Mobile Watches Can Be Very Useful for a Child: 10 Best Mobile Watches for Kids & Why You Should Get One for Your Little One (2019)

Mobile Watches Can Be Very Useful for a Child: 10 Best Mobile Watches for Kids & Why You Should Get One for Your Little One (2019)

All technology isn't bad for your kids, and a smart watch that doesn't entail hours of screen time, can keep you connected to your child, track their movement for the purpose of security, and keep them entertained sometimes, is definitely useful tech. The best part is they don't even cost an arm and a leg and will give you peace of mind. Here are the best mobile watches currently available in India.

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A Mobile Watch for Your Kid is Not Absurd

Technology continues to grow every day with new programs and devices being invented all the time. In today’s digital world, everybody including kids, need to be fluent in the use of technology in order to be successful global citizens. An example of such technology is the mobile watch.

Mobile watches are watches that don't just tell the time but have other features such as GPS trackers, pedometers, games and so on. Buying mobile watches for your children is very important especially for parents that are uncomfortable with buying smart phones for their kids. Mobile watches are an excellent substitute for those that don't want to deal with the cons of smartphone ownership.

Parents can use their smartphone to keep track of their kids and this helps in creating peace of mind for them. Mobile watches can also help create a safe space for your child to develop a sense of independence. From the above you can see that buying a mobile watch for your child is not absurd but is very necessary.

Why You Should Get a Mobile Watch for Your Kids

For the Purpose of Keeping Track of Them


No one goes through life everyday thinking 'what if', but it has been decided that it is better to be safe than sorry. Most kids are naturally adventurous and love to wander. Mobile watches can help keep your child safe and will alleviate some of the stress placed on your family.

While this device can't prevent your child from wandering, it will help locate your child immediately with the help of the GPS tracking device located in the phone. If you want a little bit of peace of mind in relation to the safety of your kids, then buying a mobile watch for your kids is the best choice for you.

For Easy Communication


Communication is not just a way to ensure you form an ongoing relationship with your child, it's also a way to keep track on what is going on with your child. One of the most well-used functions of the mobile watch is the built-in phone.

Children can call their parents with the help of the watch, and in turn, parents can also call their child at any given time. In addition to calls, voice messages can also be sent and received via the watch, in the event that the other party can not be reached by a phone call. Some parents feel better after they call their kids to check on them even when they know where the kids are.

To Play Games, Both for Fun and Educational Purposes

Contrary to the traditional belief that gaming is merely an addictive source of entertainment and diversion, recent research has proved that gaming has numerous benefits. Mobile watches provide both fun and educational games which can aid in enhancing memory of your child, improving the speed of the brain, improving problem-solving skills, improving concentration and attention, improving coordination, etc. Games are a great source of learning and should be encouraged though monitored.

10 Outstanding Smart Watches Your Kids Would Love to Have

Avika GT08 Bluetooth Smartwatch


This is a Bluetooth smart watch with activity trackers, heart rate monitor, and fitness band features (such as pedometer) compatible with android and iOS mobile phones, tablets and PCs. The activity trackers will help you keep up with what your child is doing, and the fitness band features and heart rate monitor can be used to monitor the health of your child. This watch is also portable and lightweight which is ideal because it wouldn’t be too heavy for your child.

This watch also comes with a rechargeable li-ion battery so you don't have to worry about buying new batteries when the battery runs out you can just plug it in and charge it. Another feature of this watch is the phone functions (GSM and 2G only) which will help you and your child keep in touch with each other.

It is available on for Rs.1143. This product has 3.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Avsans GPS Tracker Smart Watch Phone


This smart watch is made from environmentally friendly material with lower radiation compared with other competitor products, and will protect your child's eyesight. The strap is adjustable, and entertains kids from age 3 to 9 years.The product's dimensions is 5 × 5 × 5 cm. The watch is very attractive, and because it isn't bulky, your child can use it as a regular watch. It comes with a camera.

This watch comes with GPS trackers and phone functions. It has an anti-shedding alarm which helps prevent lose of the watch. If the watch falls off your child's hand, the light sensor on the watch will send a tip directly to your phone. It is also waterproof. It is sold on and you can find it for Rs.1599.

Noise Colorfit Pro Black Smartwatch

The Noise Colorfit Pro Smartwatch comes with a rectangular dial, and is made with zinc, magnesium and alloy. The outer material is silicone, making it comfortable for a child's wrist.

It is 47.5 millimetres in length and 35 millimetres in width. It has a colourful LCD anti-scratch display and has premium metallic finish. Color Fit Pro comes with magnetic charging. Simply plug in the charging clip to the back of the dial to charge and plug the charging cable into the adapter or USB port on your computer.

This watch comes with a 2.5D 1.2" colored IPS LCD display with corning gorilla glass protection which is great because it does not break easily. It is compatible with android (4.4 & above) & iOS (9.0 & above) devices. You can stay in touch with your child with the phone functions. The dynamic heart rate sensor in the watch can help track your child's heart rate 24/7.

You can also track your child's time in light and deep sleep stages and get personal insights into their health. This watch has been rated 3.6 out of 5 stars by 384 reviews, and it has 1 year warranty.

The price on Flipkart is Rs.1,999.

Roboster A1 Bluetooth and Camera Smart Watch

Roboster is a not very popular but somewhat known brand in the current Indian online market scenario. The Roboster A1 Bluetooth & Camera Smart Watch is a good choice for your kids. This particular product comes with a charger cable, a manual and has a 1.8 inch display size.

The strap colour is a basic black but the multicolour display makes it fun to use, even for a kid. It has Bluetooth and call functions. It is rectangular, the dial is made from aluminium, and the strap is in silicone. It also comes with a fitness tracker, touch screen and pedometer.

The price of this mobile watch on is Rs.759.

Liddu Certified Touch Screen Bluetooth Watch Phone

This version of the LIDDU Smart Watches comes in white. The size is 41x48x12 mm, the dial shape is curved, and it has stainless steel wire drawing. This watch is Water Resistant, and is compatible with Android and iOS Smartphones. It has Camera, Phone Functions, 350mAh Rechargeable Battery, Caller Id, Alarm, and Bluetooth.

This watch is sold on at the price of Rs.750.

Drumstone Handsfree U8 Smart Watch

The Bluetooth U8 smart watch comes with sleep monitor, pedometer, call reminder, remote camera with mini ultra-small s530, a stereo Bluetooth headset, caller ID, and anti-lost alarm. It is compatible with Xiaomi Mi, Lenovo, Apple, Samsung, Sony, Oppo, Vivo Smartphones. The product dimensions are 5 x 5 x 10 cm and the watch comes with a year long warranty. It's ultra mini design makes it lightweight, portable, hence easy to wear for a child. The watch runs on a rechargeable, built-in 230 mah battery. A single charge can support up to 3 hours of talk time and 120 hours of standby time.

This watch is sold on at Rs.699.

Link+ Bluetooth Smart Watch GT08

Your child will thank you for buying the GT08 Smart Watch from Link+. It is multi-coloured, and the dial shape is rectangular. It has 1.54" IPS LCD radian capacitive touch screen for easy operations. It also has built-in SIM card and TF card slot.

It works in 2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz networks. With or without SIM card, it works as a cell phone companion, receiving and making calls, getting texts via Bluetooth. It has functions like: Bluetooth dialer, pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, music player, alarm clock, watch, camera, remote camera, Bluetooth SMS/IM message notifier, message reminder, call reminder and a few other features which your child may not necessarily need, but can be very useful if he also has a smartphone.

You can find this product on at the price of Rs.600.

Orwind Dz09 Smart Watch

This mobile watch comes in white, black, and brown colour and is ideal for slightly bigger children who may not want to be seen wearing a 'kiddy watch'. The dial also comes in oval, rectangular, square, and round shapes. This watch has Bluetooth dialers, contacts, call reminder, clock, anti-loss, pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, calendar, 380 mah battery, 3 hours talk time and 180 hours standby time. It also comes with a charger, and it has Multi-Language option.

You can find this watch on at the price of Rs.430. Click on the link attached for more information and to see more details about the watch.

Piqancy DZ09 Bluetooth Smartwatch


While not really a mobile watch for kids, this one is still a smart buy for your child. This smart watch provides sleep tracking and comes with alarm reminder and a built-in silent vibration mode to gently wake your child up from sleep. The watch measures 8 x 8 x 5.8 cm. The smart watch comes with functions such as time display, step display and heart rate monitor so that you can keep a track of your child's health on the move.

The product is being sold on at the price of Rs.649.

Deep Global A1 Bluetooth Golden Smartwatch

This mobile watch is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones. It comes in both round and square shapes. It also comes in a range of colours like black, gold, white, bronze, silver, red, blue and green, so you can ask your kid to select their favourite colour.

It's features include a touch screen, camera, it has WiFi, is waterproof, comes with a warranty, a SIM card slot, digital LED, and micro SD card slot. The watch can do quite a bit more than just making and receiving calls - it is equipped with a pedometer, is capable of internet browsing, supports video, navigation, GPS, is also fitted with a fitness tracker that can motivate your child to be active at from an early age. It even has a few games to keep kids entertained.

You can find this Deep Global A1 Bluetooth Smartwatch on at the prize of Rs.739.

Things to Consider When Getting Your Child a Mobile Watch

Do Not Buy an Expensive Watch


It is a well known fact that most children aren't mature enough to take care of personal items properly. That's part of what makes them kids. They will lose phones, drop phones, soak phones in liquid, and break phones. Assume it will happen and be prepared for it.

Buying expensive phones for a child is not advisable because of the above. There are a ton of good inexpensive phones that run relatively new, secure versions of their operating systems aren't frustrating to use, and don't look "uncool" to children. It is more advisable to go for phones that can be easily replaced without you breaking the bank.

Do Not Buy a High-End Smartwatch

When buying a smart watch for your child, you don't need most features that can be found in high end watches, like headphone jack, expandable storage, wireless charging, IP rating and so many other features. In the not-too-distant past, buying a mid-range watch meant a woefully out-of-date operating system and sluggish performance straight out of the box, but these days you can find a mid-range watch that performs as well as high end ones.

Set Rules to Control the Use of Smartphones and Watches


Most parents think negotiating with their child is unnecessary and silly. But negotiation is a great way for your child to step into this new responsibility without you "over-parenting."

When first cell phones come with negotiations where the rules and responsibilities are clearly stated, young people are more likely to learn how to handle them responsibly.

If you ask your kids what they think the rules should be, and negotiate until you’re happy, they will “own” those rules and would be willing to follow the rules.

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Strike a balance, for you and your child

Monitoring your child's usage of smart gadgets is as important as being sensible about your obsession with checking up on your child. We need hardly go over the pitfalls of allowing children to use too much technology; the clear consensus is they need to go out and play and be children. A smart watch, or phone, allows you to monitor your child's movements, and while their safety is a big concern in our uncertain times, be aware of how many times you are checking up on them and if you're becoming obsessive. There is a line between concern and paranoia; the latter is not good for you and will also spill into your relationship with your kids.