The Vibrancy of Karwa Chauth Has Started Spreading in the Markets(2019): Check Our Top 10 Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas for Husband to Woo Him All Over Again!

The Vibrancy of Karwa Chauth Has Started Spreading in the Markets(2019): Check Our Top 10 Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas for Husband to Woo Him All Over Again!

With Karwa Chauth already knocking hard on the calendar, I am sure you must have created and executed your personal shopping list. By now, you must have already bought a new designer saree, matching jewellery, and new footwear and Puja items. You must also have booked a full date with your beautician. But, have you wondered, how special your husband will feel if you present him a nice Karwa Chauth gift? Liked the idea? Why not, after all, he has been giving you so many lovely gifts on Karwa Chauth, all these years. Now it’s your turn to reciprocate. Here’s taking a look at some gifts that you can present to the king of your heart:

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The Importance of Karwa Chauth for Couples


Karwa Chauth is a Hindu festival that is celebrated where women fast and pray for a long life for their husbands. It is celebrated with great joy, and happiness and enthusiasm. Women go out of their way to do the best for their husband’s well-being and to bless them with a rich life. Not a single stone is left unturned when celebrating this specific festival. Families unite as one for this festival and married women break their fast together on the appearance of the shining moon. However, what most of us know about Karwa Chauth is what we see in Bollywood films.

A Time to Reaffirm Love And Commitment

Married women want what’s best for their husbands, and thus really go all out to make it good for them. They fast for a whole day to show their love for their husbands and really dedicate the day for them. This sign of love and commitment is surely not unnoticed by the husbands, who in turn make this festival extra special for their wives who are going hungry the entire day for their sake. The festival, therefore, is all about reaffirming love and commitment in marriages, and the in-laws are also included in this. If anything, this festival brings the entire family more together and helps everyone put aside their differences to celebrate the sacred bond between husbands and wives.

Praying for Each Other's Prosperity

There are rituals for this special festival and it is important that each ritual is followed, as they all have reasons for why they exist. There is Sargi which begins before the festival itself. All married women and brides-to-be go to their in-law's houses to get the traditional sargi which is prepared by the mother-in-law. This has is eaten in the morning of Karwa Chauth before they start the fast, and so it consists of healthy food rich enough to keep them the entire day.

Then there is Baya, which is a gift from a mother to her daughter-in-law given to her because she fasts for her son. It usually includes money, clothes, jewellery and so on as a thankfulness gift to the girl fasting. In the evening, women get together to break their fast and puja is held there. They have a narration of the traditional story of Karwa Chauth and then pray for the well-being of their husbands, and for marital bliss and harmony. When the moon rises in the sky, the women break their fast by saying a prayer under the moonlight and the husband feeding the wife the first morsel.

How Karwa Chauth Is Special for Husbands

Karwa Chauth's main focus is observing a rigorous fast by the wives for their husband’s good health and long life. It is super special for the husbands because they have the opportunity to be blessed by their wives, and in return, they have the chance to honour the fast and choice made by the wives. In today’s world, the current generation sees the festival as a way to honour marriage and celebrate the special bond that only married couples share with one another. It is a good opportunity for the couple to show each other how much they respect each other and express the love and commitment they have towards their significant other. This festival can easily be seen as a festival only for married women, but it is, in reality, a festival for both sides of the marriage as it makes the bond shared much stronger, and encourages more love and openness as well as helps them grow more thankful for each other.

Ways to Celebrate Karwa Chauth As a Couple

Keep Fast Together

Marriage is all about the coming together of two individuals who trust and respect each other. Solidarity and support for each other forms the basis of a nuptial relationship and there is no better way to show it then on Karwa Chauth. Both husband and wife can keep the fast together and pray for the long life of the other. It strengthens the bond of the relationship, and spending the day together for this cause makes it a cherished romantic occasion, and helps in rekindling the love and affection shared by the husband and wife. Doing this together will help both husband and wife to cherish each other’s sacrifice and the dinner shared after the fast is broken will be all the more delicious and enjoyable.

Spending Quality Time with Your Partner

The women in the 21st century are smart, well-educated and independent thinkers, and if they are still willing to fast for their husband, they do it because they love and care about their guy. The husband probably feels guilty about the sacrifice knowing that their wives are starving the whole day for their well-being, and so it can be a really good idea to avoid going through this alone. The couple can instead spend quality time together, take time off of work and spend the day together.

Create Your Own Karwa Chauth Ritual

It is important for a couple to celebrate Karwa Chauth the way they want to, by creating their own rituals for the day. Make your own rules with your husband that could turn into a family tradition for years to come. Enjoy a pre-Karwa Chauth party the night before, or go on a spa date with your husband. Or plan a romantic candle-light dinner with your husband. Celebrate this special festival exactly the way you want to. Or exchange sweet romantic gifts after breaking the dast. It is all about the couple and the marriage, make it your special festival and find a way to enjoy it your way!

Gift Options

Chic Pink Striped Tie Set

This is a pink and white colored tie with a striped pattern. It is made with polyester and is 156 cm in length. The tie-set includes a tie with matching cufflinks, a tie pin and a pocket square. Lend poise and charm to your husband's formal attire with this stylish tie with matching cufflinks and pocket square. This set is sure to make him look impressive and elegant when teamed with a smart shirt and trousers. You can buy it at Archies for Rs.1,499.

Photo Frame

This Amity Photo Frame is made of silver plated zinc alloy, and is of dimensions 22 x 15 cm. The frame can be used to showcase some of your most favorite memories into one unit and cherish it for life. Pick out a few photos and pop them into the frame before you pack this gift for your husband Buy it on Archies for 1,299. This cute frame is decorated with little hearts giving it a lovable look. It is a perfect gift to your husband on Karwa Chauth.

Golden Stardust Glitter Love Globe

Sparkle up husbands life with this golden stardust globe. Your precious one really deserves to be showered with some special glitter love, reminding them of the golden bond of love you share. This golden stardust globe is super cute and chic and can totally change the look of his room's décor. It is the perfect way to remind your husband how much you love him. Buy it for Rs. 499 on

Metallic Silver Sturdy Watch

Stylish silver never goes out of style. This fashionable Wrist Watch with a round dial and three subdials will be a great gift. The watch is classy and fashionable and can be paired with almost any kind of outfit. It is the perfect gift for your husband this Karwa Chauth and can be used as a reminder of this auspicious day for a long time.

Men's Essentials

This Gift contains all your husband needs. It is essential and will surely not go to waste. It contains one Nivea Men’s Deodorant, a Nivea Men’s After Shaving Lotion, a Nivea Men’s Face Wash and a Nivea Men’s Shaving Foam. Send chills down his spine with an electrifying combo he ever received. A perfect amalgamation of all his grooming essentials starting from deodorant, foam, shaving lotion and face wash here's an imperfectly perfect combo for your Mr Right. Place your order and send a thrilling combo ever! It costs only Rs. 1,575 and gives you your money’s worth!

Double the Love

The task of finding the perfect present for him can turn out to be quite cumbersome, so we’ve combined a smart wallet and belt in a Combo for you. It’s a thoughtful present for the office goers. Not just that. For your convenience, it comes in an equally smart packaging option as well. It costs only Rs. 1,920 and gives you your money’s worth!

Enticing Photo Frame

Karwa Chauth is a very special day when you are in a relationship. You have been really looking for a perfect Karwa Chauth special gift for the love of your life. When it comes to finding the best Karwa Chauth gift for your special one, you can’t go wrong with this elegant photo frame. You can personalize it and send in your photo as well. It is absolutely worth it to get a super nice picture of you and your spouse in your very own Photo Frame, costing only Rs. 999.

Together Always Tile

Love is a great feeling. You feel it, live it and share it. And with years gone by, you celebrate it with every second. This Personalised Tile can help you garner love and appreciation as soon as your loved one unwraps it. In addition as a gift for your husband on Karwa Chauth, you can present it to your parents, a beloved couple you know or anyone who is in love. It costs Rs. 499.

Perfect Love Definition

After years of marriage, your love for your partner is going ever strong. This Combo is the perfect definition of your ever-growing and everlasting love. It consists of - 1 Coffee Mug consisting of 'You Still Take My Breath Away' - 1 Cadbury Temptation - 1 Parker Pen, costing only Rs. 999.

Couple Photo Frame Silver

Crafted with utmost creativity, this Personalised Table Top is a beautiful way of strengthening your bond with your beloved. Gift your partner this beautiful keepsake on Karwa Chauth or on Valentine's Day and infuse love in your relationship. It costs only Rs. 399.

Bonus: Watch the Moon Together from a Special Place

The moon of Karwa Chauth is the moon of Kartik and it is believed to be in the form of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha. The reason women who fast see the moon through a sieve is because women used to wear a goonghat as a mark of respect for the elders. Hence, the sieve covers the face of the women as a symbol of respect to the moon. Women usually break their fast going to the terrace or any place where they can see the moon.

It can be made so much more romantic if the couple can go to someplace special to watch the moonrise instead. It could be a typical romantic spot like the beach, the mountains, an opening in the woods, or instead a place that holds great significance to the couple and their marriage. Watching the moon from a special place on this special night can be the perfect romantic gesture for you and your husband this Karwa Chauth. Make new memories that you can cherish for the years to come.

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Treasure Your Love with Personalised Gifts

Karwa Chauth is a traditional Hindu festival where women fast for their husband's longevity. This festival is the celebration of a sacred bond that husband and wife share with each other. Nurture this love by always being by the side of your better half and adding happiness to their life with your tiny sweet gestures.

When it is the festival of Karwa Chauth, no other gift can be as romantic as the personalised gifts. You can customise a mug or a poster with a sweet and romantic picture of both of you. You can also emboss lovely and romantic messages on them and gift your special one on this special day. A personalised voice greeting card is a revolutionary gift item that allows you to record the wish or message in your own voice and send it across. You can record a beautiful romantic message for him on Karwa Chauth. He is going to treasure this card for a lifetime, without a doubt.