You Don't Need to Shell Out Thousands on Getting Your Hair Done at Fancy Salons! 10 Best Hair Straighteners on Amazon For All Kinds of Hair (2020)

You Don't Need to Shell Out Thousands on Getting Your Hair Done at Fancy Salons! 10 Best Hair Straighteners on Amazon For All Kinds of Hair (2020)

Do you also happen to shell out hundreds and thousands of Rupees on those fancy salons and eventually not even get the results you desired? Well, with just a little bit of practice and patience, you can style and straighten your hair in no time and without any hassles! Here is a guide on hair straightening along with the best hair straighteners you can buy on Amazon.

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Tips on Hair Straightening: A Complete Guide

How to Keep Your Hair Straight After Straightening

Straightening usually lasts about a day or two in naturally curly or very wavy hair, while for the moderately curly hair, it’ll last for roughly 4-5 days. Keeping your hair straight for long is all about the way it is prepped and eventually styled. You can continue running the iron through different sections of your hair till it becomes straight as a needle, but if you don’t follow the process through by washing your hair with moisture-locking ingredients, air drying it adequately and styling with a blow dryer, finishing with a healthy serum, then the whole thing is worthless because as soon as your hair comes in contact with any weather condition, the curls and frizz are bound to be back!

To ensure your hair stays straight, it is essential that you cleanse it and not use shampoo to reduce the frizz. Choose a cleanser that cleanses your scalp of any debris, build-up, or dirt without affecting the natural oil in your hair, making it stay clean, light, and smelling lovely, not to miss hydrated. Use a coconut milk conditioner to heal any damage to your hair, leaving your locks silky and smooth and, of course, manageable.

Air dry your hair at least 75% before styling it, as it cuts down the frizz and damage remarkably. Use a good heat protection spray after blow-drying it to keep it sleek and frizz-free. And lastly, use a hairdryer meant for straightening and a straightening brush as opposed to a flat iron, as a brush can reach the hard to reach places as well, while the iron is most effective only at the top and bottom layers.

How Often Should You Straighten Your Hair?

How often you straighten your hair depends upon the state of your hair. For instance, if they are dry or under-conditioned, then flat ironing will only damage them more. If your hair’s been exposed to repeated chemical applications, then its best to avoid putting any direct heat to it. Ideally, heat styling is best done for no more than once a week, but only after a proper shampoo, conditioning, and drying. Also, for ensuring minimal damage to your hair, give your locks periodic rest from thermal styling, for the less heat you apply, the better your hair will be.

How can You Straighten Your Hair with or without Heat?

To straighten your hair with heat, it is essential to initiate the process with a proper cleanse and conditioning, followed by drying it well. To straighten curly hair, flat ironing is the next step once the hair’s completely dry, while for wavy hair, blow-drying it with a round brush is best to smoothen the locks without tearing them and then using the brush to straighten them as well. However, if you’re planning to avoid heat styling your hair, then there are some tools to help you do just that as well.

While people with curly hair often avoid applying direct heat, which can damage the tresses, but the truth is that naturally curly hair cannot be straightened without heat. They can be stretched, but not straightened. In the case of wavy hair, it is best to shampoo & condition only the ends and then gently dry it all out. You can brush your hair up to a top knot and tie it with loose band/scrunchie. Leaving it to dry this way overnight will give you straight hair the next morning with volume and bounce.

10 Best Hair Straighteners on Amazon in 2020

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener


A sleek and essential hair tool, the Philips Essential Selfie Straightener is a functional model inclusive of the Silkpro Care Technology and comes with a temperature controller of 210°C, which is ready for use in less than 60 seconds. Its long and adjustable cord allows you to turn the tool around quickly and straighten or style your hair with ease. With a ceramic plating that’s softer on the hair, it makes the entire styling experience a smooth one, giving you a perfectly salon styled look — priced at Rs. 1,087 on Amazon, the Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener minimises hair damage due to heat exposure and reduces hair frizziness as well.

VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler - Straightener, Curler and Crimper


The VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler is a multiple hair styling tool which can help straighten, crimp, or curl your hair differently each time! Coated with ceramic plates that result in perfectly straightened hair, the hair styler comes with a styling switch for each style and an easy lock system. Its 360° swivel cord allows freestyling with ease. A one-stop solution for a new hairstyle every day, the VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler can create sleek styles, beautiful textures, and lustrous locks each time. With a two-year manufacturer warranty, the VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler that straightens, curls and crimps, is priced at Rs. 1,550 on Amazon.

Nova NHS-900 Professional Hair Straightener


With a temperature range of 160°-220°C, the Nova NHS-900 Professional Hair Straightener comes with adjustable temperature control, which allows the user to manage the temperature as required. Its ceramic coated plates help retain the heat well, and the auto-shutoff feature makes for complete user security. The straightener’s wide plates help style the hair with ease, irrespective of its length or thickness. The auto-lock function makes its use entirely safe for use. Nova NHS-900 Professional Hair Straightener’s Thermo Balance Technology helps the hair warm and even, resulting in a perfectly styled and straightened look. It is available on Amazon for Rs. 499.

Hair Electric Comb Brush 3 in 1 Ceramic Fast Hair Straightener


The 3 in 1 Ceramic Fast Hair Straightener & Electric Comb and Brush comes with the ability to work at a low temperature, reducing hair damage and, with its anti-static technology, aims at minimising the release of negatively ionized particles during the styling process. It boosts style control while reducing dryness in the hair. The digital hair styler comes with a balanced combination of hair straightening styler, comb, and brush that makes for a healthy hair massage experience and beautiful combed hair at the same time. Its multi-purpose functionality makes the 3 in 1 Ceramic Fast Hair Straightener & Electric Comb and Brush combine the hair straightening, detangling, and hair massage features for a comfortable styling experience. Priced at Rs. 499 on Amazon.

Quick Hair Styler for Men & Multifunctional Curly Hair Straightening


The Quick Hair Styler for Men comes with a multi-functional styling tool that combines a hair straightening and styling feature with the comb heating plate and comb teeth, thereby resulting in straightened hair, curly or smooth as is required. With a preheat feature of 15 seconds, the hair styler can straighten curly hair in less than 3 minutes, with a long-lasting effect that stays so for an entire day.

The Quick Hair Styler for Men comes with a protective cover atop the comb heating plate which allows even distribution of heat on the hair, preventing any damage to the hair, allowing the user to use the hair styling comb with ease. Compact and easy to use, the Quick Hair Styler for Men is apt for daily use and instant hair style transformation. Priced at Rs. 379 on Amazon.

Wazdorf 2-in-1 Ceramic Plate Essential Combo Beauty Set of Hair Straightener Plus Curler


A perfect hairstyle accessory, the Wazdorf 2-in-1 styler, can transform your hairstyle in a matter of minutes, resulting in a straight and sleek look with straight, wavy, glossy or bouncy hair. Ergonomically designed, the Wazdorf 2-in-1 Hair Straightener & Curler can be glided through the hair with ease, thanks to its Teflon ceramic coated plates and the 360°C swivel cord which makes an equal and easy styling of each hair strand. Flaunt your lovely and lustrous hairstyle with this multi-functional hair styler, which can help transform wavy hair into straight hair or vice versa and make it look stylish and glossy than before. The pink hair straightener and curler from Wazdorf is priced at Rs. 399 on Amazon.

Nova Miss Freshers Combo Kit, Hair Straightener and Hair Dryer


With a 2-heat setting mechanism and protection from overheating, Nova’s Miss Freshers Combo Kit is a 2-in-1 hair drying and hair straightening styler. With adjustable temperature control, anti-slip grip, ceramic coated titanium blades and auto shut off timer, Miss Freshers Hair Straightener & Hair Dryer Combo Kit from Nova has ionic conditioning features, a hot and cold system, and a foldable handle. Priced at Rs. 899 on Amazon.

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener


If you’re looking for a salon styled hair experience, then look no further than the Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener, which comes with a 2-year guarantee. With movable plates that adjust according to hair thickness, thereby reducing the pressure on hair and resulting in a smooth gliding experience, the hair styler comes with titanium coated plates measuring 25 x 120 mm for minimising frizzy hair, 6-temperature settings that are ideal for all hair types, a plate lock system for easy storage, while on the move and floating plates that prevent hair breakage. A classy, yet an elegant option, Havell’s Hair Straightener can be carried anywhere for casual styling, formal and informal duos. Priced at Rs. 2,140, the Havells HS4101 Hair Straightener with Ceramic coated plates is available in Gold colour on Amazon.

Remington S3500 Hair Straightener


With its anti-static ceramic coated plates that protect your hair and result in a sleek and smooth hairstyle, Remington’s S3500 Hair Straightener makes for an effortless hairstyling experience. With its quick temperature setting that can reach 230° in just 15 seconds, silky and shiny hair is just a few seconds away! The tool’s premium ceramic plates allow the heat to be distributed evenly throughout without any hot spots, making for an easy and smooth glide through each strand and flattening the hair cuticles for a shiny, soft and silky hairstyle.

The styler’s durability features protects the plates from scratching and its ergonomic design makes it easier to use. Remington S3500 Hair Straightener is priced at Rs. 2,845 on Amazon. The hair straightener comes with a 1.8 m swivel cord, long floating ceramic plates, and 30-heat setting feature, all in the comfort of a heat-proof pouch.

Mini Hair Straightener Iron for Travelling


The Ucravo Mini Hair Straightening Iron comes in a Unicorn Professional Design, which makes it lightweight and comfortable to handle. With its ceramic-tourmaline plates that enable a smooth pull motion without damaging or breaking hair, the flat hair straightener can style hair in a matter of few minutes. Its auto shut off feature protects the hair from heat and comes with adjustable temperature control. The styler’s easy lock system makes for low power consumption and is durable for long time use. Priced at Rs. 249 only, the Mini Hair Straightener Iron from Ucravo is portable and easy to carry. Buy it here.

Bonus Tips: Hairstyling Tips and Tricks

Whether you straighten your hair with a flat iron, blow dry or fine comb it, you should be sure that you’re doing it the right way! Here are some styling tips for your hair.

  • HAIR TYPE – Before you begin styling your hair, you should know your hair type and its texture, which will help you choose the right hair care products and make the best choices for styling it.

  • DIAGNOSIS – Your hair follicles help discern your hair type with the size, shape, and thickness and essentially lead you to understand, whether it is thick, fine or medium or a combination of all three in different parts of your head. The best way of determining your hair type is to wrap it up in a ponytail with an average-sized elastic band, and if the band wraps around the ponytail just once, you have thick hair, if its wraps around 2-3 times, then it is medium else it is fine-textured.

  • BLOW DRYING WAVY or STRAIGHT HAIR – An invaluable styling talent is knowing how to blow dry your hair! Work with a high wattage tourmaline/ceramic blow dryer, supposedly above 1800, to prevent any frizz and achieve a smooth and shiny finish to your hairstyle. Before blow-drying, towel dry your hair by getting the moisture out first and then roughly dry the ends until its just damp. Move onto dividing your hair into three sections and clip it all up, except for one section. Now, using a round brush, comb that section of hair at the roots and pull it taught to stretch the sectioned hair, direct the dryer from roots to the hairline at the end. Follow it up by spinning the brush over/under when at the hair end to seal the cuticles for a beautiful shine. Continue the process until the entire lot is smooth and straight and finish up with a serum.

  • BLOW DRYING CURLY or COARSE HAIR – For curly and coarse hair, it is better not to towel dry it. Apply a smoothening cream and clip into controllable sections, and then using a flat paddle brush, pull the hair taught, stretch it and then blow dry it. You can also use a nozzle attachment to direct the heat with more precision.
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