Want Immersive Gaming Experience? 10 Best Gaming Accessories in 2022 That You Can Use to Improve Your Overall Gaming Experience

Want Immersive Gaming Experience? 10 Best Gaming Accessories in 2022 That You Can Use to Improve Your Overall Gaming Experience

Looking for the best gaming accessories? Not sure about which gaming accessories are right for you? As most gamers are aware, the appropriate gaming accessories are essential for bringing your gaming experience to the next level; in fact, the right accessories frequently complete the immersive gaming experience that most gamers desire. Let's demystify the apparent perplexing world of gaming accessories so you can quickly pick what's perfect for you.

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Best Gaming Accessories to Improve Your Gaming Experience

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Today gaming has become more of a career option than just something to pass time. People all over the world participate in various tournaments and win humongous prizes. Even if you aren't a professional gamer, you may an enthusiast who wants to get the best experience while playing your favourite game. Every gamer says that their accessories provide a boost to their experience when combined with their skills. In this article, we will be diving into the ocean of gaming accessories and sharing our thoughts by telling you some mistakes regarding a gaming PC.

9 Must-Have Gaming Accessories

Gaming Headphones

An online multiplayer game’s basic necessity is a good pair of headphones. It is a must-have accessory for a gamer. In PvP games, listening is crucial to ensure your survival. Not only the footsteps, but other sounds like a grenade, shooting, or a device beeping.

This is one of the best gaming accessories as it helps you to maintain communication with your squad. You might ask, why wired headphones? The reason is latency or lag. A gamer knows that those milliseconds are enough to turn over the table. Clear sound helps you respond better when you know where your enemies are coming from.

An Ergonomic Chair

You might’ve seen gamers during a live stream, almost all of them have an ergonomic chair. Why is it a must-have accessory? Gamers will be facing back issues as they won’t be resting their back all the time. They will be in the gaming mode where they’ll be focusing on their tablet or PC.

After the game, they need a good stretch which a normal chair can’t provide you. Hence, back issues become a real thing. The chair will take care of the height, rolling wheels, cushioned back support which also tilts. Different chairs, tilt to different angles.

4K Monitor

The gaming experience is directly enhanced by a better monitor. It provides you with better graphics, better resolution, refresh rate, etc. these monitors provide you with graphics that look quite realistic. Make sure the monitor you buy has HDR support and Adaptive Synchronization Technology like FreeSync. It reduces all the glitches or visual issues that may distract you during your game.

The monitor is one of the best gaming accessories as they offer an amazing response time. In simple words, what you did and when it reflected on the screen. The less the time the better it is. These monitors also take care of your eyes, they have light sensors that adjust themselves during the night. Hence, reducing the strain on your eyes.

Backlit Keyboard

An ergonomic keyboard comes under the must-have accessories section because how else will you be controlling your character? Having a backlit feature enhances your experience as, during nighttime, the keys help you in finding the right one and also because they look very nice. Another feature of the lights is that they might be interactive. This means they can change as you play. You can also customize them as your preference like choosing a cool or warm tone according to the surroundings.

Some keyboards also offer a wrist rest pad. Soft pressing keys, backlit keys, cushioned pad enhances your experience significantly. You should know that the pad is removable so, feel free to detach as nothing should compromise your performance and skills.

Gaming Mouse

In PvP games, the look and shoot purpose is fulfilled by the mouse. You’ll be amazed how many features a gaming mouse can have which makes it the best gaming accessory to own. Let’s start with the optical sensor, some mouses use one with 25000 DPI which simply means that the mouse tracks your movements with extreme precision while gaming.

Furthermore, having RGB lights and access to 16.8 million colours will make your keyboard and mouse the same. Plus, the clicks on the buttons have a spring mechanism which when clicked, instantly reflects on your PC. Also, the sensitivity controls change with person and game so, you can add multiple settings to it and also change them during the game without visiting the settings.


Whether you're streaming on Twitch, YouTube, or Trovo, you will be needing a webcam. A webcam can sit over your monitor or attach it to a stand if you're a mobile game player. It’s preferred that you get a USB microphone for better voice clarity. A webcam with 4K capability would be just what you will be needing. It will record everything perfectly and your audience can enjoy it.

Furthermore, having a webcam installed also helps as your audience looks at you how you react to certain situations. This is why it comes under best gaming accessories.

Blue Light Glasses

It is recommended for both PC gamers and mobile gamers. As gamers spend most of their time in front of the screen, they are exposing themselves to the blue light. This light is responsible to make you think that it’s daylight which is why gamers don’t sleep as their mind is tricked. This disturbs their sleeping schedule which leads to an effect on performance and productivity.

The blue light glasses will simply stop most of the light before they reach the eyes. There are tonnes of glasses to choose from based on their shape, size, comfort, type of glass, etc. The reason is enough to keep them on the list.

WiFi Router

A seamless gaming experience requires uninterrupted internet access. Every gamer knows how badly latency issues can impact their game. There are chances that your PC may not have an ethernet connection. You can get a set of WiFi Routers and place them and connect them in a way that they create a strong connection. This way you’ll be safe and good to go for your game.

Smart Lights

They are one of the common things you'll find in almost every gamer’s room. The lights provide your room with a better ambience. As they are termed “smart”, they are controlled with mobile devices which let you choose a suitable light or tone according to your needs. They should be connected to your WiFi in order to get access. You can buy as many as you like and sometimes they also offer you slots according to time. So, instead of adjusting them again and again, simply switch to the customized one you desire.

Our Suggested List of 10 Best Gaming Accessories to Buy Today

JBL Gaming Headset

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A JBL headset (over-ear) is one the best you can have. JBL has been a trusted brand providing durable and lightweight headphones for a long time. You know how important it is to listen to the movements of your enemies during the game. Plus, being a wired headset, you’re reducing the chances of latency problems by a big margin. Having a 40 mm driver offers clear and crisp sound making you completely aware of your surroundings. It is compatible with a variety of platforms such as PC, mobile, tablets, PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, etc. You should add this must-have accessory to your cart for Rs.2,573.

Wipro Smart Lights

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Creating a nice ambience while you’re gaming enhances the experience. Getting these smart lights would make things happen. Being smart allows them to be controlled by Android, iOS, and Alexa. It works perfectly with google assistant. It offers a huge variety of colours and tones. Plus, a good feature comes with grouping. It means you only have to set the colour and tone and all of your lights will respond the same. You can also schedule time with which they’ll automatically turn on and off. You can get these Smart Lights at Rs.1,599.

Cosmic Byte Gaming Keyboard

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You can’t deny that a Backlit Keyboard is one of the best gaming accessories. The keyboard comes with 4 levels of brightness and 9 backlighting effects. Plus, it has sound-reactive LEDs which means your keyboard's light will change according to the sound. Having an aluminium body makes it is strong and durable enough to last long. You also get a detachable resting pad and with 10 million keystrokes, you can play for a long time and not worry about the keyboard. You can have this wired backlit keyboard for Rs.1,249.

Acer Nitro Gaming PC

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The Nitro Series by Acer has been considered one of the best for gaming. Providing a 165Hz panel makes your gameplay seamless. As FreeSync is installed in the monitor, your graphics card and the refresh rate will be matched delivering ultra-smooth gameplay. Being an FHD IPS 23.8 inch display, you are looking at more vibrant and clear graphics. The bezel-less display covers more views which a gamer needs. The widget software allows you to add more to your screen like playing music, video, browsing any website, etc. This must-have accessory can be yours for Rs.16,799.

NET-DYN Gaming Glasses

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Getting these Blue Light Glasses reduces strain on your eyes. It is designed for gamers and prevents retinal damage from harmful lights. Gamers can wear it an hour and a half before going to sleep and have a better sleep quality. The glasses are made of high-quality material making them comfortable and reliable at the same time. You can have these blue light glasses for Rs.6,203.

Logitech Gaming Mouse

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A gaming mouse is a necessity in PvP games. This mouse has 8 programmable buttons to which you can allot different functions like tossing a flashbang, change sensitivity, etc. It has advanced speed tracking which is very precise with the movement. It has a sturdy and comfortable design with rubber grips. So, sweaty hands? Not a problem. You can get this Gaming Mouse for Rs.2,095.

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

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If you love Forza Horizon, this has been on your wishlist for a long time. Made of high-quality steel makes it is strong and durable. The wheel provides you with realistic feedback. For instance, the wheel will resist when you’ll be taking turns, etc. You also get a 6-shift gearbox if you choose to drive it manually. And the wheel itself has a lot of controls to it. You must add this Gaming Accessory to your bag for Rs.59,744.

TP-Link Gaming Router

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A powerful router is important to constantly provide you strong internet connection. With its easy setup app, you can have parental controls and even a guest network. You will be looking at a lag-free experience after installing it. You’ll have a bandwidth of 1.75Gbps, which is adequate for a gamer. You can get this Router for Gaming for Rs.3239.

Redragon Webcam

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A webcam is important to handle live streaming purposes and to interact with the audience. This webcam comes with an advanced feature of fix-focus. This feature makes sure that it gets a clear image of the subject regardless of the light in the environment. It also rotates 360 degrees and tilts up to 90 degrees on each side. This perfect Webcam can your for Rs.2,790.

Green Soul Gaming Chair

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With this chair in your room, say bye to the neck and back injuries. Not only this but the chair will look out for your knees, thighs, shoulders, and even arms. You get a comfortable, spacious seat on which you can even sit cross-legged. The armrests are completely adjustable even if you want them at any angle. The head pillow and lumbar pillow will be there to prevent any injuries. This Ergonomic Chair will be yours for Rs.18,990.

Mistakes to Avoid While Buying a Gaming PC

Hard Drive

Currently, games are getting bigger and bigger. The time has gone when the premium games were merely a GB or two. So, you can’t settle for a 500 GB hard disk anymore. You should for at least 1 TB or above. Also, prefer SSD over HDD. It may be a little expensive but settling for HDD may compromise the performance of your PC.

Don't Fall for Looks

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Here, looks can actually be deceiving so, remember what your PC must have. They will have PCs that look way cool and are pricing you for the coolness. What matters more is the internal hardware. It’s not that you should settle for a powerful PC with poor looks. Look for a balance, you'll always find one.

RAM Capacity

It’s a myth that for a better gaming experience you need more RAM. Most gaming PCs come with 16GB of RAM which is adequate. You should put effort into the graphics card as it’s responsible for the seamless visual experience. So, focus on VRAM (Graphics card) over RAM

Planning and Execution

If you're going to buy a PC then, do your research. When should you buy and is buying right now a good decision? There can be no perfect time as advancements are continuous. You should look for something like a new model or graphics processor launching soon. If that’s the case, waiting would be the right thing. And accordingly, you should also plan for the best gaming accessories that will suit your PC.

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