Decorate Your Home Spectacularly This Ganesh Chathurthi! 10 Artistic and Stunning Ganesh Chathurthi Decoration Ideas for a Fresh Look!

Decorate Your Home Spectacularly This Ganesh Chathurthi! 10 Artistic and Stunning Ganesh Chathurthi Decoration Ideas for a Fresh Look!

Welcome, Lord Ganesh to your humble abode this year with these beautiful Ganesh Chathurthi decoration ideas. Make the day special with these stunning designs ranging from real and artificial flowers to incense holders and hanging torans. Planning to make it eco-friendly this year? Not to worry; We've covered you too.

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Understanding Vinayaka Chaturthi

Story Behind the Tradition

The elephant-headed god, Lord Ganesh has many interesting stories. Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival celebrating the rebirth of Lord Ganesh. He was created in a complete human form at the beginning from clay that Goddess Parvati moulded, but subsequently, in a battle, Lord Shiva won and beheaded Ganesha. Seeing Goddess Parvati upset, he felt the guilt and sent his men to bring the head of the first creature they came across. They met an elephant and he happily sacrificed his head for the honour.

Some Unique Ways to Celebrate the Festival

Making colourful clay Lord Ganesh or turmeric statue of him can be a beautiful way to start the Puja. Also, organizing some charity work or donating clothes and food to the people who are in need, free medical check-ups and blood donation camps can be done as a unique part of the celebration.

Superb Decorative Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi That Will Make the Day Special

Floral Decoration

Flowers are beautiful and if they are real, they give a classy feeling. They are vibrant and a great source of beautiful fragrance which you can add at any place. Floral decoration beautifies the house or the Ganesh puja venue with its wide range of shades, pretty blooms and luxurious look. When you want to add a traditional touch, decorating with real flowers is essential.

Real flowers will deck up any place in the most beautiful manner and will add much grace, beauty and elegance to it. Delicate flowers can change the entire look of any place!. Flowers add life to important celebrations and festivals by adding a lovely aroma to the place and giving a pleasing look to the eye. Real flowers will give a sense of calm and relaxation to your guests and breathe life to your festival moments. If you are looking for stunning decoration for the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, then consider strands of real flowers as ornaments around the house and the pandal or mandir itself.

With the wonderful devotional décor, the sanctity of the environment is preserved. The colourful floral decoration by Ferns and Petals with white orchids, pink carnations and red anthuriums for the Ganesha temple will instantly increase the charm and beauty of the festival. In the product, you will get 15 pieces of Anthuriums, 10 packets of orchids, 10 bundles of carnations, 50 meters of fabric and 1 jute roll. You need to inform them at least 24 hours before the date and they will need at least 3 hours to decorate your place. The whole decoration including the service will cost Rs. 22,049.

Foldable Decoration

Eco-friendly and foldable Ganpati Makhar is easy to carry, store and reuse when needed. It is created with an attractive design and good colour combinations that guarantees shine and beauty. Made from the best quality material, it brings change and dynamism to the environment. This Ganpati makhar gives extra positivity to your home or puja mandap. This can be used as ’asan’ for different gods and goddesses for various spiritual occasions other than Ganesh Chaturthi too.

Avighna Creations has made this temple decoration using biodegradable paperboard. It is non-toxic foldable and also heat resistant. The paperboard contains no polystyrene or plastic, making it extremely safe to reuse at home. It is super easy to assemble and dismantle. The colour is red and the price is Rs. 1,999 with free shipping at Seniority.

Reusable Wall Stencil

If you don't want to invest in designer wallpaper which comes at quite an expensive price, you can certainly think of ‘Wall Stencils’ which is more of an affordable option. The wall stencil works as a painting alternative to large wall decals. You can customize wall decor with your favourite combination of paint colours and different wall stencil patterns. A great benefit is that wall stencils are safe for walls, unlike the wallpapers. Your home is bound to look fabulous and charming with the new punch of pattern and personality.

Kayra décor has brought to you a reusable DIY stencil painting for home decoration which looks ethnic and it is perfect as a festive theme. A little bit goes a long way. The Ganesha style stencils look amazing on the wall and it will give a feeling of auspicious occasion around your home, puja Ghar and temple. The size of the stencil is 16-inch x 24 inch and the price is Rs. 219 at

Special Puja Thali Set

Puja thali has one of the main auspicious roles in the festivals and you cannot afford to forget this out of everything else, on that very special day. The Puja Thali is a tray or large container on which the entire puja materials are kept together and used for puja purpose. Puja thali can be made of gold, silver, steel or brass or any other material. It can be rounded, oval or any other shape. It can be simple or engraved and designed according to decoration and occasion.

Generally, a puja thali contains turmeric paste, sindoor or vermillion, akshata (unbroken rice grain), incense stick and diyas, flowers and coconut with sweets for ‘prasad’ and holy water. Other things that are added in the thali are a bell, conch, ghee, betel leaves, tulsi, milk, fresh fruit, sandalwood paste, silver coins etc. Sometimes puja thali decoration becomes a subject of art and for that, an ethnic style must be maintained.

At Sriandsam you get a stainless steel gold-coated puja thali, which containing 1 plate and two-piece bowls. The material is hard and with good finishing. The diameter of the plate is 21 cm and the bowl is 6 cm each. The weight of the plate is 220 grams and the bowl is 35 grams each. It is a gold-coated puja thali which has everything you need to perform a puja. The puja thali is very convenient and handy for everyday use or even to celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. This product is food grade safe, durable and rust-free. It is also dishwasher friendly. The price of this puja thali is Rs. 675 only.

Deepak & Bell

When we think about celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, we decorate our house in many different ways. Along with kalash, shankh, the deepak or lamp plays a very important role as articles needed for puja and also for decorations.

The lamp has its significance during the rituals. In the ‘Hindu Sanatan Vaidik Dharma’ lamp has its special place. It is a form of ‘absolute fire principle’ called ‘Tej’ which leads us from darkness towards light. It burns to convey a message of peace. Along with the lamp or deepak, bell or ‘ghanti’ is also a very important part of Hindu puja and its rituals.

The ringing of the bell unites the mind and the body with logic and emotion. It also helps to unite the right and the left part of the brain. The echo of the bell touches the seven chakras of the human body which helps to calm the mind for puja and it makes you feel close to God. It also helps in concentration by removing all the extraneous thoughts from the mind. Only Dancing Ganesha Wall Hanging Deepak with Bell weighs around 970 grams. The dimension of this product is 10 cm x 7 cm x 25 cm.

This Ganesha has a beautiful traditional look that will light up your home on a special occasion like Ganesh Chaturthi. The brass showpiece has Lord Ganesha’s face which makes it perfect for the particular occasion. These lamp holders and one bell will give your room a religious outlook. The price for this item is Rs. 1,645 at Amazon India and it comes with free delivery.

Designer Incense Holder

The aroma of incense brings life to festivals like Ganesha Chaturthi. It is also used for aesthetic reasons, aromatherapy, meditation and other ceremonies. Its importance is unparalleled in Hindu culture; So, spread the joy of festivals by lighting agarbattis around the house. Incense Stands popularly known as ‘agarbatti stands’ are useful for this purpose. Incense stands come in various designs and different kinds of metals are used for it.

Liven up your house or mandir with beautiful stands. The brand ‘Arghyam’ has brought a beautifully designed agarbatti stand, made of brass. The dimension of this stand is 11.0 inches height, 4.0 inches width and a depth of 4.0 inches. The weight of the article is 0.13 kgs and is gold toned. The price is also reasonable at Rs. 329. You don't need to bother about cleaning the burned waste every time as it is designed to hold the remaining of the sticks. You can buy it from Pepper Fry with a return period of seven days for a defective product.

Artificial Flower Arch

An arch is a symbol of renewal. When you walk through an archway it suggests the putting behind of old and moving into a new phase. Place a small arch in the entrance of your home or the mandir. Arches can be decorated with real or artificial flowers.

Real flowers look graceful but artificial flowers also look great too especially if you have an inner puja place for your Ganapati. At Alibaba you get a beautiful range of artificial flowers designed for arches which can be used for celebrations. The flowers are quite beautiful and do not look fake altogether. They are roses made from plastics and you can customize colours as per your choice. And, there are fifteen colours to choose from. The price range is from Rs. 3,926 to Rs. 11,420 for ten square meters. You can pay through your VISA card, online bank payment, Pay Later and Western Union and Moneygram.

Hanging Light Torans

In Indian culture from the time of history, the entrance to a home is very important. It’s the barrier between the polluted outside world and the pure interior of the home. It brings energy from outside. The concept of ‘Toran’ comes from Buddhist architecture and refers to as the sacred gateway. It stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Torana’, the translation of which is ‘to pass’. Sometimes mango leaves or marigold flowers are featured over the gateways or doorways. The most important thing about torans is that they look fantastic as a decoration during pujas.

Torans are available in different designs and colours. It is regarded as beautiful door hangings are known as ‘bandanas’ and these torans have special significance in the pujas of Hindu Gods and Goddesses. It is considered as an auspicious sign in the households and you can decorate forever with stunning exclusive torans.

Homecentre brings for you the modern form of torans which are not like green mango leaves or big decorated pieces. These torans are sleek and beautiful which you can decorate not only in the puja ghar for Ganesh Chaturthi but also for regular use as a decorative piece. It can also be used as a gifting article as they look unique with their heart-shaped designs. It adds grace and charm to your home décor. The pack contains two hanging torans and the material used is metal. The cost of two decorative torans is Rs. 449 only.

Handmade Rangoli

In Hindu dharma, it is considered to be auspicious to draw rangoli during special occasions and religious ceremonies. It is believed to have a spiritual perspective and lots of positive benefits, as it is said that with the change of colour and form of rangolis the vibration of the area also changes. It is divine and increases sanctity by itself. Craftghar has brought Apeksha Arts Wood multi colour handmade rangoli which has quilling work that is a unique decoration for your Ganesha Chaturthi celebration. The price for this handmade décor is Rs. 1,149 and you can buy as many as you want by selecting the quantity on the website.

Lord Ganesha Statue

A celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi will be incomplete without a beautiful Ganesha idol in your puja ghar. It can be a beautiful and positive gift for your friends and family too. This statue is made of brass with colourful designs. Its dimensions are 47.50-inch height, 28.70-inch width, 21-inch depth and weight is 95 kg. It is a little on the expensive side but the design is worth the money with shipping and GST included. Purchase it for Rs. 1,93,760 from Exotic India Art.

Different Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Today when we are in the threshold of a natural disaster which is manmade, it is our primary duty to do every possible thing to make our celebrations eco-friendly.

  • Eco-Friendly Ideas
    While having fun during the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, we can think about having beautiful eco-friendly ways like buying or doing DIY handmade Ganesh idols. Using plates and puja materials which are bio-degradable for prasad and other purposes. The rangoli colours can also be chemical-free for safe use, decompose whatever possible for further reuse for plants.

  • Simple Handmade Decorations
    We can use paper, foam, wool, cotton etc. for decorating the Ganesha idol and its stage. This will look good and also the eco-friendly way which will give you immense satisfaction.

  • Theme based Decorations
    Using of themes like a particular colour, using fairy lights for beautiful decoration purpose, designing a rangoli similar to the theme you are choosing, placing a royal looking chariot can make a huge difference in the celebration of Ganesh puja.

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Eco-friendly Festive Decor

Festival decor has never been more eco-friendly than now. More and more people are turning towards sustainable decor than ever. Ignore Ganesh statues made with plaster of Paris, plastic, thermocol etc and go green with clay Ganeshas. You can go for statues made of red soil embedded with a seed. Instead of immersing in the water, place them in a pot and water them daily. You can also go for eco-friendly rangoli powder. In these dangerous times of global warming and climate crisis, every single step you take matters.