Let Your House Rejoice this Ganesh Chaturthi with These Creative and Innovative Ganesh Chaturthi Home Decoration Ideas for 2019

Let Your House Rejoice this Ganesh Chaturthi with These Creative and Innovative Ganesh Chaturthi Home Decoration Ideas for 2019

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Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated with much pomp and show in all parts of India. People dance, rejoice, distribute sweets, take out huge processions and cook savories on the occasion of this great festival. Why leave your house behind? Go ahead and transform your house with the colors of Ganpati with these amazing home decoration ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Things to Know Before Decorating Your Home on Ganesh Chaturthi

Buy Reusable and Recyclable Items

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One of the first and foremost things you need to remember while thinking of Ganesh Chaturthi home decoration ideas is that whatever you use, it must be reusable and recyclable. Avoid using single-use items. This will not only turn out to be cost-effective for you but it is a great move towards making things environmentally friendly. Even if the decorative items aren’t reusable, you can at least try to recycle and use them for something else.

Focus on Eco-friendly Celebration and Decorations

Once the festivities and celebrations are over, there is often a huge pile of decorative items that go straight into the bin. If these were just natural flowers and leaves as used in earlier times, we would not think twice before disposing of them, but often there are lots of plastic bits and things that will stick around for a very long time. This is something that worries us because it creates severe pollution these days. Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations bring water pollution, noise pollution and air pollution with it.

So, to make a difference, choose eco-friendly statues and idols, prefer immersion tanks over public water bodies. You can also prefer dhols over huge sound systems and do not get involved with too many fireworks.

Try to Use as Many Natural Things as Possible

When it comes to decorative items and other essentials needed for the puja and visarjan, you can choose more natural items as compared to other ones. For example, use flowers to make rangoli instead of toxic colours. You can also go for leaves and flowers for the toran instead of plastic products.

Once you are done the whole Puja, you can use these flowers to make compost for the plants. Isn’t it a great idea?

Never Go Over the Top with Celebrations

Instead of making such functions over the top, you should try to keep things as simple as possible. This is not a competition to perform better than others. We should focus on how we can celebrate this festival without ruining our environment and fellow people’s lives. Remember, it is about the celebration, not about the competition.

Ganesh Chaturthi Decorative Items You Can Buy Online

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These ideas we mentioned above will help you to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in an innovative and environmentally friendly way. We also found some interesting Ganesh Chaturthi decoration items online which you can use in your home not only on Ganesh Chaturthi but on other festivals too. You can check them out right below.

Generic Toran (Set of 2)

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This is a generic toran made out of artificial flower which is going to look quite pretty no matter where you use it. This handmade item is a perfect staple for festive decoration and you get 2 of such torans in this set here. You can also find beautiful pearl and gotta work at the end of each string which looks quite beautiful. This beautiful set of Toran can be purchased on www.amazon.in for Rs. 360

Gold Zoya Urli

If you are looking for simple but effective ideas for Ganesh Chaturthi decoration, then you are going to like this Gold Zoya Urli mentioned here. This is basically a hanging item which works as a Diya or candle holder. It is capable of holding 5 diyas in a row and the lowermost plate can be used for putting flower petals in it. Buy this beautiful golden hanging on www.mypoojabox.in for Rs. 1,999.

Multicolour and Easy to Use Rangoli

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Tired of making rangoli again and again on every other festival? Well, we have something which will sort out this problem for you. We have got you a wooden rangoli which looks as beautiful and as stunning as the original colourful rangoli. This is a 9 piece rangoli set which can be arranged in a desired manner to create beautiful shapes and designs out of it. Buy it right away on www.pepperfry.com for Rs. 1,259

Incense Stick Holder

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An incense stick is like the ultimate staple for Puja on festive days and you need a holder for it. This incense stick holder is the perfect thing to buy for decorative as well as festive reasons. Made up of brass, it has this golden finish with holes all over to let the fragrance come out of it. You can buy it on www.flipkart.com for Rs. 240

Ganesha Deepak with Bell Wall Hanging

While thinking about Ganesh Chaturthi home decoration ideas, you can also consider this stunning wall hanging the piece. This wall hanging is basically the face of Ganesha made out of brass material and also comes with Diya stand and bells . It looks really beautiful and will serve as a beautiful home décor item. You can buy this on www.pepperfry.com for Rs. 1,159

Innovative Ganesh Chaturthi Home Decoration Ideas

Make Beautiful Rangolis

If there is no Rangoli made on the entrance of a home, is it even a festival in India? While looking for the Ganesh Chaturthi home decoration ideas, we stumbled upon this very popular and yet very warm and interesting thing called Rangoli.

To make beautiful designs on the floor with colours is simply magical. The difference you can make this time is to use flower petals instead of toxic colours. You can further use diyas to decorate the rangoli and bring some light into it. This is not only a beautiful idea but also an eco-friendly initiative to celebrate festivals in a simpler and better way. For designs, you can always rely on Pinterest and for a process, you have YouTube to look out for.

Use Fairy and LED lights

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When nothing is crossing your mind then lightning up the situation can always help. The same applies to the decoration idea for Ganesh Chaturthi too. You can use beautiful fairy and LED lights to decorate not only the idol of Ganesha but your entire house.

You do not even need expert help for it as you can do it all on your own. All you have to do is buy different colours of LED light strings. They are available in various styles too. Just decorate the idol and other areas of your home with it. The combination of flowers and lights is simply magical and it will make your home look no less than a fairyland. Do not forget to click some stunning pictures too.

The Drape Decoration

Can’t find some creative ideas for Ganpati decoration at home? Don’t worry because we have such creative ideas for festive decoration which requires zero expense from your side. You can use old dupattas and sarees for beautiful home decoration and this is a full-proof plan to make your home look amazing during festive season.

You can either use all the leheriya sarees to create beautiful theme or choose Bandhani print sarees for traditional theme. Also, you can pick some multicolored dupattas to create beautiful decoration behind the Lord Ganesha idol. Pair these dupattas with proper LED lights to create mesmerizing home décor for Ganesh Chaturthi. This is the most low-budget plan you can think of to create beautiful festive home decoration in no time.

Garland Strings

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There are a thousand ways to use flowers for the decoration purpose. When you want to decorate your home for festivals in a budget, flowers turn out to be the best option to go for, no matter what.

The idea is to make flower garlands so that you can decorate the wall behind the Ganesha idol. You can also use these garlands to decorate the rest of the home too. All you need is a big needle and some quality threads to make these flower garlands. You can choose yellow and orange marigold flowers for it and go for white mogra flower garland in between them. Further, decorate them with lighting to create amazing look.

Go for a Specific Theme

When you are considering various Ganesh Chaturthi home decoration ideas and still getting confused then sticking to a specific theme can always help. If you will go through the various pandals of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, then you can take a look at the various themes they try.

Some of the easiest ones that you can recreate are lotus theme, Jungle theme, fruits theme, light theme, water theme and many more. Decide the theme and start making a blueprint of the stuff you will be needing to recreate the theme on your own. Simply buy the stuff and let your imagination do the rest of the work. This decoration will be done around the idol as going through the entire home can be a really big deal.

Decorate Walls with Ganesha Frames and Paintings

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If you can’t do something on your own and doing DIYs are turning out to be quite a time-taking then we have the perfect solution for you.

The least you can do is to decorate your home with Ganesha theme. All you have to do is order some paintings and frames of Lord Ganesha to decorate the walls of the living room in your home. This will automatically turn everything into festive mode.

Also, put some fairy lights around these paintings and frames to lighten up them a bit. This will create a wonderful look and you can easily find split paintings and canvas frames of lord Ganesha online in a budget price.

Flowers and Fruits for Main Decoration Around the Idol

There is no festival in India which is celebrated without the involvement of fruits and flowers in it. Fruits are often used as an offering to the god which is then distributed as Prasad to the devotees. You can use these elements for beautiful decorations too.

While the fruits can be put in a nice fancy bowl to be kept in front of the idol, there are several ways in which you can use flowers for decoration. You can sprinkle the petals all around the idol to create a periphery around it. This is going to look like a rangoli around the idol with petals of various colours. Make sure to use the right kind of colour for the flowers which can look appealing enough for the décor.

Try Some DIY with Colourful Papers

While thinking about curating the Ganesh Chaturthi home decoration ideas, the first ones that come through our mind are to go the DIY way. Using colourful papers for creating art and craft items for decoration is a wonderful idea on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.

Choose the colours which are matching well with the theme of the idol and other decorations. Make sure to not overdo anything as you would not want to steal the spotlight of the idol of Ganesha. You can find a lot of interesting videos on YouTube to learn this art and craft out of paper. As the paper is recyclable and reusable, you are also keeping up with environmentally friendly ways here. Make sure to get done with everything a day before Ganesh Chaturthi as these things take quite some time.

Balloons for Some Fun Effect

When you have kids at home eagerly waiting for the Ganesha to come and bless them then you just can’t miss out on balloons for the decorations. Balloons are one of the most innovative Ganpati decoration ideas for home. It totally depends upon you whether you want fancy balloon decoration or the simple ones.

You don't have to call some experts for the proper decoration. Rather you should involve your kids into it as this is a great way to make them a part of the celebration. Balloons totally brighten up the environment and are a fun way to celebrate festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi. You can create Balloon pillars on both sides of the idol to make it look bright and happening. Make sure to use the right kind of colours which can look even better in lighting.

Decorative Lamps, Candles and Diyas

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And finally, the most organic and eco-friendly way to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi is by lightening beautiful diyas in your home. Well, of course, this would seem like mixing the essence of Diwali in it but who cares when your house is looking astonishing.

If you are bored with plain clay diyas then you can buy festive and fancy diyas online. You can also find beautiful lamps out there too. This is an easy and affordable option to decorate your home in a budget. Also, make sure to keep the diyas in such places where the kids cannot reach them. You can also use scented candles and hanging diyas to bring a completely different vibe in your home. This will definitely work amazingly for the home décor.

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Kick Start The Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations in 2019 with These Amazing Decoration Ideas

Ganesh Chaturthi is the festival of happiness and pompous celebrations. Step into the festive mood by decorating your homes with these amazing ideas and get that positive vibes in your house. Don't forget to invite your friends and have blast on this festival.