Send Some Love Your Family's Way Too: 10 Popular Karwa Chauth Gifts for Sister in Law in 2019

Send Some Love Your Family's Way Too: 10 Popular Karwa Chauth Gifts for Sister in Law in 2019

Karwa chauth has its own significance in Hinduism. Different rituals are followed on this special occasion but the underlying principle remains the same - honouring the precious bond of marriage. Learn a little more about where this tradition began and what it means and share the love by sending karwa chauth gifts to the women in your family, including your sister-in-law.

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The Meaning and Significance of Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a one-day festival celebrated by Hindu women, 4 days after Purnima (a full moon) in the month of Kartika. Dates vary according to the Gregorian calendar which is tabular and no longer based according to constellations. Karwa Chauth, like many Hindu festivals, is primarily based on the lunar calendar which accounts for all astronomical positions, specific positions of the moon which is used as a marker to calculate important dates.

The Origin of Karwa Chauth

The festival originated and came to be celebrated solely in the north-western section of India. On Karwa Chauth women, particularly in Northern India, who are married fast from break of day to moonrise for the security and sturdiness of their husbands.
It is traditionally celebrated in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and also in Atla Tadde in Andhra Pradesh. The festival falls on the fourth day after the full moon, in the Hindu lunar calendar month of Kartik. Historically, Karva Chauth was celebrated as a prayer for the long life of troopers in the war, and by way of extension, these days refers to the long existence of a married husband.

Rituals of Karwa Chauth

Like all other Hindu festivals, Karva Chauth is celebrated with fantastic joy, happiness, and enthusiasm. No stone is left untouched when it comes to celebrating this festival. Every family unites as one, on this day and girls break their fast together on the appearance of the shining moon. However, what most of us know about Karva Chauth, is through what we see in Bollywood films. The women fast for a day for the fitness and well-being of their husbands.

The gifting Tradition of Karwa Chauth

India is the land of festivities. It is the land where relationships are celebrated. For Karwa Chauth, Indian wives observe fast for the longevity and well-being of their husbands. While your woman is praying for your prosperity and longevity, show her some love with the specially-curated Karwa Chauth gifts. Usually, the Karwa Chauth gifts consist of conventional things like clothes, jewellery, and gadgets. We say, do something different this year. Surprise your wife with one of these awesome Karwa Chauth gift ideas. This year you should try something different and gift your wife lovely jewellery that will give a symbolic meaning as well. It's the best time to start Karwa Chauth gifts shopping. And if you are wondering as what to gift your wife this year on a festive day then here are some amazing suggestions. Have a look:


The Karwa Chauth rituals begin even before the actual day. It starts a day before when newly-married girls and brides-to-be receive the the traditional sargi from their in-laws’ house, lovingly put together by the mother-in-law. The sargi consists of food items that a woman should eat in the morning before her fast and traditionally it arrived in earthen pots. The container is often different now but what is important is the nutritional value of the food as it should give them the energy they need to get through the day. The sargi can have things like fruits, nuts like almonds and cashew, Indian sweets and some savory snacks.


The baya is a present or a token of the mother-in-law’s understanding of her daughter-in-law, who is fasting for her son. Baya generally includes money, clothes, jewellery, cosmetics, sindoor, and sweets. After receiving the baya, female dress up in bright clothes and apply mehndi on their hands and feet, which symbolize a married Indian woman in our culture. If the lady is newly-married and it is her first Karva Chauth, presents are given to the boy’s aspect of the family from the girl’s side. This can consist of jewellery, money, clothes, sweets and more.

Dressing Trends on Karwa Chauth

Tradional Wear

Karwa Chauth is a festival that is celebrated by married women in favour of long lives for their husbands. Most Indian women adorn themselves in traditional wear during this festival. Outfits like sarees and salwar suits are usually worn to celebrate this festival. One unique way to dress up for this occasion is to wear clothes that go along with your zodiac sign.

Here are some suggestions for a few zodiac signs: Virgo: The colour red, green or gold for a Virgo woman will increase the sweetness in their married life. Leo: Women with a Leo star sign have a lot of options for clothing. It is auspicious for them to wear red, gold, orange, green or gold garments. Aries: wearing crimson or gold clothing while celebrating Karwa Chauth is a great option. Gemini: Women with this star sign should adorn themselves with a green saree or salwar and match it with green and red bangles. Cancer: The zodiac sign cancer is associated with garments of white and red. In addition to this, indulging it white coloured barfi is also a good omen. Taurus: During Karwa Chauth the colours red and silver are a good pairing for the Taurus star sign. Conducting a pooja using the material of this colour will bless the woman’s husband with a long life.


The modern Indian women still believe in fasting for blessings on the auspicious Karwa Chauth. During the celebrations of this festival women in India are required to wear traditional outfits when they are performing pooja for the health and long life of their husbands. In addition to traditional garments, women also wear a few accessories to make this a special occasion.

  • Mangalsutra: a mangalsutra is a necklace given to a bride by her bridegroom on their wedding day. This piece of jewellery is a symbol that binds the couple together for life. The mangalsutra is made out of gold and black beads and has a pendant in the middle made out of gold. Since, the mangalsutra is a major sign of a marital relationship it is also a vital piece of jewellery that needs to be worn on Karwa Chauth.

  • Glass Bangles: in Indian culture bangles signify the prosperity and fortune of a married woman. Glass bangles interlaced with gold or other metals are worn during Karwa Chauth. The noise that is made from these bangles rubbing against each other is said to keep away evil. Bangles are a sign of a happy married life the same way a wedding ring is. Indian women continue to wear bangles even after their wedding day.

  • Anklets: a band worn around the anklet usually made out of silver or gold is also an accessory adorned by Indian Women. Intricate anklets also adorn the women’s toes along with her ankle. The entrance of a women into her husbands’ home is celebrated through the tinkling noise of the bells attached on the anklet.

  • Rings that can be worn on fingers, as well as toes, are a well-known accessory for Indian women during Karwa Chauth. Along with these accessories lesser known ones such as armbands, forehead pendants, nose rings, etc. can also be worn to celebrate this auspicious day.


Mehndi is viewed as an indicator of good fortune and that's why women adorn their hands with it on special occasions. It connotes the adoration and love between spouses. It not only adds greater splendour to your hands but it’s an image of prosperity. Being a necessary part of Karva Chauth festivities, it is enjoyable for girls to sit down for hours with henna utilized on their hands and feet so that the mehndi comes out darkish in colour. The darker the colour, the improved bond is believed to be there in between a husband and his wife.

Gifts for your Sister-in-Law for Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is a festival that all women in a family celebrate together. Celebrating this special day with husband's sister. Giving her a gift is particularly important, so here are the few selected gifting options for you to surprise your sister-in-law on this auspicious occasion.

Jewel Gift Hamper

This premium range of essential jewellery gift is a perfect gift for your sister-in-law! This Special Combo consists of different jewellery that will totally be her summer sass. You can buy this beautiful jewel hamper from pinterest.

Lipstick Set

This premium range of essential makeup is a perfect gift for your sister-in-law! This Special Archies Combo consists of a Note Italy Ultra Rich colour Lipstick pair of Pink & Merlot that will totally be her summer sass. Please Note Best use before 18 months after opening & Keep Away from direct Sunlight. You can buy this online from at Rs. 950.00.

Body Mists

No ensemble is complete without the right fragrance. Magical and enchanting, this long-lasting 'Turn On Charm' body mist for women will not only mesmerize your sister-in-law this Karwa Chauth but will also keep her feeling fresh all day long. This 250 ml pleasant body mist is certainly a must-have addition to your collection. The no gas fragrance guarantees 2500+ sprays. Buy this from online at Rs.399.00.

Mehndi, Lipstick and Sweets Gift Hamper

This Karwa Chauth, make choice for this hamper to show love and affection to your dearest sister-in-law by gifting this to her. It’s an excellent gift choice that is made inclusive of everything from Rasgulla sweet to decorative Kalash, a diya and a basket of Mehndi cone, bindi, sindoor as well as 2 nail paints too. And this is priced at Rs. 1099.00.

A Basket of Care

This Karwa Chauth Basket Hamper is an excellent gift choice if you are willing to win your sister-in-law’s heart. This attractive basket hamper has to offer Soan Papdi, Golden Laughing Buddha, Mehndi cones, nail paints, bindi and more. And this is priced at Rs.999.00.

Silver Thali

For your dearest sister-in-law, here is an exclusive Karwa Chauth Silver Thali hamper that is inclusive of an attractive Silver Thali full of dry fruits, a brass Diya, Ganesha idol, mehndi cones as well as nail paints, making this hamper a complete Karwa Chauth hamper. And this Rs. 1,199.00. Every woman celebrating Karwa Chauth will need to have a mehndi cone and some lively looking nail paint to make the occasion more festive. Gift this hamper to show your sister-in-law that you care and have thought about her this year.

Rose and Chocolate Hamper

Life looks so beautiful when someone you love is around you. your sister-in-law has definitely done some thing to make you happy, so, now it’s your turn to make your relationship way stronger than before. On this Karwa Chauth, give this elegant gift hamper to your charming person and make this day extra special for her. Buy this at Rs. 2,199.00 on gift from love.

Exquisite Jewellery Set

Your sister-in-law is going to dress up with gorgeous Indian clothes and Indian jewellery on the evening of Karwa Chauth to follow all the rituals of this festival. How about gifting her with something that would really help her to compliment her look? If you are looking for an exceptional design of beautiful jewellery set for your better half, buying this set from our store would be the smartest choice for you. Buy this at Rs. 599.00.

Beauty Gift Set

Fuse in some festive vibes on her special day with this beautiful pair of silver Jhumkhas that comes along with bright red beads, and a purse that can be easily converted into a sling bag as per her needs, and a pack of crunchy melt in mouth hazelnut bites to treat her taste buds divinely. Buy this at Rs. 2099.00 from

Stylish Set

Sometimes, even words fall short to describe the love you have for your special ones. Right? But, with this wonderful gift hamper, you can convey your love for your beloved one on any occasion in a special way. This gift combo includes a stylish black bead necklace and a metallic golden handbag. This is priced at Rs. 2249.00.

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Treat Her As Your Own Sister

Sisters-in-law are special, they leave their parents' home and treat husband's home as their own. So, it is our duty to make them as special as they are. You can do this by providing such beautiful gifts on Karwa Chauth so that they can feel a part of your life. You must treat her as you treat your sister and you want to be treated. We bring the best options for you, you can choose the most appropriate gift among them.