Want to Play Without Cables Getting in the Way? The 10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards of 2022 to Ensure You Have a Competitive Advantage When It Comes to Gaming.

Want to Play Without Cables Getting in the Way? The 10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboards of 2022 to Ensure You Have a Competitive Advantage When It Comes to Gaming.

Are you lagging behind your opponent because of the low response speed shown by your normal keyboard? If yes, then my friend it’s time for you to get a new gaming keyboard. This article takes you through the top 10 best wireless gaming keyboards on the market and takes a look at the technology that goes on behind the scenes. If you’re ready to press the advantage, let’s dive right in.

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Wireless Keyboards: Good for Gaming?

We know that the current era is one where gaming has become highly popular. Gaming has turned itself into a billion-dollar industry. Players all over the world participate in regional to international tournaments and earn a lump sum of money after winning. If you’re a gamer then, you know what things one requires to have a better gaming experience. The necessities are a gaming keyboard, mouse, high-performance CPU, a monitor, and a pair of headphones.

In this article, we will be focusing on wireless gaming keyboards. Whether you should have them or not, what are the merits and demerits, and suggestions on some great gaming keyboards. In the end, we have also provided a list of accessories that will surely be useful for your gaming room.

The Pros and Cons of a Wireless Keyboard

Everything comes with its pros and cons. Let’s check them out simultaneously.


#1. Mobility

A great advantage you get for a wireless keyboard for gaming is mobility. You can keep it anywhere and use it anywhere. Hence, no more sticking to the desk. So, you are open to various spots in your room such as bed, sofa, couch, etc. people also like to have a separate keyboard because they don’t like the one on the laptop. So, you can simply pack it in your bag, reach your destination like a café, or garden and start working. The better the connectivity or strength of the keyboard the farther it will work. Most Bluetooth keyboards for gaming would work from across the room.

#2. Less Mess

The one trouble we all face with a wired keyboard is, well, the wire itself. If it's tangles up then, we first have to untangle it, then move on to what we’re working on. Whereas, a wireless keyboard is perfect as there is no wire hence, no cluttering, a simple and neat working space. So, a wireless keyboard for gaming would be a decent choice as you’ll focus on playing rather than untangling the wire. The only possibility is if you get a chargeable keyboard. But that’s not going to be a problem forever.

#3. For Frequent Travelers

For the ones who travel a lot, wired keyboards can be a nightmare as they’ll be all jumbled up. This isn’t the case with a Bluetooth keyboard. You have all of the freedom to use it anywhere and everywhere. So, buying a wireless keyboard would be a great choice as it’ll come in handy during a flight, train, or a café. If you can spend some more then, try finding the ones with the split feature. This will split the keyboard into 2 parts and help you save space as traveling has its drawbacks.

#4. Multiple Devices

The best part about wireless keyboards is the feature to connect to multiple devices. Things become hectic with a wired one as you have to manually disconnect and connect it to other devices. As Bluetooth is a basic feature in every device, wireless keyboards make things a lot easier. You can easily connect your PC, laptop, tablet, and phone with the keyboard. Also, it may have a dedicated switch or swap button to switch between devices. So, a Bluetooth keyboard for gaming can help you switch to your PC if you need it like replying to an email.


#1. Charging

The first drawback of a wireless keyboard for gaming or other purposes is charging. You’ll have to keep a check on the battery and plug in the charger. Some keyboards provide a battery indication on the keyboard itself but still, it doesn’t solve your problem. Why is it a drawback? Picture this, you have an important meeting and you have to reply to an urgent mail. You start typing and the battery’s gone. The same can be a problem at the time of gaming. But if you have a habit to charge it at the right time then, it shouldn't be a big issue for you.

#2. Interference

If you don’t understand this term then, let us explain it in simple terms. If interference is there then, there will be an increased time gap between what you type and when it reflects on the laptop or PC. This isn’t an issue that happens every time but it is not suggested for gamers or coding professionals as for them, the response time has great value. But how does it affect? The issue is upon you. If you use wireless products or something that uses radiofrequency to operate like microwaves, wireless headphones, etc. then, there are chances that their frequencies match which causes this time gap.

#3. Setup Time

Let’s take the scenario for a wired keyboard, you don’t have to do anything except for plugging the USB in the port. But, in a wireless keyboard, mainly in a Bluetooth one, you have to pair it and connect it to your laptop or PC. It seems easier for the ones who use it all the time but what about the rookies or newbies. Teaching them this might sound easy but it is not. Yes, problems go away when it’s connected. So, to use it, you have to connect it which takes time.

#4. Price

No one can deny that wireless keyboards are costlier than wired ones. After all, they are removing the wire and adding the Bluetooth or USB feature (which makes it wireless), and also adding a battery. Hence, to make it run on its own, things have to be added. If you add more features like keyboard splitting or a Backlit keyboard, the prices will further go up quicker than your think. But if you are ready to pay for the prices then, it’s not a big deal.

10 Best High-End Wireless Gaming Keyboards in 2022

1. Keychron K2 (Version 2)

Source www.amazon.in

For gamers, a gaming keyboard is a necessity. The Keychron K2 is there to fulfill that requirement. This gaming keyboard has a backlit feature that enhances your gaming experience significantly. Plus, it has a lithium polymer battery which means you don’t have to replace it every now and then. The keystrokes are smooth, don’t make noise while typing, and provide a great response. Plus, it performs as both a wired and wireless keyboard. Available on Amazon, you can add this wireless keyboard for gaming to your cart for Rs.14,457.

2. Logitech G G915 TKL LIGHTSPEED

Logitech is one of the prominent companies in electronics. So, if you’re a professional gamer, you require a keyboard that can do multiple things like playing music and adjusting it, etc. This Logitech keyboard can do it all. If you want to access more features, you can download its app. It will let you change all the settings you need.

Plus, having a “game mode” key disables those keys which aren’t going to be needed. The response time is 1 ms. You also get a USB connector to switch it into a wireless keyboard. Hence, if you’re looking for other use as well then, this Bluetooth keyboard is for gaming, coding, and typing. You can get this keyboard for Rs.31,675 from Tanotis.

3. Razer Turret & Mouse

Source www.amazon.in

It’s sometimes better to buy things in a combo, that way you may get some discount. This is why Razer has brought to you this keyboard and mouse package. These accessories are perfect for gaming conditions and can last up to 50 hours. You get a better backlit experience and can customize it accordingly. You also get a mat for the mouse which has magnets to prevent it from on falling. With really smooth keystrokes, the gaming experience reaches another level. This wireless keyboard for gaming available on Amazon, is yours for Rs.49,303.

4. Logitech G613 Lightspeed

Source www.amazon.in

Another amazing gaming keyboard by Logitech. It is packed with mind-blowing features. Advanced mechanical switches provide a smooth and lasting experience. You can control the music from the keyboard and change profiles using the programmable G-keys. The G-keys are there to switch between profiles as well as you may need a different setup for a different game. You can switch between connectivity from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth at the push of a button. You can get this gaming keyboard from Amazon for Rs.9,490.

5. Logitech K380

Source www.amazon.in

A slim and appealing design makes a keyboard look professional. It’s a lightweight keyboard that you can take anywhere with ease. Furthermore, you’re allowed to connect 3 devices at max regardless of the operating system. Speaking of OS, the keyboard supports iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and Apple TV. The low-profile keys provide a smooth typing experience. Plus, it is also suitable for gaming with a decent response. This Bluetooth keyboard for gaming is available on Amazon and can be yours for Rs.2,895.

6. Redragon K596 Vishnu

Source redragon.in

Currently, being on the safe side is important whether during a game or some office work. That’s why dual-mode is there in the keyboard that lets you convert the keyboard into a wired one. Having a decent battery that lasts up to 10 hours makes long gaming time easier. You also get 10 programmable keys that will perform their assigned tasks on the push. It has better mechanics that improves the response time which is crucial for gaming. The Vishnu K596, available on Red Dragon is yours for Rs.5,499.

7. Redragon K585 DITI

Source www.amazon.in

Not all the keys are used in most games, so, to save a lot of space, the K585 would be a decent choice. The 42-key setup provides you with all the buttons that you need. Having 7 programmable keys makes it stands out from the crowd. Furthermore, a detachable wrist pad is provided with better cushioning. The RGB lights are customizable and you get up to 5 modes. So, this unique and compact keyboard available on Amazon can be yours for Rs.2,899.

8. Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

Source www.amazon.in

During an intense game, hard pressing keys is a common thing. But, you don’t have to worry about their durability if it’s the BlackWidow. The mechanical switches have thick walls that provide toughness but also make them satisfying while typing or during games. The Bluetooth support and system make it power efficient. Plus, having non-removable lithium batteries, you get a USB-c connector for charging. This wireless keyboard for gaming is yours for Rs.33,792 and is available from Amazon.

9. Corsair K63 Linear

Source www.amazon.in

During a game, agility and skill play an important role. At this moment, a gamer hits the keys quickly but sometimes they don’t register. This isn’t the case with this Corsair keyboard. It’s made in a way that prevents the ghosting of keys. At times you may want more programmable keys, the CUE will help you with that. The mechanical keys are built keeping in mind the satisfaction of the user. That’s why it feels comfortable while using it. Plus, having all the multimedia controls makes it a great wireless keyboard for gaming. Available on Amazon, you can add this keyboard to your cart for Rs.14,752.

10. Logitech G G915 LIGHTSPEED

Quick response time plays an important role for a gamer. The G915 Lightspeed with its Lightspeed wireless technology provides you with 1 ms of response time which is amazing. The premium look it has enhances a gamer’s experience by a lot. The materials used are highly durable and have a premium finish. you have three switch types: Clicky, Tactile, and Linear. It is also decked with the favourite RGB lights which come with perfect customization per key. Available on UBuy, this Bluetooth keyboard for gaming can be yours for Rs.25,487.

Useful Accessories for Your Gaming Room

Cable Management Tray

Source www.vari.com

There’s no denying the fact that wired accessories work best when compared to wireless as there are less chances of interference. Though with wires, there are chances of cluttering. This could be between keyboard, mouse, monitor, headphones, etc. Hence, to avoid that, you will be needing a cable management tray to keep them apart and systematically. This way your desk looks better and you directly focus ok your gaming.

Wall Light Panels

You have RGB lights on your keyboard and mouse. How about getting something unique for your room? These wall light panels come in a set which you can arrange in any manner. They provide a great ambience to your gaming room. You can change them anytime and adjust their tone according to your mood. Furthermore, they have smart technology which makes them react to music which makes your room look fantastic.

Large Mousepad

When we say large mousepad, we don’t only mean it for the mouse. They are also for the keyboard, one mat for two things. Plus, it’s suggested to get a black one as it suits every colour combination. Furthermore, they provide your keyboard and mouse with better attention. If you’re a professional gamer then, you must have seen other streamers with this accessory as you don’t want to pick your mouse and bring it to the centre again and again. Hence, more space will provide you with more movement.

Port Hub

This is a very practical investment for a gaming room. You have to connect it to a USB port to provide extra or extensional USB ports. This is important as gamers will be needing it for keyboard, mouse, pen drives, probably to charge or transfer data through their other devices. Plus, its sleek design makes it easier to store and you can even keep it behind your monitor.

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Wireless Gaming Keyboard - Yay or Nay?

A wireless keyboard is a good gadget, especially with the ease it provides the user. No tangled up cables, easy to handle or carry and looks neat and savvy in a setup. For any ordinary user, whether in the office or at home, this assuredly will be a good fit. For the gamer, they will need a keyboard specifically created for gaming and not any ordinary wireless keyboard.

Depending on the circumstance, for instance, solo gaming sessions, it's a yay on the wireless keyboard for gaming. When it comes to serious sessions or even matches, one may need to cough up a few extra bucks to get a keyboard that won't fail. Due to matters of sturdiness, power storage and response time. So, when it comes to choosing such a keyboard, above are some great suggestions to look at.