Watching Streamers and Can't Decide Where to Begin Gaming? Start Your Multiplayer Gaming Journey with These Top 10 Online Games in 2019

Watching Streamers and Can't Decide Where to Begin Gaming? Start Your Multiplayer Gaming Journey with These Top 10 Online Games in 2019

Gaming has taken 21st century by the storm, and with ever-advancing tech, the experience today has become so surreal that you simply can't ignore the experience. If you always have been wondering with which game to start your online gaming journey, you're in for a treat as not one, but we bring you the top 10 online games you can start with right away!

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21st Century: The Era of Gaming

With the advent of technology, exposure to games has increased exponentially. Be it on mobile phones or PCs, people of all age groups are indulging themselves into the gaming culture due to the plethora of options available out there.

Moreover, the tendency of any game to gain popularity has also increased due to various social media apps, where now you are informed about the trends and other things not through your close-knit group, but from anyone around the world.

There are endless categories of games that are yet to be explored. All kinds of games are there, some of which require strategising, others, on the other hand, serve our curiosity.

Some of the popular categories of online games include Card Games, First Person Shooter Games, Arcade Games, Action and Thriller Games, Running and Strategising Games.

The gaming industry has been witnessing a massive growth due to all these factors and in this article, we'' be talking about all such games. If you’re new to the gaming bit and want to know all about it - then this article is for you. We’ve covered the top 10 online games to get you started, along with some necessary information about online games.

Play Online Games on these Websites


Gaming has now become a leisure activity, a way to relieve your stress and indulge in some enjoyable activity. Moreover, multiple-player games also allow you to keep connected with your social circle as well as meet new people.

There are many online gaming sites in the market these days wherein some offer free gaming options, and others cater gaming needs on a paid or subscription basis. It is because of the gaming industry in India growing at a phenomenal pace that newer games and portals are coming up at such a fast pace.

If you’re a beginner to the world of gaming, here are some websites to get you started:

These are free websites, which are good to begin with, and you can start your gaming journey without any hassles. Some of these websites, since they are otherwise free, have ads in between. When it comes to gaming websites in the market, what matters is that which website offers you the best experience as a gamer, which means games free of bugs and issues.

What also makes a website popular depends on which site provides you with the latest games within a short span of them being launched.

Top 10 Online Games for You to Get Started with Multiplayer Gaming

Now that you know all about the gaming craze in India and about online portals to get you started, here's a list of 10 popular online games which would be an excellent place for you to explore and fall for the gaming era and understand what is the craze about these games.

We’ve also listed different portals on which you can play the games along with other exciting details. Scroll below to read all about these games.

1. FIFA 2019

Well, the love for football around the globe needs no introduction, so how can we not list down the popular football game FIFA?

Another addition in EA’s successful franchise, FIFA is always the go-to multiplayer video game when you just want to hang out at home and chill with your mates.

Available on platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, this version brings enhanced gameplay innovations and customizability to the game.

If you love football, then you would enjoy this game, and you should let your passion for football to come out alive by indulging into FIFA 19.

2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

It’s been seven years since the release of Valve’s insanely popular First Person Shooter, and it still has around 20 million active players worldwide.

It is one of the oldest games which has been able to gain even more popularity over the years, even with the advent of so many new and different games in the market.

As with its predecessors, the game takes the form of a multiplayer first-person shooter in which two teams are pitted against each other in a variety of different game modes.

Over the years, the game has seen many changes in terms of maps, weaponry, and game modes. While some argue that it’s a dead game, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received a lot of attention from the developers this year starting with the panorama UI, especially because of the introduction of the danger zone (Battle Royale mode) and other constant gameplay updates.

With the game going free on Steam this year, its enormous presence in the E-sports scene, a vast number of in-game skins and other tradeable/sellable items on Steam market, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still attracts a massive amount of new players to it.

You can play this game for free on Steam and know what the hype is all about!

3. Dota 2

Being the most played game on Steam, DOTA 2 doesn’t need an introduction.

It’s a classic 5v5 MOBA with over 117 playable characters in it, each with their strengths and weaknesses which makes them unique.

With a huge diversity of heroes, abilities, and magic items, there’s a lot of room to experiment and find your playstyle.

This also means there’s something new to learn from every game and no two games are the same. DOTA 2 is free to play and is available on Steam.

4. Monster Hunter: World

A very popular game, which has gained a lot of presence from gamers worldwide, Monster Hunter: World is an action game which revolves around hunting monsters.

You can play this game on your own or with a group of three friends. Hunting any monster rewards the player in the form of armour and weapons. The game is based on skills and is very addictive, which explains the popularity it has received.

It works on the loop of hunting, and then hunt some more to gather points while you as a player improve your skills along the way. You can play Monster Hunter World for free on Steam.

5. Elder Scrolls

Elder Scrolls is a viral action role-playing fantasy game, which has all the elements you need to enjoy a fantasy game: humans, orcs, elves, dragons, and monsters.

The world of elder scrolls is extremely complicated where it has its own cultures and religions and constitutes a well developed interconnected side missions and backstories. This is what makes this game exciting and the reason why the series has won multiple 'Game of the Year' awards and has sold more than 50 million copies worldwide.

The series has around five main titles and several expansion packs. You can play it on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch.

6. GTA 5

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The fifth version of the Grand Theft Auto Series, which defined the open-world games of the decade, is a massive hit across all platforms. Aside from the story mode, it offers an online mode, which is more popular and utterly different from its single-player counterpart.

The level of detailing in the game is extraordinary, and you can practically lead another life virtually. The game is available across PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

7. Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege brings the classic 5v5 Player vs Player action to you, with a vast roster of specialised operators, each with a unique gadget and skill to help you approach victory using different playstyles.

Due to the variety of operators it offers, the game has quite a bit of a learning curve to it, and there’s a lot of tactics involved.

But, once you get familiar with it, it gets highly rewarding and competitive. What makes Rainbow Six Siege popular is the constant additions and improvements to the game.

New seasons come up regularly, bringing along new sets of operators and game modes with it. This fast-paced FPS is a must have for fans of the genre, and is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

It is a game which involves a lot of strategising, and if you enjoy these elements, then you would really enjoy Rainbow Six Siege.

8. Warframe

Warframe is set in a far distant future, and you play as a member of an ancient clan of warriors, against the big evil corporations having militaries of human-like robots.

Players can acquire in-game items by completing missions either alone or with up to four players against the environment. In addition to cooperative missions, the game also offers Player vs Player content, which also rewards the player for topping the matches.

It’s available for free for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

9. The Division 2


The Division 2 is a third-person shooter game and offers a satisfactory sequel to its predecessor. It clears the way for all the complaints which came from its users wherein there were a lot of sidelined missions, which never were as rewarding as they were expected to be.

The game offers such detailed rewards which keep the players hooked. Beyond the necessary skills and excitement of the game, Ubisoft, with the second version has created a rewarding cycle which is extremely addictive with elements like apparel options and more, which are beyond the otherwise rewarding opportunities of points and weaponry.

In addition to this, the roadmap of the game is exceptionally detailed, wherein you can spend hours playing the game.

Even though some bugs have been reported, yet this game is definitely worth giving a shot. You can play The Division 2 on Xbox One, PS4, and your PC. However, it is a paid game, and you can buy it from Epic Games Store and would cost you around Rs. 2,960.

10. PUBG


Currently topping the charts, PUBG is a battle royale game which has taken the industry by storm and popularised the genre. The players start with being parachuted onto an island along with up to 100 people, searching for weaponry and equipment, trying to survive while the playable area shrinks continuously.

Due to its simple concept and gameplay, PUBG is highly popular and replayable. You can get it on Steam, for PC, Xbox, and PS4. The mobile version of the game is also quite popular and can be played for free.

However, a lot of severe incidents were observed in the past due to extreme involvement of people with the game, and this resulted in the ban of PUBG in certain cities in the state of Gujarat.

Maintain a Life Balance When Indulging in Online Games

Even though gaming is considered as a great stress buster, but what you also need to know is that Gaming Addiction is a real thing. Gaming has an addiction element to it which means that there are chances that without even knowing you might fall into that trap where you’re spending all your time playing games and letting go of activities you would indulge into otherwise.

It might take over your entire day, and we all know, after a point, a lot of screen time hampers your overall health. This means that if you’re into gaming, or stepping into exploring the gaming era, make sure you plan your time efficiently.

An excellent way to go about is to watch and observe the time you spend on gaming carefully, and if this time is exceeding the time you've decided upon, that should be your red flag.

Another alternative would be for you to find some other activity you would like to indulge in and then slowly and steadily replace and reduce your gaming time with this new activity. It could be walking, any sport, reading, or something else that takes your eyes off the screen.

Even though gaming has some great elements of fun and stress-reliever in it, make sure you do not get addicted to the same and enjoy gaming as an activity which is merely a part of your life.

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Keeping Away From Scammers

A lot of online fraudulent gaming websites have started to emerge after the gaming boom. How you can detect whether a site is legit or not is by checking if they offer any games or deals which seem too good to be true. Avoid getting lured into their trap; make your purchases from authentic online platforms only! Happy Gaming!