Non-Cheezy Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: Here are Awesome Gift Suggestions and Ideas for Valentines' Day for Your Boyfriend or Husband to Make It an Indelible Day! (2022)

Non-Cheezy Valentine's Day Gifts for Him: Here are Awesome Gift Suggestions and Ideas for Valentines' Day for Your Boyfriend or Husband to Make It an Indelible Day! (2022)

Make the moments you spend on Valentine's day timeless with gifts and romantic experiences. On top of splendid gifts, some activities that will have both of you spending time together such as cooking a meal together, going out for a picnic or trip are some ways to add to the romance and make it a momentous Valentine's day. Find these and more suggestions and gift ideas such as personalised Valentine's gifts for him, from BP Guide, on this article.

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Why Valentine’s Day is Worth Celebrating?

Love is a feeling that's to be adored, appreciated and treasured and Valentine’s is the day dedicated to show your admiration, affection and love towards a person and make him/her feel special. There is no doubt that if you are in a happy relationship, every day is a Valentine’s Day. Although love is not something that could be limited to just one day in a year, Valentine’s Day reminds couples to stop, have fun and celebrate their togetherness. Whether you are married, single or committed, take some time off to celebrate love, happiness and bond with your loved ones.

5 Ways to Spend Time with Him this Valentine’s Day

1. Cook a Decadent Meal

If you are planning to spend this special day in the cosy environment of your home then cooking a romantic meal is a fun way to spend time together. Food is indeed a fastest way to his heart, right? If you have time plan for a 3-course meal accompanied with a yummy appetizer and a dessert as sweet as your Valentine. You can even try creating classics or comfy food. Bring out your creativity and make it a swoon worthy experience.

2. Book for Couple Spa

Spending time together is fun when you are getting de-stressed and pampered in a relaxing environment. So, book a romantic spa getaway in your city for an exciting and stimulating experience sans any distractions. From warming foot massage, deep tissue massage to a relaxing all-over body massage, you have several packages to choose.

3. Volunteer Together

This is the most meaningful way to celebrate the day, which also makes you feel good, happy and productive. Volunteering as a couple is the most benevolent and rewarding thing that every couple in love must do. Choose a project that both of you can participate enthusiastically. It could be animal care, environmental conservation, medical volunteering, community development, women empowerment or anything that you care for. This activity is a welcome change from the daily monotony and to bring back the old charm in your relationship.

4. Take a Trip Together

If you do not want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the traditional manner then plan for a romantic getaway. If possible, take a few days off for extra-long holidays adding more charm and fun to your togetherness.

8 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1. Deep Tissue Massage Gun to Ease Post-Workout Strain


It’s Valentine’s Day and if you are thinking about what to gift your boyfriend/husband then show that you care for him by gifting a Deep Tissue Massage Gun. A good massage will boost his happy hormones thereby relaxing and rejuvenating him. The WellNex Massage Gun comes with 6 Replaceable massage heads and is super silent even while massaging at a high speed. Melt his stress away by gifting him this mood-enhancing and muscle relaxing massaging gun. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 8,449.

2. Personalised Engraved Bracelet


Engraved gifts make one feel more special as the item is personalized especially for the special person in your life. Gifting him an engraved bracelet with his name or message etched on it is sure to impress him. The beautiful engraved bracelet available on Nayab is unlike other conventional gifts and will be highly valued by him. It is crafted in high-quality alloy and comes with a magnetic lock. You can engrave your name, message or date on it. The price of this bracelet is Rs. 2,499.

3. Whiskey Chilling Stones


When it comes to gift-giving to guys, it is quite hard to decide on the perfect present. One thing that tops the list, especially when the person is a whiskey enthusiast is Whiskey Chilling Stones. It not only enhances the experience but is also a reusable and sophisticated alternative to ice cubes. It keeps the drink chill without diluting its flavour. Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones is a sophisticated gift set that includes unique natural granite stones to perfectly cool fine spirits and enhances the tasting experience. This premium gift set is available on Amazon for Rs. 10,725.

4. Chocolate Covered Strawberries for Guy with Sweet Tooth

Celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day with these gorgeous chocolate-covered strawberries. These fancy chocolate strawberries are sure to impress him. The berries are dipped in real milk, white and dark chocolate and drizzled with sprinkles. The melt-in-your-mouth flavour of these strawberries will tickle his taste buds. These berries are a wonderful way to curb his sweet cravings. This premium quality product is shipped with ice, which ensures its freshness. Available on U Buy, the price of this delectable set of 9 chocolate strawberries is Rs. 5,028.

5. The Beard Kit

If you are looking for a Valentine gift that has both functionality and appeal then you must pick a Beard Kit. This facial-related gift is going to be put to good use. The Beard Lover’s Vanity from the Man Company is a perfect combo that includes beard nourishing products like Moustache Growth Oil, Foaming Face Wash, Beard Growth Serum, Body Perfume, and Bear Oil. Get ready for the Valentine Party with this classic combo! The product is available on The Man Company for Rs.1,612.  

6. Personalised Chopping Board


If your man is into cooking or food (or both), then a personalised Chopping Board is a great way to appreciate his cooking skills. Preparing his next recipe will be fun with the engraved wooden chopping board available on FNP. You can personalize it with his name and the finished board looks fabulous with an aesthetic appeal. This practical gift is perfect for the chef in your life! The price of this product is Rs. 649.

7. Crystal Whiskey Decanter

If your man is a fervent whiskey lover then buying a gift for him is super easy. Although a bottle of good whiskey is good stuff, it is a common gift. So, be more creative by gifting a Crystal Decanter for the whiskey connoisseur in your life. The well-crafted and glamourous looking Whiskey Decanter is available on Tata Cliq. Make a perfect start of happy hours with this beautiful product! The price of the Decanter is Rs. 15,000.

8. Men in Black Gift Hamper

If you are looking for a thoughtful, unique and amazing gift hamper for the perfect man in your life then pick the ‘Men in Black’ gift hamper. The hamper is available on Confetti Gifts. This luxurious hamper includes a cleansing rose charcoal soap bar, a whiskey flask and an elegant black satin tie. All the items are packed in a beautiful, sturdy, and matte reusable laminated box. The price of the box is Rs. 2,399.

Romantic Movies to Watch for a Cozy Evening with Him

Cuddling him affectionately and watching a movie with him is one of the best ways to spend some cosy moments together. From classics to modern favourites there are tons of movies to choose from for this special day. Get ready to laugh, swoon, cry, tease and everything in between with him with these romantic movies.

Romantic Movies to Watch Together:

  • La La Land: The beautiful costumes, singing and dizzying choreography makes La La Land a cinematic masterpiece. The movie is all about ambition, love and following your dreams. The great chemistry and performances by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone make it a swoon worthy movie to watch.

  • The Notebook: This timeless love story of two young people Allie Nelson and Noah Calhoun is beautiful in many ways. The story goes back and forth from the time the lead pair fell in love to later when they are reunited after the war … it's never too late for love!

  • Before Sunrise: Shot in picturesque locales of Vienna, the movie is the tale of Jesse and Celine – two strangers who meet on a train. Favourite Quote from the movie: ‘Isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?’

  • Letters to Juliet: This movie with its refreshingly earnest romantic charm is perfect for a Valentine watch. Although predictable, it is a journey worth traveling!
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Make Valentine's Day Timeless!

While most ladies and partners are expecting to get gifts from their man or love of their life, you can switch up this presumption and decide to surprise them on Valentine's day. You can plan romantic experiences that you both can take part in as suggested above or select from the many Valentine's day gifts for him. With the many ways to enjoy the day, you can mark its end with a cozy evening romantic movie that you can watch together.