Sequence Board Games, a Fun and Productive Way to Spend Time with the Family! Everything You Need to Know About This Game & 3 Sequence Board Games You Can Buy Online (2020)

Sequence Board Games, a Fun and Productive Way to Spend Time with the Family! Everything You Need to Know About This Game & 3 Sequence Board Games You Can Buy Online (2020)

When we were young, we had a healthy mix of indoor and outdoor games that we indulged in regularly. We now understand that we need to keep our children away from mobile phones and other screens. But we need to keep them occupied as well. The best option is to indulge them in various indoor games that are not only fun but also inculcate the various developmental aspects into them. Sequence is one such board game that can help you achieve the same. Adults can also play the game as well. Here's everything you want to know about this strategic board game.

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Rules for Sequence Board Game

To play the game, you will need the sequence board, two decks of cards, and the coloured markers. Usually, there are three sets of markers – red, blue and green. Two to twelve players can play the game. There could be two to three teams of a maximum of four people each. The number of cards to be distributed between the players is dependent on the number of teams and the number of players in each group who are participating.

If two players or two teams are participating, the objective of the players is to get two sequences — a sequence would mean five of the markers together either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Also, you need to bring out the blue and green chips only if there are two teams. The red coloured chips need to be brought out only if there are three teams.

Setting up the Game

The person dealing will need to hand out the cards. The number of cards to be dealt with is provided below.

  • For 2 players 7 cards each
  • For 3 players 6 cards each
  • For 4 players 6 cards each
  • For 6 players 5 cards each
  • For 8 players 4 cards each
  • For 9 players 4 cards each
  • For 10 players 3 cards each
  • For 12 players 3 cards each

The game starts with the player to the next of the dealer beginning the game. Each player will have to select a card from their hand and place a chip on the matching card on the board and then put it in a discarding pile with the card facing upward. Each card has two pictures on the board, and a player can place the chip on any one of these cards. Once a chip has been placed, it cannot be removed by the opponent.

A Dead Card

It may happen that the card you are holding does not have any open place to place the chip. It is because both the pictures already have a marker chip on it. It is a “dead card”. In such a scenario, you can place it in the discard bunch and pick another card. Then you can continue playing in the usual way.

Other Important Rules

  • Depleted Deck: Once the main deck is depleted, the discard cards deck can be reshuffled, and cards are drawn from it.

  • Penalties: Players should not talk or coach other players in their team. In an unfortunate event when this happens, each of the players in the team has to give up a card as a penalty. They need to place one card each to the discarded cards deck.

  • Losing cards: It is required that on a turn, the player must discard one of the cards and take another card from the deck before then next player plays the turn. If you cannot discard your card before the next player’s turn, you will lose one card. You will have to play the game with one card less than the other players.

  • The Jacks: There are eight Jacks in the deck out of which four are one-eyed, and the other four are two-eyed. When you have a one-eyed jack, you will be able to remove one marker chip of your opponent from the board. When you have a two-eyed Jack, you can place your marker chip at any open place on the board. You will set the Jack in the discard deck and pull another card.

Variations Available to Your Regular Sequence Game

Sequence Dice

Known to be a variation of the bigger sequence board game, it involves rolling two dice. Based on total rolled by the dice, you can place a marker chip on the number shown on the board. If you roll a 2 or 12, you get another turn. If you roll a ten, you can remove an opponent’s chip from the board. You need to get a sequence of five chips to win.

Travel Sequence

Players take a card from their hand and place a peg on the corresponding card on the board. Players can remove their opponent's pegs using the Jack card. When there are four pegs in a row, it is a sequence.

Sequence Board Games You Can Buy Online

Jax Sequence Game

A card and board game for ages seven and above, the rules are the same as Sequence. It allows the players to think strategically and act logically. An ideal game during a family get-together, it will keep the little ones occupied. All you need is a flat surface for placing the board and ample space for all players to sit. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 1,349.

Curtis Toys Sequence Board Game

Quite different from other board games, it could be a pastime for the adults as well. Players are required to create a sequence of five similar marker chips on the board. As it requires a bit of strategic thinking, it is advisable that children above six only get involved in the game. The sequence game is available on Amazon and comes at an affordable price of Rs. 999.

Ankit Toys Sequel Board and Cards Game - Multicolor

Like other board games, you need to create a sequence by thinking forward strategically and preventing your opponents from winning. Both adults and kids can play this board game. It is an excellent way to pass the time with the family; the strategy improves logical reasoning in kids also. The game is available on FirstCry for a list price of Rs. 599.

Bonus Tips for Playing Sequence

While it may be easy for the elders to excel at the game of Sequence, initially, it may not be easy for the kids. So, as an add-on for the kids, here are some of the strategies that they could use while playing the game.

Sorting the Cards

Whenever you receive the cards, the first thing you must do is to sort them in order. This would mean keeping the cards of the same colour together into suits. So, diamonds would be held with diamonds, and spades with spades. The Jacks need to be held separately as they have particular uses.

Building the Sequence

It is in your best interest to try and keep the chips as close to each other as possible. Again, each card can be placed in two places on the board. Make sure there is a suitable place to keep the marker chip before putting down your card.

You should create the sequence near the corners as you can utilize the corners without having to place a marker chip there. Also, create two sequences that cross over as you have to use a less chip also.

Benefits of Playing sequence

Playing indoor games can be a great activity during leisure for people of all ages. Strategy games are all about thinking ahead and planning your next moves. Another great advantage is that you have to think about what your partners' moves could be when playing as a team. The winning outcome culminates in how effective a player's planning is and whether it has gelled with those of the partners.

Faster Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking involves the ability to reason, anticipate actions, and act accordingly. It works as an exercise for your brain by stimulating that part of the brain that is responsible for your memory and thought processes. You also improve your reasoning skills along with improving upon the sense to think on your feet and act accordingly. Which card can you put down to create a sequence? In the game, the players are required to think on their feet about the next turn. It involves decision making, along with a high level of strategic reasoning.

Improved Problem-Solving Skills

What do you do when you face a challenge? You face it head-on and tackle it using the best available solution. A board game like Sequence will help you in improving your ability to solve critical issues that can come before you. It helps you to take a break and improves your capability to find solutions to various problems. There is always a chance that the game might not go in your favour, but the players need to search for answers to the issue at hand continuously. So, when the players have a card in hand, they would need to solve the riddle of having to put down a card to fill a space on the board where they can create a sequence.

Enhanced Attention Capabilities

Research has confirmed that strategy games can help people who have problems being attentive. Strategy games like Sequence require the players to be alert. They have to draw a card after putting one of their chips and decide what to do next. They have to wait for a few more people to play before they get another turn. When their turn comes, they must quickly think and play to ensure that they get closer to creating that Sequence.

Forward Thinking

The board game requires the players to think about the possibilities that would make them win. They need to have five of the same colours in a sequence – be it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, to win. In between turns, they need to track where their teammates or opponents are placing the chips. And based on how the other players are playing, the players need to think about which card they would use during their turn. Board games like Sequence help children to have real-world experience of how to think ahead.

Creates Happiness and Patience

Playing board games is an enjoyable experience and increases the creativity of the players. Whenever we are happy, the body releases endorphins, which are known as happy hormones, as they help to improve the functions of the mind and ensure that you are sympathetic and content while playing.

Playing also teaches the players to be patient as any wrong use of these cards could make the difference between winning and losing.

Minimises Rate of Cognitive Decline

Playing strategy games like Sequence can help to an extent to have a healthy and active mental lifestyle. It also helps to brush up on various cerebral activities, like remembering the rules of the game. The players need to keep track of where their opponents and teammates are placing the chips during their turn. They need to use their thinking and reasoning skills and use their turn to the fullest to ensure they are close to creating a sequence.

Apart from being mental exercises, it also helps to maintain our social life. We can play the sequence board game with our family as well as our friends. It improves the interactions that we have with our near and dear ones. Such board games also help by providing the much-needed mental exercise for the elderly. It reduces the rate of decline of the cranial matter and prevents diseases like Alzheimer’s.

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An Interesting Trivial Fact About Sequence

Sequence was invented by Douglas Reuter during the 1970s. He originally called it the Sequence Five, and he spent several years in developing the background concept to the game. In 1981, he officially granted an exclusive license to Jax Limited to market the board game. From humble beginnings, the game is today quite famous globally.