Looking for a Gaming Phone That Does Not Compromise on Other Features? Check Out These Top 5 Gaming Phones Which Ensure a Lag-Free Gaming Experience! (2019)

Looking for a Gaming Phone That Does Not Compromise on Other Features? Check Out These Top 5 Gaming Phones Which Ensure a Lag-Free Gaming Experience! (2019)

Smartphones are the things of today. Who would have thought a decade back that smartphones would be getting such a huge platform in the domain of gaming! It's obviously easier to just switch on your phone and start playing your favourite game at the convenience of a touch, anywhere and anytime than to have to switch on your console or pc. We bring you 5 best phones which not only would ensure a smooth gaming experience but also would not be compromising on any other feature!

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Best 5 Indian Gaming Phones

Smartphone gaming is one of the biggest and fastest growing industries at present because of the rise in the use of smartphones and other interconnection gadgets. There are many accessories designed particularly to improve the experience in playing games on a smartphone. There are many available smartphones in the market but if you need one for mainly playing games there are many things to consider. The good ones will cost you a bit and before you do buy one, find out everything you can about the options and make a smart choice. In this article, you will get to know the best smartphones for games and things to consider before buying one.

1. Apple iPhone X

Source amazon.in

The iPhone X that comes with a Bionic A11 chip is currently considered as the fastest smartphone available on both online and offline market today. Gaming is made smoother and more fun with Apple’s Metal APIs. If you are a big iPhone gamer, seeing incredible graphics together with frame rates of Apple’s phones is common. So it is not surprising that this smartphone is currently considered the best smartphone for gaming. It has good storage so downloading games of higher memory capacity won't be a problem. You should also buy it because of its 5.8 inches display which is considered good for playing games. This phone is available on many online phone stores. You can just stay at your convenience and order one for yourself or for a loved one. You can get it at amazon.in for Rs. 74,999

2. OnePlus 6

Source amazon.in

For the second option, we present you with OnePlus 6. It is the fastest Android smartphone as of present. This is one phone you should buy if gaming is what you want to use it for. With a very decent battery life, you can enjoy gaming for a long time. The camera is well dependable and OnePlus 6 has no issues with heating like other smartphones used for gaming. If gaming is what you're going to use this smartphone for, this phone is a good choice to consider. OnePlus 6 is available at amazon.in for Rs. 29,800.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9+

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The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is one of the toughest phones to beat when you're dealing with an Android. This smartphone with its large QHD display can produce excellent frame rates that support gaming. With this feature and others, you have the best smartphone for gaming. It is sold at Rs. 64,990 at Flipkart. It is a good smartphone for playing games as it comes with a good battery. It comes with a RAM 6 GB along with and storage of 64 GB which is good for storing as well as playing gaming. With a display of 6.2 inches, the gaming experience is quite smooth. It also comes with a processor of 2.7 GHz, Octacore that makes it overcome lagging. A battery capacity of 3500 mAH will prolong your playing time with the smartphone. Apart from being good for playing games, you can use it to take good pictures as its primary and rear cameras are 12 MP and 8 MP respectively.

4. Sony Xperia XZ1

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This smartphone is currently considered one of the best Android smartphones for gaming. It comes with some background enhancements FHD display resolution. It is competing with iPhones on GPU tests. It comes with a storage capacity 4 GB | 64 GB that makes it good for gaming and other phone functions. With a display of 5.2 inches, this phone is worth using for gaming. With a processor of 2.4 GHz, Octacore, the smartphone will perform at optimal. This smartphone is not just good for games but can be used to take quality pictures because of the 19 MP rear camera and 13 MP front camera. It's available at Flipkart for Rs. 34,990

5. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

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Apple iPhone 8 plus has the same A11 Bionic chip as Apple iPhone X. Going wrong with Apple iPhone 8 Plus is not possible. It is one of the best smartphones available on the market for gaming. Apple’s iOS ecosystem is well known to be friendly with games and the iPhone 8 Plus is an addition. It is also to your best interest to know that this unique and exceptional phone is the first Apple-designed and it is very fast too. It is available at Paytmmall for Rs.69,990.

Ways to Boost Game Performance on These Phones

Android phones are often overwhelmed with many lagging issues such as stability issues, battery draining issue and more. No one likes to see and have their smartphone perform below expectations and as such, knowing the tricks that will assist you in boosting your gaming performance on your smartphone is the desire of all smartphone users especially those using it for games. Some of the tricks in boosting smartphones used for gaming are:

Remove Unwanted Applications

Presently there are so many smartphone software applications that we install to our smartphone. This excessive installation of applications causes this phone to start lagging. It is of paramount importance to identify applications that are essential to you and those that are not needed at all. All installed applications consume space and most of the installed smartphone applications run in the background. Both the consuming of space and running of applications in the background cause the processing speed of your smartphone to slow down. So if you must boost your smartphone for gaming you need to uninstall as many unwanted applications from your smartphone as possible. This will certainly boost the performance of your smartphone.

Software Updating

It is very essential to keep your smartphone updated. If not, always verify if there is any available system update for your Android or iOS smartphone. If you find any, update it as soon as possible. All systems update comes with new bug fixes that provide the phone high performance, stability, and new features for your software be it Android or iOS. The version of every Android system update can be checked under your phone’s About Phone section.

Background Services

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Background services have a prominent role to play in the slowing of smartphones. Applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Hangout and others cause the processor to be very busy as they all run in the background. These applications take a lot of RAM space. They drain the battery of your phone as well. Nevertheless, current smartphones come with high RAM amount which facilitates the performance of the phone. You can also boost the performance of your smartphone for gaming by manually disabling the background service of particular apps.

Turn-off Animation

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To increase the performance of your gaming smartphone, screen animations should be turned off. Turning off the screen animations is easy. By going to the developer options of your phone and searching for Window Animation Scale. On seeing it, select it to be on scale 10x. Turning the animation off entirely will make your screen not to show any animations again. Transition animation scale can also be turned off.

Performance Boosting Apps

There are many available applications that you can download on the Google Play Store to boost your smartphone gaming performance. After downloading and installing such applications, the graphics quality of your smartphone will increase and the general performance of your phone will increase too. Most of these Google Play Store gaming applications have special feature settings that only work when you are playing games with your phone. You can manually change the settings too. As earlier stated, there are many boost performance applications available for download on Play Store. Some of such applications are Game Booster, DU Speed Booster, Systweak Android Cleaner, Swift Gamer, and more. You will surely enjoy playing games with your smartphone when you make use of these applications.

Enable Developer Settings

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Another way you can boost your gaming smartphone performance is by enabling developer settings of your iOS or Android phone. However, enabling the developer setting of your phone will drain your battery though it will boost gaming performance.

Useful Tips for Buying Game Phones

Almost everyone loves playing games on their smartphones. There are many games that give people pleasure, so they go all the way to download and play the game. However, most of the players end up unhappy as their smartphone don’t allow them to enjoy the games to the fullest. So before you buy any smartphone for gaming, you should consider the following:


ROM which stands for Read-Only Memory is the internal storage of the mobile while RAM (Random Access Memory) on the other hand is the temporary storage of smartphone data. RAM needs fast access, so it has a role to play in our phone’s data transfer speed. A smartphone is at an advantage when the internal storage is large. The large internal storage is good for playing games of high graphics. Heavy and high-resolution games contain a high amount of files such as 1GB or more. Buying a smartphone whose internal storage is 64GB is good for gaming purpose and as such, you don’t need to worry. RAM is another essential thing to look for when buying a smartphone for gaming. Buying a smartphone whose RAM is above 2GB is good as the performance will be high. You will get fast data processing and high-speed gaming experience with a phone of such memory. Choose a smartphone with RAM of at least 2GB and with high megahertz if you are interested in games.


Another thing that you should consider when buying a gaming smartphone is design-appearance. The design appearance has a role to play in gaming. Even if you're buying it online, visit a store and get your hands on the actual piece to get a feel of how it sits in your hands. Stores sometimes let you explore the phone as well, so play a basic game or browse whatever apps are available on the dummy piece to get some sort of idea of what the gaming experience will be like.

Battery Life

This is one of the most important things to consider when buying a smartphone. It is considered by many as more important than the phone itself. Games drain the battery so it is necessary to buy a smartphone with battery capacity 4000 mAh and above if you want to have an enjoyable gaming experience. When a game is played, the processing will be heavier when compared to the regular usage of the smartphone. So if you must use your smartphone for gaming, buy a smartphone of at least the aforementioned battery capacity.

Temperature Control & Good Heat Dissipation

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) of every electronic like a desktop computer is prone to heat. To overcome the problem of heat, heat sink plus silicone grease and fan is used. Using a fan consumes power and also emits noise. Gaming smartphones such as Asus ROG phone and Xiaomi Black Shark make use of a liquid cooling system. So get to know the gaming smartphones that have no issues with heating.

Display Size

The gaming smartphone should have a screen of 5.5 inches and more. A smartphone screen of 18:9 size is good as it is a full screen. It can easily be manipulated. So you go to a market to buy a gaming smartphone take a decision about the display size and the one that will suit you best for playing a game. Most people go for a smartphone that has a large size screen of about 5 inches and above because the bigger the screen better the comfort and vice-versa.


The CPU of a smartphone is very important as the processor of a smartphone has the highest impact on its performance. Focus more on the CPU of the smartphone and the GPU if you must enjoy playing games with your phone. Buy a gaming smartphone that has a good processor as games keep the processor of smartphone busy.

Configurable Gamepads

Some smartphone games operation is simple and it is easy to play several buttons. The gamepad can make the whole operation and experience smooth. The gamepad does not need you to fill the screen.

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Ensure all features before buying a smartphone

With smartphone gaming getting more and more trendy by the day, often features such as camera quality and battery backup are neglected while buying a gaming phone which is regretted after buying the phone. Most gaming phones come feature-packed, however, ensure that it has all the features and you get the best product for what you pay!