Top 10 Branded Laptop Bags: Cool Options To Reflect Your Style Without Compromising Utility  (2020)

Top 10 Branded Laptop Bags: Cool Options To Reflect Your Style Without Compromising Utility (2020)


A laptop bag serves many purposes in addition to protecting your laptop. If you have recently purchased a laptop and are wondering which type of laptop bag you need, then you have come to the right place. This BP Guide will help you understand your requirements and guide you through the best-branded laptop bags currently available in the market.

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Keep Your Laptop Safe, Secure and Easy-to-Carry with the Best Bag


Got a new laptop? Worried about it getting damaged or scratched due to some mishandling? And, if you carry a laptop more often, it’s essential to protect it from dirt, theft and physical damages. Having the right branded laptop bag can help protect your expensive device from damage. There are various bags specifically designed to protect laptops while travelling as well as for storing all the accessories in one place.

Further, properly guarding the device promotes its longevity as well. While buying a laptop bag, there are some features you should keep in mind – the safety and comfort of the laptop are foremost, while style is another important factor. Moreover, the bag should be lightweight and waterproof as it helps carry your laptop conveniently.

Buying the Right Branded Laptop Bag

The Basics

There are multiple types of laptop bags available in the market having various key features that you would like to have. The best laptop bags are lightweight as well as weather-resistant and padded on all sides for adequate damage protection. Strong clasps and zippers are other essential basic features. While travelling, you may want a backpack that does not appear like a laptop bag to deter thieves. Lastly, well-designed and provided dividers and pockets may transform it into your office-on-the-run with everything available and accessible easily.

How Are You Going to Use It?


Before you go out to buy a new laptop bag, you have to think about its usage. Are you going to travel extensively or go outside your office in the afternoons frequently with your laptop? Don’t forget that the weather outside can be harsh and you have to carry essential things like power cords, chargers, pens, folders, etc. in addition to your laptop. You can look for a laptop bag which you can carry on your shoulders or you can choose a handheld one. Consider all these things carefully, before buying a laptop bag.

Types of Laptop Bags Available

  • Top Load Bags: These type of bags have an opening at the top for loading the laptop in and taking it out. It gives easy access to your device and the bags have multiple pockets on the external side.

  • Backpacks: For those travelling a lot with a laptop or willing to spread the weight of their mobile office across both the shoulders, backpacks are a perfect choice. Besides, this also protects your expensive device from catching the attention of thieves and other such people who might imagine that you are carrying some textbooks or dirty laundry.

  • Briefcase Bags: These type of bags look like corporate or professional briefcases. They provide storage for your accessories alongside the laptop and also add some unique features like a phone pocket. This type is perfect for the traditional field workers.

  • Messenger-Style Bags: These laptop bags are stylish as well as casual. While one strap goes over the shoulder and the other across the chest, the laptop’s weight is divided throughout the body. This makes the shoulders free from the total weight as well as keeps the hands free to carry other things.

  • Roller-Style Bags: A perfect choice for people who aren’t willing to lug the weight of the laptop on their back and shoulders.

  • Tote Bags: These bag types are available in attractive colours and fabrics. A tote bag offers extra space and lots of pockets and can be used for several different requirements as well.



Modern-day laptop bags are made of polyester, nylon, and a few other variations. These work well for some people, but if you want a textured feel or real stamina, fabrics like Cordura add extra strength. And, if you want something classy, leather is the perfect option for you as it is strong, water-resistant, and also looks good.

Laptop Size

The last thing you would want is the laptop not fitting in the bag after you have spent all the time to find a perfect choice. Thus, before finalising the laptop bag, measure the exact laptop size and find a perfect match as there are various sizes available.


The most essential part of the laptop bag is the zippers. Go for the one that has great zippers of high quality. Metallic teeth zippers last longer than others while the plastic ones aren’t that good.

Top 10 Branded Laptop Bags

Keeping all this in mind, here’s a list of the best-branded laptop bags we created to help you make a perfect choice.

Gods Ghost – Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

The Gods Ghost – Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack is very elegant with quality material and sharp features. Innovative security is another feature of this bag. Furthermore, the unbreakable fibre makes this backpack anti-theft, thereby discouraging stealing, picking, cutting, and other similar acts. The laptop bag is made of thick polyester and the rough texture provides ruggedness. It has various pockets that you can use to hold notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other peripherals.

There are two easy pockets on the bag’s sides that can be used to keep your keys and wallet. Additionally, the pick-pocketing and theft protection feature makes it perfect for travellers. The auto-lock sliders and zippers protect accidental zipper opening and you can place your sunglasses in the easy-access pockets. Equipped with soft padding for allowing you to comfortably carry the bag, it is available from Road Gods for ₹ 2,539.00 with a 1-year warranty period.

HP Odyssey Backpack


HP Odyssey Backpack is another perfect choice to carry a laptop as well as your belongings safely. This bag is manufactured with weather-resistant polyester material with organiser pockets inside, a zipper and a padded compartment including hidden storage. Its camouflage printed lining promotes the bag’s sporty look. Its padding feature provides proper protection on both the outside and inside of the bag.

The backpack also comes with a pass-through port that helps you charge your devices. Besides, it also has separate pockets for accessories and the laptop. The bag is expandable, and while travelling, you can use it as a handbag or a luggage bag. Easily accessible pockets are available to hold wallets, ID cards, and other things. On the back, the bag has unconventional zipper pockets to keep notebooks and laptops. You can purchase this backpack from HP India for ₹ 2,176.00.

F Gear Luxur 25 L Backpack (Brown)

The F Gear Luxur 25 L Backpack is a style statement that offers sufficient space to keep your books, files, laptop, and clothes together. It is made of leather that gives you a sophisticated feel and comfortably keeps small things such as wallets, dairies, keys, etc. safe. One separate compartment is available to carry a water bottle.

This backpack is fully waterproof while the sturdy shoulder strap makes it easy to carry anywhere. Its front compartment contains 3 pockets to keep small accessories and gadgets. The back compartment is meant for a laptop sleeve with enough space to store other essentials. For ensuring high durability, the whole backpack is dual stitched. It comes up with a 1-year warranty and you can buy this stylish backpack from Flipkart for ₹ 1,290.00.

Hidesign Scaffel Pike 01 Laptop Bag (Tan)


If you are looking to purchase a unique and high-quality branded laptop bag, this one from Hidesign is just the right choice for you. Crafted from leather material and having a trendy look, this bag is ideal for office going people who need a touch of sophistication and elegance. The bag is extremely popular and in high demand and is significant upgrade to your regular wardrobe. The bag also features adjustable straps and brass buckles. The Hidesign Scafell Pike 01 Laptop Bag in tan colour has one slip pocket, one main compartment, one pocket for mobile phone, one laptop compartment, and one zip pocket. You can buy this laptop bag from Hidesign for ₹ 8,895.00.

Toteteca Women Tan Brown Solid Laptop Bag

Toteteca Women Tan Laptop Bag is a solid choice for corporates. The trendy and modern look is further accentuated with a custom-made design. The PU material bag is light in weight and is easy to carry with a handle as well as a sling. The bag's dimensions are: 26 cm height, 4 cm depth and 37 cm width. You can comfortably carry this bag with your formal dress to your office or any other casual place.

The bag has two handles and two external pockets. Inside you will get a padded laptop sleeve and one main compartment. It perfectly fits a 13 inch laptop and you can ensure its long life by removing dust from it with a dry cloth. The Toteteca Women Tan Brown Solid Laptop Bag comes with a 1-year warranty and you can get this bag from Myntra by paying just ₹ 839.00.

Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Laptop Backpack

Tommy Hilfiger laptop bags are ideal for those who like classy styles. Made of polyester, this bag is considered the best for professional use. Moreover, print designs and solid colours help you reflect a sophisticated charm. Other features of the bag include padded straps and zip compartment closure. For added ultra-comfort to your spine, the bag has an ergonomic type shoulder strap.

The durable fabric of the bag makes it last longer and it can tolerate intense pressure that makes it perfect for regular use. Moreover, the bag is water, dirt, and weather resistant as well. There are two stash pockets on both sides and two compartments with zip closures. The Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Laptop Backpack is a perfect match to a 16-inch laptop and is available with a 2-year warranty. You can get the bag from Myntra by paying ₹ 2,414.00.

Da Milano Grey Laptop Bag

Da Milano laptop bags are a good choice for both women as well as men. The trendy and modern branded laptop bags made of frenzy leather are equipped with features that make carrying a laptop along with other essentials easier and safer. The versatile, compact and sleek bag has many compartments for storing mobile phones, laptop, documents, and other essentials.

The fully lined interiors have a padded compartment to safely accommodate your laptop. The adjustable and removable shoulder strap add-on makes sure you carry it with maximum comfort. Available in grey colour, the bag can fit a laptop of 16 inches inside the padded compartment. The fashionable and sophisticated laptop bag from Da Milano is available for ₹ 15,999.00 from the Da Milano website.

American Tourister 32 L Backpack


American Tourister is a well-known brand for laptop bags which provides features like durability, elegance, fun and reliability. Zipper closure and side mesh are available to hold water bottles or beverages while a padded shoulder strap provides extra support. The stylish and sturdy backpack is perfect for college students and is spacious enough to carry clothes for a long trip. Inside, you will get 2 compartments where you can store journals, clothes, notebooks, and many more things along with your laptop.

Its outer material is polyester and is water-resistant. The lightweight backpack helps you carry your laptop and belongings conveniently. A rain cover is also provided inside which helps protect your precious device if rain occurs while travelling. The smart bag with shoulder straps and padded back is available on Best of Indian Products for ₹ 1,429.00. Compartments available inside the backpack include one key holder, one zippered pocket, and a laptop compartment to hold a 15-inch device.

Skybags Komet 49 L Backpack

Skybags produce some stylish as well as comfortable options of laptop backpacks. And, if you are looking for a glamour quotient, this bag is perfect for you. Its outer material is made of synthetic nylon and on the inside, the backpack has three compartments. With a padded handle and shoulder straps, the backpack has a laptop compartment that can hold a device of up to 17 inches.

A mesh pocket is available on the side to help you hold water bottles. The 700 gm bag comes with a rain cover and is equipped with quick access pockets as well as multiple organizers. The Skybags Komet 49 L Backpack is available on Sky Bags for Rs. 1,125.00.

Harissons Vervo Work Laptop Backpack

Harissons Vervo Work Laptop Backpack comes up with additional storage capacity as well as the high quality build material. It is equipped with a waterproof rain cover and a high-capacity storage pocket along with three compartments for storing different things. These compartments can hold keys, stationery, books, clothes, files, a tablet and a laptop within padded safety.

Other features of the bag include a 2-point strap system and a sternum strap. A quick-access pocket is located on the front side with an easy to grab handle. The concealed bottle lock, detachable key-chain holder, quick grab handle and bottom protection ridges are also included in the backpack. The bag comes with a 1-year warranty. You can buy this laptop backpack from Harissons at a cost of ₹ 2,399.00.

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Laptop Bag is an Important Fashion Accessory

Your laptop bag is an important fashion accessory and you need to devote some time in researching the options available and the user feedback of those products. We hope this BP Guide would have helped you in completing your research and identifying the best branded laptop bag ideally suited for your requirements. Stay connected with us for more such engaging content.