Are You a Gamer at Heart? Here are the Top 10 Games for Android You Cannot Miss in 2019

Are You a Gamer at Heart? Here are the Top 10 Games for Android You Cannot Miss in 2019

Games have come to our rescue since childhood. With the cutting edge technology, they still do. Be it waiting for a flight, traveling in a metro, boring lectures or a family function (lol), mobile games will keep always you entertained. So go ahead and take a look at these amazing options.

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Android Gaming - A Plethora of Options to Choose From

This is the era of smartphones where every electronic gadget, big or small, has been squashed down to fit into the pocket of your jeans. Your pocket has become the Alibaba's cave from where you pull out one gadget that works a telephone, a calculator, GPS, music player and what not, so how could a gaming station might have escaped?

Since the rise of Android operating system, the mobile gaming industry is growing by leaps and bounds. You can find a plethora of interesting games in your smartphones app store, that too, for free. Android gaming industry has quickly become one of the most profitable business in the market. This has given us, the customers, a great way to enjoy and appreciate the free time in our lives. All this is great, but there is a problem!

Amidst the ever growing sea of Android games, where every new game is better than the previous one, it's becoming harder and harder to find great quality games. This guide will help you in selecting some of the best android games available in the market right now.

A Game for Every Taste

Before jumping into the list of best Android games, you should know a little about the gaming categories to find the right games for yourself according to your preferences and hobbies.

Racing Games

This is the most common gaming category in Android gaming industry presently. Each one of us has some distant memories from childhood when we used to play racing games on the Nokia keypad cell phones and even that used to be a delight. Now, you can play racing games in high quality 3D resolution on your Android smartphones

Action - Adventure Games

This gaming category includes both physical and conceptual type of challenges. As the name suggests, action adventure Android games belong to a hybrid category that takes something from both the genres. You get to play along a decent storyline with heart throbbing characters and mysteries, dialogues, inventory, updates etc. In many games, the decisions you take along the story line can alter the final end of the story, so you can choose how the events should unfold.

Role Playing (RPG) Games


As the name suggests, in RPG or role playing games, you are placed in a fictional environment in the shoes of some other character, and you have to carry out a quest in an imaginary world. It usually has a menu based combat system, along with a centre quest around which the whole game is based. You get to play a lot of side missions too which usually help in upgrading the abilities, skills, tools and weapons of the main character.

First Person Shooters

Being one of the top contenders, this is an incredibly fun genre in which you literally see the world with the eyes of the protagonist. First person shooter games are usually based on combat with Guns, bows and such weapons but often, you find some hand-to-hand combat too.

You can literally submerge yourself into the fictional gaming world in first person shooters, you can move forward, backward, sideways and adjust the field according to your preferences. These games also have game levels which get harder as you move forward. On top of that, FPS games also have a multiplayer mode so that you can play with your friends. Doesn't it sound fun?

Arcade Games


In the past, arcade games were the coin operated gaming machines that were installed in public places like restaurants, bars, pubs and in Gaming hubs. Everyone remembers playing Mortal combat on those big machines, but now, these games are available digitally in your pockets. Some new arcade games are dedicated to vintage classics such as Pacman, pong, donkey Kong etc. These are not limited to one kind of game and instead, they include a mixture of many genres like beat-em-up games, top down shooters, horizontal shooters etc.

Running Games

This gaming category exists since a long time but it has made its presence felt suddenly and strongly, when some running Android games went viral few years back (subway surfer), and everyone loved them. You play a character, see it in a 3rd person view, usually from the back and you keep running, jumping, sliding and ducking down to avoid obstacles. Often someone chases you from behind and you have to run, and run, and run. These games are about high-scores and you can increase it by collecting coins and boost-ups along the path.

Puzzle and Word Games

Puzzle and word games are the ones which your parents wanted you to play with them during childhood, but it doesn't mean you can't enjoy them now. Finding and arranging words you have never heard before, solving funny and interesting puzzles. These games come in various flavors for both kids and adults. If you want your child to learn something while playing games on phone, give them puzzle and word games. You will definitely see a great improvement in Language and vocabulary of your child.

Strategic Games


These games are extremely fun and rewarding if you have just one thing, patience! War is never a good thing for the world, but for the gaming industry? It's a boon. These games offer you the realisation of your childhood dreams, being the kings of your own kingdom, building your empire, preparing the troops, securing the walls and placing weapons, upgrading the army and weapons, there is a lot you can do to make yourself stronger and then finally, go and fight a war with others like you. The growth takes a little time usually, but it's worth the effort and time.

Sports Games


These games never get old, whether you have a passion for football, tennis, cricket, Baseball, pool or any other sport. The Android game market has everything for you, you can find any game you like and participate in tournaments, both offline and online. You can make a team with your friends and play multiplayer mode, the fun never ends. They keep updating the theme according to the latest game season, so you are always in for something new.

Card Games

Finally, the game category which has been handed down to us by our ancestors, Card Games. They have always been around, and will always be. A simple deck of beautiful cards and human creativity, possibilities are endless. You need luck, patience, deceptiveness, intuition and guts. No wonder then that card games are so popular among adults, but there are also some child friendly versions.

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Best Games on Google Play Store in 2019

Now that you know which gaming category you like, we have prepared a list of games, consisting the best ones, especially for you. You can download one, two, three or all of them, if you want. Not a single one will be a disappointment.

Everyone's Favorite - PUBG

Does the great and Mighty "PUBG" needs an introduction? Well, Absolutely not. Coming from the house of Tencent, this games has taken the market by storm. Although Tencent puts it in Action category, it picks up best bits from other genres too, First person shooter view is the most obvious one but with it, you play this game online competing with players from all around the globe.

You make a team of 4 persons with either your friends or 4 random people and then you are mercilessly thrown down, with 100 others from an Airplane into a pretty barren island that has an interesting landscape to explore.

You will find realistic weapons, vehicles and 'Clothes' as you wander around and that's it. You are all set to wreak havoc with your team, kill anyone who comes in your sight, be brave, save your friends and you will get a 'winner winner chicken dinner' at the end. What more can you ask for?

Your ranking will keep on increasing as you move forward in the game. You can download it for free from the Google Playstore

Adrenaline Rush - FIFA 19

This will satisfy the adrenaline rush seeker sports enthusiast, who is a football fan for life. Electronic Arts never fails to land great games into the hands of skillful gamers and this is one of the best game they offer in sports category.

With initial download size of 70 MB, it's free to download, although you also have some paid upgrade options inside the game. It currently has more than 100 million downloads! You need constant internet connection and you can be certain that you'll face a sea of new, competing players at all times.

You can build your own team and then train each player individually with AI trainer to assemble a team of champions. What's great that they provide fresh daily content in FIFA season. It has a new 'head to head' mode with upgraded gaming engine, in which you play 11v11 soccer with competitors from around the world, that too in real time! You can join leagues, tournaments, inter-league championships etc and climb up on the global leaderboards.

Download the game on Google Playstore

Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires

The time has come for the Hero to take over, unite and protect his land, once and for all. Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empire from IGG.COM falls into the strategy category, and wears the tag of 'Editors Choice' with great pride. It's a free to download game with some in-app purchases.

This games puts you into an exotic magical land which is torn apart by wars, monsters and warlords and it's up to you to make the nation great again by making your castle, the best among the best. You have to recruit soldiers, heroes, warlords, make alliances and then fight and conquer. As you defeat the enemies, your territory increases with global ranking.

Not only attack, you have to defend too, safeguard your kingdom against opponents, demolish the dragons and upgrade the defenses along with trading treasures to form alliances. You can find friends and attack in multiplayer mode too and claim the throne. We warn you that this is a pretty addictive game!

The initial download of this game is just 15 MB and is suitable for people aged 7+. You can download the game on Google Playstore

Monument Valley 2


This is one of the gems that you would have to pay for, where you travel with emotions on a beautiful journey of a mother and daughter. The mother wants to teach her child about the exotic mysteries lying deep in the valley. It has everything, ranging from magical Architecture, to pathways filled with illusions, puzzles, mysteries and sacred geometry that seems impossible.

It's a sequel to the award winning game 'Monument valley'. The environment is stunning and the architecture is just mind-boggling. The game falls into puzzle game category and is made by Ustwo Games, although the maker is not well known, but they have made pretty amazing games, which helped them grab the 'Editors choice' tag and great reviews from Wired, Polygon, Destructoid and few others.

Not only the puzzles are thoughtfully included, the architecture is mesmerising and the audio is also arranged masterfully to submerge you in the fantasy realm.

You need Android 4.4 or later to run this, with download size of 33 MB, this game has 100,000+ downloads and is suitable for persons aged 7+. You can download the game on Google Playstore

The Classic: Alto's Odyssey

If you want a game that has simply mesmerising landscapes, beautiful scenarios, engaging, as well as a sweet storyline, this is the one for you. After the enormous success of the prequel, Alto's adventure where you chased your reindeers in Christmas snow, NoodleCake Studios Inc knew what they were doing while designing this.

The graphics and screenplay alone are enough to keep you hooked to this game for hours. You are Alto and it's your adventure, exploring the Majestic desert to uncover the mysteries that lay deep in its roots. You will pass through barren dunes, exciting canyons, ancient temples and everything in-between. The hot air balloons, high and mighty rock walls and lemurs, all are waiting for you.

This is a single player game that you can enjoy on your own and even when high-speed internet connection is not available. When alone, this will prove to be a great companion with its zen mode with serene soundtrack and everlasting peace.

You can download this free from Google play store with 57MB download size, some in-app purchases are also included. Download it here on Google Playstore

For the Racing Freaks - Asphalt 9: Legends


The asphalt series from Gameloft has always been on the top of racing genre, with processor hungry graphics, insanely fast high end hypercars, real world quality and a variety of different gameplay modes, this series never lets the gamers down.

Asphalt 9: legends is another gem from their arsenal which has great collection of 50 cars from manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc. You can hit the tracks and compete with racers around the world with your dream car, make new records or demolish your previous ones. You are free to do whatever you want with your car, customize it as heavily as you want, change the color, rims, car material etc.

In online multiplayer mode, you can race with 7 players worldwide, also the controls have been updated with an innovative touch drive and with over 60 seasons and 800 events, this is sure to entertain you for a long long time.

Although, the download is free, but you can add a plethora of upgrades to your car and inventory with real Money if you want. Keeping in mind the content it offers, the 1.6 GB size justified. Download it now from Google Playstore

The Evergreen - Subway Surfers


Although subway surfers has been around for a long time, it is still one of the most loved game in its category. Subway Surfers, along with Temple run and Temple run: OZ were the torch bearer for Running Android games who brought the gaming category to mainstream attention, since then temple run has somewhat faded into obscurity but subway surfers, made by Kiloo has quite maintained its place on the ranking board.

The concept is simple but captive, a policeman with its scary dog will make you run like your life depends on it, doing life threatening stunts between high speed trains, hopping from one train to another.

You will jump like jumping jack with golden shoes, measure the city skies with a colorful jetpack and collect shining gold coins to score the highest possible. You can play different characters with different surfing boards and what's more, subway surfer has different versions for different Cities, from Bombay to Moscow. The game got it all covered, free of cost, and at a size of 88 MB. Download it here on Google Playstore

8 Ball Pool

If you love pool and billiards, then you should definitely check out this one. It is quite popular among young masses, and it's worthy of all the attention with its awesome online multiplayer matches, the game is Developed by and is #1 top grossing on play store.

The realist gameplay is governed by real physics which makes this incredibly fun and easy to play. You can either play it with your friends or against the players worldwide. You will get tons of prizes and giveaways inside the game from time to time. You always have new tournaments coming to fill up your coin collection and bid against the mightiest opponents. This even has a web version at,

It has crossed 100 million downloads mark with a size of just 50 MB. It is free to download on Google Playstore but also has in-app purchases inside the app to make the experience more enjoyable.

The Nostalgic - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar games brought its customers this PC game which kind of, shaped everyone's childhood. The Grand theft auto San Andreas is one of the most loved game in the whole Grand theft auto franchise. Now, they are back with the mobile game edition, CJ is back and back are the good old days.

Those streets of san Andreas filled with gangsters, corrupt police officers, friends and foes. Get in the shoes of CJ and complete missions, roaming in san Andreas in any vehicle you like because it's grand theft auto after all. Every motorcycle, car and aircraft is yours.

Frustrated with your all the work that is piling up? Open up GTA san Andreas and break speed limits on a sports car, destroy buildings, take some headshots, wreak havoc inside the police station and much more! Imagine in the real world, do it in the gaming world.

The game is paid at Rs 182 but the experience is worth it. GTA San Andreas has a huge world map so the size is almost 2GB. Download it here on Google Playstore

The Zombie Hunter - Dead Trigger 2

Kids Beware! To end the list, we have a pretty gruesome and violent game which is unsurprisingly, insanely fun! We mean, who doesn't want to take headshots at the already messed up heads of scary Zombies who are roaming in their garden after a deadly virus attack on humanity?

This game gives you the Satisfaction you very badly need after watching some zombie filled movies where the protagonist effortlessly spills zombie heads on floor with blasting guns endlessly, without even reloading. MADFINGER games bring you Dead trigger 2 - zombie survival shooting game.

It's a first person shooter which lets you feel the thrill with eyes of the protagonist with 33 battlefields, 600 gameplay war scenarios, solo campaign mode, global missions and side quests. You have over 50 guns, just select a decent one, upgrade it, buy some bullets and you are all set to go all out and demolish each and every one of those blood thirsty, flesh-hungry zombie in a package of 544MB. What more can a hardcore gamer need?

You even have paid upgrades inside the game to destroy the Zombies in worst possible ways. Download it here on Google Playstore

Enhance Your Gaming Experience with The Help of These Apps

Sick of slow gaming performance? Maybe your processor and the hardware is capable but the file and space management is the issue. In that case, these apps will definitely help you to have a smooth gaming performance.

DU Speed Booster

Du speed booster from DU apps Studio is around since a long time and boosts the phone performance by cleaning up the junk files, app caches and by better managing and cleaning up the RAM. It also comes with an antivirus to make your phone much safer. It cools the CPU, and also boosts the network. For games, it specially has a Game Mode built in which boosts the performance whenever you open a game.

Download DU Speed Booster here

Game Booster


This Gem from BGN mobi also helps you in playing the games with the best performance your device can possibly offer. It increase the Antutu benchmarks too and also has an inbuilt Frame per second (FPS) meter to measure the performance of your device in Real time.

Download Game Booster here

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Bring Out The Gamer Within You with These Amazing Android Games in 2019

With amazing graphics, fast speeds, engaging action and multiplayer options, these games will surely keep you on your toes this year. So go ahead and give them a try!