Find the Right Valentine's Gift for Your Geeky Boyfriend: 10 Amazing Valentines Gift Ideas for Geeky Boys to Surprise Him with and Spark Romance on Valentine's Day (2019)

Find the Right Valentine's Gift for Your Geeky Boyfriend: 10 Amazing Valentines Gift Ideas for Geeky Boys to Surprise Him with and Spark Romance on Valentine's Day (2019)

Getting a gift for a geeky boyfriend seems a tasking endeavor. Usually, it is the thought and action that counts. But what does it take to find the right gift for your geeky boyfriend? Well, not to worry as detailed are 10 specially thought out gift ideas for your geeky boyfriend that will do the trick to surprise him and make it an unforgettable Valentine's Day.

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Best Valentine Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Boyfriend

If there is one occasion which truly celebrates love, it is Valentine’s Day! It is an occasion of pure love and harmony and also signifies emotion in the purest form. The most important part of this day is that you can show all your love to your better half. For boys, it is usually easy to pick up gifts for their girlfriends, but when it comes to choosing a right Valentine’s day gift for a boyfriend, it is very difficult. Especially when the boyfriend is a geek!

Wouldn’t you agree? Geeky boyfriends usually don’t want normal gifts like clothes, they won’t even go for something like handmade gifts. They need something which can match their unique choice. To search for the perfect Valentine’s day gift for your geeky boyfriend, you can use these tips and recommendations.

Tips to Find the Perfect Gift for Geeks

Find Out His Interests Through Social Media

Looking for a gift for your geeky boyfriend? So ladies, use all your stalking skills and observe his social media pattern. You will definitely get some clues about his likes and dislikes. The type of pages he follows and the events that he wishes to attend. Find out about it and choose a gift accordingly. You will be surprised to see how much you can learn about your guy from the way he uses social media. Whats more? You can easily use this information for taking inspiration and finding a suitable gift accordingly.

Gift Him an Experience

Surprise your geeky boyfriend with experience instead of a generic gift. As they say, the experience is often imbibed so deeply in the memory that it is truly worth cherishing. It might be going to a museum or a science center. If he is into books, spending your entire day in a library is a very good idea for an Ideal date. You can also plan for an outing, it can be anything, trek or water rafting. Know your geek well, and you are all set to bring forth an amazing experience which he will always remember for years to come.

Look into the Past for Inspiration

Now one of the best ways of choosing a Valentine ’s Day gift for your boyfriend is by looking into the past, or the past you have shared and cherished for so long. Sit and recall what all you did in the past, what were all the things he said he might want to have but never actually bought. Recall the times when you guys went shopping and he almost bought a thing but canceled it in the last moment. These are your cues for the perfect gift, after all, what's better than gifting him something he always wanted to have?

Top Gift Suggestions for Your Nerdy or Geeky Boyfriend

JBL C100SI In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)


This earphone comes with the legendary JBL sound that is bound to rock its user. The powerful drivers make sure that one gets thumping bass. The earphone is lightweight and comfortable to wear and comes with 3 sizes of ear tips that helps its user to wear it for a long time with full comfort. The noise cancelling microphone comes along with one-button universal remote, which helps in managing and answering calls seamlessly. The earphone is compatible with iOS and Android. The frequency range of this device is between 20Hz to 20kHz. The earphone comes with 1.2m long cable along with 3.5 mm earphone jack. You can purchase this item for Rs.799 from

Game Over Coffee Mug

Geeks loving playing games and we are sure that your boyfriend will love this gift. This 3D ceramic gift is best suited for geeky gamers that love playing related gifts. This mug comes with controller shaped handle with an amazing “Game Over” inscription on the bottom. The ceramic controller shaped handle gives an amazing feel when held in hand, as you feel like pretending be a race car driver, or shooting down aliens from the sky. The dimensions of the mug is 18 x 10 x 11 cm. One thing to note is this mug is neither microwave nor dishwasher safe. You can purchase this item for Rs.799 from

Comics Books or Action Figures


There is nothing better than giving comics to your geeky boyfriend. Geeky boyfriends love reading comics and it is one of their favorite past times. So if you are planning to give your boyfriend comics make sure that you understand his preference and give him comics as per his liking. Now if you want to give a surprise gift then what you can do is browse through his collection of comics and gain an understanding of his preference, post which you can gift him something.

For e.g., if your boyfriend is a big fan of Marvel Comics then you can give any comic by MCU. You can find loads of comics on as per your budget. Like if you want a gift a cool Marvel comics then you can gift “Avengers: Infinity War - The Official Movie Special” book, you can get it for Rs.1,230 from

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset 40MM Lenses for IOS and Android


This gift is sure to surprise your boyfriend, as we are sure he would not be expecting this. This Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset comes with huge 40MM lenses that comes with an expanded field of view that provides an amazingly immersive experience. It comes with in-built touch buttons that provide an epic gaming experience. It also comfortable to wear as it comes with head support, adjustable headband and foam face cushioning. This model is compatible with smartphones with 4.7"- 6" screens with a gyroscope feature. You can buy this item for Rs.2,199 from

Bluetooth Speakers: boAt Stone SpinX Portable Wireless Speaker with Extra Bass


Everyone loves Bluetooth speakers, be it their portability or the fact that it provides instant good music on the go, we are sure that your bf will love this gift. This wireless boAT speaker is rugged to the core, hence you can easily take it outside as it can occasionally withstand harsh terrains (it comes with an idiot proof speaker and has a water resistance of ipx level 6). It comes with a cylindrical 360-degree design that ensures sound comes from all around the speaker. When fully charged the speaker works for around 8 hours. You can buy this from for Rs.2,499.

Bag with His Favorite TV Show Quotes

Geeks love to carry things which have cool and quirky things written on them and so we are sure your boyfriend will love this gift. These days tote bags are becoming quite famous and most geeks love to carry them around. You can buy amazing tote bags from starting from Rs.399.

Mug with Quirky Quotes


Most of the people love mugs, but geeks love mugs with quirky quotes. Now there are loads of places you can buy mugs from, but when buying mugs for geeks make sure that it comes with witty/quirky quotes that they enjoy. On you can buy such mugs with price starting from Rs.249.

You can buy such mugs from various websites like,, etc.

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Fun Board Games


When it comes to board games, geeks take no chances, as they are very much dedicated to it. So giving a cool board game is one of the best thing you can do to your geeky boyfriend. Before gifting a board game to your boyfriend make sure you understand the kinds of board games he fancies. Is it strategy based, or puzzle based? Etc. Once you understand his preference you can buy him games of that genre. You can buy loads of board games online – for e.g., on you can get loads of board games to buy starting from Rs.169.

100 Reasons of Love Book


This is an amazing gift If you want your geeky boyfriend to know how much you love him. This cute 100 Reasons of Love booklet will remind your boyfriend as to what made her better half fall in love with him. This gift will surely outshine almost everything when it comes to making your boyfriend realize your love and affection for him. You can buy this gift from for Rs.299.

Love All Around LED Photo Frame


This is one such gift that will make your boyfriend go ‘aww’. This nice and sweet Love All Around LED Photo Frame will surely surprise your boyfriend. This romantic gift is best suited for bedroom or living room. You can customize this gift by adding a cute photo to it. You can connect the adapter to a switch to turn the light on, so that the frame is visible even in the dark. You can buy this item for Rs.1,300 from

Need Ideas for What to Do on V Day?

Since we have seen a lot of gifts that would be suited best for your geeky boyfriend let’s look at a few other ways you can win him over. These bonus tips are specially curated for your geeky love and we are confident if you do all of them, he would go bazinga in the excitement.

Take him to Comic Con


There is no better gift for a geeky boyfriend than taking him to a Comic-Con convention (the basic idea behind a Comic-Con convention is that it’s a place where creators/actors/staff of all the famous TV shows, graphic novels and people from entertainment industry come to meet with their fans). This would mean a lot to your boyfriend and you can see him fangirling when seeing his favorite idols in the Comic-Con.

You could make his experience even more exciting by going there wearing costumes. For e.g., if your boyfriend loves the TV show Supernatural, then you could arrange for costumes that are mainly worn by the actors of that TV show (in this case it could be Castiel’s trench coat or Dean’s Amulet). You can book the ticket for the Comic-Con by going through their websites directly or using websites like Bookmyshow, Eventjini, etc.

Take Him to See His Favorite Superhero Movie

When it comes to superheroes, geeky boyfriends have their own love and affection towards them. Now your boyfriend could be Marvel or DC fan, so make sure you know which universe superheroes he prefers. This is mainly because geeks can be very particular when it comes to fandom and they could he arch rivals with people who support different superheroes.

After understanding the heroes your boyfriend loves, you can take him out to movies in which his superheroes are present. We are sure that the moment you show him the movie tickets he will be the happiest person ever. These days booking tickets is super easy, you can do it using PayTM or Bookmyshow etc.

Take Him to a Tech Convention

It’s not a secret that geeks love technology, and there are hardly few things that fascinate them more compared to tech and the latest gadgets. Now if you know that your boyfriend is too much into tech then you could surely take him to tech conventions. This will let him see the latest gadgets, know more about the developments in the field of tech and even buy something that he wanted for a long time. You can know about the upcoming events related to tech by visiting websites like, etc.

Binge Watch His Favorite Series with Him

The best gift for a geek is a person with whom they can share their passion. So if you want to connect at a deeper level with your geeky boyfriend then there is nothing better than binge-watching his favorite TV show/movies with him. We are sure that with this you would get to see a totally different side of him, and this gesture would mean a lot to your boyfriend too.

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Best Valentines Gift For Geeky Boyfriend

His character is one thing you love about him. It wouldn't hurt indulging yourself into his life more and more to understand him and get to know him better. This way, you will get to learn more about him and even give a better gift with deep loving sentiments. From watching his tendencies to remeniscing of good times spent together you are sure to find a suitable gift for him. In addition, a buttload of tips to guide you through this process have been given. So, go ahead and make it one of the best Valentines together with your nerdy beau.