Looking to Kick Your Old Gaming Cans and Replace with Best One? 10 Best Gaming Headset to Experience Immersive Surround Sound, Crystal-Clear Mics for Voice/Chat Comms (2020)

Looking to Kick Your Old Gaming Cans and Replace with Best One? 10 Best Gaming Headset to Experience Immersive Surround Sound, Crystal-Clear Mics for Voice/Chat Comms (2020)

A good headset will make a huge difference when you play games. Whether you like to get lost in the game with the music of sound effects or whether you need to hear the enemy's single footstep to know where they are, finding the best pair of headphones for you can be quite a challenge. You should look at the overall build quality, sound quality, how comfortable they are with everything. But don't worry! Here we have hand-curated 10 best gaming headset that has all the features.

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What Is a Gaming Headphone and the Difference Between a Gaming Headphone and a Normal Headset?

Headsets are probably the most bought and sold device currently. You will find people sporting all kinds of headsets around you but did you know that there are tons of different varieties in a headset? Bp-guide intends to introduce the best gaming headsets for you in this article but first, let us learn a little about these headsets specifically made for the gamers.

In simple terms, a gaming headset is nothing more than a headphone with a microphone attached to it. People also buy separate headphones, and a microphone for playing their favourite games but having them both together makes life a lot easier for sure. There is actually a difference between a gaming headset and a normal headset. You might want to use the same headset for playing games and listening to music, but it will make a difference for both the experiences.

The major difference between the two is the attached microphone. When playing an online game, you would want to communicate with your team members, and this is when the microphone comes in handy. It is also important to have a microphone if you are playing co-op games with your friends. You will also find music headsets with microphones, but the gaming once is far better. The audio quality of these gaming headsets are much better and if you go for a noise cancellation one, then you will can have all the fun while playing games without getting disturbed because of your brother yelling at you by your side.

Another difference is the surround sound. It makes you feel as if all the music and audio is actually happening beside you. You need a good surround sound on your gaming headset to get into the rhythm of the game, and if you are a competitive person, then this would be very helpful for you to figure out who is about to attack from where.

Now that you know the major difference between the two headsets, you should know why people actually buy a separate headset for games. It is because they are a lot more convenient as you use your microphone and headset all at once. You could buy two separate once, but a better choice is to buy a gaming headset for a better experience plus you won't have to deal with additional cables and wires. Earlier the quality of these gaming headsets was not up to par, but now these headsets have evolved and can actually make you feel every move made by you or your enemy during a game.

Best Gaming Headsets Available in India Today

Here is a list of top 10 gaming headsets in the market for you to choose from.

HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1

Source www.amazon.in

The HyperX Cloud Core + 7.1 is a great gaming headset as it comes with virtual 7.1 surround sound to let you get lost in your game. It has a USB audio control box which is user friendly, and you can easily control the mic, headset volume and mute it when needed. The frame of the headset is made with high-quality aluminium and is durable. It also has a detachable noise-cancelling mic which gives you clear audio. The headset is compatible with PC and PS4 plus you can connect it with 3.5mm cable to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile and VR systems that support the connection. You can purchase this headset for Rs. 6,490 from amazon.in.

SteelSeries Arctis Raw Wired Gaming Headphone

The SteelSeries Arctis Raw Wired Gaming Headphone is one of the best in the market. It has a 40mm driver which gives perfect and realistic sound effects. It also has a detachable microphone, and you can easily control the volume of the headset through its easy to use controllers. The headset is lightweight so that you can play hours and not get tired. It is compatible with OS Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, Mac. This headset is available for Rs. 4,399 on www.reliancedigital.in.

Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones

Source www.amazon.in

Another very good gaming headset is the Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones which is available for Rs. 999 only on amazon.in. You can use this excellent headset for gaming as well as for listening to music. It has a single 3.5mm jack for sound and mic which makes it a great headset. It is made with soft cushion head pad and ear pad for optimum comfort. The microphone on the headset is flexible so that you can use it on your preferred angle and play comfortably. The Cosmic Byte GS410 Headphones is compatible with PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, PC, iPhone and Android Phones and makes a great gift for your game-loving friends.

Kotion Each Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED – G2000 Edition

Source www.amazon.in

Kotion Each Over the Ear Headsets with Mic & LED – G2000 Edition is yet again one of the best headsets you can find in the market. It has a 50mm magnetic neodymium driver to give you the clearest sounds. It is made with skin-friendly material and is very comfortable to wear for long hours of your playtime.

The headset has LED lights on the top and on the sides, which makes it look very attractive and you can turn it the LED lights with a USB connection easily. You can also adjust the size of the headphones according to the size of your head and prevent them from slipping while you are immersed in a game. It also has a Rotary volume control button for you to adjust the volume when needed. The mic on the headset is foldable and you can use this headset with a PC, laptop or with your mobiles. The noise cancellation feature is one of the best features in this headset, and it is lightweight for you to play for hours without getting a headache. This excellent gaming headset is available for Rs. 1,499 only on amazon.in.

Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones with Microphone for PC

Source www.amazon.in

Another good gaming headset you can check out is the Redgear Cloak Wired RGB Gaming Headphones with Microphone. This is an extremely lightweight headset with LED dazzle lights. The microphones on the headset are highly sensitive and give you the most accurate sound while playing games. You can also adjust the volume with the easy to access volume control button. This headset is available for Rs. 1,136 on amazon.in.

JBL Quantum 300 Wired Gaming Headphone

JBL is a famous brand when it comes to electronic devices, and the JBL Quantum 300 Wired Gaming Headphone is one of its best products. It gives a realistic sound, which makes you perform better during a game. It is powered by the JBL Quantum ENGINE PC software which provides you with an out of the world experience each time you use it. It has 50mm, neodymium drivers, as it is ultra-lightweight for you to easily carry it with you while you travel and don't want to miss a game date. You can use this headset with PC gaming, JBL Quantum 300 headset is also compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, Mac, and VR. It comes with a one year warranty, and you can buy it for Rs. 4,999 from www.reliancedigital.in.

Razer - Kraken X

The Razer Kraken X is a lightweight headset and has 7.1 surround sound, which makes your gaming experience the best. You can easily hear your enemy shooting at you before he takes a shot through its realistic sound. It has a custom-tuned 40mm drivers to give you the best sound you can get in a gaming headset. It is made with ultra-soft headset pads for you to wear it for a long and competitive game. The frame of the headset is made with high-quality aluminium which makes it durable and worth investing in. It comes with a 2-year warranty so go on and play all you want without worrying about any manufacturing defects. You can easily order this headset for Rs. 4,999 from www.headphonezone.in and have a blast.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset again is one of the best gaming headsets in the market. It has inbuilt dual chambers driver which gives you perfect sound. The frame of the headset is made with durable aluminium and can be adjusted according to the size of the head of the gamer. You can also detach the cables of the headphone. The headset has inline audio control to give you perfect sound with each game. It comes with a 2-year warranty and can be bought for Rs. 12,999 from yashretail.com.

Nacon Official Sony Licensed Gaming Headset for PS4 and PC

Source www.amazon.in

You can also check out the Nacon official Sony licensed gaming headset which can be used with PS4 and PC easily. It has a 3.5 mm jack which lets it hook up with your PC or to your smartphone. You can also easily adjust the height of the headset according to your comfort level. It has an integrated remote with volume control for you to increase or decrease the volume when needed. It is made with comfortable material for you to enjoy your game session with ease. The headset is available for Rs. 2,199 on amazon.in.

EKSA Stereo Sound Over Ear Headphones Gaming Headset with Mic

Source www.amazon.in

Last but not least on the list is the EKSA Stereo Sound Over-Ear Headphones Gaming Headset with Mic. You can use this headset with NEW Xbox One controllers, PS4 and compatible mobile/tablet devices with a 3.5mm connection. It is also compatible with Mac, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. It has adjustable rotating 15-degree earmuffs that easily fit on your ears, and the soft protein foam earmuffs make playing a game easier and comfortable. It has a built-in 40mm magnetic neodymium driver that catches each step made in the game and for you to react on time. It comes with an anti winding braided USB cable and a rotary volume controller key to adjust the volume as needed. You can buy this excellent gaming headset for Rs. 2,199 only from amazon.in and give it as a gift for you game-loving brother this Christmas.

How to Buy a Gaming Headset: Tips to Keep in Mind

    Here are a few tips that can help you buy a perfect gaming headset for yourself.

  • 1. Always check the platform of the headset before buying it. You need to know if it is for XBOX, PC, MAC or other devices. There are headsets which can be used with multiple platforms as they have a USB and a 3.5mm jack to make it easier for it to be used.

  • 2. A gaming headset is not a gaming headset unless it has superior sound quality. Check the size of the driver before investing in one. A good headset should have good bass and should also have a noise cancellation feature.

  • 3. Don't forget the importance of build quality. It should be comfortable and durable. You will be using your headset for hours when you sit and play; therefore, it should be easy on your head as well as on your ears. The material of the headset should be soft on the ears and durable on the head. It should also fit perfectly on your head to prevent you from getting a headache or pain in the neck and off course to avoid hearing damage.

  • 4. Think beforehand if you want to use a wired or a wireless headset. A wireless headset connects to a charging station while its base station is connected to the PC or a console. It usually runs via the 2.5Ghz band or with Bluetooth for you to go to the bathroom while you talk to your teammates. A wired headset depends on a physical connection which is either a USB or a 3.5mm jack. They are lighter in weight but won't allow you to move freely while you play.

  • 5. Find a headset with a retractable mic. It lets you use it when you need it or simply remove it when not needed to avoid any distractions between the game.

  • 6. Check to see if you can use your gaming headset for making a phone call or for listening to music. It will be an added advantage and worth investing on.

  • 7. Don't be misled by the price of a gaming headset. You don't need to buy an expensive peace but check for the features you need, and it should be enough.
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The Best Gaming Headsets Let You Hear Everything with Greater Precision!

The best gaming headset will make a difference to your gaming experience. It can be a determining factor in critical life-or-death moments in multiplayer or competitive shooters, making you much more relaxed during long gameplay sessions. For any competitive PC player, a high-quality gaming headset is important to your experience, helping you to quickly pinpoint directional audio and respond accordingly.

If you're hunting for a top-of-the-range product or something just to dip your toes into the gaming audio segment, we've got all the basics covered in this guide to the best gaming headsets for 2020. We hope this guide helped you in finding the best gaming headset to up your gaming experience.