This Ganesh Chaturthi Send Guests Back with More Than Happy Memories of the Puja: 10 Ganesh Chaturthi Return Gifts for 2019

This Ganesh Chaturthi Send Guests Back with More Than Happy Memories of the Puja: 10 Ganesh Chaturthi Return Gifts for 2019

While everyone distributes sweets, desserts and Prasad to anyone and everyone who comes at their doorstep to seek Lord Ganesha’s blessings, only a few give Ganesh Chaturthi return gifts. This gesture of yours will impress the recipient and also showcase your generous attitude. Moreover, gifts always create memories. So, this year, make your Ganesh Chaturthi memorable by choosing and giving away some thoughtful return gifts. We have shortlisted some options for you below.

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Lord Ganesha will Take Care of All Your Troubles

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion in India. This festival falls in the month of August or September. It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. People bring Ganesha idols at home or in temples and worship the idols for 10 days followed by an immersion ceremony on the 11th day. Some people even set up huge pandals on the streets or gardens for Ganpati. This festival is celebrated with greater devotion in Maharashtra in India.

When celebrated at home, people select bright colored and beautiful idols of Lord Ganesha and bring these idols at home to venerate. The celebrations at home are sometimes carried for 3 days and sometimes for 5 days. Some celebrate and worship the Ganesha idol for 10 days and then head on for the Visarjan ceremony on the 11th day.

Hindu’s believed that Lord Ganesha is the remover of all obstacles and hurdles. He is fondly known as ‘Vign Harta’ meaning ‘Remover of Obstacles’, and hence he is worshiped or remembered before commencing any auspicious work. The visarjan ceremony is the immersion of the idol in a water resource. Devotees believe that Ganesha travels to his holy abode in the mountains via the water resource. As he is the remover of all troubles, it is believed that he will take their worshiper's troubles along with him on his way to his holy abode and make their lives easier and happier.

Devotees worship Lord Ganpati with great respect and dedication. The decorations in elaborate pandals and temples is worth a visit during this endearing festival in India.

Ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi Return Gifts for Your Guests

Here are some beautiful and apt Ganesh Chaturthi gifts of all price ranges. You can easily order them online from various e-commerce sites. Some of these sites also offer gift-wrapping options. While you are busy preparing for decorations at home, all you need to do for the gifts is to shop them online and you can have them delivered at your doorstep without any hassle.

Wall Hanging


This metal wall hanging of Lord Ganesha on a leaf is easy on the pocket and perfect for the occasion. Buy this for Rs. 299 from You can even buy these in bulk quantity for expected guests and family members. The pretty wall hanging can be easily hooked on to the wall on an iron nail. The copper-coloured Ganpati wall hanging features dimensions of 13.75 cm x 1.25 cm x 21.25 cm. As it is crafted from metal, it is durable. One can hang in above door entrances or in the living room. It also looks great above your Pooja room door.

Cute Idol


This cute and endearing Ganpati idol is a priceless gift for friends and family members during Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganpati has many naughty stories associated with his childhood and it is easy to relate him sitting on a rocking chair wearing a turban. Available at for Rs. 899, this Ganpati idol resting on a rocking chair is crafted from poly-resin. This one can be placed on children’s study tables or office desks. It is a suitable return gift for Ganesh Chaturthi for all those who come to your house to see your décor and seek blessings of Bappa.

Chocolate Modak

Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations are incomplete without feasting on Modak. This chocolate variation in Ganpati’s favorite sweet will be a hit amongst children. Order multiple boxes of these chocolate modaks from Each box costs Rs. 536 and weighs 400 gm. These chocolate and kaju modaks are an interesting variation of the age-old dessert to sync with the modern taste buds and yet signify the importance of our culture. Buy these boxes in bulk quantities and gift them as return gifts to all those who come to your doorstep to seek blessings from your Ganpati idol at home.

Assorted Modaks


This box of assorted modaks from Ghasitaram is another delightful return gift option for Ganesh Chaturthi. No celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is complete without enjoying modaks and this box will serve as the perfect favour or return gift for your near and dear ones. Costing Rs. 351 for a box of 200 gm, this variety can be ordered online from These modaks are made from the purest Goanese Cashews in Chocolate, kesar, plain and tri-coloured variations. The elegant gifting box is packed with the latest Italian technology to ensure long shelf-life.

Pooja Thali

A pretty Pooja thali also looks apt when gifted as a return gift for Ganesh Chaturthi. This marble Pooja thali can be purchased from for Rs. 999. It is a hand-crafted thali that contains intricate artwork done without the use of any mold. It reflects creativity and patience of our craftsmen and can be gifted on any other occasions too. It is available in a white finish and can be used for decorating your living room, office, reception or house. The thali features dimensions of 6 x 6 inches. You can buy a few of these thalis and gift them as return gifts to your special guests and relatives.

Silver Coin

A silver coin gifted during Ganesh Chaturthi reflects the importance of gold and silver in our Indian traditions. Moreover, such gift items are an asset forever and showcase the kind gesture and thoughtfulness of the gifter. This Waman Hari Ganesha coin has 999 purity. Each coin weighs 5 gm and is priced at Rs. 584. It has a motif of Vighnaharta Lord Ganesha engraved on one side. It is an addition to your treasured collection and a valuable possession. The coin is perfectly polished and features a lustrous shine that remains intact for long. It is available on

Ganpati Book


If you are looking for some bulk return gifts suitable for Ganesh Chaturthi, then this Ganpati book authored by Devdutt Patnaik is the best choice. The multi-talented Dr. Devdutt Patnaik is also a renowned mythologist by passion and has given many lectures on the relevance of sacred stories and rituals in modern times. This book - ’99 thoughts on Ganesha’ is a modern take on our mythology and is quite relatable with society today. Buy these books in bulk with each costing Rs. 200 at You can gift these books to anyone who comes to seek divine blessings at your doorstep.

Plantable Clay Idol


If you are looking for something unique and substantial to give as a return gift for Ganesh Chaturthi, then do consider this plantable clay idol. Available at, this clay idol of Lord Ganesha is priced at Rs. 999. There are vegetable seeds inside the idol. It is made from vermicompost and coco-peat. The plantable idol comes with a green plastic vase.

After the celebrations, the idol will grow into a plant. Such a gift is a unique way of preserving the environment and it is your contribution to the flora and fauna. After the celebrations, instead of immersing the idol in water, you can just plant it in the vase and water it as you would do to a normal sapling.

Lord Ganesha Candle


This pretty Lord Ganesha candle is the perfect gift for Ganesh Chaturthi. If you are confused about selected the apt return Pooja favours, then this candle will the perfect choice. Available at Rs. 529 at, this one has a Lord Ganpati picture engraved upon it. You can buy these candles in bulk and gift them to those who come to seek divine blessings at home.

Special Return Gift for Loved Ones on Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganpati Pendant


If your wife, daughter or sister has shown immense dedication and love while making arrangements for Ganesh Chaturthi at home, then you should reward them with something special as a return gift. This stunning Ganpati pendant from is crafted from pure 18k gold. It weighs around 1.20 gm. The diamond net weight in the pendant is 0.03 carats. You will love the way the Ganpati is crafted with a very modern finish and the diamonds are tastefully set on the head and modak. This one is a treasured asset for sure. Buy it now for Rs. 6,854

Checklist for Ganesh Chaturthi Pooja at Home

When you are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home or in some nearby premises, you should invite all your friends, family and relatives to come and seek blessings. It is a tough job to bring the idol at home and perform all the Pooja and Seva for 10 days before the immersion process. This requires a lot of effort and dedication. You need to abstain from eating non-vegetarian food. Some people even refrain from eating onion and garlic as it is believed that only Satvik food should be served to the deities. You also need to take care of a lot of other things while celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi at home. Here is a small checklist for you to help you plan your preparations well so that you do not miss out on anything crucial. It is best to have this checklist ready before the festival starts.



Beautiful Ganpati idols start flooding the markets 10 – 15 days before the festival. It is a good idea to select your idol in advance else you might have to compromise. You can always bring the idol later on the day as per the religious customs. Devotees believe that idol should be brought at home only on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi to signify his birth date. Select an idol according to the space you have at home.



Plan your décor and complete it a day before Ganesh Chaturthi. Choose from different themes such as peacock feather theme, floral theme or any such other theme and collect all the decoration items before hand. While choosing a backdrop, choose a theme or a color that enhances the effect of the idol kept in front and not something that overpowers it. Remember, the idol should be the centre of attraction. Choose a place at home that is not too congested as you will have a lot of guests coming over to seek divine blessings.


Many people choose to prepare full-fledged meals thrice or four times a day to offer to the deity and then distribute it to the friends and family as Prasad. Some prepare desserts only thrice a day and distribute to everyone. Abstain from non-vegetarian food and if possible also avoid onion and garlic. If you plan to buy ready-made desserts from the market, buy them fresh every day, offer them to Ganpati and then distribute it to everyone who comes to visit your home. Some common options are halwa-puri – channa, variety rice like tamarind rice or lemon rice, desserts such as modak, chocolates or laddoos.

Bhajan and Aarti

Arrange for some famous Ganpati bhajans or aartis playing next to the décor to create a divine aura. Music uplifts the festive feeling and also enhances the décor at home. Also, fix a time for your morning and evening aarti and have a book of bhajans and aartis ready from where people can read and join you in your songs.

Return Gifts

It is a sweet and kind gesture to give return gifts to everyone who comes to seek blessings of your Ganpati Idol. You can buy these gifts in advance and stock up at home. You can choose to gift for children, family members or everyone who comes at your doorstep to seek blessings or to see your décor

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Make the Ganesha Chaturthi Celebrations Memorable for Your Guests in 2019 with These Return Gifts

With these specifically picked up gifts for Ganpati, you will ensure that not only the guests become a part of the celebrations, but also remember it for a long time. Happy hosting!