Show Your Appreciation With Exceptional Corporate Gifts: 10 Luxury Gifting Ideas for the People You Want to Impress in 2019

Show Your Appreciation With Exceptional Corporate Gifts: 10 Luxury Gifting Ideas for the People You Want to Impress in 2019

Corporate gifts is a part and parcel of every company's outreach efforts. However sometimes the gifting needs to a little more exclusive and you need to look beyond the typical box of dry fruits or a USB stick! Premium gifts communicate the value you place on the relationship so for VIP clients or senior management staff, so your choice needs to be carefully considered. Which is where we come in! Our guide, has top luxe gifting ideas as well as tips to make the right impression so you won't go wrong.

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Corporate Gifting Tips

Luxury Gifting

Aside from the Diwali festival or Christmas Holiday, there are some more specific occasions that require premium gifting to clients, vendors, senior company executives or partners.. These are given as a mark of gratitude, to honor some special achievements or to simply promote good relations and the brand. Buying a perfect gift is never easy with dime a dozen options to choose from, and yet seem different and unique from the usual giveaways one finds themselves saddled with. When looking at premium gifting options, it is important to be considerate of selecting things that will be appreciated and remembered for long.

Luxury gifting in corporate context usually implies to gift hampers which comes with a packaged gift of assorted goodies. Whether it is candle and fragrant gift options or wellness & lifestyle, these cover a large variety of products that come with a rich appeal and can be associated with high-end corporate gifting.

Unique, Personalized & Useful

In terms of available options, one of the leading choices are Leather items, that aren’t only premium but also come with a long shelf life. With a high endurance rate and quality finish, leather products are considered a rich man’s pride. Items ranging from watch cases, jewelry boxes to travel and digital organizers, leather goods have a fairly rich collection and are not only expensive but considerably premium for corporate gifting. In addition they can be personalized with a company logo or the individual’s initials. Another popular choice is gourmet food hampers, for instance – an assortment of premium chocolates (Belgian & Swiss), cakes and cookies, or cheese platters.

Quality Products and Wrapping

While the choice of gift is very important, it is equally essential to be mindful of the quality of gifts being purchased in bulk. Choose a vendor who’s known for his quality of goods and who delivers on most business promises. In addition, a careful consideration should be given to gift packaging as well. The value of any gift is first gauged with its packaging, hence it is imperative that a good quality gift box or bag, and packaging is looked into and the presentation of it all is top-quality as well, which in turn will reflect on your brand’s goodwill and attention to detail.

10 Luxe Gift Ideas To Impress Your Business Associates

Reusable Wirebound Notebook


An eco-friendly notebook that can be reused repeatedly, this wirebound notebook can be used to share your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Onenote, Slack, Icloud and Email. It works with most pens, markers and highlighters from the Pilot Frixion Series and comes with a Pilot Frixion pen. It has 32 reusable pages which can be used again after wiping them clean with a damp cloth when used with the included pen. It takes 15 seconds for the ink to dry on these specialized pages. It is priced at Rs.4,406 for a letter size notebook and Rs.4,210 for the executive size. It can be purchased from

Google Home Mini

A true virtual assistant, the Google Home Mini is apt for getting answers to all sorts of questions, managing home entertainment, viewing daily schedules and making life easier! The Google assistant can manage everything from the start of the day to finish, operate hands-free and serves as a voice-controlled wifi speaker, can get news updates, set daily reminders, play music from popular streaming services. It can work with 6 users at a time with personalized settings for all, and is compatible with most android devices with a 4.4 or higher OS Version, iOS 9.1 or higher and power requirement of 5V. For a minimum order quantity of 10 units, the Google Home Mini’s priced at Rs.3,709 per piece. It can be got from

Universal Qi Certified Wireless Charger


With a modern and stylish design, this ultra-slim charger is a Qi certified wireless charger with an intelligent protect technology that provides temperature control, prevent short circuit and surge protection. It has an easy landscape & portrait orientation for devices, ideal for phones that require facial recognition, to attend to video calls while the device is on charge and multiple charging coils. Apart from the Qi compatible devices, it can be used for charging other devices by adding a wireless charging receiver. It measures 14.1 x 8.6 x 8.1 cm, weighs 159 gms and is priced at Rs.1,699. This Qi Wireless Charger is available on

Atlas World Clock & Calculator

A world time alarm clock, this satin silver-tone finish clock comes with an 8 digit calculator as well. With the push of a button on the grey & silver world map, one can view the time for a specific area with an option to see time for 24 major cities in 22 time zones. Inclusive of a snooze option, the clock measures 1.25” x 6.25” x 5” and is quartz, battery operated (AAA) weighing 7.2 ounces. Available on, it is priced at Rs.1,489.

Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker With USB FM

An outdoor Bluetooth speaker that comes compact and delivers clear sound with a vibrant sound effect that’s lively and loud, the Artis BT99 is a wireless speaker with USB, FM and Aux in support. With up to 4.5 hours of playback, and a 10m operating range the speaker will make for an excellent companion for all outdoor events and gatherings that can be seamlessly connected to a smart phone and any Bluetooth device. The speaker can be got from and is priced at Rs.1,499.

Desktop Magnetic Sculpture


Composed of multiple small iron pieces, this quirky magnetic DIY sculpture is a desktop décor item that can be gifted to your clients or senior executives. It will add a magnetic charisma with its unique design to their office décor. The sculpture has multiple magnetic pieces of little men that can be used to indulge in an interesting puzzle to exercise the mind, de-stress or take a break. Composed of tiny metal pieces, one can change the location of the pieces by the pull of the magnets. The sculpture can be purchased from and is priced at Rs.2,257.

Personalized Passport Holder & Luggage Tags Set

Perfect for frequent flyers, this premium combination of a passport holder and luggage tag set can be customized with your company’s logo and give it a classy edge to an otherwise practically useful essential. The passport holder measures 5.7” x 4.3” with ample space and assigned pockets, apt to hold both thin and thick passports, with its back cover spacious enough to slide and keep the passport in place and remove easily as well.

There’s enough room for 3 cards and space for placing a boarding pass and e-ticket. Made of faux leather, the gift combo has 2 tags that can fit most suitcases, tote bags, measuring 3.5 inches x 5 inches. The set is priced at Rs.1,099 and is available on

Wine and Chess Set

An ideal gift for most chess and wine enthusiasts, this dual combo comes packaged in a wooden red box and includes a bottle stopper, a wine drip collar, wine thermometer, waiter’s knife/corkscrew and a chess board painted on the top of the wooden box with a metal closure, containing the game contents inside the box. This wine and chess set is priced at Rs.1,770 each for a minimum order quantity of Rs. 10 boxes. It can be got from

Multi-Purpose Trolley Bag with Foldable Chair


Ergonomically designed, this multipurpose trolley bag is a shopping bag on rubber wheels and also doubles up as a foldable chair! With a 24 x 29 CM In-built and attached chair, it allows for short rests while shopping or walking. Its heavy duty wheels can climb varied terrains, be it sidewalks, the beach, a supermart or broken and high curbs. The trolley base folds up and sits even against the main trolley frame, with detachable wheels and flat-folded bag, it can then be stored in constricted spaces or carried in the car with ease.

It’s unique features include a drawstring opening/closure with a flap that covers the main storage space, with a large zip pocket on the back & handy zip pouch on the underside for safe-keeping a phone, wallet or handbag. It is quite easy to cart around, saving the effort of being loaded with bags, and heavy stuff in your arms. This trolley bag can be considered a premium option for gifting for your clients or senior executive alike, priced at Rs.1,499 and can be purchased from

Bundled Daily Work Essentials

Every individual has his or her own daily essentials requirements. Whether it is in the realm of professional or personal life, having everything within easy reach is quite a necessity these days! Here’s something that you can think of as a corporate gift which comes in bundles, saves you money and effort in buying them individually and also gives you a value add for buying them in bulk quantity.

You can choose things that are of use at work mostly like leather key chains, cable wraps, notebooks, card wallet, passport holder, pouches, tote bags or cross body bags. Ranging between Rs.999-Rs.1,600 you can pick and choose the most premium and classy work essential bundles. These types of gift are available on

Bonus Tip: Quick Tips of Essentials Corporate Gifting

Giving corporate gifts has become an essential tradition now. Based on your line of business and your choice of gifts in the luxury league, your gifts have a lot to say about your business, and give way to enhancing your brand’s goodwill. In today’s highly competitive business scenario, it is very important to be professionally ahead in client relations and also be appreciative of the business leaders who have contributed a great deal to your brand’s growth from time to time. For premium gifting also, just like in the realm of regular and inexpensive corporate giveaways, there are numerous vendors and innumerable gift options.

Here are some quick tips to help you from selection to finalizing luxury gift items.

  • STRENGTHENING RELATIONSHIPS – Whether it is appreciating the people who work with you and spend a major part of their lives helping you succeed or expressing your gratitude to clients and vendors who are equally responsible in the success and growth of your business, what makes for a good business relationship is taking out the time to engage in delightful conversations every now and then with them and/or giving thoughtful gifts at the right time for a memorable impression.

  • BRAND CENTRIC GIFTING – Whatever be the choice of gift, try choosing them in accordance with your line of business. Whether you choose to personalize or customize them is another choice. However, a hand written note, a business card or gift card would make it a more personalized gifting approach. The gift should also be well-timed, as in, should be given on account of a special occasion that has a business significance for your brand, in lieu of a festival/holiday and/or in celebration of some business accomplishment.

  • PURCHASE OPTIONS – Different options like exclusive gift stores, premium gift catalogs, or online shopping can be explored for corporate gifting. Some popular luxury gifting options are known to be crystal gifts, cut glass works, wrist watches in branded category, personal care & grooming accessories, premium wall clocks, spa or holiday gift vouchers, or organic cosmetic or beauty products.

  • APPROPRIATE GIFTING– When it comes to corporate gifting, if your choice is individual specific, then it is important that it is selected keeping in mind the person’s interests, hobbies and lifestyle preferences. If this information isn’t openly available, it is best solicited from the person’s assistant or associate, hence allowing you leverage to attach exclusivity to your gift. However, when you opt for ordering luxury gifts in bulk, it is best to evaluate options that are common, yet premium in their presentation, use and creative appeal, avoid getting items that may personally or culturally be offensive to anyone.
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Personal Touch To Make It More Special

Corporate gifting is tricky as it is, but luxury corporate gifts is even more so. One great way to make a gift standout is adding some kind of personalisation. Engrave the name of your VIP client or senior management onto your gift to make it clear that you have gone the extra mile to make the gift special. Adding a personal, handwritten note is yet another surefire way to make your business associate feel valued. Make sure that the gift has befitting packaging so the recipient gets the complete experience.