Unable to Find the Most Suited Earphones for Your Needs? Here Are Top 10 Earphones to Choose From in 2020.

Unable to Find the Most Suited Earphones for Your Needs? Here Are Top 10 Earphones to Choose From in 2020.

An earphone is the commonest electronic accessory of all time. Be it for everyday work, calls, or leisure, everyone owns it and puts it to good use. This is why, an earphone is a good investment to make, one that will last with you for a long while. So make sure you read through this guide which will help you navigate through the numerous options available out there!

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Why Should You Own a Quality Earphone?

Have you ever asked yourself ‘what is the one electronic accessory that is used the most on a daily basis‘? For most people, the answer will definitely be headphones or earphones. It might come as a surprise that people never realize the significance of this device in our daily life. In the past, the number of people using these devices was limited to either musicians or people working in a field that is related to communication, but with the rise of the age of the digital music these devices penetrated the life of common people and now have become one of the most useful accessories.

The earliest form of this device was developed by a Utah inventor named Nathaniel Baldwin in the year 1910. He introduced this device to the military as a gadget that is capable of amplifying and clarifying the sound. This device was first tested by the naval officer and they were astonished by the performance of the device presented to them. The first headphone was tested on the brink of the First World War and with the amazing performance, the future of the headphones was set.

Things to Consider When Buying an Earphone

Buying earphones online can be a hectic task as the internet is a large collection of data and surfing through this maze can sometimes be really problematic and difficult. There are multiple reasons that contribute to the difficulty in finding the earphone of your choice online. Some of these reasons are the Possibility of different websites providing the same product at different prices, different models that might have similar names or the devices may be of different generations and vary a lot in price, etc. Therefore, there are a few things that we need to keep in mind before considering buying any of the earphones online.

  • Type of Device

    One should pre-plan the type of musical device they are planning to buy before deciding to buy it. There are 3 major types of headphones. These are In-ear headphones that are earphones that have their earbuds pushed in near the ear canal so that the music can directly travel through the ear without any disturbance. Second is the on-ear headphones, these headphones sit directly on the top of the ear lobe as there is a space between the ear canal and the speaker part of the headphone there is always a chance that the is some background disturbance. Lastly, there are over the ear headphones as these completely cover the ear and provide the best sound quality for a long time be due to their large size is less portable.

  • Type of Acoustic System

    The acoustic system tells about the design of a particular earphone. There are generally 2 types of acoustic systems. These systems can be defined as a closed acoustic system that is defined as the noise is unable passes to and fro from the earphones, which also represents that the earphone has a good noise cancellation system. The second type is an open acoustic system that allows the flow of sound to and fro from the earphones. Hence the open system allows the people around you to hear what you are listening to and you can also hear what people around you are talking about.

  • Drivers

    These are the crucial component of the earphone or headphone as these are the thing that is responsible for converting the electrical energy into sound waves that are read by the eardrum and brain to give meaning to the sound. There are multiple types of drivers such as moving-coil drives, electrostatic drivers, planar magnetic drivers, etc. The bigger is the size of the driver the better would be the sound quality of the device. Earphones generally contain drivers from 8mm to 15mm, whereas the headphones may contain from 20mm to 50mm drivers.

  • Frequency

    The frequency of the headphone represents the range of frequencies the headphone can play. But as the human capacity is from 20HZ to 20 kHz, the frequencies produce above or below this range are inaudible to humans but a great range represents that the device can play all the frequencies properly without any problem.

  • Battery Life

    The battery life of a device is extremely important in wireless devices as it cannot run after the battery has run out.

  • Portability

    It is important as if the headphone is big or bulky, it would be difficult to carry it around.

  • Water Resistance

    As people love to use these devices during a workout they can get damaged due to the sweat produced. Therefore, it is best to get a water-resistant earphone.

  • Built-in Microphone

    Taking calls and audio recordings would be impossible if the device does not contain a microphone. Hence, try to buy earphones with in-line or built earphones.

  • Wires Used

    Even in the wireless earphones, the connecting wires may be fragile and prone to breaking. So to avoid such situations one should try to get earphones whose wires are flat, synthetic braided or metallic wire braided, etc.

Top 10 Best Quality Earphones in India

Soundmagic E10C in-Ear Wired Headphones with Mic

Source www.amazon.in

The advantages of good quality earphones cannot be overlooked by any person who enjoys music and a device with new and better technology will definitely be appreciated by the users. These SoundMagic E10C wired earphones are the better version of well know E10S series of earphones. With a metallic body, tangle-free braided cable there is no denying that this earphone radiates the qualities of a premium product.

This earphone is implanted with an enhanced bass output for extra impact and clear sound. With powerful 10mm Neodymium drivers, the earphones have a frequency range from 15Hz to 22 kHz with a microphone which helps in voice recording and call functionality, the earphone is available in red, golden, and gunmetal color and is available for Rs. 1,899 on amazon.in.

Sony MDR-XB55AP Extra Bass Earphone With Mic

When it comes to the world of music there is no company as well regarded than Sony and the products of the company are considered one best in the world of music gadgets. The Sony MDR-XB55AP is one of the best-wired earphones that are made by the company. With Impactful deep bass and 12mm Neodymium drivers, the earphone is able to produce crystal clear sound and is capable of playing sounds of frequency from as low as 4Hz to 24 kHz.

These in-ear earphones have flat wires to prevent them from tangling and the soft silicone earbuds provide a secure and comfortable grip that makes it easy to use them for a long time. This earphone is available for Rs. 1,999 on Vijay Sales and has microphones to help in hands-free calling experience and is has a metallic finish to give it a premium look.

Urbanista San Francisco Ergonomic Earphones with Remote and Mic

Earphones are gadgets that play an important role in the everyday scenarios; these devices not only help us listen to music but are also used for mundane things such as making calls and recording audio. With the cost price of Rs. 1,293 these earphones are the best choice for the people, as these earphones come with astonishingly powerful 14 drivers that are able to produce sound with amazing quality and hybrid design these earphones are compatible with all the devices with 3.5mm audio jack adaptor.

With a proper microphone and flat tangle-free cable, these earphones are available in a large array of colors to fit the user's needs and should be the best choice for casual users. You can buy them from ubuy.co.in.

Samsung Earphone EG920

Samsung is a company that is known for creating gadgets and gizmos that are not only cost-effective bat are also good quality durable products. These earphones are one of those powerful, yet affordable devices produced by Samsung. With an in-ear design and with a winged tip that helps keep the earphone fit and secure while wearing these earphones.

With a dynamic 12mm driver, these earphones are able to produce clear sound and rich bass. The cover of the microphone made up of a substance that is capable of reducing the surrounding wind sound, these earphones are available at an amazing price of Rs. 949 from samsung.com.

JBL Endurance Run Sweat-Proof Sports In-Ear Headphones

Source www.amazon.in

There only a small number of people who have never heard the name of JBL as this company is a well-known world of music for they are famous for making high-end music gadgets that are even used by professionals. Therefore, there is no surprise that they are credited for creation earphones that are most famous among people who buy the earphones for casual use. These sweat-proof wired earphones are made up of flex soft material that protects them from damage and have voice assist system such as Google assist or Siri implemented in them to provide you with an immersive experience.

These earphones come with twist lock technology that prevents them from falling while the wearer is running or exercising and with a waterproof body these earphones can be worn during rain also. These earphones cost Rs. 1,199 are not only able to produce sound from frequency 20Hz to 20 kHz but also have magnetic earbuds that help in easy carrying of the device. They are available on amazon.in.

RHA - MA390 Universal Earphone

RHA is a company based in Scotland that produces high-end premium earphones with a unique design. These RHA –MA390 earphones are made up of Aluminum to provide better sound quality and with a sleek aerodynamic design, these earphones are premium device.

This earphone is also equipped with an incredible compact noise cancellation system that is capable of removing all of the background noises so as to helps the users have an immersive and stunning sound quality without any background disturbance. Also, the earphones produce marvelous sound thanks to the presence of the sonorous aluminum body and 13mm drivers that are shaped like inverted trumpets. These earphones are available for the price of Rs. 1,899 on headphone zone.in. It comes with 3-year warranty backed by manufacturers.

HifiMan RE-400 In-Ear Monitor Earphone

HifiMan RE-400 Earphones are in-ear earphone with premium built quality. Embedded in this earphone is an 8.5mm titanium driver that is capable of producing crystal clear sound. This earphone is manufactured primarily made for people who enjoy listening to music as these don’t have the presence of a microphone and keeping that in mind the earphones are made for this purpose only. These earphones have a metallic body and have crystal and copper cables for better transmission of music. The price of this earphone online on www.ubuy.co.in is Rs. 2,792 and these earphones have neodymium drivers that are helpful in making the earphones produce rich and beautiful sounds.

Skullcandy Smokin Buds 2 Wireless In-Ear Neckband (White)

Skullcandy is a famous company that makes audio devices such as earphones, headphones, speakers, etc and the Smokin Buds 2 are the Skullcandy in-ear, wireless neckband that connects to the device via Bluetooth. With a sleek design, lightweight, and high-grade plastic collar that has the control buttons on the band. The wireless connectivity helps the user to use the device without losing any movement. The cost of this headphone is Rs. 3,799 on tatacliq.com.

Audio-Technica AR1iS BK

Source www.amazon.in

Audio-Technica makes headphones that are used by most of the music or content creators. The Audio-Technica makes one of the headphones that have the best sound quality. The Audio-Technica AR2iS BK is a headphone that has 40mm drives that are responsible for the clear and pristine sound. The headphone is also foldable that increases the portability of the device, it is an over the ear wired headphone that is an ideal device for work like video or sound editing as it provides the best sound quality. The device can be bought for Rs. 1,799 from amazon.in.

1MORE Triple Driver Wired Earphone with Mic

The 1MORE produces premium music devices such as earphones, wireless earbuds, etc that have amazing sound quality. The 1More Triple Drive is a premium wired earphone produced by 1More Company that is fully customizable. The earphone is made from aerospace-grade metal and the earphones contain separate dynamic drivers.

The package of the earphones also contains multiple ear tips that you can be manually changed by the box contain 9 sets of ear tips that the user can use to enhance the experience according to their choice. With a price of Rs. 6,499 the device also comes with an airline adaptor and in-line remote to control your music. You can easily order it from theaudiostore.in.

Why Invest in Good Quality Earphones?

The reason for which the people love to use a headphone is that provides us with a privatized and isolated environment while the person is present in a public environment. This private environment provides the user with a perfect chance to listen to the song of their choice without disturbing anyone around or near you. Some of the other reason so as to why people are ready to buy better quality headphones headphone are:

  • Clear Sound

    This is one of the major reasons why people choose to buy headphones with good quality hardware. Nowadays people are not ready to compromise with their music experience and to get this proper experience they are prepared to spent money to buy headphones that do not produce cheap or distorted music listening experience. As a good quality headphone provides you with music a vivid and immersive experience of the music and a good quality headphone doesn’t cause damage to the eardrum. They are ready to pay extra money if it means the area able to get better and clearer music listening experience.

  • More Durable

    Headphones have evolved a gadget used by musicians to an everyday essential accessory used by people on a daily basis. Therefore, the old fragile and less durable headphones are no longer able to fulfill the requirements of the people as they need more durable and reliable devices that they can use for daily use without any issue of these headphones breaking easily. Hence, more money is required for the purpose of acquiring a more durable and good quality headphone.

  • Offers Easier Access

    A few decades back the old wired telephone was considered a device that represents luxury and class as these devices could only be owned by people who are considered wealth. Not only that but these devices were heavy and bulky and as they were connected with wires they restricted the moment of the person. But with smartphones and good quality headphones, the users were able to get restriction-free movement. Now the person is capable of performing any other task while listening to their favorite music or talking to people.

  • Health Benefits

    According to the study conducted by the H.B Maynard & Co the use of headphones has several health benefits for the user than a person using phones without any headphones. It is seen that the constant use of the mobile phone without the use of the headphone can cause in the accumulation of stress in the neck and shoulder muscles of the user and the building up of this stress over time can cause problems such as muscle tension, muscular pain, and discomfort in the joints. These problems may appear small in the beginning but can cause a lot of discomfort and soreness.
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