Dirty Laptops? Follow these Tips on How to Clean Keyboards of Your Devices in 2021

Dirty Laptops? Follow these Tips on How to Clean Keyboards of Your Devices in 2021

It might happen that you were working extra hours and eating at the same time and you didn't realize that your laptop was eating a part of the meal too! Or, you accidentally spilled a hot cup of tea on your laptop! Such situations are unavoidable but how to deal with them? Start by following these tips on how to clean the keyboard of your laptops/ personal computers.

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Why Must You Clean Your Desktop or Laptop?

These days, most of us work on our computers – be it laptops and desktops. While working, the keyboards can get dusty due to prolonged use and using the keyboard while having food. Over some time, there could be dust or heavier particles lodged between the crevices of the keys on the keyboard, which can hinder your work. The display can also get dirty due to it not being cleaned for a long time. You must clean the keyboard and the display at regular intervals. But how to clean them such that there is no harm to the machine? In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can clean the keyboard.

Best Ways to Clean the Keyboard

Use a Dry Cloth for Basic Cleaning

First, you must save your work and turn off the laptop. You can tilt the computer or turn it upside downtown and shake it to remove any larger pieces of debris from the computer. It is also equally important to keep the display clean at the same time. Take a dry piece of cloth and clean the display as well as the laptop to clean the dirt. It will also help to clean any oily grime that may be resting on the computer. You may moisten the cloth a bit, but you must not wet it too much as you would be cleaning an electronics item.

Use a Soft Brush to Remove Debris

If you wish to clean the keyboard of your laptop or computer, you can also use a soft brush. It can help you to clean the smaller pieces of debris as well as any dust that may settle within the edges of the keys on the keyboard. You can use a specialised laptop cleaning brush that you can use to clean the display screen as well as the monitor of a desktop. The small strands of the brush can reach through the sides of the keys and clean the keyboard within a short time. A larger brush can be used to remove the dust from the main CPU also when needed.

Wipe Away Grime Carefully with Moistened Cloth

Some of us continue to work when having lunch or while having some oily snacks. It leads to stickiness on the keyboard that makes it difficult to work fast. The stains and oily grime can be easily cleaned from the laptop using some wipes. A cleaning sponge can also help you in cleaning the keyboard. You can take a cleaning sponge and dip it in water and wring it well to ensure that there would be no water left behind on the keyboard. You can rub the sponge by holding it at its end and rubbing it over the grime till it is removed.

Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Disinfect and Clean Thoroughly

One of the primary uses of alcohol while cleaning is that it evaporates quickly. The use of isopropyl alcohol helps to clean the grease and dirt from your laptop, and it also evaporates quickly. As a result, any risk of the liquid getting inside the computer and damaging it is also reduced. It can also remove the oily substances that you leave behind when you work while having food. All you have to do is to dip a clean piece of cloth into the alcohol and dab it on the oil areas. Always remember to save and turn off the device before carrying out the cleaning work.

Remove the Keys and Clean (for Experts)

You must do some research and check if the keys can be removed for cleaning the keyboard. If it can be removed, you need to take a picture to ascertain the location of the keys. You can take them out using a flat material like a knife. Only try to remove the keys if they are removed without much force. It is suggested that you remove the keys only on an emergency that you have to clean the areas below the keycaps. Once the keycaps are lifted, you can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol for cleaning. You must be careful while wiping the keypad.

Remove all Traces of Spills with Swabs

It is not that you would have to clean dry dirt from the keyboard. What would you do if tea has been spilt onto the keyboard by mistake? It could creep between the crevices of the keys and would otherwise be difficult to clean. You can use a cotton swab and dip it in any alcoholic substance and wipe the sides of the keys where the spill has happened. It will help to remove most of the stickiness. You must try to reach most of the space between the keys to clean most of the spill. A microfibre cloth is also helpful in removing stickiness caused due to spills.

Using Compressed Air

One of the best ways to clean between the keys is by using compressed air. A can will emit dry air at a very high power that will help to suck out any debris lying underneath the keys. You must take care that the laptop is turned off before you use the compressed air for cleaning. There is a straw nozzle that will help to direct the jet of air at the places you are trying to clean. The can must not be held upside down as liquid may spill over from the can. Always hold the can at an angle while aiming between the keys on the keypad.

Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Suction can also be used to pull out dirt and debris from the keyboard of your computing devices. You must remember to turn it off and turn the keypad upside down to loosen any bigger particles. You must keep the keypad in an upright position and turn on the vacuum cleaner after inserting the crevice tool. Once the cleaner is turned, it will suck out the dirt from the under the keys. Once you feel that the cleaning is complete, you can take a clean cloth and wipe the top of the keyboard to clean any residual dust.

Tips while Cleaning the Keyboard

While cleaning the keyboard is essential, you need to follow some tips to prevent harm to the laptop. You must turn off the machine and allow it to cool for some time. You must also disconnect the external keyboard from the device before cleaning. The keyboard is also known to contain too much bacteria as it is used most of the time. You can use a disinfecting wipe to remove the germs. You must clean the keyboard at least once every week, but you must not use it while having any food.

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