Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend This Valentine's Day, from Personalised Tool Kits to Netflix Subscriptions (2019)

Top 10 Gifts for Boyfriend This Valentine's Day, from Personalised Tool Kits to Netflix Subscriptions (2019)

No keen on giving your husband a box chocolate this Valentine's? There are plenty of other gifts that tell him you love him without resorting to the hearts and roses cliche. Read on to find unique yet romantic ways to celebrate V Day with your hubby and gifts he will be able to use all year round.

The Best V-Day Gifts for Him Need Not Be Covered in Red Hearts

Are you wondering what you are going to get your special man on Valentine’s Day? It can be quite tricky to shop for men, but it is not impossible. All you have to do first is find out his likes and dislikes and if he will actually use the gift you get for him. The gift you pick out also depends on how long you have been together. If you find the perfect gift, you can be sure that you will make his day and he will definitely appreciate all the thought and effort you put into the task.

Tips to Pick the Perfect Gift That Will Light Up His Day

Do you want to make sure that you find the perfect gift for your beau this Valentine’s Day? Don’t stress! With a few helpful tips in mind, you can pick an awesome gift that will brighten up his day and make him find you more awesome than he already does!

List Out Things He Really Loves

Even if you have not been dating long, it is more than likely that you already know a little about his likes and dislikes. If you are planning to go V-Day shopping for him, make a list of all the things that you know he really loves. Is your list a little too short for your liking? Talk to his best buddies to find out more – they are sure to know what his favorite things are. If you do recruit his friends to help you find the perfect V-Day gift, remember to swear them to secrecy.

Peek Into the Past

Look into your partner’s past to see what he has revealed about what he likes and dislikes. Think of his interests or favorite activities or sports. This will give you an idea of what you should get him for Valentine’s Day. For instance, if he loves football, get him tickets to an upcoming match – you can join him if you like! Peeking into your man’s past is one of the best ways to choose a gift for him. You are sure to come up with something special.

Will He Love It and Also Use It?

The last thing you want to do is buy your man a gift that he will stash away and never use. Find out what he likes to do, like a sport or other activity, and get him something that he can make use of every time he goes out to play or tinker with something. For example, does he like to work on vintage cars or motorbikes? If the answer is yes, then you should get him a tool that will help make a task easier. He is sure to love a gift like that and you can be sure that he will make good use of it.

Include a Bit of Yourself

When picking out a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or hubby, choose one that includes a little piece of you. This way, you will be on his mind every time he picks the item up and it will put a smile on his face. Even if you get him a manly tool,you can have it engraved so that it has a little something to remind him of you. Including a bit of yourself in the gift you choose for your man will make it a little more special.

Insanely Cool Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Partner

Here are some epic gifts that you can get for your partner on Valentine’s Day. No matter which one you choose, he is sure to love it.

Personalised Tools

This is a fun but useful Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to please the main man in your life. An engraved and personalized tool kit, is a great way to let him know that you love him and also show that you know exactly what he needs for repairs and other jobs around your home. Some of the handy kits available on the market also allow you to check the pressure of your tires! Now, this is a gift your guy is sure to love. What’s more? You can personalize it with a message of your choice, whether it is something quirky, funny, or romantic.

Get him a Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with 7 Emergency Tools from for Rs.767. It is made of metal and his name can be etched on with laser.

Wicked-ly Good Moccasins


Want to get your guy something stylish and comfortable as a V-Day gift? You cannot go wrong with a pair of Wicked Good moccasins. These are made from real sheepskin, giving them a luxurious feel. Known as the Best Slippers Ever Made, these moccasins are sure to be appreciated by your partner. They are made with premium materials not only for style and comfort but also durability. Our pick is Red Tape Men's Moccasins and they are available on Amazon at a price of Rs.1,798 to Rs.2,227, depending on size.

Netflix Subscription Pack

Does your beau love binge-watching series? Is he a movie buff? Well, then finding him that super-awesome gift will not be a problem this Valentine’s Day. Just get him a Netflix subscription pack. He can watch his favorite series whenever he wants, no matter where he is. You can also cozy up together and watch the latest season of both your favorite series with a bowl of popcorn. Buy the Netflix Subscription Pack here. Prices start at Rs.200.

Pair of Sunnies

No matter what time of the year, everyone needs a pair of sunglasses. So why not get a pair of great sunnies for your beau for Valentine’s Day? The best part is that you will have no problem finding high-quality sunglasses as there are a number of well-known brands that offer them in different styles and designs. No matter what your partner’s personal style, there is a pair of sunglasses out there that is perfect for him. There are loads of sunglasses available in a myriad styles and colours but a pair of classic black aviators like the Pilot Shiny Black Polarized + UV Protected Sunglasses For Guys from Fastrack is a good choice. Buy it for Rs.2,599.

Travel Shaving Kit

Men always need a shaving kit, and if your partner travels quite frequently for work, you should get a great travel shaving kit for him for a V-Day gift. It is a thoughtful gift that you know he will make good use of. Pick a high-end brand so that you can be sure that the kit is a high quality one. Go for a handmade leather kit for an awesome, luxurious gift – it is a guarantee that he will love it.

If he isn't one to fuss about the toiletry bag, give him a full kit like the Park Avenue Park Avenue Men's Grooming Kit Travel Shaving Kit and Bag which comes with a deodorant, shaving cream, shaving brush, after shave lotion, deo talc, bar of soap, and a shaving razor. Buy it from Flipkart where you get two whole kits at a price of Rs.1,258.

Phone Projector


Looking for a unique and useful gift that you know your Valentine will love? Go for a smartphone projector. Every guy loves gadgets and this is an amazing one that he can have a lot of fun with. He can have a YouTube viewing party anywhere, and he will not have to deal with the hassle of extra cords. It is also a great gift if your beau often goes camping or on trips, or if he holds online conferences at his home office.

There are pricier options available but we liked Lambent F2 Mobile Phone 3D Screen Magnifier because it works with all smartphones, and at Rs.219, will not pinch if it loses its novelty appeal after a short while. Measuring 5 x 5 x 10 cm, it has a collapsible design which makes it easy to carry, and provides clear, 3D like images. Buy it on Amazon.

Fun Socks

Do you want to give your partner a fun yet useful gift? Why not shop for socks? No, not the ordinary kind! You can find fun, quirky socks that have his favorite cartoon or comic characters or those with little sayings or jokes printed on them. There are also socks that have jazzy designs. This is a superb Valentine’s Day gift idea for those who have not been dating too long. It is not mushy yet lets him know that you put some thought into what he likes or finds funny. These delightful nautical themed socks from Happy Socks are a good pick. Made from a blend of 80 per cent combed cotton with polymide and elastane for comfort, the Nautical Star Socks will set you back by Rs.399.

Poloroid Camera


Have you seen people showing off those cool cameras that take instant photos? Get one for your boyfriend or hubby as a V-Day gift – he will love it! Polaroid cameras are one of the trendiest gadgets right now and a really a fun gift for anyone. You will find them in different styles and colors, so you will find the perfect one for him. Imagine all the fun moments he can capture with this nifty little gift! You can buy the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Value Cam Instant Camera - Combo offer from for Rs.4,244. Here you get the camera plus a pack of 20 instant films.

Hold It Everything Personalised Wallet


If there is one gift for men that you cannot go wrong with, it is a wallet. But why give your guy an ordinary one when you can have it engraved and personalized for a special V-Day gift? This is one gift that he will love and always use. You can make your message as fun or romantic as you want and he will always smile every time he opens up his wallet – you can be sure of this! The Paul Billfold Coin Wallet is an elegant piece, available on for Rs.1,895.

Date Night Bucket List


Have you always dreamed of having that perfect date night? Why not plan one for Valentine’s Day? Make a date night bucket list and make arrangements to surprise your man with an unforgettable date. You can go off on a weekend trip for a romantic getaway or go to a fancy restaurant for a 5-course meal. There are countless ideas! Print the ideas on bits of paper cut out in the shape of a heart and throw them into a small jewellery box. Once you have checked off all the ideas, you can use the box to store curios! Buy this cute Dungri Wooden Handmade Heart Shape Small Jewellery Box from Amazon for Rs.299

Bonus Ideas That Will Make Him Smile

Apart from buying your beau a Valentine’s Day gift, there are other things you can do to make his day and put a big smile on his face. With everyone’s hectic schedules and busy lives, it can sometimes be difficult to show your partner how much you truly appreciate him. You try to show him your feelings every day, but Valentine’s Day is that one day you can dedicate to making sure that he feels special and loved. There are great ideas for V-Day that will surely put a big smile on his face.

A Back Rub

Everyone loves a relaxing massage, especially after a long day at work. This Valentine’s Day, surprise your boyfriend or husband with a nice long back rub. You can ease the tension in his body and make him feel relaxed and calm. Did you know that a massage can help release feel-good hormones and chemicals? You no doubt want your man to feel good on this special day, so a back rub is definitely a great idea. No matter what gift you have bought him, a back rub is a bonus that he will definitely love.

Tickets to His Favourite Game

Every guy loves sports. Your boyfriend or husband probably has a favorite sport that he never misses watching on TV. If you are looking for a bonus Valentine’s Day idea to make him super-happy, get him tickets to his favorite game. He will be over the moon! It does not matter when the game is, knowing that he has tickets to see the game live will keep him happy for a long time. You can be sure that it will be one of his favorite gifts out of all the gifts you have ever given him! Check out Book My Show for upcoming events and matches.

A Holiday for Two to a Secluded Island

What could be more romantic than a trip for two to a secluded island? You can spend hours relaxing on the beach or exploring the island without huge crowds to bother you. There is a reason why couples love going on a romantic escape to a secluded island – it is a trip where they can focus on each other and spend time they need to rekindle the magic. If you are looking for a bonus idea to make him smile this Valentine’s Day, you should definitely book a trip for two to a romantic island.

The Effort You Make on His Gift is What Will Really Make Him Happy

As you can see, there are many extra ways to make your partner’s Valentine’s Day even more special. The fact that you put a lot of thought and effort into making him feel special will make him truly happy and appreciated. Even something simple like a back rub can go a long way in making him feel loved. Nothing will make your guy happier than knowing that you appreciate him and want to make sure that he has a wonderful time.

We all know the pain of having to choose gifts for our partners. You want to make sure that it is perfect – fun, useful and something they will cherish. The good news is that you do not have to worry about finding an amazing Valentine’s day gift for your boyfriend or hubby. There is a plethora of super-cool stuff that you can choose from nowadays. The list above is just to give you an idea of the options that are available. Pick any one of them to make your partner’s day extra special and have a great Valentine’s Day together.

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