Looking for Gifts for Boyfriend Who's a Gamer? Here are 10 Avant-Garde Gifts for the Gaming Nut Plus Tips on How to Get His Attention

Looking for Gifts for Boyfriend Who's a Gamer? Here are 10 Avant-Garde Gifts for the Gaming Nut Plus Tips on How to Get His Attention

Gaming is food for his soul, at this point you have figured that out. Much like he can't stay without you, gaming is a vital part of him. Gifts for such a boyfriend must be an unique as him and in keeping with what he loves best. Herein are some of the most cool and sought after games and gaming accessories of 2018, undoubtedly the best gifts to give to a gamer, so go on, drive your boyfriend crazy with joy.

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How to Pick a Gift for Your Gamer Boyfriend

Give Him the Latest Games

The best possible gift for any gamer boyfriend is the latest games that are trending worldwide. However, we suggest before giving any kind of game to your boyfriend make sure that you understand the type of games that he likes to play. For e.g. if he loves shooter games, try giving him the latest COD or MW game, if he’s more into sport based games like Fifa or Racing games, then give something in those lines. The reason this is so important is that gamer boyfriends are very picky when it comes to playing certain types of games. Hence, make sure you understand his preference and give him the best surprise ever.

Gift Him Gaming Consoles

Gamers love their consoles as much as they love their games. Gamer boyfriends tend to hang out with their consoles as much as they hang out with other people, maybe even more in few cases. So giving them their favorite next-gen console could literally be the best thing ever. Now before buying the console make sure you understand if he has a certain kind of preference. There are few gamers that are diehard PlayStation fans while there are some that love their XBOX and then there are few who love both. So make sure you understand his favorite console and give him the latest version of it.

Give Him Gaming Accessories

When it comes to gaming, one can totally revamp their gaming experience with the help of gaming accessories. So you can easily select from a wide range of gaming accessories present online and gift your boyfriend. Now if you find that your boyfriend loves playing racing games, gift him a gaming wheel. If your boyfriend loves playing VR games, a better virtual reality system. Now if you are totally confused as to what to give then the easiest and the safest choice is a game controller, as literally everyone yearns for a kickass gaming controller.

Top 10 Amazing Gifts for Gamer Boyfriend

Marvel's Spider Man (PS4)

This is one of those popular games that are literally appreciated by everyone. We are sure that your boyfriend will love this gift and the best part about this gift is that you can also enjoy this game with him as the game revolves around the characters that you can relate from the movie. The story of the game is focused around the original story from spider man’s universe. All the iconic characters are reimagined and placed in an amazing plot. You can get this item for Rs. 3879 from amazon.in.

Dragon War ELE-G9 Dragon War Thor Wired Gaming Mouse

If your boyfriend plays games in PC or gaming laptops then this gift will appeal a lot to him. This gaming mouse is built to last and can easily wear out intense gaming sessions. The ergonomic design along with amazing LED lights provides a top of the line gaming experience. The mouse provides a lot of customizable options and provides optimum precision. It has a gold plated USB connector and the cable length is 1.8 meters. Talking about controls the mouse comes with 8 programmable buttons. The buttons provide accurate feedback and can be pressed smoothly. You can get this item for Rs 1,099 from flipkart.com.

Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe Pixel Laptop Skin

This is one such gift that is quirky and awesome at the same time. Based on the popular meme “Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe” this laptop skin has given the same tagline to the famous Mario game. We are sure that your man boyfriend would love this gift and would love to have it as his laptop skin. Make sure you buy this laptop skin based on the size of your boyfriend’s laptop otherwise it would not be useful for your boyfriend. You can buy this item from postergully.com for Rs.349.

Logitech Prodigy G231 Gaming Headphones with Mic (Black)

If you find that your boyfriend loves playing online games or games with other people from around the world then he will really appreciate this gift. This Logitech Gaming Headphones with a mic is amazing, as it is comfortable to wear and its neodymium speaker drivers provide high-quality immersive stereo sound. This headphone can be plugged with any type of gaming console including tablets and smartphones. The ear cups present in the headphone are removable and can be easily washed. Since the whole headphone is pretty lightweight, one can easily wear it for a long duration of time. The mic ensures that one gets a crystal clear voice chat. The headphone also has on-cable controls with a volume dial and mute switch buttons. You can get this item for Rs. 3,749 from amazon.in.

Counter Strike CS Go Mousepad

All of the PC gamers need a cool mousepad so that they can stay sharp in their gaming campaigns. A mousepad can turn out to be a great ally for a gamer as it provides a solid base for the mouse to act upon, this, in turn, lets people have sharper aim and better directional sense in the game. Now if you know that your boyfriend loves Counter-Strike (who doesn’t) then he will love this cool mousepad inspired by CS. This gift will be well within your budget and you have to only shell out Rs.199 to get this product from postergully.com.

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2

If your boyfriend loves playing games on his mobile then this gift will turn out to be a boon for him. This Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 will help your boyfriend have an amazing immersive gaming experience on his mobile. This gamepad provides support for both Android and iOS. It also comes with a 4000 mAh Li-Ion battery which lasts around 12 hours when a game is played continuously. It also provides easy to access phone features like surf, watch, play, listen, chat etc. You can buy this item for Rs. 2099 from amazon.in.

Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Nintendo Switch

If your boyfriend has a Nintendo Switch then we are sure that you would have been tired of hearing how awesome it is from your boyfriend. So if you gift this awesome game to your boyfriend we are sure that he will go to cloud nine. This Legend of Zelda game is customized for Nintendo Switch. Being an adventure genre game it will surely appeal to almost everyone. Also, it is a single player game and its DLC content can be downloaded from the eShop using an official account. This pack comes with game pre-loaded in the card and it will update once someone starts using it. You can get this item for Rs.4,899 from Amazon.in.

Counter Strike Giant Poster

Who doesn’t love a cool poster? This giant poster will easily let your boyfriend express his feeling for his love for games to everyone. The best part about this poster is that it’s a trendsetter, it games a cool look to the room, and also ensures that people understand the overall personality of the person especially for Counter strike fan. Talking about the poster, the artwork is perfectly printed and one thing to keep in mind is that this is a quite big poster so ensure that your boyfriend has that kind of space in his place to hang this poster. You can purchase this for Rs.2,199 from postergully.com.

Super Mario Odyssey (for Nintendo Switch)

Since Nitendo Switch is all the rage right now, we are pretty confident that your boyfriend will love playing this game. As Nintendo Switch is a major hybrid console, which means that it is designed as a home console and the main unit can be connected with a television through a docking station. So your boyfriend can now play this awesome game freely anywhere he wants. This Super Mario Odyssey game is crafted for Nintendo Switch console and is guaranteed to provide an immersive experience. You can get this gift for Rs.4,590 from flipkart.com.

Video Games Coffee Mugs

Since gamers spend a considerable amount of time sitting behind a TV or laptops they need to stay hydrated all the time. In fact, if you think that your boyfriend really doesn’t get that much fluid daily then this gift will serve its purpose. This Video Games Coffee Mug looks awesome and will serve perfectly for your boyfriend. Once you gift this mug to him, whenever he will see the mug he will remember the fact that you told him to stay hydrated. So, all in all, it will be a win-win situation for everyone. This mug can be bought for Rs. 299 from postergully.com.

Bonus Tips for Dating a Gamer

Dating a gamer boyfriend could be a lot of fun, but there are a few things that you can do to make the relationship more fun. So, for this reason, we have listed a few tips that you can follow to take your relationship to a next level.

Join Him in the Game

If you are looking to spend some quality time with your gamer boyfriend then there’s nothing better than joining him for a gaming session. You would be happy to see a totally different side of him when playing games with him. Every gaming boyfriend wants their girlfriends to either join them for their gaming sessions or show interest in their obsession. So you can imagine the surprise on his face when you join him for a game. The best part is there is a strong chance that you might actually enjoy playing with him, which in turn will further enhance your love and affection for each other. If you particularly do not like playing games at all, then you can just sit with him and see him in action. Since most of the games now have a story-based model, we are sure that you will be hooked to know what happens next.

Balance Out Gaming Time and Time for You Ttwo

It is true that gamers love their games as much as they love anything else. So if you have a diehard gamer boyfriend then it is important for you to draw some boundaries, so that your relationship stays healthy. As a thumb rule, never put your boyfriend in a position in which he has to choose between his love for games and you. The thing to understand is that gamers are passionate people and if you have a gamer boyfriend then chances are that he loves you very much, so it’s futile to put him in certain uncomfortable situations where he has to choose. Now having said that we don’t mean that you let him do whatever he wants. Whenever you are hanging out, make sure he understands that he always needs to make time where he can totally focus on you alone. We are confident that he will understand this and will always have a time for you.

Don't Say Anything Important While He is Playing

This is by far the most important tip that we can give. As we discussed earlier, gamers are passionate people and so when they are playing games they try to completely focus on their games and nothing else. When playing games, especially online games where they are collaborating with other people around the world and chatting through their headphone, in these situations he would most likely say whatever you expect him to say without actually listening to anything. So if there is something important that you need to convey then either you can text him or wait till he really listens to you. Many gamer couples have secret words that they call out when they need to say something important, so even you can have your own secret word that you can say to him so that he really listens to what you have to say.

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Cool and Amazing Gifts to Get for Your Gamer Boyfriend

From an obsession cultivated since childhood, it is safe to say that gaming is his second love. At this point in your relationship, you have already figured this out. Being his first love, it would be a good idea to get him a gift, especially one that goes along with his gaming obsession. Once in a while it is also good to indulge in the activtiy and get to spend time with your boyfriend. At the end of it all, you will have spent time with him, known more about him and you both enjoyed your time. Giving him a gift will even improve your relationship as he will see you understand his interests and stand by him.