Make Screen Time Count: 10 Educational Games for Kids Online That Improve Cognitive Skills & Sharpen Your Child's Mind

Make Screen Time Count: 10 Educational Games for Kids Online That Improve Cognitive Skills & Sharpen Your Child's Mind

As we grow up, our pace of learning becomes slower. A child's grasp on things is much higher than that of an adult. Keeping this in mind, we've listed down some of the best games which are sure to improve your child's concentration, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination etc. Gone are those days when games used to be considered 'time-wasters'. Make your kids indulge in these educational games and see the effects for yourself.

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Games Are Not Just for Fun but Are Highly Educational too

While the first thought that may come to one's minds about games is the fun associated with playing them but beyond the fun, games are made in a way to build and educate young minds of your kids. Games are designed to assist people in learning about different subjects, teaching them rules, goals, steps to solving problems, overcoming challenges and developing specific skills as they play them.

Some games are even designed to teach about historical events and culture, vocabulary and spellings and also mathematics. These games are the best options in capturing the attention of kids if flipping through the pages of a book seems not to capture their attention, then you can try one of these online educational games, and you will undoubtedly be shocked. Games come in different formats, majorly video, card, and board. Find out the one that your kids love and help boost their academic performance while they are having fun.

Why Educational Games?

They are Fun

These educational games are fun, provide us with the ecstasy of exploration, the delight of getting the answers right, the joy of learning new things and how about the adrenaline drive you have when trying to beat the time limit set for each level? Games are far from boring, and they keep you on the high. Nothing can beat the look on a child's face when he is playing a game, keeping to rules and winning.

They are Free

The best part is, they're free! You don't have to pay a dime or spend some rupees to download them, and you can have your kids play them online. All you need is to get a good internet connection, and your children can play without interruptions. Games are free! You have no excuse. Visit these educational games sites below and help your children improve in whatever subjects or areas they seem to be lagging behind.

They Teach & Build Vital Skills

As your kids play and interact with the games they love, it is incredible to know their minds are being built. These games teach your children how to overcome an obstacle and how to solve problems by looking for alternative ways out of the challenges or the obstacles which are standing in their way. It also helps your children learn to speak good English, spell right, solve math problems in a short time, improve their counting skills, step up their ability to predict, and also helps build their thinking, reasoning and cognitive skills.

Cool & Friendly Games for Kids

1. Crazy Taxi M-12

Cool Math is as precise as its name sounds. Although many kids will not agree with the fact that maths is cool but with this game, your kids will definitely agree that maths is cool. The game is for kids aged 3-12. There are different levels of the game that exposes your children to various aspects of maths. The game Crazy Taxi M-12 is based on 'multiples'. In the game, you are expected to crash into cars that are multiples of a certain number, for example, a multiple of 2 or 3 meaning all the numbers that have 2 or 3 as one of the factors. For example, 2, 4, 6, 8, and others or 3, 6, 9, 12 etc. This game also helps your children practice what they have been taught in the times tables. If they’ve been struggling to learn the times table, then this game will help them sit up and learn it better. The review shows that 74% like this game. This game is available at

2. Alone in the Kitchen

The name of the game shows this game is a game that lets your child stand alone and make decisions and face the consequences that result from the decisions they have made. Aside from making decisions, the game Alone in the Kitchen is majorly a memory teaser game that trains the mind, memory and pushes for learning. At the beginning of the game, a list of recipes is shown to the player, he/she is expected to find the items and blend the cooking ingredients listed on a recipe. The recipe is shown just once and you have three other opportunities to view the recipe. We all know how the attention span of children is, the tendency for them to remember the item on the recipe cannot be predicted. Watch as they play the game. This is a great game to build their memory and their ability to remember things. Play the game at

3. Base Ten Fun


Base Ten Fun game is a game that helps your children understand the skill of addition and subtraction. The sounds of the game alone will be a major attraction for kids. If your children have not been doing well at adding and subtracting numbers, then the Base Ten Fun game is highly recommended for your kids. The great thing with this game is that it allows your kids to select a game mode based on how difficult the level is. At your children can begin to play and get more understanding of how to add and subtract numbers. There is a bonus whenever they answer ten questions accurately. Let your children learn maths while having fun.

4. World Flags

Geography gives children an understanding of the world they live in. With the flag game, a child realizes each country has its own unique flag with which the country can be identified. Although the game is for children, adults can also learn by playing this game. It is not enough to just know the flag of one’s own country, let your children be exposed to the flags of other countries as well. One major way to excel in this game is to note the patterns of each country’s flag. Have your kids draw out and colour some of these flags, especially for countries closest to yours or you can select some countries from different continents. At the flag game is ready and waiting to help your kids learn with ease.

5. Missing Piece Game


Missing Piece Game (Development of visual attribution and attention) is a game for 5-year-olds, to help build their coordination between their sight, visual reasoning, visual attention and their reasoning ability. The game brings up different pictures, for example, a cat with a part missing and the kids are expected to select the missing element from an option presented from a different set of pictures. This helps them picture items and know what is missing and what can be used to replace it. The game is vibrant hued with lovely colours and is filled with so much fun. Visit to play the game for your kids.

6. Color 21

Color 21 is a maths game that is both challenging and entertaining. The game helps to build your kids ability to solve problems, strategize, think ahead and think before acting. This game is designed in a way to have numbered orbs dropped into one of the four columns so that when the numbers on the orb are added together equals twenty-one. The game has lovely bonuses that encourage and motivates your kids to continue playing no matter how difficult a phase of the game seems. Visit to have your kids play the game.

7. Nutrition for Kids

Nutrition for kids is a game that teaches children the importance of eating well, helps them understand what a balanced diet is, and exposes their minds to the different food groups and classes. The game is much fun and very colourful too. If you are tired of getting your kids to eat, this is one way to help them out, the more they see the different types of food items, and how attractive they are, the more delighted they are to try it out physically. At you can get your kids to play the game, you will see a significant difference in their knowledge of food-related conversations.

8. Short- A Spelling Game

When kids spell words correctly, they get compliments and kudos from people around them. At certain ages, there are certain words kids are expected to spell with ease. This game has great tools that will help teach your children to spell with speed and accuracy. The game is a combination of different games like Alphabet games, Word games, and Vocabulary games amongst others. The sole aim of these games is to build foundation language, vocabulary and spelling skills. The skills taught by the games are basically for preschool and elementary school children. Find out more on Children have the opportunity to practice spelling and vocabulary test as often as they like.

9. History of India for Kids

What a better way to learn history than in a stress-free way that this game presents. This educational game presents questions and answers that kids have to answer correctly before they can proceed to the next phase, short video clips and interactive sessions too. The more they play this game, the more they are exposed to the History of their beloved country. At, you can find the History of India game for your kids to play.

10. Colour with Leo

Colour with Leo is a combination of lovely educational art activities including drawing pad, colour mixing, colour memory, colour portrait fun, draw farm animals and lots more. These activities boost the minds of kids, helping them know more shapes, more animals and how to mix colours and to know the differences between a primary colour and which is the secondary colour. To play the game visit

What Your Kids Gain

1. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

The Hand-Eye coordination is the skill that allows the eyes to guide the hands in movement and direction. A good coordination between the hands and the eyes allow your children to do well at sports, toss and catch, track reading and writing directions, build a Lego and to write well. By playing games, the hand-eye coordination of your children is adequately coordinated and in place.

2. Games Focus on Memory

As exercises train the muscles, games are said to train the brain. They prepare the memory of your children to be organised, sharp, quick and alert. As game playing boosts their memory, their IQ invariably is boosted. Seeing all the undeniable benefits that games have on the minds of children, it will be great to expose your children to them so they can function at a higher IQ.

3. Games Help Improve Their English

The best way to learn things and to get better at them is by continuous practice. Playing a game requires the combination of several skills like listening, reading and even writing for some particular games. The more your kids get exposed to such games and skills, the better they become in speaking, reading and writing in English. Most games are in the English language, and continuous exposure to these games will help them gain new knowledge and apply that knowledge. Encourage your kids to find out the meaning of new terms or strange English words they are exposed to while playing games.

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Keep a Check on Time Spent by Your Child on Games

Although these games are beneficial and educational for children as it is said, too much of anything is dangerous. Your kids are sure to enjoy these games and the best part being, getting to learn some good things, but spending too much time in front of the screen is not going to be healthy. So, keep a check on how long your child spends in front of the screen.