Need a Great Karwa Chauth for Your Wife? 10 Ideas to Express Your Selfless Love for Your Spouse (2019)

Need a Great Karwa Chauth for Your Wife? 10 Ideas to Express Your Selfless Love for Your Spouse (2019)


Karwa Chauth celebrates the love shared between husband and wife. women undertake a fast from morning till night praying for the prosperity and longevity of their husbands. Husbands in return give gifts to show their appreciation. Though expression of your sincere feelings for her will always be way beyond material gifts, presents can be given as tokens of love to express the unsaid. Take a look at some of our gifts that you can present to the queen of your heart. Go ahead, give it a swirl.

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Things to Look Out for When Buying the Perfect Karwa Chauth Gift for Your Better Half

Make Sure That the Gift Fits the Occasion

Gift Your Beautiful Wife a Beautiful Karwa Chauth Gift. Karwa Chauth is a special occasion in every Indian married lady’s life. It is full of loads of rituals and celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy in most of the houses in our country. So, why not make this special day more beautiful for your wife with an attractive gift?

On this day a wife fasts from sunrise until she sees the moon and all this for the well-being of her husband, i.e. you. If she can do such tough fasting, can you not gift her with something special? As couples, you must have gifted each other many times, but hold on! Have you ever thought of gifting something specific to an occasion? Yes, it’s very important that a gift should fit the occasion as this enhances the charm of the festivity and infuses you both with a new zeal. It is the day that comes only in the life of a married woman and man, so gift her with something that speaks volumes about this beautiful bond of marriage. Let this gift be different from all the other birthday gifts and new year gifts.

Avoid Giving Something Boring


We are pretty sure you would not gift your gorgeous wife with something boring and monotonous. At the end of the day when she is about to break her fast after seeing the moon, you will surely like to make her feel elated with your gift. Try to go for the most unpredictable. While love is immaterial, who doesn’t like to be gifted and if a small effort of yours can make your better half happy, why not take it? Sarees, suits, dresses, chocolates, kitchen utility items, flowers; there are umpteen options to gift your wife with but is any of these unique?

Make Sure That the Gift Is Resonates Your Love for Her


For sure you love your wife to the moon and back and so does she, or else she wouldn’t have fasted for you and you wouldn’t have been searching for a gift for her! Let this gift reciprocate this beautiful bond of love between you both; let this gift be special and unique to make her feel rejuvenated. The market is full of gifts during this season but it is really challenging to buy that one thing that will not only make her happy but will also speak volumes about your feeling.

This Karwa Chauth, keep aside the necessity gift items to be bought during some other occasion and try to find something that will resonate your love.

Top 10 Karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Your Wife

We are sure all of you would like to go that extra mile to gift your wife with something special and many of you must have been gifting your wife since the first year of your marriage. Some of you must also feel quite stressed out thinking how to make your wife feel special and what to gift her. If you are one of those, who love his wife colossally but do not know where to start from and is running short of gift ideas for the wife on Karwa Chauth, you have landed on the perfect page. Sit back, relax and let us help you with some of the unique Karwa Chauth gifts for wife ideas. The best part is you don’t have to move out of the convenience of the house and order any of the gifts online at a reasonable cost from some of the most reputed online stores.

Karwa Chauth Exclusive Personalised Hamper


Nothing can be more specific to the festivity of Karwa Chauth than this personalized gift pack. It contains the necessary items for performing the rituals, a pooja thali, karwa, and a chalni. Being made of pure steel, it has the durability guarantee and its beauty is enhanced with the blue base. But, of all the best thing is the personalized image that you can affix to it. Email them a high-resolution picture of you both and get it embedded on the utensils. You can buy it for Rs. 750 from

Scrummy Beauty Set

Enlighten her day with this portable bag which can either used as a sling bag or a purse depending on her requirement. It comes with a pair of bright looking earrings made of galvanized steel and a pack of Ferrero Roche chocolates, to sweeten her day. You can buy it for Rs. 2,099 from Flower Aura.

Bouquet of 10 Red Roses with Chocolate Cake (Half Kg)


A perfect gift to express your love for your beloved wife is this hamper. It contains a lovely bouquet of 10 roses and a half kg, round shaped chocolate cake. Rose represents passion and when it comes with a cake it enhances the moment of love. So, go ahead and make her feel special with the yummy cake and the vibrant roses. You can buy it for Rs. 1,045 from

Couple Spa Voucher


Life is a race for most of us and we hardly get to enjoy a single moment. So, this festive season pledge to relax, rejuvenate and spend some awesome time with your life partner with a couple spa sessions. Four Fountains Spa - Digital Voucher is an ideal gift voucher that you can gift to your wife and help to her distress from the daily hectic schedule. Before placing the please confirm if De-Stress Spa has a centre in your city. You can buy it from Amazon for Rs. 500 – Rs. 10,000 from Amazon.

High End Perfume of Her Choice

‘Euphoria Women Eau de Parfum’ from Calvin Klein is an exclusive Karwa Chauth gift online that is bound to melt the heart of the love of your life. Its soothing smell is certain to make her feel relaxed and fresh all throughout the day. Moreover, the packaging is also something to envy for and she will surely flaunt it to all. You can buy it for Rs. 3,675 from Shoppers Stop online store.

Nifty Jewellery

Pieces of jewelry have melted the hearts of women since time immemorial and therefore many of you must have gifted jewels to your wife on your wedding night. However, have you ever gifted her anything of that sort post that? If no, take this Karwa Chauth as an opportunity to gift her with this dashing pendant. It is an 18Kt Gold pendant diamond stones beautifying it. You can buy the Maha Pendant for Rs. 6,911 from Bluestone online store.

LadyLove Essentials

Branded watch, branded clutch, and a bright lipstick are the items of the LadyLove Essential gift pack. It suffices not only the requirement aspect but also messages the beauty aspect in a lady. The clutch is bright red in color and it has compartments for organizing money and cards conveniently. The sleek watch is something that she can use in her daily life. You can gift it to your beautiful wife and enjoy the twinkle in her eyes. You can buy it for Rs. 2,699 from Flower Aura.

Traditional Handloom Saree


Another all-time favourite gift of a lady is a saree as no other dress makes her look as elegant as a saree does. So, this karva chauth, you can gift her with this craftsmen of Ilkal. The pallu of the maroon saree has Gomi border with white stripes on it and being made of good quality fabric, it is very comfortable making it perfect for wearing it regularly. You can buy it for Rs. 1,050 from Ajio.

An Exotic High Heel


This stylish and highly fashionable sandals comes with a braided tie-up and tassels and goes perfectly with any western wear. With a heel height of 3.15 inches and a tunit sole, it will give your wife the right edge to her dress. It is available in two colors (copper and gold) and in various sizes, so just know your wife’s feet size and opt for this classy gift. While both the colors go absolutely well with any attire, you can make your pick as per your office’s choice and enhance the beauty of her dress. You can buy it for Rs. 805 from Ajio.

High End Watch

Titan Raga watches are an elegant addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Give her this attractive watch designed perfectly for the hands of a beautiful lady. It comes in a golden colour and therefore will go perfectly with all the golden ornaments that your wife might be using to adorn herself with. The stone embedded on the bracelet is an added beautification, and which enhances the charm of the watch. You can buy it for Rs. 4,396 from Shoppers Stop online store.

Bonus Tips to Make Your Wife's Karwa Chauth Extra Special

Now that you have browsed through the list of some of the Karwa Chauth gift online for your lovely wife, let us help you with some special tips. Even if you fail to woo your wife with your gift the following tips will never fail. Remember this day is very special in both of your lives; your wife dedicates this day solely to you and prays for your long and healthy life.

  • If she can fast for you why not you also do the same for her?
  • Try to spend the day together.
  • Try to be each other’s support and companion.
  • Write a letter to her.
  • Personalise the gift that you buy for her.
  • Surprise her.
  • Look good, feel good and smell good.
  • We have further elaborated the points for your ease of understanding the importance of the same.

Walk the Extra Mile And Observe the Fast with Her


Your wife fasts all day long for you, for your health and long life. Won’t you also want to spend a healthy life and walk with you till the end of your life? Why not go a step ahead and fast with her? This way you will not only accompany her but she will also feel valued, and this can be the best surprise gift for her. In our hectic lifestyle, we mostly don’t get time to spend with our family members, take this as an opportunity to spend your day with her, and cherish it together.

Write a Heartfelt Letter And Read It to Her

How many times have you expressed your love for your wife in the past year? We are so busy with our responsibilities that we hardly find any time for expressing emotions and mostly for the people who matter the most. This Karwa Chauth let her know how much she means to you and not just through a gift but through a heartfelt letter. Pen down your emotions, write about all those moments when you have felt that life is incomplete without her, and read them aloud to her. Even if your words fail you, your emotions will never betray you!

Make Sure to Dress Up Well And Smell Good

Your wife will for sure dress up and try to look her best during the celebration time. So, you also take out some time and dress up properly before you walk up to her. Your presence should enlighten her and use a good perfume to charm her. With all the rituals, fasting and daily activities, it must have been a hectic day for her; let her forget all her stress just by seeing you happy and well dressed. Moreover, if you dress up properly you will complement her and look perfect as a couple. Also, you can wear a nice cologne, maybe the one she likes a lot, this will surely be appreciated by her, as she would know that you care for the little things about her.

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This Karva Chauth Brings a Smile on Your Wife’s Face By Gifting Her with Gifts

Karva Chauth is like a red carpet event for married Indian women. They enjoy to the fullest and make the most out of the occasion. While your wife fasts the entire day, you can utilise that time being a great husband and cook something really special and good for your wife. That will surely make her day. It is not about your cooking skills but your efforts for her. You can also play a little game and hide small gifts for her all over the house and ask her to hunt for it. You can keep hints along with every gift through which she can look for the next one. Adore her beauty, while she hunts for your gifts. Take her to the place where you first met her or where you went out for your first date. The glow in her face will make your day even more special.