The Festive Season is at the Door and You Don't Know What to Wear? Check Out the 10 Latest Kurta Designs for Men in 2019

The Festive Season is at the Door and You Don't Know What to Wear? Check Out the 10 Latest Kurta Designs for Men in 2019

From Ganesh Chaturthi onwards the festival season started in India and now for a very long time, it will continue. There are many types and styles of ethnic wear available in the market for women but what about our men? Caring for them, we have brought some latest kurta designs which they can wear throughout the season ( even during winter ). So, don't waste time in going to market and selecting Kurtas, we have done this little work for you Check these latest Kurtas at a single click.

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Kurta for Men

There are various theories about the origin of ‘Kurta’. Few historians suggest that it has been taken from the Sanskrit word ‘Kuratu’, while few others associate it with the Persian word ‘Kurtaka’, which means a collarless shirt. But one thing is for sure that Kurta came into existence from Asia and though most popular in India and its neighbouring countries, today it is popular worldwide due to a higher number of immigrants and visitors from Asia to other parts of the world.

Kurta was initially invented as a collarless shirt with a calf-length tunic which has long and loose sleeves, but in the twenty-first century, the humble Kurta has evolved in many forms and designs. From the apparel of daily wear in ancient India, it has come into the ethnic category today and people prefer to wear ‘Kurta family’ dresses in festivals and marriage parties etc.

Kurta is matched by wearing a churidar, salwar or pyjama, but the modern fashion gurus have shortened the Kurtas to match them with Jeans and even trousers to make it look trendy and easygoing.

Different Designs of Kurta for Men


What was once collarless apparel in ancient times has today become a style statement with different variations invented over the ages and in different parts of Asia. But as the world is becoming a global village, the fashion industry is not an exception and the fondness for Kurta has grown manifold in different regions.

Today a lot of options for Kurta lovers’ viz. Asymmetric Kurta, Side Slit Kurta, Mandarin Collar Kurta (Chinese Style), Cotton Kurta, Silk Kurta, Brocade Kurta, Side Open Kurta, Gujrati Style Kurta and many more styles and fabrics are available. These designs can be carried according to different occasions and festivals and give a charming and traditional appeal to your appearance.

Apparels to Complement Kurta

Kurtas if not worn with proper complementing apparel and lower, can spoil the entire look. Thus, it’s imperative to know what to wear with which style of Kurta to enhance the overall style. The right mix of Kurta with Dhoti, Dhoti pants, Pyjamas, Salwar, Churidar or even Jeans paired with a Jooti, Kolhapuri or Leather Sandals complete the look. Additional clothing like a stole, shawl, bandanna or a jacket is complementary as per the occasion and weather. Further, you can get the traditional or author look with accessories like Beads Bracelet, Kurta buttons or even with a classic fountain pen.

Occasions to Wear Different Types of Kurta

Kurta is not considered a regular or day to day clothing item in India (apart from politicians) and is being carried on a few important occasions in general. But wearing the right design and fabric in Kurta reflects your class and taste in fashion, hence for every occasion, a unique Kurta should be the pride of your closet.

For a National Festival day like Independence Day, white cotton or Khadi Kurta set the right tone. A festival like Dussehra or Diwali requires a bright coloured embroidered silk Kurta in the evening and cotton solid coloured Kurtas during day time. Similarly, for a party or wedding; brocade or Kurtas with embroidery on the collar can be considered.

A Kurta with Gold buttons and a churidar with complementing Nagra shoes will make you the centre of attraction at a wedding party. For a bachelor party or a regular outing, a Pathan Suit will be both comfortable and classy.

Different Types of Latest Kurta Designs for Men

As they say, “Change is the only constant thing”. The same logic applies to trendy Kurtas, the evolution of Kurtas with society has seen many different designs and patterns and the biggest contributor for bringing Kurtas as Fashionable apparel is ‘Bollywood’. Right from the Black and White movies to the Digital Cinema, Heroes and Villains of Indian Cinema have carried them with panache, thus making the ‘Fashion Avatar’ of Kurtas popular across the masses.

In the 21st century, this humble cloth has many varieties and fashion designers keep on doing an experiment with Kurta. We have tried to pick the trendiest and stylish Kurtas for you in this short guide along with a few suggestions on the matching footwear and accessories.

Men Solid Asymmetric Kurta

This oddly balanced Kurta gives a dash of Hippy look and a cool yet classy look to the simple Kurta. For a change, try to pair these Kurtas with contrast colour trousers and brown sandals in the footwear area or with rugged denim paired with Sneakers. This Asymmetric Kurta available in different solid Colors gives a strong style statement and can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs. 949.

Men Beige & Maroon Self Design Cotton Silk Kurta with Dhoti Pants

The contrast colour combination of self-designed beige colour Kurta with mandarin collar, long sleeves, curved hem and the maroon self-designed dhoti pants with drawstring closure complete the festive look with the sleeveless Jacket with mandarin collar and three pockets. The Kurta is made of Cotton Silk fabric and the Dhoti has a cotton blend. The Kurta Set can be purchased from Myntra for Rs. 2,639.

Round Neck Side Slit Zipper Kurta

This round neck Kurta in blue colour has a side slit and also styled with side zip and a pocket on the left side. This Khadi Kurta can be paired with a churidar and black jooti to complete the intellectual look. It’s a perfect wear for small parties or while going to an exhibition etc. and adds a certain mystery to your personality. You can buy this Kurta from for Rs.7,098.

Midnight Blue Embroidered Kurta with Lower

A classy colour with intricate embroidery on the fine silk fabric makes this Kurta perfect wear for a party or even a wedding reception. The white lower is complimentary with this Kurta Set and compliments the blue colour aptly. This silk kurta is below knee length and gives an elite and charming look to your persona. This midnight blue embroidered kurta with lower can be purchased from for Rs. 6,999.

Striped Maroon Kurta

This striped maroon Kurta is a good option for those men who have an average height as the stripes give an elongated overall look of the wearer. This below knee cotton kurta is light, comfortable and easy maintenance and would look good with pyjama as well as khakis paired with leather sandals. This sober Kurta is available on for Rs. 999.

Silk Jacquard Long Kurta

Beauty lies in the details' is apt saying for this silk jacquard long Kurta. The jacquard fabric was invented by a French weaver Joseph-Marie Jacquard in the year 1804 A.D., and hence the name jacquard fabric. It is woven with a special device connected to a power loom that produces complex designs with ease. A closer look at the design patterns and you would wonder about the intricacy on the cloth. This Kurta is carved out of viscose silk, styled with a mandarin collar and can be purchased from for Rs. 3,490..

Black Viscose Tussar Roll Up Sleeves Pathani Kurta

Pathani Kurta set is known for its rugged and masculine look and is kind of a power dressing in casual clothing arena. This Black Kurta made of viscose tussar material has a contrast placket detail giving it a pinch of soberness to balance the heavy colour and design. The sleeves have a roll-up option to be more comfortable during warm weather or to simply enhance the style quotient. The trademark Pathani regular collar paired with shoulder buckles complete the look of this Pathani Kurta and can be ordered from for Rs. 2,290.

Red Viscose Tussar Chinese Collar Short Kurta

This Kurta style is for those Jeans lovers who want to wear a Kurta, but don’t want to leave their denim at home. The short Kurta looks great with denim, chinos and even khakis if you can pair the right colour combination. Also, people who feel uncomfortable carrying a knee-long Kurta can try this short Kurta and feel as if they are wearing a shirt without tucking it. This shiny red colour Kurta has a Chinese collar and is available on for Rs.1,890.

Cotton Slub Kalamkari Super Short Kurta

Okay! Even a Short Kurta makes you feel uncomfortable and you think it's a bit too loose wear for you no problem, we have got something for you. You should definitely check this super short Kurta which is comparable with a slim fit shirt in terms of fitting. The beautiful Kalamkari print on the cotton fabric makes it look traditional and the Chinese collar makes you look dapper in this super short Kurta which is available on for Rs. 1,490.

Accessories and Clothes to Complement Kurta

Certain clothes and accessories enhance the look of Kurta and work as a catalyst for its coolness quotient. Be it the churidar pyjamas, the humble Dhoti or the easy to wear Dhoti Pants as a lower; mojris or sandals in the footwear section or a shawl or jacket to embrace the cold, some of them are an integral part of the Kurta set and complete the traditional or the intellectual look in their own ways. We have handpicked few such items which will complement your Kurta look.

Bandhgala Sleeveless Modi Jacket


This sleeveless Modi Jacket is certainly going to add you to the list of well-dressed men. This jacket is made of a cotton blend with Polyester lining fabric and has 2 side pockets and one chest pocket. It can be teamed up with a Chinese collar Kurta or a white Shirt as per the occasion and can be worn in business meetings as well in parties or weddings with different combinations. This bandhgala sleeveless Modi jacket can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 1,499.

Kani Silk Wool Stole/Large Scarf Wrap from Kashmir


This silk wool large scarf wrap from Kashmir can add an ethnic look to a plane Kurta. Wear it with a solid colour Kurta and it will add a traditional touch to your attire. The scarf is made of 50% cotton and 50% wool and is woven with coloured threads to craft the intricate motifs on the stole. Simply hang it around the neck with a Kurta and it will provide adequate warmth during mild winters. This luxurious and comfy stole can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 2,025.

Mojaris for Men

The ethnic look of Kurta is not complete without complementing footwear. Mojaris came into existence during the Mughal Empire and it was decorated with gems, colourful laces and precious jewels for the kings. The Mughal King Saleem Shah is being given the credit to make them popular and he made these popular by wearing them with Shalwar Kameez. Over the years, Mojaris have become a fashion item and now is worn with even trousers and Jeans paired with a Kurta or short Kurta. These beautiful Mojaris have been crafted in PVC material in Gold and Maroon colour and look extremely beautiful with Kurta paired with a churidar and can be purchased from Flipkart for Rs.712.

Gold Finish Fancy American Diamond Kurta Button

A stylish and attractive Kurta button can add the oomph factor to your ethnic wear and also adds up as a jewellery item in your wardrobe. You can go for high-end buttons which are a bit expensive and can be a good investment in terms of precious metals and diamonds etc. or a simple imitation would also do the work. These golden colour chained buttons are studded with American diamond and the pink-coloured ruby gems in the centre enhance the ethical look of these buttons. These golden-pink buttons can be purchased from for Rs. 800.

Pashtush Woven Kullu Design Men Shawl


This sober-looking Men's shawl is made from the finest micron natural lamb wool which is Australian merino wool, is quite warm and has a soft feel and fine quality. The shawl is adequately large to wrap you during winters and give a cozy feeling. During mild winters, you can simply hang it over your shoulders as a style statement and flaunt this beautiful shawl which has a Himachal inspired design. This Kullu design men’s shawl can be purchased from Amazon for Rs. 2,290.

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Do Styling with Comfort and Fashion

If you go through the variety of kurtas you will find many kurtas so it's always better to choose something which fits you best according to function and most important weather. Styling for the occasion is necessary but taking a risk on your health is not advisable. So, better choose accessories also with the kurta which will keep you warm during winter. A Khaadi is a better option you can go for and there are many other options. Don't take a risk with your health because it may affect your occasion environment. Wishing you happy and safe festive seasons.