11 Superb Birthday Gifts that 10 Year Old Boys will Find Cool (2018)

11 Superb Birthday Gifts that 10 Year Old Boys will Find Cool (2018)

Monster trucks and sleek toy cars, robotics kits, caster boards, construction toy kits, creative puzzles and the toy of the year, BP Guide India has it all covered. Find here the popular toys and games that most 10 year old boys covet, or should be playing with, either way, you both win. These are the best gifts for 10 year old boys in 2018 and even a little boy who has pretty much everything will be impressed.

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4 Tips for Parents to Get Gifting Right for their 10 Year Old

As parents you are keenly aware of how fast your 10-year-old is growing up. There are enormous developmental changes taking place, moulding his personality and influencing his emotional and physical growth. In fact, your baby boy may well consider himself to be an almost-teenager!

Take his 10th birthday as an opportunity to acknowledge that he is getting older by treating him with more autonomy, while making sure you are sensitive to his needs. We have gathered 4 great tips that can help you choose a gift that not only adds joy to his life and makes him smarter, but also helps him feel more involved.

Get Your Child to Make Wish Lists

The tween stage is when peer influence starts becoming stronger, and kids get rather excited by the thought of the newest toys and games or trendiest accessories. Although you may have a good idea of what your kid is yearning for, but as he is growing up, it may be a good time to teach him the value of thinking through things.

As a 10-year-old, your little boy now has the skills to think logically – so you can urge him to make a wish list of his top choices. This exercise makes him feel valued and also gives him more control over what he receives on his birthday.

However you will need to put in a few rules to ensure that the wish list doesn’t become a laundry list of everything he wants! Clear guidelines will help him articulate his wishes effectively . Some suggestions - a limit of the number of toys or games, an upper limit for the list, reasons for adding something etc.

Follow the Four Gift Rule

A relatively recent concept, the Four Gift Rule has found favour with parents these past few years as it tries to bring order to the gift giving process. Under this, a child gets 4 gifts:

  • Something they want: This gift is something that the kid really wants - a toy, a game etc.
  • Something they need: Anything important that is missing from their life. It need not be something boring like new shoes; it can even be a mobile phone.
  • Something to wear: Shopping for this gift can be for essentials like winter wear, or something fancy like new jeans.
  • Something to read: While this gift is an easy one for bookworms, for those who aren’t into books pick out something related to areas of the boy’s interest. For example if the child has interest in sports, buy a book related to his favourite sport.

Look for Gifts that Make Them Active

The lure of screens - video games, mobile phones, TV - is very strong amongst kids. More often than not, they prefer playing on apps, or watching their favourite cartoon so the kids need incentive to engage themselves - whether physically or mentally.

Carefully chosen toys and games are a fun way to engage the child and motivate them to be active. Look for toys or games that grab their attention and help them improve skills. There are many available in the market designed to give exposure to new ideas, promote a new interest, or develop motor/mental skills. Such gifts are a clever way to cut down on their screen time without nagging!

Guide Your Extended Family in the Kinds of Gifts to Buy

Family and friends usually use a child’s birthday as an occasion to show their affection and shower numerous gifts. Parents may find themselves losing control over the amount of gifts including non-educational toys that land up on the day.

Too many gifts can distract the kids. Not only that, most often you end up with duplicates or similar toys which then simply gather dust. To avoid this situation, consider giving inputs to your loved ones as your child’s birthday approaches on the kind of gifts that’ll be welcome. No need to make it a big deal, just a few informal suggestions will help them zero in on the right gift.

11 Great Birthday Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys

WitBlox Mega DIY Robotics Kit for 101 Project

Source www.amazon.in

DIY robotic kits are an exciting way to get kids interested in electronics and robots. Simple yet innovative this STEM kit features Electronic circuit blocks that work just like Lego bricks.

The electronic blocks which are pre-designed to act as lamp, power, motors, wheels, sensors etc. can be easily arranged to make a variety of models including Edge Detecting Robot, Automatic Dishwasher, and Line Follower Robot. No need for soldering or programming! The kit contains an information booklet that provides support to the child. The brand also hosts YouTube videos and a WhatsApp community to share project ideas and tips.

As a creative DIY kit, this is a sure-fire winner as a birthday gift for your 10 year old kid. Available from amazon.in for Rs.2,499.

Sartham Kid's Mechanical Construction Toy Kit

Source www.amazon.in

Little boys are often fascinated with mega construction vehicles and trucks. Build on the 10 year old boy’s interest and develop his engineering skills with the Sartham Mechanical Construction Kit.

The kit comes with 105 separate pieces which can be used to make mega construction vehicles. The accompanying instruction booklet provides detailed instruction for 10 models, but the flexibility of the kit allows the child to use his imagination to make many more. The set has been designed to enhance motor skills, hand-eye coordination and boosts creative problem solving skills. Creating working models also gives the child a sense of accomplishment.

The brand offers several different kits with varying levels of complexity, so you can choose keeping in mind your child's abilities. This particular one can be bought from amazon.in for Rs.570.

Razor Ripstik Caster Board

Source www.amazon.in

The thrilling caster board has become one of the hottest trends. Designed as a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard, the board can pivot and do 360-degree turns.

The Razor Ripstik Caster Board is from a top international brand featuring strong polyurethane wheels and high precision casters that make movements smooth and safe. Other features include traction pads, kick tail as well as a stabilising nose. There are 3 models available at varying prices, starting at Rs.5,999, so you can pick as per your budget. This one retails on Amazon.

ToysCentral Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Radio Remote Controlled Car

Source www.amazon.in

Get the sleek looking Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport remote car for the car-crazy 10 year old. This officially licensed model is a 1:24 scale recreation that is perfect as a collectible. With realistic detailing the classy car is a joy to own. The dual remote control offers easy full-function driving including forward/backward, light, left/right and stop/start. It is available for Rs.1,044 at amazon.in.

If the 10-year-old is more of a heavy machinery fan then check out the Rock Crawler RC Monster Truck for Rs.1,350 at Amazon. The 24 ghz rock crawler and monster truck comes with 4 sturdy wheels that can be controlled via a remote control. Strong base material and a robust design makes the truck capable of managing tough terrains and obstacles with ease, make driving a whole lot of fun.

Flying Start Electronics Discovery Kit

Source www.amazon.in

At 10 years old, the little boy is at the perfect age to start experimenting hands-on with STEM projects. The Flying Start Electronics Kit is a great introduction to electronics. It comes with several electrical blocks that can be used to create 198 do-it-yourself projects. The kit contains 30 different circuit pieces including snap wires, slide switches, fans, resistors, an FM radio module, all of which neatly snap together to construct a variety of circuits.

This kit's range makes it an excellent gift for curious kids. Structured in increasing order of complexity the projects allow the child can learn without getting bored or discouraged. Available at amazon.in for Rs.2,549.

4M 3D Solar System Kit

For kids who get excited by the idea of space, stars and planets, the 4M Glow-In-The-Dark Solar System Mobile Making Kit is a fantastic option. Using this, the child can put together a glow-in-the-dark mobile model of the solar system that measures around 29 inches. The kit includes planet models that snap together, 2 glow paint strips with a brush and a hanging frame. Step-by-step instructions are provided in a booklet. A poster is also included that gives fun facts regarding our solar system.

After assembly, the model can be hung up as a unit, and will have the planets moving around in their own orbits. Buy at amazon.in for Rs.1,959.

Lego Creator 3in1 Space Shuttle Explorer Building Blocks

Source www.amazon.in

Educational, fun and absorbing, Lego sets are an evergreen option for kids of all ages. Since a wide range of themes like dinosaurs, drones are available in Lego sets , you can easily pick one that matches with the boy’s interest, ensuring maximum interest and delight.

The 3-in-1 Space Shuttle Explorer Building Block set has 285 bricks and builds into a space shuttle featuring a payload bay with a robotic arm, a satellite with foldout wings, as well as large engines. Also included is an astronaut mini figure. It can be rebuilt into 2 other models - a full detail moon station and a space rover. Buy it for Rs.2,899.00 at Amazon.

Djubi Classic - The Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch

Source www.amazon.in

As children reach the tween stage, they often lost interest in physical games, getting hooked onto the various screens. Encouraging the child to play outside gets easier with exciting game sets. One such highly popular introduction is the new Djubi Classic game.

This outdoor game which is suitable for both kids & adults adds a new twist to the game of catch and brings hours of fun. Although a little expensive, the game has received positive reviews from both critics and parents. Check it out at Amazon, where it can be purchased for Rs.5,033.

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Logic Game – Toy of the Year Award Winner

Source www.amazon.in

This award-winning game rolls up fun and logic in one exciting package. The Gravity Maze Game contains 60 challenges ranging from beginner to expert, which are designed to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills. The simple yet engrossing game develops logic and spatial skills in kids as it involves building a maze that can carry a marble through from the starting position to the target tower. Available for Rs.2,300 from Amazon.

Fat Brain Toys Coggy

Source www.amazon.in

The Coggy is a puzzle game that has contains 16 colourful gears made of fibrerglass that need to be arranged such that they match the designs given in the challenge cards included with the set. The game is an absorbing brainteaser that gives a boost to visual perception skills, critical thinking and logic while providing several hours of fun. As the puzzles increase in complexity, it will ensure the child engages all his mental faculties as he solves them. Available for Rs.1,095 at amazon.in.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Firestrike

Source www.amazon.in

Any 10 year old will be disappointed if he doesn't get at least one birthday gift that does not involve shooting. With popularity of Nerfs remaining as strong as ever among boys, get the 10 year old his own Nerf set. This Elite firestrike blaster doubles the darts and has precision even in low-light conditions. It offers great dart storage with a capacity of 2 darts. Available for Rs.799 at Amazon.

3 Ways to Make Birthdays Special without a party

Make it a Family Day

Birthdays become even more special when the day is spent in the company of loved ones. On your child’s birthday, go beyond gifts and do an activity together as a family. A family day spent together in a fun activity offers tons of opportunities to create memorable moments that will be cherished for life. The activity can be anything ranging from a visit to an amusement park, a picnic or an evening at an arcade or a bowling alley.

Bonus tip: ask the 10-year-old to suggest the activity!

Birthday Wishes Jar

A really cute idea is to present the birthday boy with a glass jar filled with notes written specially for him from all his loved ones. You can invite his close friends, siblings, and extended family members to contribute. He will love reading the personal notes containing everyone’s good wishes and blessings - not just on his birthday but as a pick-me-up in future as well.

Create a Surprise Balloon Avalanche

Give your little boy the surprise of his life by planning a balloon avalanche. Pick any spot in your house - it could be his closet or a particular room – and fill it up with loads of colourful balloons while he is sleeping. Ask him to open the door when he wakes up, and see his delight at balloons tumbling all around him!

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Don't give him everything he wants

Do you remember what it was like looking forward to your birthday or a festival and fervently wishing you would get the toy you had been dropping heavy hints about? You rarely got everything you asked for but it made those few presents so much more special. Today parents pamper kids to the point of getting them everything they could want, and more. While it's nice to have so many nice things, it takes away the excitement of looking forward to something nice and even the joy of receiving a fabulous gift is momentary because there's another interesting toy waiting to be played with.