Send Love Across the Seas: 10 Gifts for Boyfriend in the UK to Show He Will Always Mean the World to You (2019)

Send Love Across the Seas: 10 Gifts for Boyfriend in the UK to Show He Will Always Mean the World to You (2019)

Whether you're together or apart, giving gifts to your beau should not be optional. If you have a sweetheart tucked away in the UK, send him some love no matter where you are. Jackets, boots, mugs, even lamps that help you stay connected, we're brimming with great gift ideas. Don't wait for an anniversary or his birthday to tell him you miss him and order these today!

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How to Find Appropriate Gifts for a Boyfriend Living in the UK

Give Him Something that Expresses Your Feelings

Buying a gift for people in a long distance relationship is always a lengthy process. When you don’t see each other for a long time, the only way to convey your feelings is through gifts, emails and messages. If your boyfriend is staying abroad then get him a gift that helps him understand your feelings for him. If you have a boyfriend who is in the UK then get him things which will help overcome the distance and keep your relationship alive. It’s not an easy process. But with the right gifts and proper communication, it’s not impossible.

Being away for a long time creates a mental distance between people. Therefore extra effort is required by both of you to overcome that. Personalised gifts and letters are things which will help you convey your feelings and assure your guy that you still love him.

Keep in Mind His Lifestyle

Lifestyle in the UK is different from anywhere else. So you have to keep that in mind while buying a gift for you UK resident boyfriend. Whether he is a student or a working professional, his daily routine is a bit different than yours. Gifts that will help make his life easier and help him manage his busy schedule will always be welcomed by him.

Ask him about his daily activities, his job and about things he does on his free time. These little details will aid you greatly while you are trying to decide on a gift for him. If he is into fitness get him sports related or workout related products. If he has to wake up early then get him a cool digital alarm clock with built in radio. If he is a coffee lover then you could get him a coffee brewer.

Take Into Account the Weather and the Environment

The weather in the UK is chilly and grey with occasional sunny days. People living in the UK look forward to the few days of sun that they get and make the most of it by spending as much time as possible out of doors. The temperatures are more or less on the low side. It rains often making the surroundings damp and cold. Therefore warm and waterproof clothing, footwear etc. will come of great use.

You can gift your boyfriend a trench coat, a warm jacket or waterproof shoes. Another great gift would be a wristwatch with dual time. That way he will always know the right time to call you. An anorak or a rain Jacket, wellington boots, gloves, warm woolen hats, knit scarves etc. are all great gifts suited to the UK weather.

Get Him Something to Get Over Homesickness

Life can become monotonous and boring when you are away from home and friends. Homesickness can strike suddenly out of the blue. But certain gifts can help greatly in dealing with homesickness. You can send your boyfriend DIY or handmade gifts to help him deal with his feelings. Give him a box full of open when letters. ‘Open when letters’ are a bunch of hand written letters or notes that come with specific instructions to be opened when a particular situation strikes.

For example, you can write a letter with the instruction ‘Open when homesick’ or ‘Open when missing family’. Search online for instructions on how to write open when letters. You could also send him a hand knit scarf or a cosy throw. Personalised gifts such as a photo collage or a photo pillow also help deal with homesickness to a certain extent.

Another great gift for a boyfriend who is away is a care package. You could put one together for him if you want or buy it ready packed. Care packages can contain anything from food to personal care products to daily essentials like laundry detergent and room fresheners.

10 Gifts for Your UK Resident Boyfriend

Water-Proof Jacket


When it’s always rainy and wet outside a waterproof jacket can become key utility clothing. Gift your boyfriend a jacket which is waterproof, easy to maintain and stylish; something that he can throw on when he is hurriedly getting ready in the morning. Buy him this bright yellow Rain Mac from French Connection UK. This functional jacket is made from waterproof polyester, has a drawstring hood, roomy pockets and press stud fastenings buy it for £44 on

If you’re looking for something a bit more somber then buy him M&S Collection Hooded Mac with Stormwear. This smart rain jacket is available in taupe and navy. It features a detachable button-on hood for style or protection against the rain, a concealed zip fastening, handy internal pockets. This lightweight, warm water proof and will keep your boyfriend cosy when the weather turns wet and chilly. Buy it for £79 on


A pair of boots is a cold weather essential. This pair of super stylish leather ankle boots from Dr. Martens has an eight-eyelet lacing, textured PVC outsole, and extra-large pull-on loop at back. These boots are sturdy, super comfortable and adds a cool edge to a relaxed casual look. The boots are priced around £79-£336. Buy them on

Stylish Backpack

Backpacks are easy to carry and can hold a variety of daily necessities like laptops, books, packed lunch etc. The Hasagei Vintage Unisex Backpack is a sophisticated version of the functional daily accessory. This backpack is made of canvas with comfortable padded shoulder straps and is lightweight and durable. Measuring 29 x 43 x 13.5 cm, it can fit a 15 inch laptop, A4 size books, umbrella, wallet, sunglasses and packed lunch. Buy it for £20.49 from

Romantic Couple Pillowcases

Night is the time for quiet contemplation. So if he misses you too much when he goes to bed at night then get him one of these cute couple pillowcases from Mumustar. This set of two Romantic Couple Pillowcases has the words I Love Weird & I Am Weird printed on them. These pillowcases made of a mixture if cotton and polyester measure around 74 x 48 x 2 cm which is 30" x 19" x 0.8". Give one of these to your boyfriend and keep the other one for yourself. Your boyfriend will definitely think of you every night as he lays his head down on these pillowcases. Buy them for £7.09 from

Long Distance Touch Lamps

If you are thinking romantic gifts then it can’t get any better than this. The Long Distance Friendship Lamps from can be the embodiment of your relationship. These in-sync lamps light up when either one of the pair is touched, from across the town or even across countries. All you need to do is set up each lamp via Wi-Fi and voila! You are ready to communicate wordlessly across distances. The lamp displays a rainbow of colours with each touch and you can even assign a special colour to your loved one. These lamps are priced around $85.00 - $170.00 which is roughly £66.40-£132.80.

Love Has No Distance Coffee Mugs


Love truly has no distance and if you need to assure your boyfriend of this fact then there’s no better way to do it than gifting him one of these Love Has No Distance Couple Coffee Mugs. These set of two coffee mugs are made of stoneware ceramic, has a height of 4 inches and a depth of 3.5 inches. It can hold 385 ml of liquid inside and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Keep one with yourself and send the other to him. You will be reminded of each other every time you use the mugs. It’s priced at US$ 29.99 which is around £23.43 on

Photo Coasters

Guys may not be very careful about little things like using a coaster to serve drinks but you can rest assured that he will use these special ones. These Photo Coasters from are unique because they can be customised as per you wishes, with a special photo, quote or anything else that you might want to put. Gifting your boyfriend these special coasters will not only make him more careful about the furniture, but also himself make him think of you everytime he uses them. These are priced at around ₹79 each. You can order a set of 4 for ₹299, a set of 6 for ₹439, set of 8 for ₹569 and a set of 12 for ₹809. You can customise your layout and add text.

Please Bring Me Beer Socks

The element of humor is the spice that every relationship needs. A warm pair of socks is always a welcome gift when one has to brave cold UK weather. But these socks from Uncommon Goods will do more than just keep your boyfriend’s feet cosy. These ‘Please Bring me Beer Socks’ have these exact words woven into the bottom of the pair. The perfect gift for the beer lovers; the next time your boyfriend wants a pint, all he has to do is put his feet up. Buy this cheeky pair of socks for ₹1,029 which is around £10.

Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

If your boyfriend is a diehard beer lover then he will love this gift as well. Everyone who loves beer knows that carrying around bottles of beer without breaking them is almost impossible, especially if you have to travel via public transport. But with the Beer Caddy from, carrying around multiple bottles of beer is possible without any chance of breakage or spillage.

Made of hardy canvas, this carrying case comes with a handy steel bottle opener and a removable separator which fits a six pack of beer and keeps the drinks ice cold as well. This versatile carrying case can be used to carry soda cans, lemonade bottles, bottles of iced tea etc. as well. It perfect for outdoor picnics or a day’s outing. Buy it for ₹2,204 which is around £23.

Lattitude Longitude Wall Art

The Latitude-Longitude Wall Art is the DIY gift with a twist. This wall art containing the geographical co-ordinates of the place where you met for the first time, had your first date or any other special milestone is like a secret code that only you and your partner will understand.

This wall art is easy to create but will make a very unique gift for your partner. This interesting piece of art can be a conversation starter for guests as well. Find your co-ordinates through Google maps. To make the art you will need some burlap, a frame, freezer paper, and black fabric paint. You can use different materials if you want as well. Cut stencils from freezer paper and paint your co-ordinates onto the burlap using the black paint. You could even stitch the numbers if you are skilled at embroidery.

Innovative Ways to Communicate with UK Resident Boyfriend

Have a Weekly Skype Date

If you and your boyfriend are staying apart for long periods then you have to find innovative ways to connect and communicate. Having a Skype date is one way to do it. Decide on a day that you both will be free and a time as well. Don’t take it lightly just because it’s over Skype.

Dress up as you would for a real date and ask him to do it as well. It will help maintain the mood. Light a candle set up a dinner table with food and a glass of wine. He can do the same also. Apart from the physical distance, it will almost feel like that you two are in the same room, sharing a meal together. If you are feeling a bit more bold and adventurous, then you could indulge in a little kinky fun as well. You could take the help of toys, wear something sexy and just give him the visual and mental stimulation that he needs.

Send Him Playful Pictures

We would suggest this only if you are in a trustful and committed relationship. Sending pictures which are a bit risqué is a great way to keep the romance alive in a long distance relationship. You could put on some sexy lingerie or if you feel comfortable maybe even show some skin. Next time you step out of the shower, take a picture wearing a towel. Your freshly washed dewy skin would make him long for you like never before. It would keep your sexual chemistry alive and he wouldn’t be able to take his hands off you the next time he sees you. If you want to keep things PG 13, then send him some cute selfies of yourself.

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It is worth the effort

Being in a long distance relationship wasn't ever going to be easy and you knew that. Most times it may not bother you but once in a while when you see others around you with their sweetheart a phonecall or short ride away, the sharp jab of just how tough it is can hit you harder than you thought it could. Persevere and work on building a strong, meaningful relationship and it will all be worth it when you are reunited.