Facing Neck and Back Issues Because of Your Screen Time? 10 Best Laptops Stands to Invest in and Tips on How to Find the Perfect One in 2020

Facing Neck and Back Issues Because of Your Screen Time? 10 Best Laptops Stands to Invest in and Tips on How to Find the Perfect One in 2020

Laptop Stand is an accessory that is here to make your life much easier - be it the discomfort of spending hours in front of a laptop, or struggle with organizing your cables or other accessories, a laptop stand will really ease things for you. If you want to invest in one, then keep reading as we have listed out some great options.

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Laptop Tables and Stands: An Essential Accessory Today

Convenience is the mantra that has given rise to innovation; and with the laptops being celebrated as these devices grant us the freedom of movement and the ability to complete our task regardless of our location. This convenience in the availability of the laptop made it into the device of choice for everyone from a student to an office worker. But with the increase in the workload and the continuous use of this device is the cause of many health problems such as pain in the neck, back pain, the excess strain on the eyes, etc. To some people, these may feel like a minor issue, but the constant occurrence of these problems may obstruct many people from performing their daily tasks. Therefore, having a laptop stand is crucial for people who work on laptops to minimize the occurrence of these situations as they stand have some clear-cut advantages

10 Advantages of Using a Laptop Stand

There are indeed several advantages to using laptop stands. Here are the 10 reasons why you should consider committing to using laptop stands:

  • Benefits Physical Health:

    No person can ever deny the significance of being able to live a healthy and prosperous life. Most people may think that having an effective and comfortable life is the way to lead a healthy life, but it may not be the case for everyone. Such as working with your laptop on your lap, while you are sitting on your bed may appear to be comfortable, but this might not be the best thing for your body. A person can achieve an ideal working position by using a good laptop stand to prevent these issues.

  • Reduces Body Pain:

    Long hours of working with laptops can be degrading to the health of the individual. The long use of laptops might cause back pain, sore eyes, it might even cause headaches, etc. These problems might not be significant for many people but it might cause problems for most of the people. Not only that but also the continuous use of the laptop may cause the laptop to heat up and if the person is keeping a laptop on their laps, it might burn your skin. A laptop stand helps you to sit with the right posture and reduce body pains that can lead to permanent damage.

  • Adjustable Screen Angle:

    The biggest advantage of having the angle of the screen of the laptop, making sure it aligns better with your eyes. A survey conducted in 2015 revealed that almost 65% of American adults were diagnosed with Computer Vision Syndrome. It is best to have a laptop stand that can help you adjust the angle of the screen of the laptop, rather than having to buy several accessories such as- glasses that reflect ultraviolet rays or having to buy special screen glare removing filters for your laptop screens.

  • Organizing the Cables:

    Working in any job related to computers means that the worker is expected to work under an array of cables that help the user interact with different components necessary for their task. If these wires are not arranged properly with care, they can easily make the job of any worker extremely hectic. Not only that lose hanging wires are hazardous as they can get tangled with legs, but also damaged wire can potentially electrocute people. A good laptop stand is very important in these cases as the stands help you to organize the wire going to your system and keeping required space between different wires can also help you identify these wires without a problem.

  • Providing Ventilation:

    Laptop are extremely compact devices and this compact design comes with many flaws that can be harmful to the laptop. One of these major flaws in the compact design of a laptop is that the sleek and compact design has less space for ventilation. This type of design forces the companies to place exhaust grills on the bottom of the laptop. It doesn’t allow the cool air to go inside the circuit board that is required to reduce the overheating of the laptop. The overheating of the laptops circuits is a common problem due to which the users are forced to buy extra accessories such as USB powered fans to reduce the heat as the overheating of the laptop circuits can damage the motherboard and effect the memory or it might burn your circuit making the user change the motherboard completely. A laptop stand is the best option to tackle this problem most of the laptop stands come with extra grills to increase the air circulation and as these stands are able to lift the laptop and reduce the chance of the grill on the laptop is covered. Moreover, many of the stands come with cooling fans attached to the bottom to reduce the overheating of the laptop.

Top 10 Laptop Stands: Handpicked Options to Check out

HEETA LERA Laptop Cooling Pad

Source www.amazon.in

A lightweight, simple, and convenient laptop stand that is not only useful but extremely durable. With a minimalist design and broad cut for better air circulation, this stand is the best option for any user whose priority is functionality over the aesthetics of the device they are using. The lightweight material of the stands makes it an extremely portable and efficient product to carry and use. The pad enables the laptop to be in 3 different positions which are not only helpful in typing but also improves the screen level to match your eyes and reduce eyestrain. This Indian made product can be bought online for Rs. 499 from amazon.in.

Artikel Multi-Purpose Laptop Table with Foldable Stand

Source www.amazon.in

This is a multi-purpose foldable table that not only works as a proper laptop stand but can also be used as a normal study table. This pre-assembled foldable table is a truly versatile product that can be used for other electronic devices also such as smartphones and tablets as these possess a docking stand for them. It is made with laminated Medium density that provides it with a sturdy base for the laptop. The powder-coated aluminum folding leg provides rust-free and balanced support to the whole table. The docking system and the hinges are constructed of high-grade plastic and at the price of Rs. 949 is the best option for the user. You can purchase it from amazon.in.

STRIFF Adjustable Laptop Stand with Mobile Stand Laptop Stand

No one should compromise when it comes to physical health, no individual should have to deal with persistent health issues such as- sore eyes, neck pain, backache, etc. The leading reasons for the occurrence of these problems are the people being forced to use work on a laptop for long hours in an uncomfortable position. Therefore, this foldable laptop stand is helpful as it helps the user to not only improve the screen angle and bring the screen to eye level but is also equipped with a phone stand to help the people easily use their phone while working on a laptop. This foldable stand cost Rs. 1,299 on www.flipkart.com and comes with cable clip holders that help the user arrange the wires attached to the laptop.

Lapcare LAPMFS Multi Function Stand

The Lapcare stand is capable of supporting all laptop models of different size, design and brand. It is constructed with high grade plastic that enables it to support even heavier gaming laptop. With the adjustable height and angle the laptop stand is not only useful in eliminating the neck pain and sore eyes, but also is helpful for people that have to type for long time as it provide optimal support for the wrist while the user is typing. Also, this laptop stand comes with a proper grip for ease of carrying and portability and costs nothing more than Rs. 1,099 on www.tatacliq.com.

Modern Art Lap Cushion Desk

A truly unique laptop stands as this product is the perfect fusion of soft cushion and a proper durable wood surface. This is an uncommon laptop stand that has the top made up of a laminated a sturdy wood plank that is carefully attached to a soft and fluffy cushion on the base. This product allows the user to use the laptop comfortably on any uneven surface such as a bed or on the user's lap. With the lightweight cotton cushion, a light wooden plank the stand is very easy to use and is very portable. This unique laptop stand can be obtained by any user for Rs. 1,799 on theartment.com.

Vah Personalised Wood Laptop Wooden Stand

Source vah.biz

A minimalist and eco-friendly laptop stand that cost nothing more than Rs. 474 on vah.biz. As the laptop stand is just two broad wooden supports that hold laptops from 2 positions, it is extremely portable and comfortable to carry. Not only that the simple design also means that the user doesn’t need to think too much about the setting up of the laptop stand and it also protects the laptop's base from any liquid that might have fallen on the surface. The base of the laptop stand also comes coated with a layer of silicon band to prevent the laptop from getting scratched or damage for the stand.

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

Source www.amazon.in

Amazonbasics are the best products that are made and provided by the suppliers directly connected to the Amazon brand and provide the best-in-class affordable products. This full-metal laptop stand is forged with a sleek and economic design that is provided with a sturdy metallic mesh as the base for the laptop. The stand can be used to adjust the angle of the laptop screen from 12 to 35 degrees and the complete metallic body not only absorbs the heat properly but also the metallic mesh provides proper ventilation for the flow of the air to help the laptop cool down easily. This device is available online for Rs. 3,699 on amazon.in.

Multi-Table Foldable Laptop Stand

Source www.amazon.in

A multi-purpose table that can serve many purposes such as a proper laptop stand, breakfast table, etc as this ideal table has foldable legs and a cup holder. With an elementary and lightweight design, this table is the perfect choice for any laptop user as it comes with multiple height setups these are helpful in bringing the laptop to eye level and be helpful in reducing the neck and back pain of the user. This multi-purpose table costs Rs.1,599 on amazon.in.

Wooden Adjustable Foldable Multi Function Portable Laptop Table

A versatile tabletop not only functions as a laptop stand but also holds the tablet and smartphone. A Sturdy, durable and stylishly designed wooden table that is lightweight and portable as the stands supporting the table is completely foldable. The high-quality pine wood construction of the table provides it with a pleasing appearance and design and with the flat top, the table can be used on any surface such as bed, floor, etc. The table costs Rs. 1,600 on onlineskyshop.in and also comes equipped with a side drawer that is useful for keeping useful items.

GoRevizon Basic Foldable Laptop Table

Constructed from high-quality wood this table is more than just a laptop stand, it can also function as a breakfast table, a small study table, etc. With a sturdy design and efficient design this portable laptop stand that costs Rs. 699 on www.gorevizon.com is easily the best solution to all of the modern problems of the user. With 5 adjustable angles, the table is able to provide the best options for people to select and choose from to help themselves.

What to Look for in a Laptop Stand

Laptops provide freedom of portability, easy access, and flexibility of selecting your own workspace, but if these devices are not used properly they can get damaged. The improper use of laptops such as using them on bed might cause the overheating of internal circuits and damage your device, or improper use might burn or hurt your skin. Thus, the laptop stands are invented to avoid such situations, but due to the market being flooded with multiple types of laptop stands it is difficult to determine the laptop stand that caters to your need. Even then there are several things that a person must try to find to be able to find the laptop stand that fits your purpose. These properties to look out for are:

  • Portability: This might be the most important property to look out for in a laptop stand, as the laptop is a product renounced for it portability, but if the laptop stand is not as portable as the laptop then the stand might lose its meaning. Portability is the key factor in selecting any laptop stand.

  • Durability: Durability of the laptop stand is also a major factor while deciding to buy a laptop stand. If the stand is not durable it won’t be able to support the laptop for a long time. Therefore, it is recommended for the user to buy sturdy powdered aluminum or high-grade wood stands, as these will be able to support the laptop for a long time.

  • Stylish: For some people having a stylish or a designer laptop stand might not be a priority, but no one can deny the appeal of having a stylish laptop stand than will stand out every time it is used in public. Appearance is a factor that is responsible for the user’s reputation.

  • Reputation: Always buy a product from a reputable company or source, as the market is flooded with fake and counterfeit products that would never be as good as the original. Reading product reviews, customer comments, and researching the source are the best ways of knowing the authenticity of the product.

  • Easy Setup: The laptop stand should be easy to set-up, as the complexity of the set-up correlates with the portability of the product. As if the stand is difficult to set-up, it will be difficult for the user to set it up again and again. Therefore, it is better to buy stands that are fundamental in setup such as folding stands.
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A Laptop Stand is an Investment Worth Making

Our work is quickly moving virtually and this means that we spend most of our time on our laptops. This also results in many health issues that we may not realize immediately. However, it is crucial to keep your screen time and posture into account. And if you have been facing any neck or back issues because of your work, then it's time to invest in a laptop stand before it gets very bad for your body. So find a stand that serves your needs and allows you to work without any bodily discomfort.