Why Give Lamps as Gifts + How to Choose a Lamp and 10 Gift Lamps to Give in 2020

Why Give Lamps as Gifts + How to Choose a Lamp and 10 Gift Lamps to Give in 2020

Lamps are one of the best home decor gifts to give anyone. Functional, practical, and when chosen with care, they can enhance or alter the look of any room. However, selecting lamps as gifts is very different from buying one for your own home. Read about the varieties of lamps to look out for, how to pick one for someone else, and choose from a wide range of some the finest lamps available online.

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Why Gift a Lamp to Someone

It is said that often a simple thing makes the biggest impression. Therefore, choosing the right gift for someone whom you may or may not know, for any occasion or a party, is an important decision to make before you start hunting for it. Among many of the safest options to choose, most comfortable to find and also an affordable option is gifting a lamp. You may ask, why it is one of the best things to look over, well the answer is it is universally accepted and admired item that you buy for yourself or can think to gift someone else.

Functional Piece of Home Decor

Choosing a right lamp shouldn’t be overlooked because they can make a massive difference to the interior of a place. They complement two things to the décor: they are one of the most useful parts of a home or a place you can think of, as lights always contribute to the ambiance of the room. And they enhance the style and makes the room brighter. It can instantly change the overall feel of the place regarding décor.

Whatever colour scheme is there in the room, it seems a little plain, but when you decide to illuminate it with a lamp, it gives a feeling of refinement and distinction. When you gift a lamp to someone, it will instantly bring a smile to his face as this is a symbol of positivity and grace.

Gifting a Lamp Suits Various Occasions

Lamp is such a universal thing to gift in any event you can think of. They can be a perfect wedding gift, a housewarming party gift or even a great Christmas gift. It can also be a great gift during the Diwali party of office or family even for an unknown person whom you are meeting for the first time. Moreover, it can be used daily, so there is no need for any occasion too if you are thinking to gift someone. If you are looking for an alternative to same old gifts like dresses, gaming consoles or books, the lamp is the perfect and useful gift for the people whom you know or even if you don’t know the person closely.

How to Pick the Perfect Lamp or Lampshade for Gifting

Selecting an ideal lamp shade for gifting purpose is not like choosing a dress or jewellery, it has to fit the place or occasion and draw enough attention to be noticed as this gift should complement the entire ambiance. There is always something better if you are not satisfied with choosing your lampshade gift. The things you should look before finalising your lampshade purchase.

The Occasion for Gifting a Lampshade

Among many other gift ideas, a lamp is an excellent choice because it fits in almost all celebrations. Talk about Diwali, Christmas, wedding, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarming or even if you are going to attend an unknown party. It reflects light and positivity which is always appreciated by anyone, and of course, it is a useful gift too. However, for making it a classy and memorable gift, you will need to search for some unique features that suit your preference as well as make the present perfect. Match the lamp to the theme of the occasion, or if it is being given as a wedding or housewarming present, pick a functional, daily use lamp.

Recipient of the Gift

It is easy if you are close to the person and knows them well, or have seen their home and are well acquainted with their personal taste or needs. In such cases pick a lamp that conveys your closeness, or fulfills a need in their personal space. However, if you are going to buy a lamp for someone you don’t know, then you have to cautious about all the criteria of the gift. Try not to experiment much, rather keep it simple and elegant and choose a functional design that can serve the purpose of daily use.

Shape of the Lamp

The first thing you need to do while picking a lamp is to like the shape of it. The general, more common, thus safe shapes are round, cylindrical, square or rectangular. A square or angular looks better if everything else is well aligned with it. But if you're looking to impress then explore unique, even quirky designs and shapes for for these you will have to look harder as unusual shapes are not always easy to come by.

Size and Orientation of the Lamp

Floor lamps, table lamps, desk lamps, hanging lamps, tall, short and designer lamps: the choice is endless! But remember, proportion is key. The lamp should have a perfect shape. If you know about the place well, where the lamp will be placed, then you can easily take the risk of a tall or shorter lamp option. However, for the unknown places such as a new housewarming party, you need to play safe with a medium and smaller choice of lamps that can be easily placed in a bedroom table or a living room corner shelf. It should not create any confusion for the person for whom you are buying it.

Colour and Material of the Lampshade

The colour depends on what you want the lamp to do for you. Translucent shades of sheer fabric or paper are great for reading and creating the warm ambience to the room. Opaque shades on the other hand like silk fabric, dark shades fabric, parchment or laminated card, up and down beams are perfect for highlighting other objects and setting a mood for free talk or relaxed environment. Metal adds an interesting contemporary look provided it is matched with a modern design.

Smooth, Pleats or Something Uncommon

Now here comes the world of fashion. You can choose according to your taste here. If the place is antique you can get the pleated type of lamps, if you want a contemporary and traditional style, go for the smooth effect which is safe to buy for any unknown places. You can also go wild and try out the embroidery, paint and decoupage type or even the old glass and brass ‘diya’ lamps which can become a show stopper and a focal point in the room.

10 of the Best Gift Lamps to Buy in 2018

Bamboo Floor Lamp

This elegant floor lamp is in brown colour which can be used in almost every household as it’s a base colour for furniture. The lamp is 28 inches long and made with the material of bamboo and wood. Its shape is cylindrical, and it creates a beautiful light and shade effect when it is the only source of light in the room. It is an intricate bamboo handcraft and used as per CBTC guidelines. It comes with a wire and B22 holder. It is priced at Rs.2,199 on Amazon.

Puzzle Light Lampshade

This is a pure white modern lamp shade which is available in small, medium and extra-large sizes. This Infinity Lights Puzzle Light: White Modern Lamp Shade is a decorative and contemporary styled lamp which creates ambient light in the home, child rooms, office, dorm, and garden and also for events and parties. It suits almost all places and occasions you can think. The kit includes 30 pieces, and it is easy to assemble. Also you can create up to 15 lamp designs mixing up the parts and buy additional parts for more designs. That’s indeed so cool! You can also adjust it as a lampshade and use CFL or LED lamp bulbs. Above all, they are durable, washable and weather resistant. Buy it for around Rs.1,050 on Amazon.

Candlestick Holder Table Lamp

A very classy high-quality glass candlestick holder in the shape of table lamp, Glass Candlestick Holder Container Stand Table Lamp can be a perfect gift as a small gesture to someone. It is suitable to decorate the kitchen, living room and bedroom as it has the stylish and classic appearance. It looks impressive in the dark-room and fills in the ambience of high feeling. It will beautify and purify home and office. The price range for this lamp is Rs.770 plus delivery charges on amazon.in.

Abstract Hanging Paper Lamp

This is an adorable gifting lamp which is designed with origami as inspiration. The Brownfolds Yellow Paper Origami Lamp Shade is a paper shades hanging lamp fixture, which is made with PS sheet handmade papers. The lamp shade comes with electric fittings and a wire which can be adjusted as per need. It is crafted with iron wire and which makes it strong enough to hang. It is an elegant gift option which will liven any place. The price for this is Rs.1,198 and you can buy it from amazon.in.

Handcrafted Turkish Lamp

This is doubtlessly a handmade lampshade which has Turkish Crown shaped mosaic style design and decoration. It gives a fantastic look with or without candlelight. It is a lightweight material and can be easily cleaned with a soft dry cloth. It looks amazingly beautiful when lighted in the dark. The crown shape adds royalty to the room, and this is recommended for drawing rooms or bedrooms. The price range for this unique product is Rs.990 with free shipping by Amazon.

Mosaic, Dome Shaped Table Lamp

Truly Moroccon in design with a grand look, this Tied Ribbons Mosaic Dome Shaped Glass Table Lamp is a beautiful gift. It is a beautifully colours glass mosaic shade and base. It gives off a soft ambiance light and warm, cheerful glow in the room. The 2 meter cord it comes with has an on and off switch for convenience. It is a convenient lamp and good to gift someone. Impeccable craftsmanship always reflects through this product. It is priced at Rs.989 on Amazon and comes with free shipping.

Personalised Photo Lamp

Zoci Voci Acrylic Personalized White Tower Photo Lamp is a modern lampshade and great for gifting someone as this lamp is made out of acrylic and laminated adhesive based printing. Measuring 11.5 x 4 x 4 inch, it can be personalised with 12 digital images and has 3W LED bulb to fit inside. This is a perfect wedding, anniversary or family gift. The price of item is Rs.1,499 on Amazon.

LED Night Lamp

If you are looking for a fashionable bedside or a table-top lamp to gift someone, then this LED lamp with seven interchanging lights, is the perfect option for you. This lamp is made of silicon top that is touch sensitive and has seven different interchanging colour mode which changes the intensity of light from warm to bright. It is unbreakable, long lasting and durable as it is made of non-toxic silicone. It has a soft ABS and built-in light induction. 3 AA batteries and USB cable can power it. A great gift for single, couples or children’s room and suitable for all types of occasions. It changes mood light, tumbles, sways for play and fun. The price of this product is Rs.649 with free shipping and it is available on Amazon.

Brass Lantern Diya Lamp

A typical antique look lanterns with brass finishing, KDT 2 Brass Lantern With 2 Brass Diya comes with two brass ‘diya’ with two lanterns. The colour is gold, and the material is brass, and it weighs 169 grams. It is suitable for decoration of a living room or prayer room. It is a perfect and classy gift for any occasion, and the finishing is correctly done. The price of this product is Rs.499 on snapdeal.com.

Pewter Prema Punched Metal Table Lamp Base

A sophisticated lampshade crafted of iron with a design that adds an organic texture. The exclusive roundtable base of this Pewter Prema Punched Metal Table Lamp Base is finished in shimmering pewter. It has a perfect size for an end table, buffet or nightstand. It works with Uno or Harp socket lamp shades. You should not use any harsh cleansers or polish wipe with a soft white cloth. The price is a little expensive at about Rs.4,000 but this will make an outstanding gift. Buy it from worldmarket.com.

Some Creative DIY Lamp Gifting Ideas

People love handmade items and if you care to make one then it can be the focal point in any event. Along with various buying options, lamps can be made by yourself and no special skill is needed for that. Among many of the handmade lamps here are few ideas which can be made easily at home with the available items, that are cheap but sturdy.

DIY Photo Lamp

Photo lamp is easy to make and a nice gift if you want to create something for someone. It makes the memory special you can print the picture of person or any design to use it as the lamp cover and a simple LED or tea light lamp is enough to create a warm and cosy ambiance.

Photo Lamp

What you need:
  • Glasses - One big and two small
  • LED lights / Tea light candles
  • Tranparent tape
  • Designs printed on paper
  • A pair of scissors

How to make it:
  • Use a regular printer paper for printing or a thick vellum. You can also use votive instead of glasses
  • Print the images as per the height of your glasses. Cut the images so that they cover the sides of glasses. Tape the edges.
  • Repeat the process for two small glasses.
  • Put inside a tea-light or an LED wireless light. Your home made photo candle lamp is ready.

Newspaper Lantern

Who knew you can use the old newspapers and make a fabulous design out of it and also gift it as a charming decoration in any occasion. To make this beautiful piece you just need the things that is always available in the house. There is no need to but anything from outside which is expensive.

Newspaper Lantern

What you need
  • Newspaper
  • Acrylic colour
  • Thick wire
  • Glue and scissor
  • Balloon
  • Golden dori and golden chain
  • Colourful lights

How to make it:
  • Take a newspaper and cut into strips.
  • Take a thick wire and roll the newspaper around it to form a thin stick of paper. Use glue to seal the ends.
  • Take a pen and circle the newspaper sticks over it. Secure the first turning with glue then start to rotate it.
  • Take another stick of paper and put inside the first stick gently and start rolling both. With your hand give a shape of base and top of the lantern one with a hole on it and two small socket.
  • Put acrylic colour over it and let it dry.
  • Take a small inflated balloon, using glue attach the paper sticks over it in a design of a lantern and let it dry.
  • Take the balloon out from inside the paper lantern and cut a portion on the upper side. Put a bronze spray colour over it and dry again.
  • Attach with glue, the socket and the base you made earlier. You can decorate with small golden chain around the socket.
  • Take three strong golden 'doris' and measure equal sizes and put three of them through the top portion and tie with the paper lantern body. Glue the top portion with the body of the lantern and tie the rope to hang.
  • Put colorful diwali lights inside along with wires and switch. Hang it from the wall with the switch on. Your handmade paper lamp is ready to use.

Recycled Plastic Spoon Lamp

With some recyclable plastic spoons and hot glue what you can make a beautiful lotus designed lamp which looks amazing in dark space and gives the perfect night lamp effect or a lamp for the prayer room. This takes very less time to make and also it is not at all expensive one. This can be a delightful gift for someone who likes handcrafted products.

Plastic Spoon Lamp

What you need:
  • Plastic glass
  • Plastic spoons
  • A plastic base
  • A bulb with wire
  • Scissor
  • Cutter
  • Hot Glue
  • Bulb

How to make it:
  • Cut few head of the spoons and keep aside.
  • Take the plastic glass and cut the round back end.
  • Put some glue and attach the spoon heads over the glass.
  • Put over and over, wait until the glass is fully covered with lotus shaped spoon.
  • Take the socket and glue it with a plastic base. Attach bulb with it.
  • Put the light inside the glass, seal it with hot glue and plug it as a bed side lamp
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