,799.

Grooming Kit from Beardo


Skin problems are quite rampant these days owing to pollution and stress. Here’s a Grooming Kit for your handsome husband that he can use every day to battle dry and dull skin conditions, clogged pores, acne, pimple or wrinkles. A brilliant combination of activated charcoal face wash, charcoal body wash, charcoal peel off mask & the charcoal scrub will take care of his skin hygiene, removing all dirt, dust, oil and toxins, exfoliate and making his skin smooth & soft, adding a lovely glow, retaining his skin’s moisture and leaving him smelling fragrant long after he’s done using the kit. The Beardo Dirty Charcoal Combo is priced at Rs.999.

Unisex Storage Organizer

A storage organizer that tastefully protects, stores and organizes his finest cufflinks, watches, sunglasses and other small accessories, the Decorebay Storage Organizer is made of a fine black leatherette, finely stitched with a lining of red velvet. Measuring 10" x 3.75" x 7", the Decorebay’s unique design and craftsmanship is every bit convenient, portable and practical, which he can carry with him everywhere he travels. The Unisex Decorebay Storage Organizer is priced at Rs. 4,401 and is available in a variety of colours like brown, coffee, ebony, golden, java, black honey, seal brown, wenge, birdseye, crow, black, ice burl and love life.

Stealth Umbrella

If you hubby likes to enjoy a drink, but doesn’t want to spend exorbitantly on booze when out for the evening, at a concert or a party, here’s something that will make it easier to smuggle in his liquor! Disguised as a Stealth Umbrella, this container holds around 9 ounces of liquid with a screw on lid. Measuring 19 cm in length, 7 cm in width and 5 cm in diameter, the Stealth Umbrella is priced at Rs.1,452.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

A delight for coffee lovers, the Cold Brew Coffee Maker is an excellent gift for your husband on Karwa chauth. It simplifies the steeping and will help him carry his cold brew fresh off the maker in a carafe. All he needs to do is add some coarse grounds with a slow circular pour of cold filtered water in the top brew chamber and allow it to steep for about 12-18 hours at room temperature. Once done, he can just add his favorite milk, some ice and sweetener along with the leak-proof lid. The insulated flask made of steel keeps the coffee cold for 24 hours! Measuring 13" x 5" in diameter with a capacity to hold 32 oz liquid, the stainless steel coffee maker made with food-grade plastic and tritan plastic is priced at Rs.2,821.

Personalised LED Cushion


Made of satin and fur with a modern design, the personalized LED Cushion is a special way of warming your way to your husband’s heart. Styled in the form of a heart, measuring 14” x 14” with fillers, this personalized LED cushion can be customized by uploading a digital image of the two of you with a resolution of 300 dpi for optimum printing results, just before you place the order. The cushion is made in white satin and fur and looks angelic when switched off. With a battery inserted at the back, as you switch it on, the LED comes on, making the cushion glow in yellow light with your picture radiating your love, placed at the center of the cushion. This lovely couple personalized LED cushion is priced at Rs. 550.

Light Edge Clock

From bedtime to sunrise, this cute and compact light and alarm combo clock makes your hubby’s routine easy to manage! With the light side for reading, the clock can be flipped over to the clock side at bedtime, even though the light is so soft that it won’t disturb his sleep. If he wants to snooze, all he needs to do is just give it a shake, and a flip for turning the alarm off. The space-saving design and compact styling allows the Light Edge Clock to be his travel companion and it comes with a USB charging adapter as well. Made of polycarbonate and abs plastic, measuring 3.15" x 3.15" x 3.74" , the Light Edge Clock is priced at Rs.3,456.

Edible Gummy Shot Glasses

With 4 shot glasses in a pack, these perfectly usable shot glasses can be eaten long after his drink’s finished! Men usually prefer eating after they’ve had a drink or two. A perfect gift to aid his sudden hunger pang, these edible shot glasses are ideal for his favorite spirit shot and once he’s had his fill, he can take a bite of the gummy glass. Available in four different colors of yellow, blue, green and red, the Edible Gummy Shot Glasses measure 23 cm x 6 cm x 8 cm and come priced at Rs. 677.

Foot Sole Massager

Literally, a rock-n-roll reflexology set, this Foot Sole Massager will be music to your husband’s tired feet at the end of a long day. An effective tool that gives amazing release to stress and tensions in his body and a relaxing foot massage, the smooth soapstone balls can be used right after heating them for just a few minutes at home for instant relief. The massager can be used placing one ball at a time in the cork base and using it to massage the tender points of the soles of his feet while sitting. Whether you indulge him or he does it himself, this foot sole massager will knock him off his feet! Made of stone and cork, the foot sole massager measures 10” x 2” in cork and 1.5" in diameter in stone and is priced at Rs.2,680.

Bonus Tip: Renew Your Love Vows on Karwa Chauth

When you build a life together, the wedding glow vanishes soon after the honeymoon’s over and routine life sets in. There are moments when you both may feel completely disconnected from each other, that’s when it is time to tune your relationship back into place. Make the festivities of Karwa Chauth extra special by renewing your vows to each other!

  • Check In: It is good to keep a check every now and then to ensure you both are maintaining your promises to each other. With time, everything changes and people change too. When the going gets tough, make a note of what’s amiss and how you can improve on it. Come Karwa Chauth or your anniversary, revisit your list and the promises you made earlier to each other and fine tune it to help you evolve into a better relationship with each other.

  • Keeping the Love Alive: Starting with Karwa Chauth, you can get a hold of the promises you made to each other on your wedding and add some new vows to the list. Each night before you go to bed, take some time to look deeply into each other’s eyes and repeat the promises to one another. You can do this for a few days, weeks or every special occasion.

  • Wedding Reminders: This Karwachauth, get some of the best pictures from your wedding out, stick them on a beautiful paper, and print your vows and paste it next to the picture and frame it. Keep it on your bedsides and allow them to fill both your hearts with love.

  • Vows Expansion: Your wedding vows may have been brief and all mushy & romantic. Now years’ later after experiencing life and its challenges, your expectations and wishes about your relationship with each other may have changed. You may wish to add some new sentiments to the list of promises and repeat them to each other and keep them at a sacred place, as a symbol of the foundation of your married life.
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How to Make Karwa Chauth Special for Your Husband

This article enumerates some modern ways to celebrate Karwa Chauth with your better half that will make it an unforgettable experience for both of you. In case you're planning to make his day with a gift and is looking for ideas, you've come to the right place.