Top 13 Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Girls in 2018 and 3 Simple Tricks to Ensure You Always Buy the Right Presents

Top 13 Birthday Gifts for 8 Year Girls in 2018 and 3 Simple Tricks to Ensure You Always Buy the Right Presents

Birthdays are a time to pamper little girls with all things cute, fun, educational, and pretty. From pretty bags, tiaras and sunglasses, to school bags, science kits, dolls, toys and puzzles, Best Present Guide has everything under the sun that any 8 year old girl could wish for on her birthday. So go on, take your pick, and give her a birthday present she will absolutely adore.

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Tips for Finding Superb Birthday Gifts for an 8 Year Old Girl

Gift Her Accessories

If you are looking for gifting options for an 8-year-old girl, then you can gift her accessories of all kinds. Girls love wearing accessories and you can buy really cute ones for her on her birthday. You can buy her hair accessories such as clips, hair bands, and tik toks. You can also buy beautiful bracelets, neck pieces, and vibrant earrings. The 8 year old girl can flaunt it at any function or social gathering. She would love flaunting the gorgeous accessories that you buy for her. You can also buy handbags and satchel bags that she can use with any outfit.

Buy Something She Can Use at School

A useful gift would be really appreciated and you can gift something to an 8 year old that she can use at school. For example, you can gift her with a sturdy water bottle that she can take to her school or even a school bag that has an awesome print on it. Moreover, you can also gift the stationary items that she can use, like a diary, a pack of notebooks and glitter pens. If you wish to make it a little creative, you can give her crayons, color book and paints to use while drawing. Every time she uses it, she will remember you.

Go for Colorful and Funky Gifts

Kids love colorful and funky gifts and you can look for vibrant and attractive gifts that you can present to the 8 year old girl. Be it your niece, your child or a friend's daughter, she will absolutely love the bright and colorful gifts. Kids usually like gifts that are out of the box and that have a peculiar look rather than the mundane and boring gifts. A fresh pop of color and amalgamation of beautiful hues will add a lot of elements to any regular gift. You can keep this in mind while looking for gifts online or in stores.

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for an 8 Year Old Girl

Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Yellow and White Printed Backpack

This yellow and white printed backpack has a non-padded haul loop and has two main compartments with zip closure. It is a padded mesh bag with a zip pocket and two stash pockets. The bag has a padded shoulder strap and it has an awesome appearance. It makes a perfect gift for an 8 year old girl. The blue and yellow bag has a stylish look that the little one can flaunt at school, and if she prefers everything not being too girly or pink, this bag will be perfect. This bag from Tommy Hilfiger is a perfect gift for the little one’s birthday. It comes with a warranty of 1 year. You can shop for this from Myntra for Rs.1,044.

Toniq Kids Black Embellished Bow Hairband

A single hairband may not be the ideal birthday gift for a little girl, and you can pair this with another present, but the glitter bow band will make any little girl look adorable and feel pretty. Gift her this Toniq black embellished bow hairband. It is a black hairband that has a golden bow on it. The glittering golden bow adds an amazing yet minimalistic look to the hairband. The hairband is available in one size and for best maintenance, it should be cleaned with a dry cloth to remove the dust. The material used in fabric and it goes along well with any sort of outfit. The hairband accentuates the look of any attire and adds glamour to it. It can be a perfect gift for an 8 year old girl. You can shop for this from Myntra for Rs.439.

Olvin Kids Gradient Sunglasses OL420-10

Doesn't every little girl want to mimic her mother, dress up, carry pretty shoulder bags, and sport some funky eyewear? The graduated grey color Olvin kids sunglasses have an amazing appearance and look and will be perfect for the budding fashionista. The lenses used are UV rays protected and the frame is of red and white color. The frame is plastic oval printed and it has a high bridge with nose holders that are fixed. The glasses come in a signature Olvin glass case. Moreover, the sunglasses have a warranty of 3 months after its purchase. In order to clean the glasses, one has to remove the dust and the grime by wiping the lens gently with a cloth. You can shop for this from Myntra for Rs.399.

Mattel Pink Barbie Pizza Chef Doll and Playset

She loves her pizzas so why not let her pretend make them, that too with her favourite doll. The Mattel Pink Barbie Pizza Chef Doll and Playset is indeed a fun game that has miniature pizza making tools. It is multicolor and is made of plastic. This game can be played alone and even with friends. Playing with dools is a great way to boost your child's creativity through role play. Using the Mattel pink Barbie doll playset, the little girl can relish the joy of making miniature pizzas! It has vibrant colors that add an amazing appearance to it. The set can be wiped with a clean and dry cloth whenever needed. You can gift this awesome playset to an 8 year old on her birthday. Shop for this awesome gift from Myntra for Rs.1,399.

Playwell Impex Multicoloured Disney Carry & Go Princess Puzzle Set

Puzzles are excellent games to sharpen her young mind and with a puzzle as pretty as this Playwell Impex Princess Puzzle Set, she will have a blast piecing it together. It is very interesting and fun game to play with. The puzzle, when completed, has an image of Disney princess Ariel the mermaid and cute fish friends swimming around in the water. The set also has a puzzle bag with it to store the pieces in when not in use. She can play with this with her pals or even complete it on her own. The Disney puzzle comes in a set of three different puzzles. It will be a cute gift for an eight year old. You can shop for this gorgeous puzzle for Rs.639 from Myntra.

Simba Yellow Minions Jail Tim Soft Toy

Children love soft toys and Minions are a favourite of nearly everyone. This Samba Minions Soft Toy is made of polyester, is non-allergic and is machine washable. It has a polyfill lining and features a Minion in a jail costume. It is indeed a very cute gift that you can present to an 8 year old girl. This soft toy can be kept in her bedroom or anywhere along with her other toys. The funny avatar of the minion in the soft toy makes it look cool. It can be cleaned with a dry and clean cloth whenever needed. You can shop for this awesome gift from Myntra for Rs.649.

Let It Go - Frozen Music Box

Disney's Frozen and it's character top the list of favourites for many a young girl and if the 8 year old you're shopping for is also a fan, she will be delighted at a quaint wind-up music box based on the film. This gift literally makes you play one of the most iconic songs on your fingertips. It is a handmade wooden box that plays the famous song from the movie Frozen, Let it go. It is made of birch plywood and has an oak stain finishing. It is very beautifully engraved and in order to play it, one has to turn the handle. The artistic engraving looks attractive and each individual piece takes about two weeks to assemble. It is a unique gift that you can give to the little one. Shop for this awesome gift from for Rs.899.

3D Unicorn Elodie Mug

This 3D Unicorn Elodie Mug makes one wander into the dreamland. It has a pastel mane, a beautiful rainbow color handle, and a golden horn. This mug certainly makes drinking coffee an amazing experience, or for the little girl, her mug of hot chocolate or milk. It adds a fairytale magic to any boring day. It can also be used to hold your stationery. It is ideal for both hot and cold beverages. It is microwave safe and can be cleaned by washing by hand. The ceramic made coffee mug is really cute and it will definitely bring a smile to an 8 year old. You can shop for this awesome gift from for Rs.799.

Mini Camera Wallet Pouch

Women adore little pouches and purses: coin wallets, cloth bags, little potlis, satin pouches, small silicone bags, carry cases for compact mirrors and earphones; you name it and they want it, or have it. This love affair with little bags and purses starts at a very early age. So any 8 year old girl will be thrilled to receive this wallet pouch comes which is fashioned in the form of a mini camera.

It can be used to tow the innumerable small coins and other small objects safely. It is very easy to carry and is made of silicone. It is an extremely durable purse and can be carried around very easily. The purse can be used both at home and outside. It is a very creative gift for photography addicts and an 8 year old will truly love it. She can carry it anywhere with utmost ease. You can choose the color that you wish to buy. Shop for this gorgeous gift from for Rs.499.

Handcrafted Panda Shaped Rug

If it makes you go 'aww' it's probably a good fit. This Panda Shaped Rug makes any room look cheerful and is handcrafted. It brightens up any room that it is kept in. It is very cute and is really soft as well. The panda rug gives an awesome look to any room that it is kept in. You can give it to an 8 year old girl so that she can keep it in her room. The rug is handmade with real sheep wool and has a panda-shaped design. It is indeed a very unique gift that you can give to the little girl. Shop for this awesome gift from for Rs.899.

Bonus Gift Ideas to Make Her Birthday Extra Special

If She Keeps a Diary, Give Her a New, Pretty One

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to make someone happy! You can make her birthday extra special for the little one by giving her simple gifts also. If the 8 year old that you are gifting likes to keep a diary, then you can gift her one. Shop for a cute and trendy diary for the little girl. She can pen down whatever she wished to write in the beautiful diary that you gift her. She can also journal her fondest memories and anything that pops into her head. This will be a rather unique gift for the little kid. There are a lot of online stores and even shops in the market wherein you can buy such diaries. Some are made from leather and some are specially handcrafted.Hint: secret diaries with locks and passwords are always a big hit!

Give Her a Birthday Tiara

Every little girl fantasizes about being crowned like a princess. Make her wish come true and gift her with a princess tiara or a special birthday crown. She can wear it while cutting her birthday cake and it will definitely make her feel like she is at the top of the world. You can also get smaller tiaras for her friends to wear at the party. Go for a tiara with a beautiful design and pretty appearance. She will absolutely love her birthday tiara and it will make her day ultra special. There are a lot of pretty tiaras that you can find online and even in stores.

Outdoor Science Kits


Yet another thoughtful gift can be an outdoor science kit which you can buy for the 8 year old girl. Children spend so much more time indoor than they used to, so encourage her to be more curious about nature and life outdoors. There are a variety of science kits in the market that can impart knowledge to the kids in a fun way. These kits teach the kids among different categories like physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth sciences and other science-related fields. These type of games imbibe a lot of awareness among the age and teach them about the general things that they need to know effortlessly. They mold information in such a way that the kids grasp it without even realizing. Such kits could be an ideal gift for your an eight-year-old girl.

We suggest this Faber-Castell Creativity For Kids Grow N Glow Terrarium available at for Rs.2,477. This kit contains everything needed to create an entire environment - organic chia and wheatgrass seeds, a plastic mason-style jar, potting mix, decorative figurines, sand, river stones and lid. A plant mister is included to keep the terrarium watered, and glow in the dark stickers make it glow at night.

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Steer clear of gifts too mature for her

Children cannot wait to grow up and be able to do or have all the things they see adults use. It's natural for little girls to want to imitate their mothers or fashion icons they see on tv, but know how much is cute and how much crosses over the line towards tacky. Young girls aren't meant to be covered in makeup or dolled up in miniature versions of adult clothes. So though she may want to grow up in a hurry, as the parent or adult you need to make sure she gets to enjoy her childhood as a child.