Include One of These 8 Amazing and Romantic Gifts for Boyfriend in Your Valentine's Day Plan + Cute Ideas to Make This a Special Day

Include One of These 8 Amazing and Romantic Gifts for Boyfriend in Your Valentine's Day Plan + Cute Ideas to Make This a Special Day

Always confused about gifts on Valentine's Day? Years pass and the time comes when you are lost with the ideas of gifting. Don't you be worried about the problem of repetition of gifts, we are here to rescue you. So check here 8 most amazing ideas of gift for boyfriend in valentines.

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Ideas to Help you Gift Your Boyfriend This Valentine's Day!

With the most romantic day of the year just around the corner, everyone around you is already in cupid mode. Everywhere you go the Valentine Day theme of red hearts and cupids dancing around you. While all of this still matters what must be on top of your mind right now is how you can make this Valentines Day extra special for the person you love. The man in your life deserves a little extra. Its always a good idea to be prepared on gifting ideas in advance to help you plan better.

Doing something in your own city for Valentines Day is so very common and mostly what everyone opts for. Other options like going out for a romantic candlelight dinner or a romantic picnic at the local park or garden are now viewed as old-school ideas. This Valentines Day you might want to rack those brains and come up with something new and different.

The trend going on for perfect Valentines Day gifting ideas for your boyfriend, are unpredictable and unique. It’s the best when you can surprise your partner with a gift that was not expected and out of the box. There is also a greater chance of spicing up your relationship with a unique and interesting gift for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Everyone has a rough idea of what they would like to do for Valentines Day. It can be declaring your love to the world via Social Media or even just a gentle gesture for the man you love telling him how you feel. It is better to start planning your Valentine’s day surprise in advance rather than wait for the day to arrive and scramble around looking for a suitable gift.

5 Tips on How to Tell What He Needs or Wants for Valentines

Look for Clues

Most men are not very articulate when it comes down to expressing their needs or wants. They may know exactly what they want but cannot put it into words. The best way to find out what your boyfriend wants this Valentines Day is to look around for clues that may help you in figuring out his code. He may mention something that he is really looking forward to in passing conversation or he may have looked and something for a longer time on your last shopping trip. Pay attention to these minor details. They may lead you to the bigger picture.

Has He Been Sending You Links to Things That He is Interested In?

With online shopping becoming more accessible and easier, men prefer to buy their stuff online rather than at a crowded store, supermarket or mall. Has your boyfriend been sending you links to items that he finds interesting on the internet? Then this is something that can help you in a big way. If he has been sending you links it probably means that he finds this item interesting and would like to have it. Maybe he is also asking for your approval. Make a note of the items that he sends links to, these can be the solution to your gifting woes.

Get to Know His Likes and Dislikes

Not everyone will tell you when they like or dislike soemthing. Pay close attention t find out what he is interested in. It can help to know his hobbies and interests too. Maybe there are certain brands that he favours more than others. Make a note of this. It can also be that he favours a certain kind of product or sport item. Choosing a gift when you are aware of a person likes and dislikes can be quite simple. But if you do not know of his preferences it can be quite a nightmare. Imagine getting your boyfriend a Valentines Day gist that he dislikes.

Does He Really Want to Replace an Old Gadget?

Gadgets are a man’s best friend. In todays day where technology and human contact walk hand in hand, every man needs the latest gadgets and gizmos to keep himself occupied. Is there a gadget that your man has wanted to upgrade for a while now? Has he been talking about it to you and saying that his phone is too slow, or his smartwatch needs and upgrade. Well then there’s your clue. Find out if he would like to upgrade to a latest version of a gadget or if he would like to change a gadget brand altogether. Knowing what he wants from his gadgets also helps. Is he into fitness? Then maybe a watch that tracks his health is what he would appreciate. Is he an organised worker? Perhaps a phone with a built-in organiser would be appropriate.

Has Your Boyfriend Been Saving Up for Something?

Most men would save up for a want rather than indulge in buying it over a need. Have you noticed that your boyfriend has been saving up for a while now to buy soemthing that he really wants? You can help him out by getting that product that he desires. By doing this you show that you care and that his wants are as important as yours. This will make him feel special and loved.

Why is it Better to Give Personalised Gifts to the Person You Love?

Buying a gift for someone other than yourself, even if it is the person you love can be quite a challenge. It is quite difficult to find a gift that is both meaningful and special. You may want to create memories with your gift and have it remembered. While shopping for a personalised gift can be hectic and stressful, he are a few reasons why a personalised gift is better than a gift just brought and packed.

Personalised Gifts are Creative and Create Memories

A Valentine’s Day gift should be out of the monotony of gifting. With so many occasions throughout the year gifting can get boring. By putting some thought into your gift, you can unleash your creative powers. Moreover, your boyfriend will sense that you have put creativity into it. When he looks back at the personalised gift it will be a memory to cherish. It will show him how well you know him and that you have taken the trouble to gift him soemthing to hold on to for years to come.

They are Unique

You are unique and so is your boyfriend. This Valentines Day make him realise that by gifting him a personalised gift. Nothing says ‘you are special’ better than a unique gift. Products that can be purchased and gifted lack the element of uniqueness. However, they can be personalised with a loving not or letter. Some gifts can also be inscribed.

A Personalised Gift Shows That You Care

If you want to impress your boyfriend, the best way to do it is to personalize their gift. Putting time and effort into what you gift him shows that you care about him. It doesn’t take a lot of time or energy to personalise a gift, but it can mean the world to your boyfriend. It also shows that you pay attention to them in detail, like their favourite colour, phrase, etc. Simply put it shows that you are there and that you care, because you took that extra step required to make it special.

8 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend this Valentines Day

Gift Cards With a Personalised Message from You


All online stores now sell gift cards that can be personalised with a message from you. Why is this the best option? Gift cards are easy to purchase, do not require a lot of time and will also enable your boyfriend to get what he wants. All without you spending extra time and energy on it. Moreover, most gift cards can be clubbed with other purchases as well as used as per the buyer’s convenience. Time frames within which the gift card should be used differ from store to store. If you are running out of time to buy your gift this may be the best option. However, if you are worried that they will know the value of your gift card you may want to rethink this decision. If you are sure that a gift card is the way you would like to go, here is an option that is available at Rs. 3000.

The Banca Bag from Viari


Men love leather products. Products such as wallets, laptop bags, belts, shoes, etc made from leather are elegant as well as durable. You can choose from a wide range of products that suit your man and his style. Colour and size options also help with making decisions. Make sure that you know your boyfriends’ preferences before buying the product. Some stores offer returns, but it is always a good ides to check. You can buy good quality and sustainable leather products at Viari and The Banca Bag for just Rs. 4590.

Personalised Pen and Personalised Writing Material

A man with a pen in his pocket is worth a lot. And then there is the fact that it looks elegant and is also very useful. If your boyfriend is someone who loves his stationery and could jot down notes all day, this is the option for you. Writing material with inscription of his initials or even your name along with his can be an ideal gift. It can be useful as well as remind him of you. Vistaprint offers many choices when t comes to personalised stationery. The cost of an Engraved Pen starts from Rs.225.

Vell-Tech Smart Watch with Activity Trackers and Fitness Band Features


This Valentines Day get your boyfriend up to date with the latest trends and gift him a smartwatch. If he is into fitness and would like to track things like calories, exercise, sleep, etc. a smartwatch is handy and useful. Along with the simple function of time a smartwatch will provide features like GPS too. Notifications from your smartphone can be synced into your smartwatch making it easier to track. The VELL- TECH Smart Watch with Activity Trackers and Fitness Band Features is available for just Rs.1,099.

Weekend Getaway for Two

Why not benefit yourself from the gift that you will be giving your boyfriend this Valentines Day. Since you mean the world to him spending time away, even if just for the weekend can be an ideal gift. Maybe you haven’t had much time off lately and have not been able to spend so much time together, a weekend getaway for the both you can act a therapy and also ass some spice into your relationship. A romantic getaway to the Andaman islands maybe just what you are looking for. The price for the package is Rs. 30,000/- and includes flights, hotel stay, sightseeing, transfers and meals.



While Smartphone and smartwatches are a latest trend, Bluetooth headphones can also come in quite handy for a man who loves gadgets. With lots of features headphones might just be what he wants. The Sennheiser HD 4.40 Bluetooth headphones are a dream. Available for just Rs. 7490 it has features like 25-hour battery life and Bluetooth 4.0.

Personalised Shaving Kit


A personalised shaving kit is a pretty cool idea that not many think of. Grooming is a necessity in a man’s life and your boyfriend maybe blown away by the thought that you have put into his gift. Razors with his name inscribed (or even yours), matching brushes and shaving cream all tied together in a manly kit, is surely something to consider. Organice offers The Shaving Kit in A Beautiful Tan Case for just Rs.1863.

Framed Memories


A simple yet most valued gift is a framed memory. Simply go through all the pictures and selfies that you have together and choose- either a single favourite or a series showing your love. A framed picture will be treasured forever. You may want to look at this Set of Frames on Amazon for just Rs. 999/-

Bonus Idea: Ask His Close Friends What He Really Wants! This Will Help Get Your Boyfriend a Really Special Valentine’s Day Gift

If you still do not have a clue and are struggling with what to get your Boyfriend this Valentine’s Day, simply get in touch with his mates. Men are sure to share their wants with their buddies. If you do not get a specific idea you may at least get a clue as to what he may want as gift.

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